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Chapter 175 - The Godhead - Part 2


Hyeon-jun summoned the SS, including Sahyeol and Sahyeok, in the hangar. Entry into the hangar area was controlled by the executive department so that no one could enter.

Hyun-jun appeared in front of the SS, who was standing still. Beside him, Levin followed with a calm expression.

"We have set up a facility in Workshop No. 2 in the basement of the hangar."

The only people in the guild who knew the existence of Workshop No. 2 were Hyunjun and Leviang. It is suitable for doing secret things.

"It's also Levin. It's nice to be able to get things done."

"Thank you."

At Hyeonjun's praise, Levin lowered his head slightly with a faint smile on his face.

As the two of them stood in front of the ranks of the SS, Sahyeol and Sahyuk walked forward.

"His Majesty the Emperor."

"After receiving the summons, everyone gathered."

The SS commander and his lieutenant bowed their heads, showing their loyalty. My heart was pierced because I had to send them to the lab soon, but with a brief sigh, I let go of all those feelings.

The war has begun. To win, you need to be cool.

"From now on, listen carefully to what I have to say."

Hyun-jun explained his plan with Levin. Of course, I only said that I could be strong, and I did not use the word 'experiment'. It was good to use multiple words appropriately for the necessary situations.

"I want to be strong."

"We will follow."

Sahyeol first revealed her intentions. Afterwards, Sa-hyuk and other members of the SS also answered with one voice.

From the beginning, they didn't have a choice and I thought they would follow it, but it was refreshing to see that things were resolved so easily.


"Yes, tell me."

"Can we start right away?"

Although Unit 281 has been slowed down by this defeat, they are still seeing opportunities.

If you find a gap, you will advance immediately. The sooner the SS was strengthened, the better.

"Necessary equipment is provided in Workshop No. 2. First of all, we will strengthen the SS commander and deputy."

Levin was also quick-witted. He also chose to use the word 'reinforcement' rather than 'experiment'. Hyunjun nodded his head slightly with a satisfied smile.

"How long do you think it will take to strengthen the entire SS?"

I didn't know when and where the next battle would take place. At Hyeonjun's question, Levin said, "Hmm," and scratched his chin to organize his thoughts for a moment.

"It won't take long. However, I don't think it will be resolved any time soon."

"Would you like to support the Magical Hunters?"

"This enhancement technique is very complex. It's not something the magic hunters in this world can handle."

Levin shook his head.

"Then how about me?"

Hyunjun asked. Unlike other magical hunters, he learned magic from Gildre. It certainly seemed to help.

"Aren't you very busy?"

"Just tell me if I can help."

If it's helpful, I'm going to spend some time and lock myself in the studio #2.

"Your master has learned the magic trick from my master, so it will definitely be helpful."

If this happens, I have no choice but to split my time and stamp my commute to work for the time being.

"Okay, guide me to Workshop #2."

* * *

The consolidation plan proceeded quickly. Thanks to Hyun-Jun's help, Levin accelerated and strengthened more than half of the SS members in a week.

Among them were the dead blood and the dead blood.

The two people who were S-class were transplanted with a black magic stone enhancement technique and reached the level of SS-class.

To others, it seemed that he had reached that level easily, but in fact, the process was painful.

If it wasn't for the SS members, they wouldn't have been able to withstand the process.

"It seems that this enhancement technique needs a little improvement."

After transplanting Sahyeol, Sahyeok, and all of the SS, Leviang said, who came to Hyeonjun. Even the SS members who were at the A-level level were powerful enough to rise to the S-class level, but in the process, too much pain followed.

It was fortunate that there were no obvious side effects, such as getting internal injuries or breaking the magic furnace. If that was the case, Hyun-jun would have stopped right away.

"How long do you think it will take to complete?"

Hyunjun asked. I don't have much time. It is unknown when the dimensional rift might expand and Unit 281 is currently being reorganized, but it is unknown when they will advance again.

"I can't guarantee, but it won't be long."

"Go as fast as you can."

The SS, which had an average level of A, all rose to the level of S-class or higher. If this can be applied to other hunters, the power to fight the aggression command will be greatly strengthened.

'If only it were supplemented.'

Right now, it is difficult to apply to guild members or other hunters.

"How about strengthening the air carrier?"

Some of the large amount of Black Magic Stones obtained from the recent battle were handed over to Levian to use to strengthen the aircraft carrier.

"I have used all the Magic Stones given to me at that time."

"You don't need more?"

There were still many black magic stones left. It could be used more to strengthen the aircraft carrier, but Levian shook his head.

"Air carriers can no longer be strengthened. Now this is the final step."


"It has improved by a factor of three."

In response to Levin's answer, Hyun-jun narrowed his eyes and looked as if he was asking for more explanation. omitted too much. I had no idea how much improvement it had.

"Well, I forgot to explain too much. Simply put, the air carrier now has the capability to overwhelm the battleships of the invasion command."

Hyunjun nodded his head with a satisfied expression at the more detailed explanation. This is enough.

We could see how excellent Levian was in that he had the ability to overwhelm the battleships covered with the Invasion Command's superior magic skills.

Of course, I also used a lot of black magic stones, but that wasn't important.

"It was a lot of hard work."

"Thank you for letting me know."

Despite Hyun-jun's praise, Levian didn't shrug too much. With a humble expression, he only lowered his head slightly.

"You can go now."

"Then stop… … ."

The enhancement technique also had to be secured, and Levian had a lot of work to do.

Hyun-jun knew that fact, so he did not hold Levian anymore and let him go. Shortly after he left the guild chief's office, his presence was felt again.

The door opened with a knock. it was smith He reported to Hyun-jun that Unit 281 was moving again.

Hyun-jun returned Smith and immediately used the chairperson's powers to convene the committee.

"15 members gathered in Uijeongbu. There are 11 S-Class and 4 SS-Class."

Since most had been dispatched to China, Russia, and South America, the number of members convened was not large.

The British SSS-class hunter, Drake of the Storm, hoped to come, but he could not move because he was a shield protecting Europe.

Aina, who was thrilled, was also dispatched to South America, and Eric had not recovered from the curse caused by the curse, so Hyun-jun was the only one who could move right now.

"I accepted the call, but I am curious about the chairman's plan."

At the meeting of the members and generals of the army, a British SS-class hunter who was qualified as a commissioner asked a sharp question.

Although the members responded to the call and said that the South Korean military had assembled, none of them knew about Hyun-jun's plan.

"We will clear the aggression command forces in North Korea."

Although the troops of Unit 281 moving south were annihilated in the battle at the demarcation line not long ago, there were still occupying forces in North Korea.

Fortunately, the number is small compared to the forces engaged in the demarcation line.

"Is it possible?"

someone said The battle of the armistice would have been devastatingly lost without Hyeonjun.

The South Korean military leaders and high-ranking hunters knew that fact, so their morale had to drop.


Hyunjun answered in a confident voice. He did not think this operation was impossible.

Even if he did not intervene, he thought that only the South Korean army and other hunters would be able to make the North Korean aggression command force rout.

"This is the committee's reconnaissance report. Everyone should read it."

Beckoning, UN special agencies on standby handed out reconnaissance reports. The generals of the South Korean army and the hunters belonging to the leadership read the reconnaissance report with a calm expression.

"The number of invading forces remaining in North Korean territory is smaller than expected. It must be cleared before the Chinese and Russian aggressors send reinforcements."

As a result of reconnaissance by the committee using excellent stealth hunters and drones, most of Unit 281's troops are currently in China.

The next largest number of garrison was in the Siberian Federal District of Russia.

It becomes difficult when the Chinese aggressor forces join the North Korean aggression forces. Although it is said that the Allied Forces are blocking the way, it is impossible to guarantee how long the defense line will last if the aggressor forces move in earnest.

"North Korea is now a land of death. Tens of millions of people have been slaughtered, but hundreds of thousands have been confirmed alive. Can't we just leave them alone?"

The first thing the aggressor army that occupied North Korea did was 'slaughter' and selection to supplement the ranks of soldiers. Hyunjun said with a cold expression on his face.

"That's right. You cannot rest with an enemy above your head."

"I also agree with Chairman Kang Hyeon-jun's opinion. Maintaining the front line on the Korean Peninsula should be avoided as much as possible."

The Korean generals nodded their heads in sympathy, but the hunters did not look good.

It was because they thought that the damage would be great in the northward operation. Unlike the soldiers, most of the hunters gathered here were guild leaders or leaders of regular attack teams.

It means you have a lot to lose.

"Isn't it enough to protect Korea? No need to go north... … ."

One of the hunters said in a voice full of dissatisfaction. He was a guild leader leading a diamond tier guild in Korea. Hyunjun's eyes turned to him.

"Do you think you will be able to protect me if I stay still?"

It was a sharp point. The guild leader kept his mouth shut as if he was at a loss for words.

"Sometimes you have to move boldly to protect it."

The soldiers agreed with Hyun-jun's words. The members also nodded their heads in agreement.

The expressions of the guild leaders who had a lot to lose were not good. But since there were so many in favor, they could no longer oppose it.

"good. There are no objections."

It was semi-compulsory, but no one questioned it.

"Tomorrow, this time, the South Korean army and the Hunter units are advancing north. The Allied Forces will support us as they descend south from beyond Mt. Baekdu."

Not all aggressors who have set foot on the Korean Peninsula will survive. Hyunjun's eyes grew cold.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 175


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