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Chapter 185 - Contact - Part 2


The high-ranking magistrate, Philliad, promised the support of one magistrate and high-ranking knights in the name of the dimensional alliance, but said that it would be difficult to dispatch a large force right now.

The reason was none other than the aggression command.

- The rift from our side to Earth is artificially sealed. It appears to have been handed over by the 13th Invasion Corps.

"Is it difficult for even a small number of people to cross?"

-We have a slightly different method of dimensional leap than the Invasion Command. The Invasion Command has developed a deterrent that can block the dimensional leap of our allies. If it's maneuvering, you can't send any reinforcements in that direction.

Filiad said with a dark expression.

He also wanted to send reinforcements to the Earth under attack by the invasion command, even if it was a small number of people.

However, the premise itself of dimensional leap does not hold when the suppressor is in operation.

"How many inhibitors are there on Earth?"

In the worst case, multiple inhibitors may be scattered around the world.

- At most, maybe one. Since you don't know that Kyung-Jun Kang made contact with us... … . You'll probably just have one installed as a preventative measure.

fortunately it is Hyunjun nodded his head as he saw the figure of Philiad answering in a confident voice.

"Is there a way to detect the location of the suppressor?"

It is difficult without

The earth is wide. You can't travel around the world trying to destroy a single suppressor. Although it was said that the SS and the executive branch were given reinforcement techniques, Hyun-jun was in a position where he could not empty the defense line of Mt. Baekdu for long.

- We'll send you a recipe to discover the suppressor.

"Are there any tricks that can be explored? … . That's fortunate."

- Although it is a high-level technique, it will not be difficult for a qualified person to use it. Destroying the Inhibitor will let us know. As soon as the coordinates are reset and stabilized, we will organize and send you a team to support you.

Communication has ended. Hyunjun turned his head to Levian, who was waiting next to him.

"Levian. Did you hear me?"

"Yes, I just confirmed that the ceremony has just passed."

"Are you at an operational level?"

Obviously, I had said that the Philadelphia was a high-level technique. If you can't use it even though you've received a spell at the most, it's difficult.

"This is a fairly high-level, advanced search technique. But I think it can be done."

Fortunately, Levin seemed to be able to handle it. Although it was possible to operate, the method was cumbersome and complicated, so he frowned and raised his magical powers.

Hyun-jun watched Levin operate the rite without saying a word.

There was an attack a while ago, so there was no chance of being attacked for a while. Also, the basement was not deep enough that an alarm could not be heard even if there was an engagement.

"it's over."

After about three hours had passed, Levian shook his head, sweating profusely. Hyun-jun stayed by his side without moving at all.

Levian pulled out a handkerchief, wiped his face roughly, and opened his mouth with a calm expression.

"It took a long time because the procedure was more complicated than I thought and the scope of the search was wide. I thought it was just exploring the surroundings, but it turned out to be exploring the entire planet."

'It's a magic trick that explores an entire planet… … .'

It was a part that could tell the scale of the dimensional alliance.

"Is there a suppressor as the Dimensional Alliance said?"

"Yes, we have confirmed the existence of one suppressor."


"It is located in the mountains on the Siberian side of Russia. I remembered the exact coordinates."

Levin took a piece of paper out of his pocket and recorded the coordinates.

"Are you going right away?"

"I think that would be good."

Hyun-jun checked the equipment with an answer.

I needed to go back before the next attack started. Since the Drake of the Storm is in Europe, Hyun-jun was the only one with an SSS-level or higher power in the defense line of Mt.

Besides, the troops directly under the corps are also moving, so they can't leave their seats for a long time.

"I will accompany you."

"Levian, you… … . Just tell me the coordinates and keep the flame and the defense line."

Even SS-class power had to be left as much as possible.


Levin followed without a word. The problem was transportation. But it turned out to be simpler than I thought.

At the same time, Duke had been dispatched from Europe for a while to inspect the defenses of Mt. Baekdu. Hyun-jun briefly explained the situation to him and asked for his cooperation.

"As far as the mountains in Siberia… … . It's not difficult. I will cooperate."

Fortunately, the Duke nodded willingly to the request for cooperation.

"I am in a position to return to Europe as soon as possible… … . It seems that all I can do is bring you along. When you come, you must return alone."

"That is enough."

I didn't even ask for any more help.

"Let's go right away."

As Duke swung his drawn sword, the air split open, revealing pitch-black darkness.

"Are you ready?"

When he nodded instead of answering, Duke grabbed Hyun-jun's arm and threw himself into the dark space.

For a moment, the stream of consciousness was cut off, and when he opened his eyes again, he was in the depths of the Siberian Mountains.

"One leap forward is the limit. The coordinates you mentioned should be about 3 kilometers further north."

For hunters who transcended human limits, 3km was a distance that could be run in one month.

"I wish you luck."

Hyun-jun nodded instead of answering, and Duke retreated into the fissure. As the rift closed, Duke disappeared.

-Master, I can feel a number of magical reactions at a point about 3km to the north. It is difficult to determine the exact number whether the concealment technique was used, but the aggression command seems to be clear.

It was the coordinates at which the suppressor was expected to be located 3 km to the north. Hyeon-jun became convinced that there was actually a deterrent there at the words of Hell Yam-do that the forces of the aggression command were stationed there.

He sprinted towards the north. And shortly thereafter, they discovered a small base that appeared to have a suppressor.

There were not many Invaders deployed as sentinels, perhaps because Hyunjun was unaware that he had contacted the Dimensional Alliance.

'You idiots, you didn't expect this?'

Hiding in the dark, Hyeon-jun clicked his tongue while examining the enemy's power.

This was to be expected when the ruins in which the magic tricks to another dimension were sleeping were attacked.

'Maybe he was nervous and turned away.'

Since the defense line of Mt. Baekdu was holding up firmly in a situation where results had to be achieved as soon as possible, there was a high probability that he could not make a proper judgment or missed a report because he was rather impatient and focused only on the attack.

"It's good for me, but… … ."

Mumbling to himself, he landed at the center of the base. The invaders nearby reacted a bit late, but Hyun-jun already had a hell yam in his hand.


As he calmly spit out the starter words and swung his hell yam, the invaders who had narrowed the distance fell down, bleeding. Those from afar were dealt with by sending a butcher's dagger with an Igear sword.

-Master, I can feel the magical reaction in that building. There's no life, and the suppressor seems to be there... … .

'Have the defense forces been wiped out?'

Hyeon-jun raised the presence detection, but as Hell Yam-do said, he did not feel the magical reaction characteristic of living things in the building.

Hyun-jun slowly moved into the building that looked like a fortress in the Middle Ages. As expected, there were no living creatures inside.


- Whoa!

There was a Death Knight in black armor. Perhaps it was under the protection of the Invasion Command, and unlike the general Death Knight, it had SS-level combat power, but there was no way it could be Hyeonjun's opponent.

It seems that he was ambush with confidence in his own way, but I want to say that it didn't have much effect.

- Whoa!

The Death Knight was cut in pieces by the wielded hell yam. Although the undead is a difficult race to deal with, it is not difficult if there is an overwhelming difference in force.

He crossed over the scattered remains of the Death Knight and went into the depths of the building.

Usually, if there's something hidden somewhere like this, it's the basement. Unsurprisingly, it was the same this time. A faint magical energy was leaking from the stairs going down to the basement.

- Underground, underground.

Hearing the words of Hell Yam, I went down to the basement.


A smile spread across his lips.

There was an unidentified device with a huge black magic stone in front of it, and it seemed to be the suppressor mentioned in the Dimensional Alliance.

Levian was told how to disable the suppressor.

It was said that you need to remove the black magic stone that is the power source.

"There is no need to destroy this, right?"

Hyunjun muttered to himself while fixing his gaze on the black magic stone.

Compared to other black magic stones, the size was huge.

It is said that it is being used as a suppressor, but at a glance, it seems that there is a lot of magic stored in it.

'If I take this, can I use it for other purposes?'

-There is a subspace pocket, so why not take it with you first?

Hell Yamdo said: Hyunjun agreed to his words by nodding his head lightly.

It didn't look difficult to disassemble.

After breaking some of the fixtures, the black magic stone came off easily, and the suppressor function stopped.

Although the weight of the Black Magic Stone was unusual, it was just a toy to Hyeonjun, who far surpassed humans and ascended to a nightmare-level deity.

In addition to destroying the suppressor, it was possible to obtain an oversized black magic stone, so the way back was long, but the steps were light.

* * *

"It can be written."

This was the conclusion that Levian had made after seeing the oversized Black Magic Stone. A smile spread across Hyunjin's lips.

"You will have to take a closer look at how much magical power you have left, but it seems like you have a lot more magic left than normal black magic stones."

I think I'll have to use this to summon the Legion soon.

This time, even if it's a little inefficient, I'm thinking of permanently summoning it.

One-time summons are efficient in terms of magic power, but have the disadvantage of not stationing troops. So, even after summoning a large number, it cannot be used in the next battle.

'It would be better to use it while adjusting it appropriately.'

The number of Black Magic Stones decreased significantly due to the continuous battle, but there were still a considerable number left.

The oversized black magic stone was put back into the subspace pocket.

It was the moment when Hyun-jun was about to get up from his seat. The signal in the basement corner responded.

"I'll check."

Levin ran towards the signal.

After checking the drinking ceremony once, he opened his mouth with a calm expression.

"With coordinates here, someone is coming."

I think you know who

they are

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 185


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