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Chapter 177 - The Legion Is Coming - Part 1


The fact that Roscal, the chief commander of Unit 281, was recording a series of defeats on Earth, was soon reported to the 13th Invasion Corps commander, Insible.

"It's not funny. Roscal and Unit 281 would be so horribly broken."

It is said that most of the force of the unit was lost in the process of leaping because the dimensional gate was opened in an unstable state, but even considering that, it collapsed horribly.

"It is said that Daejeon was also killed."

The lieutenant said with a stiff face. Insible frowned and showed an openly displeased look.

"Who was the great commander of Unit 281?"

Insible looked at the lieutenant and asked. Although it was said to be a direct unit, it was not enough to memorize all the information.

"Level 5 Invaders, Tiringer."

"Isn't that a level that the Earth can handle? Is there any report of his end?"

"It is presumed that he was killed by a qualified person."

"Is that true?"

The lieutenant's report made Insible's expression even more serious.

"If you look at the reports I received a while ago, the armed force of the eligible person was at most the level of a 7th Invader… … Is it that you have become strong enough to kill a Level 5 Invader in such a short time?"

It was a terrifying rate of growth. Insible's eyes fluttered. If the report is true, it would mean that the rate of growth of the eligible would far exceed the expectations of the Corps staff.

"The information reported above is also confirmed to be true. It is very likely that the eligible person has grown."

"What is the level of power of the eligible person that can be estimated from the currently available information?"

Under the commander of Unit 281, who landed on Earth, Roscal also has an intelligence unit.

After landing with Unit 281, Roscal continued to operate the intelligence unit and continued to transmit various information to its superior, the 13th Invasion Corps.

"It seems that a qualified person has risen to the divine status."

At the lieutenant's report, the Insible's face was distorted. 'God's character' was by no means a light state.

"The level is expected to be a nightmare-level deity."

The lieutenant continued to report. Nightmare level was the lowest position among the four subdivisions of the Godhead except for the Godhead, but it was not of great comfort to the Insible.

It didn't take a long time for the magic of awakening to be detected, but seeing that it had risen to the nightmare-level deity like this, it was possible to speculate that it would be possible to reach beyond the end-level deity in the near future.

"The situation is not good."

The Insible spoke to himself with a serious expression on his face. Even in the state of being a qualified person right now, there are many Invaders that make up the Invasion Command under their feet.

Judging by this growth rate, the main character cannot be guaranteed, but it was almost certain that it would reach a catastrophic or apocalyptic state sooner or later.

From the final level, the corps commanded by the Insible can't handle it. The elite corps or the main force of the invasion command had no choice but to go out.

'You must deal with it before you ascend to the Godhead.'

Insible's eyes shone sharply. After organizing his brief worries, he opened his mouth with a cold gaze towards the lieutenant.

"What is the current state of the crack?"

"It's open, but not big enough for the Legion to pass through."

"I can't even ask the main university for support… … The dimensional rift is in an unstable state... … ."

The main force and the elite corps were engaged in an all-out war with the Dimensional Alliance, so there were few available troops.

Right now, the 13th Invasion Corps should be the only force to solve it.

"I can't help it. Forcibly open the rift and launch an amphibious operation."

"The damage will be severe."

It was the same decision made in the past by Roscal, the chief commander of Unit 281. The lieutenant cautiously expressed concern, but the Insible shook his head with a determined expression.

"The growth rate of qualified people is unusual. Can't wait for the crack to open. Before that, we must mobilize our troops to wipe out the earth."

The lieutenant kept his mouth shut. No matter what he said, it seemed that the Insible's heart wouldn't change.

* * *

The winds of Russia and Siberia were exceptionally cold. Hyeon-jun and the SS, who landed on the ground on a lander from an air carrier, moved towards the windy mountain range covered with ice.

There was a dark cloud not far away, and a brilliant light danced beneath it.

"The battle seems to be in full swing."

bloody said. Hyunjun nodded his head with a stiff face. The aircraft carrier was engaged with enemy flight forces from the south. So it was difficult to expect support right now.

"Speed ??up."


Magic power gathered in the legs. I applied a weak enhancement technique and started running. Sahyeol, Sahyeok, and the SS followed. After a while, Hyun-jun was able to reach the battlefield.

The battle was in full swing in the high mountains. The snow that covered the snowy mountains was dyed red. Even in the Allied Forces, it seemed that a separate unit made up of hunters was attacking the middle command base of Unit 281.

It seemed that it was the Allied detachment that started the attack, but the situation was going in favor of the aggression command and intermediate command base.

'I have no choice but to go.'

A vivid auror blade rose from the hell yam that Hyeon-jun had drawn. At the same time, he threw himself towards the enemy.

"It's a support group!"

"It's Hyun-Jun Kang!"

With the intervention of Hyeon-jun and the SS, the situation was reversed. The morale of the detached corps increased significantly, and the defensive forces guarding the middle command base began to collapse at a rapid pace.


Auror Blade's storm exploded like a bomb. The Soldiers fell, splattering red blood.

In an instant, the soldiers' ranks collapsed, and the spirits of the hunters in the detached corps skyrocketed.

They pressured the Soldiers with loud shouts as if they had made up their minds to pay for what they had suffered so far.

It had only been 10 minutes since Hyun-jun intervened, but hundreds of soldiers had become corpses and five Invaders collapsed helplessly.

"Brother, we won."

Flame said. He had been mortally wounded not long ago, but has recently recovered enough to participate in combat.

Unlike Flame, who congratulated the victory with a happy voice, Hyun-jun could not easily shake off a feeling of uneasiness.

"It's strange… … ."


"I think the deployment of troops in this mountain range is strange… … ."

Hyunjun said with a frown. The invading army, which had been maintaining the front line with the tactic of pushing through with overwhelming numbers and power until now, abruptly split its forces into small pieces and deployed them in all directions.

The unmanned reconnaissance aircraft saw the fact that the troops that could literally perform the function as a force and had the minimum force to deal with the separate unit composed of hunters were divided into dozens and scattered all over the mountain range.

"The deployment of the troops is strange. It's not about winning, it's about buying time thoroughly."

Flame also realized the strange thing belatedly and frowned. Small combat units spread widely in the mountains, it was dangerous to leave behind, and it would take too long to deal with them one by one.

However, the number of recruited hunters was not as large as expected to divide the detached unit into small groups.

"Are you waiting for me… … ."

I felt anxious. In my mind, I wanted to run to China, where there is a high probability that there is a commander in charge of Unit 281 right now, but I had to solve the Russian problem first.

They could not advance into China leaving the Russian enemies behind.

"How do I do this?"

The commander of the Hunter's detached wing, who was quietly listening next to him, asked a question carefully.

Hyun-jun was acting as the chairperson in place of Eric, who is currently recovering from a fatal wound.

During wartime, it was in a position to exercise strong command even within the Allied Forces. In particular, the Hunter unit and the committee were no less directly under the chairperson.

So now the commander of Hunter's detachment had no choice but to wait for Hyun-jun's instructions.

"What is your affiliation?"

"This is the 4th Byeol-dong."

"It's a 4 star dong… … ."

He pulled out a military map from his pocket and unfolded it. On the map, the expected infiltration route of the detached unit was recorded.

Hyeonjun moved his eyes to look at it quickly and opened his mouth.

"5 Byeol-dong and 9 Byeol-dong are nearby."

"Yes that's right."

"Join us and go north. There is one more intermediate command post about 7km north of it. Compared to other bases, the scale is rather large, so it will be possible to attack by gathering about three separate units."

"I will."

To Hyun-jun's instructions, the commander of the detached corps nodded in response.

"What do you plan to do, Chairman?"

The commander asked cautiously. Their hearts were hoping that they would wipe out the invading forces in the mountains with them.

It wasn't that Hyun-jun didn't know their feelings, but there were other things he had to do.

"I intend to penetrate deep into the mountains with the SS. We need to find the central command."

When the central command center is annihilated, it is difficult to unite the forces by issuing a unified command only from the middle command bases.

"i See. Good luck, Chairman."

The commander of the Byeoldong corps left with a short salute. Hyeonjun penetrated deep into the mountain range with Flame and the SS.

Although there is a reconnaissance record, only the various bases were marked.

Since precise reconnaissance was impossible with the operation of the drone, it was not possible to find the secretly hidden central command.

Although there were data that Levian estimated the location of the central command center based on the arrangement of the bases, it seemed inaccurate.

Leviann identified four locations, but found no traces of any of them in three. And now we have arrived at the 4th place.

-Master, it's faint, but I can feel the magic.

As soon as Levian entered the recorded coordinates, Hell Yam reacted. Hyunjun's eyes lit up.

Unlike Hell Yam, it did not detect magical power, but it did detect the feeble life flowing out of it.

"There is someone."

In a very low voice, Hyunjun said. Sahyeol secretly sent a hand signal to the members of the SS. The SS had a battle formation in perfect harmony.

Perhaps realizing that the enemies were also discovered, they took off the veil of hiding and began to reveal themselves one by one.

- The insidious laughter of the sergeant warns you of danger. Someone is aiming for your heart.

The sage has warned. At the same time, dozens of human figures soared into the sky.

"The SS, protect the Emperor!"

Sahyeol, Sahyeok, and the SS moved.

"You don't have to go out."

No strong magic was felt. At best, the strongest energy was a 9th-class Invaders and SS-levels, and that was only one of them.

If Sahyeol and Sahyeok worked together, it seemed like they could handle it easily.

"As expected."

A smile spread across Hyunjin's lips. He completely destroyed the defensive force of 10 Invaders and 32 Soldiers.

Hyeonjun, whom they annihilated, raised his magical powers.

- Gildre's sinister gaze has found hidden magic.

The magical presence of the Concealed Barrier was felt. Hyun-jun looked around more closely and finally found traces of magic.

-Gildre's magical power erodes magic. In the name of the dark truth, I command the forced dissolution of magical powers.

A large amount of magical power was consumed to destroy the spell. Then the Central Command appeared.


Like a prosecutor who came with a warrant, Hyun-jun gave orders to the SS and strode inside.

Although it was not large enough to be called a central command, there was a lot of important information that had not yet been destroyed.


While searching, a radio signal was detected.


It didn't seem like they didn't know that Siberia's central command was annihilated from the other side yet. Hyun-jun activated the signal, and a short sentence was completed.

[Soon the corps will land. Prepare.]

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 177


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