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Chapter 180 - The Legion Is Coming - Part 4


A storm blew over. The wind and thunderstorms with sharp magical blades struck the Invaders.

Hyeon-jun was also nearby, but he was not affected by the storm. The blades of the wind and the thunderbolt were aimed precisely at the Invaders.

'This is magic.'

It was also clear that the magic of a very high-level wizard was unfolding. There was a blatant odor of magical power from the storm that could be recognized even while he was losing consciousness due to excessive bleeding.

A sudden storm drove the Invaders away from Hyun-jun. Then the air split open and a knight in full body armor appeared.

"This is the Duke of the committee. I'm here with Sir Drake to assist you."

The British SSS-class hunter who should be in Europe, Storm Drake is here?

"Gee, the size of the reinforcements… … ."

Hyun-jun asked as he vomited blood. Since he was commanding this battlefield, he needed to know exactly the size of the reinforcements.

"Not many."

"So… … ! How much do you mean?"

"It's just a matter of buying a little bit of time! We must get out of here!"

Duke shouted while supporting Hyun-joon as he was about to fall. His voice was so loud that it felt like his brain was shaking. Hyunjun turned his head and looked around quickly.

I saw an army that seemed to have been led by Drake. There were several fighter squadrons flying in the sky, but the size of the ground forces was only a few thousand. Contrary to Duke's words, even earning time seemed daunting.


At Duke's urging, Hyun-jun nodded and completely surrendered himself to him. Duke threw himself into the cracked space with Hyun-jun.

A deep, pitch-black darkness overtook them. When Hyeonjun opened his eyes again, he was in a completely different space.

"Short-distance dimensional leap, my special ability."

I didn't ask, but Duke explained first.

"This is Mt. Baekdu. We are going to build a defense line here."

I came all the way to Mt. Baekdu from Russia. Although it was said to be short-distance, it was classified as a dimensional leap, so it traveled a long distance.

"Are all the Allied forces on the Russian side retreating?"

I asked a question while barely grasping the fading consciousness. I wondered if the Allied reinforcements led by Drake had safely retreated.

Duke took off his helmet. A sweaty face was revealed. He glanced at Hyunjun and opened his mouth.

"Did I not tell you? To buy time."

"Does that mean that thousands of armies were simply scapegoats to buy time?"

"It's not just to buy time. It was a noble sacrifice to protect the future of mankind."

It could be said that it was efficient, but it was terribly cold.

Even Duke's appearance, which he calls a noble sacrifice, was enough to make Hyun-joon go crazy.

I wanted to refute something, but I couldn't raise my voice strongly because Duke and Drake saved their lives.

"?… … ."


Hyeon-jun suddenly stumbled, and Duke urgently grabbed his body.

"Is the protection over… … ."

Danzig's magic has disappeared. My mind quickly drifted away and my vision blurred.

The limbs do not move as if they were paralyzed.

"Chairman! Calm down!"

I could hear Duke's voice, but it wasn't easy to come to my senses. It didn't seem like it would last long. Both eyes were closed.

And slowly lost consciousness.

* * *

When I opened my eyes, I saw an unfamiliar ceiling. Before I could even question the changed environment, just before I lost consciousness, the memories of what had happened came crashing into me like a wave. Hyunjun frowned and got up.

"Here… … where... … ?"

My last memory is that I lost consciousness as soon as I arrived at the defense line of Mt. Baekdu with Duke.

He turned his head and looked around. It looked like it was inside a prefabricated building.

Looking at the atmosphere, it looked like a field hospital or a medical corps building. It seems that he was moved after losing his mind under the circumstances.

"How crazy are you?"

I'm not talking to myself. He was asking the hell yam.

-Don't worry too much, my lord. lay in bed for two days.

Fortunately, Hell Yamdo answered whether he understood. He told me not to worry, but it was no comfort at all.

In this dire war situation, you've been stretched out for two days? Hyunjin's face hardened.

If the power is similar, the forces of the Invasion Command are overwhelming. I couldn't even imagine how horrific things must have been in those two days.

"Shit… … ."

profanity came out It was when I sat on the bed and sighed. A presence was felt along with the familiar magical reaction.

"Maybe this… … ?"

The door opened and he walked in slowly.

"You have recovered."

It was Levin. I only thought it was dead when the air carrier was shot down. But it was really nice to see you again alive like this.

"Levien, are you alive?"

"I have prepared an escape rite. Unfortunately, we were not able to rescue everyone, but more than half of them escaped with me."

Also Levin.

"What is the situation?"

I just confirmed that I'm alive. In an urgent situation like now, there is no need for another conversation. Hyun-jun immediately asked about the war situation.

Still, Levian seemed to have been conscious, so he seemed to know at least a minimum of information.

"The Allied Forces have laid out their defenses, but I don't think they will last long. There are too many invading forces."

"How much?"

"There are so many that it is difficult to guess the exact number. What is certain is that the massive force that showed up that day wasn't everything."

That day, even the airship I saw there was enough to cover the wide sky. If ground troops landed, it would be at least hundreds of thousands.

Isn't that all? Does that mean there are more enemies? If that is the case, the fact that the Allied defense line is still holding up is a miracle.

"How is the defense line?"

"There are no places that have collapsed yet, but there are a few places that are at risk."

Levin delivered the news of the front. Hyunjoon bit his lip slightly. To say it was dangerous, it seemed quite serious.

"What about this situation?"

"Here on the Southern Front, Sir Drake is a little bit better."

The southern front, where Kang Hyeon-jun, the target of the aggression command, was under attack, was able to survive thanks to the British SSS-class hunter, Drake of the Storm.

"It's a little better than other places, but you never know when it will collapse."

It wasn't an exaggeration.


The sound of fighters taking off along with the explosion that shook the heavens and the earth reminded us that this was the battlefield, not the rear.

Hyun-jun left the medical school without saying a word, picking up a hell of a yam. Levin followed closely behind.

It was literally a battlefield outside. Dozens of battleships were pouring magic beams across the defense line in the sky.

About 100 fighter jets that took off hastily engaged in a dogfight with the battleships. Anti-aircraft artillery fires nonstop and covered the fighter squadrons.

Perhaps there was no effect at all, one battleship was shot down and several were spitting out dark red smoke.


Hyun-jun immediately raised the magical power of the Godhead. A golden sword was created in his right hand.

And he smashed the ground with a hell yam in his left hand. body soared into the sky.

It was shot like a bullet towards the nearest battleship.


There was a hole in the battleship with a roar. The elongated golden sword pierced the battleship.

That was the beginning. Hyeon-jun, who had regained his energy as soon as he recovered from his injury, began to run rampant on the battlefield with the power of a nightmare-level god.

"The 23rd Battleship is a big blow!"

"Battleship 12 and Battleship 13 also suffered heavy damage from a wide-area attack a while ago."

"The shield of Battleship 15 is completely destroyed! Formation is collapsing!"

There was a commotion on the bridge of the command ship.


The commander of the battle fleet was perplexed. The defense line that had barely blocked the attack until now would launch such a powerful counterattack?

"It seems the eligible person has woken up!"

The 13th Invasion Corps was aware of the fact that a suitable person was in the defense line of Mt. Baekdu.

"I heard that you lost consciousness because of a fatal wound… … ."

"Isn't it better to step away?"

The lieutenant cautiously suggested. The commander had the same idea. He nodded calmly and sent a correspondence to the commander of the ground forces stating that it would be better to retreat.

- Can you cover me?

"You don't have to worry about that. We will cover the ground forces with magical beams for 30 minutes so that they can retreat safely."

- Please.

Negotiations with the ground forces commander have been completed. The ground forces began to retreat first. When they secured a sufficient safe distance, the battle fleet also retreated slowly.

Today, the defense line of Mt. Baekdu was victorious.

* * *

"Thanks to Chairman, I was able to defend the defense line of Mt. Baekdu. Thank you."

After the battle, while helping with the clean-up with Levian, Drake of the Storm came. He first expressed his thanks.

"I was lucky."

From the wreckage of the battleship, I was able to secure an additional 20 Black Magic Stones. They couldn't replenish everything they had consumed in the previous battle, but it was a considerable number.

Besides, there are a lot of things that are kept in the pockets of the subspace, so you will be able to aim for a big room by seeing the opportunity.

"Everyone is tired. There was an attack yesterday, so I didn't expect that they would attack again today. Naturally, I thought it would break through, and I was thinking of retreating to the North Korean region."

As soon as I woke up, I couldn't see the defenses properly because of the battle, but now I can walk with Drake and look around. It certainly didn't look as good as he said.

There was deep despair in the faces of the soldiers and hunters, and most of the weapons such as tanks and fighters were not repaired due to the continued battle.

"There is no end to enduring."

"Of course it is."

Hyunjun nodded at Drake's words.

"You must strike back."

"Okay. I will go."

Hyun-jun, noticing Drake's intentions, hit the player. He was now asking Hyun-jun to stand at the forefront of the counterattack.

"Tell me the target of the attack first. Have you even found a strategic point?"

"I'm not sure, but I've found a place the Invaders keep an eye on."

Are the Invaders guarding you? If so, there's a good chance there is something there.

In a normal place, Soldiers would have been sent, so it would not have been necessary to send a large number of Invaders.

"How many invaders are there?"

"According to the information obtained by the S-class member at the cost of his life, the number of Invaders alone is over 30."

this is for sure

"Okay. I will go."

There is something there.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 180


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