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Chapter 186 - Contact - Part 3


The dimensional gateway was created on the ground, not the basement. Thanks to this, Hyun-jun and Levian felt a huge flow of magic and had to hurry up to the ground.

Dimensions were split in front of the dormitory.

The members who saw this ran and raised their magical powers while aiming their weapons at the cracking air.

Hyeon-jun had to explain to them for five minutes that it wasn't an attack from the aggression command.

"To set boundaries."

Sahyeol gave instructions to the bodyguards in a cold voice.

Although the members confirmed safety and disbanded, the SS did not back down just in case. The SS did not draw their weapons, but kept an eye on the cracks while refining their momentum.

And another 10 minutes passed.

The crack ripped apart, and a man and a woman in red uniforms slowly walked out of it.


Someone said in a surprised voice. It seemed that one of the onlookers, not the SS, had a bad voice control.

In the center of those who walked out of the rift was a woman who could be described as an 'elf'. It's not just because she's beautiful. He had really long ears.

He was not a human, but had the appearance of an elf appearing in a fantasy novel.

"Looks like you got it right."

She turned her head and looked around. Soon, his gaze reached Hyun-Jun.

At that moment, she sensed something from Hyun-Jun, smiled bitterly, and took a few steps closer to him.

"Nice to meet you, qualified person."

She reached out and asked for a handshake.

"The consul sent by the Dimensional Alliance is called Isyria."

"This is Hyun-Jun Kang."

I couldn't think of a proper greeting to introduce, so I shook hands with just my name. But whether that alone was enough to explain, Isyria smiled and nodded her head.

"I'm going inside. There are many eyes to see."

Because of the aggression command, there were many cases of hostility towards the existence of another world.

So, even to reduce unnecessary friction, we had to go to a place where there are few eyes to have a conversation.

Hyun-jun led them to the basement of the dormitory.

I went down the stairs and checked their clothes. It stood out because it was red, but it wasn't much different from the equipment the hunters wore. It seemed difficult to identify the fact that he was a foreigner just by looking at the clothes.

"Because of the aggression command, it seems that the perception of aliens is not good."

Just before she entered the dormitory, she felt the hostile gaze that started from afar touch her.

"You are quick-witted. To be honest, since the invasion began, the perception of aliens is not good."

Their existence, which has been denied by governments so far, has come to the surface, but the start has not been good.

"You are hiding your power."

"Are you recognizing all at once?"

A faint smile spread across Isyria's lips.

As Hyunjun said, she was hiding her power. Since he was using a fairly high level of magic, I thought that Hyunjun wouldn't notice it easily.

'I'll find out at once... … .'

Hyeon-jun opened his mouth as he watched her smile and gave a meaningful gaze.

"If you want to test me, stop. I don't think there will be any gain if we fight with each other."

"I didn't mean to test it, I just wanted to know to what extent we need to help."

It seems more uncooperative than I thought.

Hyunjun's eyes twitched slightly. I don't know if it's her original personality, but her words and actions didn't feel very pleasant.

"Consul, I think you are misunderstanding something… … ."

It felt like I had to say this.

"The situation on Earth is not as serious as the Dimensional Alliance thinks."

Although the 13th Invasion Corps was said to have landed, there was a high probability that the Invasion Command would not support troops because most of its power was lost during the dimensional leap and the current rift was not expanded.

I can't say the situation is good, but it's not desperate enough to have to endure the bullying with such a small amount of support.

"If you're going to support a small group of people like this and be sarcastic and goofy, just go back, Consul."

Now, there is no room to accept childlike condolences here.

As Hyun-jun came out strongly, Ishiria's expression hardened, perhaps realizing that something was wrong, and the man who appeared to be an aide next to her hurried forward.

"Kang Hyeon-jun, my name is Revil, a high-ranking knight serving as an aide to the consul of Syria."

Revil had a different view from Isyria in a favorable light.

"I think the consul was not in good shape due to the dimensional leap, so his tone was a bit sharp. If you offended me, I apologize instead."

Although Syria came out with a slightly sloppy attitude, the Dimensional Alliance wanted to establish a friendly relationship with the right person, Kang Hyeon-jun.

Reville was well aware of this fact, so he hurried out.

Although Isyria has a sensitive personality, it was not expected by Revil or the dimensional alliance leaders that it would show such a sharp appearance.

"Sir Leville, now… … ."

"Consul. I will solve it."

Blocking ahead, Revil spoke in a very low voice that only Isyria could hear.

Before being dispatched here, she had been told by the dimensional alliance leaders to kill her character as much as possible, so she had no choice but to back away with a bit of a lip.

Isyria, she was on the bad side, but in a small number of people, she went on this expedition because of her special ability to make a dimensional leap safely even if the rift was unstable.

In the absence of other magistrates with similar special abilities, the head office had no choice but to use her, and it was an unavoidable situation, so much attention was given.

But Isyria could quarrel like this, Reville was frustrated.

"Lord Reville, we will serve the magistrate."


Hyeon-jun, who overheard the conversation between the two high-ranking knights, took a step closer to them and opened his mouth.

"My bodyguard will guide you to the temporary accommodation."

When he finished speaking and raised his hand, Sahyeol nodded and approached him.

"I will guide you."

"Yes, thank you."

Syrian and high-ranking knights left the basement with Hyun-jun's men. Now, only Hyunjun and Revil remain inside.

Revil explained why Isyria accompanied them and the circumstances of the dimensional alliance.

"I fully understand the circumstances of the Dimensional Alliance."

If the invasion command's corps had landed, what would be the benefit of becoming distant from the dimensional alliance?

Hyunjun answered with a face that put everything down.

At that time, Reville was a little relieved.

"Thank you for your understanding."

"By the way, there is something I need to make sure of."

"Tell me."

As Syria disappeared, the conversation progressed quickly.

"Why did you send high-ranking knights, including the consuls, here? Because there are so few people, I don't think it's for the purpose of military support."

Although the level of the high-ranking knights was high, the number of them was small, so it was not likely to be of much help.

To be honest, even when the Dimensional Alliance promised to provide great support, I thought there would be some large-scale support, even if it was too large, but it was different from what I expected.

"I will help you find the artifact."

"Are you talking about things that came from another dimension?"

"It means something like that, but the definition of a relic is different now."

"Is there any other meaning?"

At Hyunjun's question, Revil nodded and opened his mouth.

"The artifacts I'm talking about are your past lives, the things they left behind."

At Reville's words, Hyun-jun nodded, remembering that he had recently found a slab on which the story of his previous life was recorded.

"We've been fighting on the front lines with several qualified people for generations so far. So I know what kind of support a qualified person needs to be strong."

The history of confrontation between the Aggression Command and the Dimensional Alliance is long.

Up to now, countless qualified people have been selected from numerous dimensions and have fought the aggression command. Very few of them even came into contact with the Dimensional Alliance to form a common front.

Since the Dimensional Alliance has a long history with qualified people, it had more information about them than the Invasion Command.

As a result, he also knew how to grow them in the shortest period of time.

"However, in this case, Kyung Hyeon-Jun Kang will inevitably be absent."

"If I leave for a long time, the defenses will come down."

"The high-ranking knights of the Dimensional Alliance will defend the defense."

Reville spoke in a confident voice, but in Hyun-jun's eyes, they were not at all trustworthy.

The level of the high-ranking knights was never low, but even so, the number of dispatched personnel was too small.

"We are not all, we will send more high-ranking knights as soon as our front lines are somewhat stable."

"The wire is stable… … . So you don't know when you're coming?"

At Hyeon-jun's sharp point, Reville was unable to speak for a moment.

But that was also for a while. He soon finished organizing his thoughts and opened his mouth with a calm expression.

"I will contact my supervisor and request assistance immediately."

It seems that the reserve was saved. We don't know the exact size, but we were promised quick support, so that's it.

"How long do you think it will take?"

"It won't take a week."

"good. Now I am more than happy to cooperate."

Everything has been resolved.

At the sight of Hyun-jun smiling broadly with a light heart, Revil stuck out his tongue. It was the sense that he did not know how to adapt to the fluctuating ups and downs of emotions.

"Then shall we go find the relics?"

There was an attack by the Invasion Command not long ago, and it was largely defeated. For the time being they will not move.

If you are looking for relics, now is the right time.

"First of all, I have something to offer you before we start exploring."

Revil opened his pocket and put his hand in.

After a while, he pulled out a black box. I put the box I took out on the table and opened the cover to see a small glass bottle in a luxurious packaging. It contained a red liquid.

"This is a relic we just discovered."

The magic seemed to respond.

"Blood-drenched killer, the blood of the Reaper."

At first, the body reacted. And the moment Reville finished explaining, the butcher's dagger hung from his waist reacted.

-The Butcher's Dagger recognizes and craves the blood of its former master.

A smile spread across Hyunjun's lips at the sound of his voice.

"I think I know how to use it."

He drew a butcher's dagger and sprinkled the Reaper's blood in a glass bottle. Then the butcher's dagger trembled and trembled.

-The Butcher's Dagger drains its master's blood. The blood of the Slayer who killed the most kills empowers the Butcher's Dagger. The Butcher's Dagger can now be anything, as long as it has blood on it, it will have the same cutting power as an Auror blade.

It felt like it was not necessary to explain the voice.

The butcher's dagger is stronger.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 186


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