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Chapter 184 - Contact - Part 1


A spear of light, no, a huge pillar pierced through Unit 281's command line. The command ship, which had a huge hole in it, lost its ability to fly and began to fall at high speed.

"Gee, the command line has been shot down!"

"Isn't this supposed to be a retreat?"

Eventually, the command line crashed into the ground, causing a huge explosion.

Seeing this, the ground forces were so outraged that it was said that they should retreat arbitrarily. The same was true of the air combat fleet.

As the remaining commanders discussed retreat, a communication was received from the shot down command line.

- The command has not lost its function yet.

The ground forces, who were about to retreat, advanced again, and the battle fleet poured out magical beams.

Hyeon-jun, who saw this, without a word, pulled out a golden sword and ran towards the place where the command line had crashed.

"I will cover you!"

Sahyeol, Sahyeok, and the National Guard followed. A few Invaders and Soldiers blocked Hyun-Jun as he ran towards the crash site, but they were unable to compete with the SS, who had been given reinforcement techniques.

"We will take care of this!"

Sahyeol exclaimed while inserting the sword into the heart of the invaders blocking the way. Behind him, the SS troops came and slaughtered the Soldiers.

After receiving the enhancement technique, they became the reapers of the battlefield.

"Please turn back!"

Hyeon-jun arrived at the crash site and entered the wreckage of the command ship. I went inside through the steel structures that were protruding out of the darkness.

Hyeon-jun, who sensed a number of magical reactions inside the crash site, raised his golden sword without a word.


Hell Yam has warned. Hyeon-jun swung his golden sword at the enemies coming in from all directions narrowing the distance.

A golden trail was drawn in the dark, and the invaders who tried to attack fell down, pouring out red blood.

"I will come all the way here… … ."

In the pitch black, the strange existence raised its head.

Hyun-jun instinctively recognized that he was the commander. It was because the three Invaders around him had a formation that seemed to protect their superiors.

"Gear sword."

The butcher's dagger hung from his waist pierced through the air.

"Cuckoo, Cuckoo!"


The Invaders fell down, pouring red blood. Unfortunately, the main combat personnel were wiped out with the fall, so the level of those who came out as escorts was only 13th and S-class at best.

It wasn't enough power to deal with Hyun-jun, who had reached the level of a nightmare level god. I couldn't even take my eyes off him for a moment.

Looking at the helplessly collapsing subordinates, the strange existence, the 6th-level Invader Rothcal, frowned.

'You're going to be beaten up so quickly... … .'

I didn't know it would be able to withstand a single blow. The status of eligible candidates was higher than expected.

Moreover, Roscal was also injured in the fall, so he couldn't say for himself how long he would survive.

'It's an attack.'

Roscal's eyes shone sharply. At that moment, black flames erupted from his tentacles, and Hyun-jun swung a golden sword.


With a creepy sound, the tentacles were cut off. I felt terrible pain.

But Rothcal did not stop the remaining tentacles. At the same time, while demonstrating his power, he narrowed the distance with Hyun-jun at once. However, Hyun-jun had a lot of practical experience.

Despite Roscal's storm-like offensive, Hyun-jun moved dazzlingly and counterattacked.

By the end of the five brief exchanges, Roscal was bleeding and exhaling harshly.

Tentacles were sprouting again with super-fast regeneration, but at a slower rate than before. It seemed that he had already consumed a considerable amount of mana.

"Wow, whoops… … ."

"Are you planning on taking the time?"

Hyunjun sighed coldly. Rothcal bit his lip at the fact that his thoughts had been read.

Blood keeps pouring out of Rothcal's mouth. Super-fast playback has long since lost its functionality. I don't think it will last long.

Hyeonjun injected magical power into the golden sword. The Invaders in front of them lost their fighting power. Judging by that, he kicked the ground and jumped forward.

"Cuckoo, Cuckoo!"

When Rothcal realized that Hyun-jun was closing the distance, a golden sword was already in his heart. Even that wasn't enough, Hyun-jun pulled out a hell yam and cut Roscal's head.

-Master, the command facility here is still in motion.

Hell Yamdo said:

"Would you like to destroy them all?"

-Of course.

Hyeonjun put the golden sword in and lifted the hell yam.

The Auror Blade was enough to destroy the command facility. I had no intention of wasting the magical power of the Goddess.

* * *

After thoroughly smashing the command facility and coming out of the wreckage, Unit 281 lost a third of its troops and was on a rout.

"Guild Master!"

From afar, Gyu-hwan came running in a month.

"The enemy is routing!"

"Yes, I think so."

"And Mr. Levien is looking for it urgently, I think you should go!"

Levin is looking for you?

"I'll leave it to you to take care of it."

"You don't have to worry."

Hyun-jun left the rest of the work to Kyu-hwan and moved on. As soon as they crossed the defensive line and entered the place where the fortifications are gathered, a radio from Levian said that they would be waiting for the dorm.

Soon we arrived at the house. As soon as Hyun-jun saw the SS troops controlling the area around the dormitory, he thought that Levin had called him for something important.


As soon as I entered the prefabricated building that was being used as my lodging, Levin approached me.

"What's up?"

"Let's go to the basement first."

Levin said in a quiet voice. It seemed like something we had to talk about in secret.

In this dorm, there was a basement that only Hyun-jun and a few close friends knew. It's a perfect place to tell a secret story, as Levien has engraved several tricks to prevent eavesdropping.

After establishing himself on the defensive line, he was busy with the on-going offensive and rarely used the cellar, but Levian continued to insist on its need and did not shut it down.

'And I'm going to use it today.'

Shaking his head with a short sigh, Hyun-jun followed Levien, who went down to the basement first.

The two arrived in the basement. After a while, Levien raised his magical powers to make sure the magic was working properly, and opened his mouth.

"It looks like someone has received the signal we sent."


Hyeonjun's voice was filled with hope. When he first signaled, Levin had told him not to put too much hope. That's why I'm more than happy to hear this news now.

"Yes, I have set up a procedure so that if I receive an incoming call, I get a response. I was careful because it wasn't a recipe I engraved, but seeing this kind of reaction, it seems that the revision of the formula was correct."

"Where did you receive it?"

If the one receiving the signal was the aggression command, all plans would collapse. I asked with a worried look, but luckily, Levin's expression brightened.

"The magic wave at the time of reception was not from the Invasion Command."

fortunately it is It would be nice to receive a signal from the Dimensional Alliance if possible, but it is not good to vaguely expect anything from a situation where you do not know how many dimensions there are.


"I think it was sent, but I don't know how long it will take to arrive."

It was the moment when Levin shrugged and answered. A beacon placed in the corner of the basement responded with a flash of light. It was a signal that imprinted a technique to respond when a reply came.

"What is that?"

"It seems that the reply has arrived. Let's prepare for confirmation right now."

Levian responded to Hyun-jun's question and moved quickly. A white cloth was laid on the floor and the magic formula was engraved on it. It was a simple magic trick to bring up a reply.

"We are getting a reply."

It's a tense moment. At Levin's words, Hyunjun nodded his head without saying a word and waited. who sent the reply? If possible, it was expected that the only force that could oppose the aggression command among the many dimensions, the dimension alliance, would receive a signal and send a reply.

"The analysis has been completed, and it has been confirmed that there are no hostile spells. We will play it right after we strengthen the security."

Waves of magic spread around Levian. This is the process of reconfirming that there are no surveillance techniques such as wiretapping.

"Security check complete, play reply."

The magic formula engraved on the white cloth sparkled and radiated light, creating a magic circle in the air.

'Is this a communication technique?'

Hyun-jun's eyes turned to Levin.

"Isn't this a communication technique?"

At Hyun-jun's question, Levin checked the ceremony once and opened his mouth.

"Yes, to be precise, these are the coordinates where we can link the communication. There's also a long-distance communication magic formula attached between dimensions, it seems like they want to talk."

"Is it a dimensional alliance?"

"This is most likely a Dimensional Alliance crest."

Levian pointed the tip of his index finger to the attached sentence next to the communication procedure and coordinates.

In addition to the representative crest of the dimensional alliance, there are several crests representing each faction belonging to the alliance. Even though Levian had information about the dimensional alliance, he didn't know all of their sentences.

"Do you want to connect communication?"

"Is the magic power enough?"

Since it was to connect interdimensional communication, it seemed that Levian's magic might not be enough. Unsurprisingly, Levin nodded with a bright expression on his face.

"It's not enough, but I think it will be solved by using at least one black magic stone."

At this point, I think you could call the Black Magic Stone all-powerful. Hyeonjun silently took out a black magic stone and handed it to Levin.

"Thank you."

The magical power of the black magic stone purified by Gildre's technique flowed into the communication technique. The magic circle started to work as it emitted light.

The two stared at the magic circle without saying a word. After about 10 minutes passed, the magic circle opened and a human figure appeared in the center.

-nice to meet you. My name is Philliad, High Magistrate of the Dimensional Alliance.

As expected, it was a dimensional alliance. A smile spread across Hyunjin's lips. He took a step forward, introducing himself and explaining the current situation on Earth.

- After all, you were the right person.

"Everyone called me that."

-Thanks to Sir Kang Hyeon-jun, the 13th Invasion Corps put an unreasonable number. So there is room for our wires. Even though dispatching large-scale troops is difficult, I think we can send enough people to help the Lord regain the power of his previous life.

Philadel said. Although the situation had improved, the force of the invasion command was so strong that it was impossible to remove the combatants of the size of the unit.

He was very disappointed because he expected that even a small army would be sent, but Hyun-jun did not express it.

-I'll send one consul and several high-ranking knights, they'll help Hyeon-Jun Kang.

Hyeonjun did not know, but if it was a consul, he was a high-ranking class in the dimensional alliance and had a powerful fighting power.

It depends on the level, but in general, the Archon of the Dimensional Alliance is the one with the equivalent of at least a nightmare-level deity.

In a way, it will come with a stronger force than any other army.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 184


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