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Chapter 181 - The Sleeping Ruins - Part 1


The base Drake was talking about was in Russian territory occupied by the invading forces. Hyunjun moved with Levin and Flame. The SS did not accompany them, as they could be summoned at any time under Romanov's protection.

The two moved secretly on a flame. Like the occupied area, the invading forces were stationed there and there were many troops patrolling, but thanks to the Hell Yam Island, which has excellent search ability, we were able to safely reach the vicinity of the base without encountering the invading forces.

"I didn't realize it when I was far away, but the closer I get, the more familiar I can feel."

It was when they were busily moving towards the coordinates of the base. Levin said in a calm voice.

"It seems that the Concealment Barrier is working, but the magic is so strong that it seems to be flowing out little by little."

"I don't know?"

He had reached the level of a nightmare-level god, but he could not feel the flow or wave of magic.

"I, too, had a strange sense of humor, and could only detect it after a few stacks of Advanced Search. Although it is said that the master's level is high and he has mastered magic tricks, the magical power flowing out is so faint... … ."

Hyunjun nodded slowly.

Although he had a high level of skill, he had no choice but to lack an understanding of magic techniques compared to Levian.

Although it was said that he learned magic from Gildre, the depth of it was inevitably different from that of Levian, who spent his whole life studying the magic.

"What is there?"

"It's a place guarded by dozens of Invaders, so there must be something important, right? Dark war weapons or artifacts seem to be sleeping."

It was Flame who responded to Hyunjun's words. His eyes twinkled, referring to the weapons and relics of war.

"Yeah, there could be something like that."

He let out a short sigh that didn't show, and he turned his gaze to Levin. Levian, who felt their gaze touched, opened his mouth with a faint smile.

"I disagree with the opinion that it may be a dark war weapon, but the possibility that it is a relic cannot be completely ruled out."

"If it's a relic, what do you mean?"

"Simply put, it's something on another level. Even if the dimension is destroyed, magic tools with strong power are not destroyed. You're drifting in a dimensional storm and you're going somewhere else."

A magical tool of another dimension with strong power, it is called a relic. At least in Levi's world.

Hyeon-jun had never seen the artifact before, but after hearing Levien's theory, he thought it was very likely.

"You have arrived soon."

Deep in the mountain range, a mysterious stronghold guarded by the Invaders could be seen below the cliff. Hyun-jun pulled out the hell yam. It seemed that there was no need to use the power of the Godhead right now.

Taking out the golden sword consumes too much magic power, so it was good to save it as much as possible. Because this was the enemy camp. I had to save my energy to return.

"Flame, Levin. Please disturb me."

"I will do my best, bro!"

Flame answered with a strong voice, and Levin nodded without a word.


At the same time as the signal, I threw myself down the cliff. Flame, which had become a black flame dragon, flew up with Levian on its back.

"I will cover you!"

Levin's voice was heard. He performed a magic trick, and a ray of brilliant magical power fell towards the base.

Quang! bang!

It was a sudden attack. As soon as Flame appeared, the advanced magic was completed in an instant and attacked the base, but the Invaders did not take any damage.

Only two people were injured and the rest managed to completely evade. It was a terrifying reaction.

"It's low!"

"Raise the alarm and respond!"

The invaders guarding the base moved in unison. The alarm went off throughout the base. Defense facilities that were hidden here and there were revealed.

Four giant turrets rose from the edge of the fence that appeared to be temporarily installed. The four muzzles were aimed at the sky, to be more precise, the flame. But Levin couldn't let it go.

Levian's long-distance sniper technique was completed, and 4 rays of light penetrated the giant turret. Then, Hyunjun gently landed in the center of the Invaders.


The storm of the Auror Blade raged.


"Heh heh heh!"

The Invaders fell down, bleeding. Others barely evaded the Storm Sword's Auror Blade, but they could not completely evade Levien's magic tricks that fell from the sky.

Hyeonjun, Leviang, and Flame's pincers quickly reduced the number of Invaders.

"It must be stopped! This place must never be passed on to the right person!"

"Ask the troops for support!"

In an instant, the number of Invaders was reduced by more than half. The remaining ones burned their resolve to fight back and improved their defensive posture. Some moved, calling for support.

However, Levian, who was riding on Flame's back in the sky, grinned as he saw it.

Since the high-level sabotage was working, even if you ask for support, the magic communication will not reach you. Hyunjun also knew that fact, so he did not rush and slowly reduced the number of Invaders.

"Big, uh… … .!"

The SSS-level Invaders, who had endured to the end, fell down with a burst of red blood. Arms and legs were severed, and he fought so desperately that there were multiple super-fast regenerations.

However, in the end, he could not overcome Hyun-jun, who had reached the height of the divine, and died helplessly.

After cleaning up all the invaders, Hyun-jun wiped the blood off his face and headed towards the ruins in front of him.

When he put the fel yam into its sheath, Flame and Levian also descended to the ground and joined.

"There seems to be something inside."

Perhaps the mage's curiosity had been activated, Levian said with his eyes twinkling. The three of them walked towards the ruins.

"I will take over the outer perimeter."

Flame left first. Hyun-jun walked into the ruins with Levian.

It was dark inside. Because he had reached the state of the divine, he could see ahead, but Levian summoned the Spirit of Light to secure his sight more comfortably.

"Did you know how to do spirit magic?"

Spirit magic is a little different from magic.

"You can cast spirits with magic. You can't summon high-level spirits, but you can summon low-level spirits that can serve as lighting. It is more convenient than light magic or lighting technique, so I use it occasionally."

"okay? There are many convenient things about magic tricks."

At Levin's words, Hyunjun nodded and muttered.

From the moment I learned about magic from Gildre in the room of my previous life, I had a certain sense of it, but it seemed to be more versatile than magic.

The only downside is that most of the spells require high concentration and mana control, making it difficult to use during battle. Levian was able to use magic during battle, but this was an unusual case.

"There is nothing here. The proper facility seems to be in the basement."

I followed the spirits of light around the ruins, but I couldn't find anything that would save the Invaders' lives. At Levin's words, Hyunjun nodded and moved back to the depths.

I remember seeing a small staircase that seemed to go down to the basement as I came out towards the entrance a while ago.


Incidentally, in the corner, there was a staircase leading down to the basement. A smile spread across Hyunjun's lips, and Levin also nodded with twinkling eyes.

"I will go down first."

"I'll cover you from behind."

Hyeonjun went down the stairs first, and Levin sent the spirit of light forward to secure his view and followed him from a certain distance.

The basement was spacious. The spirits of light could not drive out all the darkness.

"It's about the size of a soccer field."

Hyeonjun nodded his head instead of answering Levian's words. It was a huge cavity.

"There seems to be something here. I am sure."

"Is it better to use the search technique?"

"Yes, you never know when the fact that the base has been attacked by blocking the signal will be discovered. I do it as soon as possible."

"I'll take the left."

"I will go to the right."

The two of them dispersed in their respective directions while carrying out their search tactics. A magic circle formed in front of them followed the traces of magic.

there seems to be something A faint trace of magic seemed to be caught in the magic circle, but the exact location was not specified.

How long have you been walking around like that? I think it took over an hour.

'Isn't it a bit dangerous?'

Too much time has passed. The time was enough to make me think that the enemy's superior units might have figured out the abnormality of the base and might send troops.

It was time to give up and go back.

"There is something here!"

Levin's voice was heard. Hyun-jun ran towards the place where Levin was. It was a place where the three spirits of light were gathered.

"Are you here?"

Levin was looking at something. It was something crude to be called a mechanical device. It was an ancient computer-like slab that could only appear in a movie.

"Do you know what this is?"

"I do not know. I'm not sure, but it seems to be some kind of signaling device."

Levin carefully guessed.

"Do you know where the signal is coming from?"

"First of all, it is not a magic engraving used by the Invasion Command. I can assure you."

"Is it impossible to interpret correctly?"

"We need a little more time."

It was not small enough to fit in a subspace pocket. Hyunjun slightly bit his lip with a serious expression.

'How do I do that?'

I pondered over and over, but there was no easy answer.

"Can you take it off?"

"It seems that there is a drink spread all over the ruins. Attempts to remove it will most likely be useless as the operative connection is broken."

It means that it is difficult to take it without putting it in your pocket.

"brother! The invading forces are coming!"

At that moment, Flame jumped down to the basement and shouted.

"It seems that the invading forces have noticed a change in the base."

"Is that so?"

Seeing Levin who did not stop analyzing the engraving while speaking calmly, Hyunjun nodded his head with a faint smile.

"How long do you think it will take?"

If you have to endure it, you have to.

"I can't say for sure. But even if it takes a long time, I don't think it will exceed three hours.

Levin said frankly. Eventually, Hyun-jun's gaze turned to Flame.

"How many enemies?"

"Two amphibious ships and one combat ship."

Fortunately, it's not the worst. It looked like a selection reconnaissance team came to check the situation.

'But if there is an engagement or an anomaly is discovered, they will call for reinforcements, and tens of thousands of troops will come.'

"Levian, please come back."

"I will interpret it as soon as possible."

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 181


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