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Chapter 18 - Can I help you? - Part 4

"Can you follow me?"

The swordsmanship demonstration was over. withered Miller asked. Hyeon-jun calmly recalled the swordsmanship that the last swordsman showed.

Thank you for showing it slowly, it seemed to be in some memory.


Along with the answer, I copied the swordsmanship that Withered Miller had shown.

It was not a satisfactory move for himself, but it seemed different to Wither Miller.

His gaze examining Hyun-jun's movements was unusual.

'If you saw the Empire's Higher Swordsmanship and immediately followed it, even though it was said that I broke through the magic path, I thought I would have this much talent! Awesome!'

but didn't show it. It was because they thought that excessive praise could hinder growth.

"It's not bad enough. But it is still not enough."

Although the Withered Miller shouted, it was impossible to perfectly digest the Imperial Higher Swordsmanship in one shot.

He approached Hyun-jun and corrected his wrong posture.

"Try again."

Hyun-jun performed his swordsmanship. Seeing that, the corner of Withered Miller's lips drew an arc.

"It's much better. excellent."

I wanted to pour out praises in my heart, but I was afraid that Hyun-jun might become arrogant, so I barely put up with it.

"Now, spread your swordsmanship along with the magic technique."


As the withered miller said, he practiced swordsmanship while using the magic technique. However, Hyun-joon's eyes frowned as if he was not very satisfied.

My concentration was dispersed when I tried to practice swordsmanship and magic magic at the same time. So it was hard to focus on one side.

"Are you having a hard time concentrating?"

"It's not easy."

"That is normal."

I didn't add it, but performing advanced swordsmanship and magic training at the same time was a difficult training method that even excellent knights struggled with.

"The sword you are practicing now is not to subdue your opponent, but to strengthen your body through magic practice. If you think clearly, you will feel at ease."

Hyunjun nodded his head. Withered Miller was right. There is no enemy in front of me right now. It was just a series of movements to increase the efficiency of the magic technique.

'No need to rush.'

Reflecting on it, he calmly swung his sword. The blade with the auror swung smoothly. Even thinking about it himself, his movements seemed to have improved a lot.

"Great. This is enough for the achievement of the first class."

"Are you done?"

I thought there would be a ruthless and one-sided battle. However, it seems that not all past lives are trained in the same way.

"Are you sorry? I'm sorry, but my method is different from that of the sergeant."

Withered Miller raised an eyebrow and said.

"I am not sorry. Because I am not a pervert."

Being pierced by a spear and becoming a skewer was not a pleasant experience.

I thought it would be better to do it if it was possible to avoid it, although I would risk it to become stronger.

"When can we meet again?"

"If you are ready, you will be able to see me again."

"see you again."

As soon as I opened the door, I lost consciousness again. It was 9 am when I woke up.

"I overslept… … ."

Yawning, I got up from bed, showered, and grabbed my sword. The place he headed out of the studio was to a small back mountain in the neighborhood.

'This should be enough.'

It is far away from the promenade. If it was here, the magic training method would not have been interrupted by the swordsmanship training.

The sight of faint auras rising from the drawn sword was not something a C-class hunter could do.

Hyeon-jun calmly operated the magic technique and practiced swordsmanship. It was the swordsmanship movement that Wither Miller taught me. Slow but accurate.

'I feel it.'

As the understanding of swordsmanship deepens, the limits and affinity of magical powers are increasing. The change was felt.


However, even if he practiced the technique, his magical power was not infinite, so he needed a break. Hyeonjun sat on a rock next to him and took out gimbap and ate it.

'There is not much left until the promised day.'

An unofficial guild battle is just around the corner.

'Keep practicing. This can make me stronger.'

Hyunjun's eyes lit up coldly.

* * *

The day of the unofficial guild battle.

Hyun-jun went down to the first floor of the one-room building after being contacted by Kim Tae-min, the executive director of the Race Guild. A black sedan was parked in front of the building.

The driver's door opened and Taemin in a suit got out of the car. He opened the front passenger door and looked at Hyun-jun.

"You ride. I'll go straight to the 'appointment place'."

When he got on the passenger seat, Taemin closed the car door and moved to the driver's seat. As the sedan left, Taemin opened his mouth to explain the situation.

"It takes about 30 minutes. At the first meeting point, we will join five of our executive hunters and move to the location."

"How much power do we have on our side?"

Power comparison is essential.

"Including myself, there are 2 B-class and 4 C-class."

"What about the Eco Guild?"

"Information about unofficial guild battles is not disclosed."

Hyunjun frowned at Taemin's answer.

"But there must have been a way to get the information?"

"With our guild's intelligence department, it was impossible to steal the Echo Guild's information. Because there is a difference in the amount of money that can be mobilized... … ."

Taemin blurted out his words. Explaining the helplessness of the guild that he is in does not seem pleasant.

So Hyun-jun didn't ask any more.

Even if you don't know, the Eco Guild is as big as the silver tier promotion, so it was clear that it would mobilize a power that could not be compared with the Race Guild.

"Still, the Echo Guild's usual conduct is not good, so they are constantly being checked. Therefore, it will not be possible to mobilize all the main powers of the executive branch. That said, I don't think it will mobilize a small number of people... … You must be nervous."

Is it because of the tension? I could feel Taemin's voice trembling softly. But Hyun-jun was different.

The gaze facing the front did not waver, and the overall atmosphere was calm. Thanks to this, Taemin was able to feel a little more at ease.

"We have arrived at the first meeting point. You can arm yourself here and move on."

Taemin got out of the car first. And opened the passenger door. Hyeonjun got out of the car and quickly moved his eyes to look around.

Five hunters armed with weapons and armor could be seen guarding the surroundings.

Hyunjun also took out his equipment. The B-class longsword that Yesul borrowed was returned to Ace, so I had no choice but to use the F-class longsword that was provided by the training center.

And I picked up a B-class shield with the name 'The Shield of Grudges'.

"Mr. Hyeonjun Kang. Would you like to use our equipment? It's E-class, but it's better than nothing."

Taemin said. Two other executive hunters took the box out of the truck and opened it. Inside were several old leather armor sets.

"Fine. If you have any clothes left over, please lend them."

I didn't want to get my clothes dirty. It would have been worn even if the equipment was only D-class.

"I have one suit. Maybe the right size."


"Here it is."

As Hyunjun changed into a suit, Taemin checked his watch.

"Is it time?"

"Yeah. I think you should move slowly. And wear it too."

Taemin handed me something. When I removed the red cloth that was covered with it, a mask appeared.

He raised his head and looked around. The other executive hunters of the Race Guild were also wearing masks. So was Taemin.

"It's fun."

It was an honest impression. After putting on the mask, I busily followed Taemin to the meeting place.

Maybe 30 minutes? Taemin, who was walking ahead, stopped.

-The sergeant's insidious laughter warns you of an ambush A hidden blade is aiming at your heart.

At the same time, the sergeant's protection warned of the presence of an ambush.

"There is an ambush."

"i See. It seems they arrived first. They seem to be looking at our power."

"I feel like a monkey at the zoo, so I don't feel good. Taemin Kim. I have a question for you."

your voice is cold Taemin nodded as he swallowed dry saliva at the faint life scattered in the air.

"Ask a question."

"When does it start?"

It is the beginning of the battle.

"From the moment we arrived at this place, the unofficial guild war has already begun."

If so, the options are fixed.

"Go, Hyun-Jun Kang?"

Taemin was surprised. Suddenly, a sharp dagger was in Hyeonjun's hand.

"Player wins."

He swung his arms and threw a dagger.


unexpected surprise. A man in a suit fell from the tree and rolled over on the floor. Hyeonjun had a dagger stuck in his chest.

"In one blow?"


The race guild's executive hunters cheered. By reducing the number of enemies by one from the start, the burden was greatly reduced.

"I heard they hired mercenaries, but it must be like this."

Masked ones appeared in the dark. The Echo Guild's executive hunters were clear.

Hyunjun drew his sword and covered himself with a shield. At the same time, I figured out their numbers.

'Ten people.'

This is 7 people including Hyun-jun himself. Although the numbers were similar, the difference in power was rather large.

Unlike the Race Guild, where there were only two B-class hunters, including Taemin, there were at least four B-class hunters in the Eco Guild here.

"It's useless unless you're an A-class hunter.

The leader of the Echo Guild raised his hand. It was an attack signal. The executive hunters moved in unison.


Taemin also drew his dagger while shouting for his throat to burst. Hyun-joon did not stand still.

He swung his sword as he ran forward first. His opponent was the leader of the Echo Guild.

"Don't let me crush you with overwhelming force."

the leader said A faint auror blade spewed out of the sword. Seeing this, Hyunjun stepped back and raised the corner of his mouth.

"Then I will do my best."

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 18


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