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Chapter 183 - The Sleeping Ruins - Part 3


The 13th Invasion Corps lost about 80% of its forces during the dimensional leap toward Earth.

Most of the troops were lost because they attempted to dimensionally leap by forcibly expanding the Unstable Rift.

When he was informed that a suitable person was showing an unexpected growth rate and decided to move the 13th Invasion Corps, the Insible expected that enormous damage would occur during the dimensional leap, but in reality, it is also true that it is not easy to correct it. It was.

"We lost too many troops."

"Isn't that what you expected?"

The Insible replied with a sharp glance at the reporting lieutenant in a grumbling tone.

"I expected to lose some troops, but this is serious, Commander."

lost 8 percent. Most of them are also main combat units.

In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that the 13th Invasion Corps does not have enough troops to attack one dimension and maintain occupation.

"You must be well aware that it is too late to withdraw."

lost 8 percent. If you do not achieve results here, you will be sentenced to death.

No matter how much the Invasion Command treats its troops as expendables, the evaporation of 80% of the troops from a single invasion corps was a level that the Command could never take lightly.

It was necessary to achieve minimal results, either by killing the right person or completely occupying the Earth.

"You cannot withdraw. We bury the bones here."

"I will obey the command of the invasion corps commander."

As Insible declared, the lieutenant also nodded in affirmation with a firm face.

"We need to move the main force a little more aggressively."

"Are you moving units directly under the corps?"

the lieutenant asked cautiously. A unit directly under the corps is a unit with a high level of combat power that it belongs to the main force within the corps.

"Fortunately, the damage to the units directly under the corps did not appear to be serious."

"Yes, Commander. Compared to other units, it does relatively little damage."

Because 80% of the 13th Invasion Corps had been blown away, the units directly under them also suffered damage, but when the crack was stable, the damage rate was relatively low thanks to the dimensional leap.

"The corps directly under the corps is divided into two."


"One is advancing toward Europe and the other is forward deployed to the Korean Peninsula."

The plan was to crush the right people while at the same time marching towards Europe, wiping out all of Russia's military power.

"It will be as the commander-in-chief wants it to be."

The 13th Invasion Corps begins to move in earnest.

* * *

The member, who was continuing reconnaissance activities in China, delivered a report to the United Nations and the Allied Forces that indicated that the troops believed to be the main force of the corps would move to the Korean Peninsula and Russia.

The Russian army, which had been well guarding the defense line, collapsed without being able to hold out for a while when the direct unit, one of the main forces of the corps, launched a full-fledged offensive.

"Russia is completely occupied."

Taemin came with a sad news. It is a country that has been deprived of a large part of its territory, but is still holding on to it.

"I didn't know that Russia would collapse… … ."

Upon hearing the report, Hyun-jun frowned and sighed. Russia has the second most hunter power after the United States.

So the fact that they collapsed was enough to shock everyone, not just Hyun-jun.

Compared to when China collapsed, the shock was greater.

"The army was split in two. It was confirmed that an army is moving toward Europe, and an airship is also moving toward the Korean Peninsula. It is expected that they will join forces with the Chinese side and launch an offensive."

"So it seems that Drake just went to Europe without a word."

Only ten minutes ago, Drake was here. But suddenly he got a call from somewhere, his face turned pale, and he left with Duke.

'It seems that they contacted you first because it was a European business.'

Hyunjun decided to think so.

"How long do you think it will take to reach the defense line of Mt. Baekdu?"

"In the next two hours, we will join the invading forces stationed in China. There is no guarantee that the attack will start immediately."

"Tell the committee and the Allies to ask for more reinforcements and to raise the alert on the defenses."

"Yes, guild chief."

Taemin bowed his head and left the room. Then, Levin opened the door with Knock and walked in.

"Guild Master. signal has been sent. The verification work has been completed."

At Levin's words, Hyunjun nodded his head without saying a word. The defense line was so precarious that it would collapse at any moment.

Please, I'm just hoping for good results.

"It will be fine."

"Thank you for your words."

After a short conversation, I walked out. Hyeon-jun prepared a lodging at the highest place to participate in the battle first when a battle occurred, so he could see the miserable appearance of the defense line of Mt. Baekdu at a glance as soon as he came out.

"How long will this war last? … ."

came out with a sigh. I desperately wanted to end the tedious war that could last forever.

Levian approached behind Hyun-jun, who was lamenting, and opened his mouth.

"Even if the earth is destroyed, the war will not end."

Hyunjun turned his head and looked at Levin. Complex emotions were oozing from his hardened face.

"This is a war that will not end until the aggression command is annihilated."

"They said that even a tiger would come when I said something… … ."

Hyeonjun, who was quietly listening to Levin, spit out a mumble mixed with irritation.

As they cast their gaze in the distance, the jet-black airships began to emerge one by one through the dark clouds. It is the army of the invasion command.

"Guild Master!"

Taemin ran. He has narrowed the distance at once from afar.

"It looks like the search war will start soon."

He said without taking his eyes off the airships. Taemin listens quietly.

"Let's send out the SS and guild executives in this expedition."

I don't know if it's the other invading corps, but the troops of the 13th invasion corps, who landed on Earth this time, often conducted exploratory battles to check the condition of the defense line by sending a small force first before starting a battle.


Taemin took out his walkie-talkie with an answer. Then, he contacted the waiting members of the executive branch, and Hyun-jun summoned the SS, commanded by Sa-hyeol and Sa-hyeok.

"Did you call?"

Sahyeol accepted the call as the representative.

"When an exploration battle takes place… … . Go and sweep it all away."

"Yes, I understand."

Before long, two battleships from the airship left the ranks and came forward. And part of the ground forces that appeared, advanced towards the defense line.

"It's an exploration game."

Before starting a full-scale attack, an exploratory battle is about to begin to identify the weak points of the defense line.

Hyeon-jun sent a signal to the SS and the executive forces who were waiting. They rushed towards the approaching Invasion Command forces.

"The engagement has begun."

"Fortunately, our separate wing has the upper hand."

Taemin reported the start of the battle, and Levian calmly read the situation. The less than 1,000 detached troops who went on a search battle were driving up 10,000 soldiers.

The level of combat power of the SS and guild executive forces was greatly increased by receiving the enhancement technique, so the Soldier-class was not their opponent.

"The Soldiers who went on a search battle are in danger of annihilation!"

"Where did such an elite force suddenly come from?"

There was a commotion on the bridge of the command ship. The unit currently attacking the defense line of Mt. Baekdu was the remnant of Unit 281.

Responsible commander Roscal had brought his troops down before the offensive started to wash away the mistakes of the past.

However, since they are being pushed back even before the search, it is crazy.

"Retreat the squadron and advance the main force forward."

Roscal ordered. The force he mobilized now was the power of Unit 281. If you lose this time, there is no next time.

'You must break through the defense line of Mt. Baekdu.'

That's what I thought, but it doesn't make sense to be pushed back before the search. Rothcal bit his lip so hard that blood leaked out.

"All troops forward! We must break through that defense today!"

The command was delivered from the bridge of the command ship. The battle fleets opened their guns at once, and the ground forces also advanced. A fierce battle began. But it was different from before.

"I haven't seen any eligible candidates yet!"

"The line of defense is strong! Rather, they are being counterattacked!"

If it had been normal, the defense line would have been shaking a lot by now. It's always been like that. Then, when a qualified person participated in the war, his condition improved a little.

But now, despite the fact that the eligible person was not participating in the war, the defense line was not pushed.

was holding on firmly.

"Hey, what the hell happened… … ."

Roscal muttered with a disappointed expression. Today, we had to break through the defense line of Mt. Baekdu.

But why are you holding on stronger than usual? This was different than expected.

"It seems that the enemy's elite troops have been sent in."

Roscal frowned at the lieutenant's report.

"Elite troops?"

"The number is less than 1,000, but most of them have S-level or higher skills."

"Where did you suddenly gather such an elite force?"

It was questionable. If the elite troops were gathered separately from the entire line of defense, even if the detached corps was moving, it would have been pushed back from the overall view.

The defense line was rather firmly in place, so there was a high probability that it was not a separate unit made by gathering existing troops.

"Where did you say that suddenly, nearly 1,000 S-class troops came from…? … ."

Roscal's eyes fluttered. From S-class, they are also classified as 'Invaders' by the Invasion Command, so they are considered elite troops.

If most of the 1,000 detached units are S-class, this is a power that cannot be taken lightly.

"We are moving forward."

"Are the command and bodyguards advancing too?"

"Yeah, let's attack."


The lieutenant nodded with a hardened face. I was reluctant, but I had no choice but to follow the commander's orders.

"All troops forward!"

They moved to the command line and its escorts that were waiting in the rear. And Hyun-jun, who was watching it from a distance, silently took out a black magic stone and absorbed the magic.

The magical power of the Black Magic Stone was purified by the magic formula and permeated into Hyeonjun. Feeling the fullness of magic that filled his body, he cleared his breath and pulled out his golden sword.

and raised the power.

-Raikiri's light guides you to the far side. Become a single ray of light with light and pierce the enemy.

Awakening has been activated. While riding on the Horse of Light, he grabbed the Lance of Lightning. And a single ray of light pierced through the conductor Roscal was riding.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 183


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