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Chapter 188 - The Dimensional Wanderer - Part 2


The nine fighters started firing machine guns at once. A hail of bullets pounded the high-speed flying boat's shield.

The two battleships skillfully lowered their altitude and narrowed the distance. They were garrison troops belonging to the Invasion Command.

The Rivils dimension was already occupied by the Invasion Command and neutralized.

However, the resistance forces certainly existed, and the size of the army stationed there to annihilate them was not small.

Although it is not often, reconnaissance of high-speed flying boats happened occasionally, so the garrison's response was quick.

-Eagle leader reports. The enemy's shield is solid. Allows the use of magic beams.

If the shield is strong, it is difficult to do damage with the machine gun. Even if the power was consumed, the flight leader decided that it was necessary to use the magic beam and sent a communication to everyone.

It was the moment when the Soldiers who received the communication were about to use the magic beam.

The door of the high-speed flying boat opened and a black figure soared upward.

The upper turrets of some fighters spewed fire and scattered bullets.

It was intended to block access by forming a fire grid, but it did not work.


-Eagle 9 has been hit!

It was the beginning. The fighters that made up the squadron were all shot down.

The black figure that shot down the fighter, Hyun-jun, returned to the high-speed flying boat.

"Can you bypass the battleship?"

Hyeonjun asked as he put the hell yam into the sheath and sat down.

Revil, who was holding the steering wheel, nodded and opened his mouth.

"No problem."

Reville increased the speed with the explanation that the battleship was not fast enough to pursue a high-speed flying boat without a connection with a fighter.

The battleship tried to close the distance by pouring out magic beams, but it was slower than the high-speed flying craft and could not keep up.

It wasn't long before he got out of the battleship's magic beam range, but he still couldn't put his mind to it.

"It must have been reported to the enemy garrison. The search party will move, so we don't have much time."

Leville said. If he had moved secretly, he might have had a little more time, but unfortunately it was discovered.

There is no way for the garrison to stand still because something has happened in the occupied area.

At the very least, the search party will act, and the main force may move if unlucky.

Either way, it is as if there is a time limit attached to the point of recognizing the existence of this side and looking for it.

"How long do you think it will be?"

"I can't say for sure. A week is enough."

"Is that enough time to be sober?"

Hyunjun asked. He has no background on the Rivills dimension, nor does he know the exact location of the artifact. So Leville's opinion was important.

"It's not impossible if you hurry."

Knowing the approximate location, it is a matter of increasing the speed of the high-speed flying boat.

"Although garrison troops are deployed around the destination, Kyung Hyeon-Jun Kang's combat power is enough to quickly subdue it."

Although there were a few in the Reveals dimension, there were still resistance groups.

They were linked with the Dimensional Alliance, and were regularly sending information about the Reveals dimension.

According to a recent reconnaissance report, it was determined that there were not many troops stationed near the relic.

Isyria had run out of magical powers, and Revil was responsible for her security, so the only real fighter was Hyeonjun.

'I felt like I was being abused, but it must be because of my mood.'

Hyunjoon lightly overcame that feeling.

"I'm going to speed it up a little bit more."

Leville said. He accelerated to the maximum speed allowed by the power source of the high-speed flying boat.

The straight line distance was not far, but it took a little longer than planned because it had to move away from the base of the garrison.

Moreover, it was only natural that it would be delayed than planned, as it met twice with a fighter squadron on patrol and even a short engagement.

"Im here."

A high-speed flying boat stopped over the abandoned fortress. Reville moved the steering wheel and slowly landed the high-speed flying boat in an open space reasonably far from the abandoned fortress.

-A large number of magical reactions are felt in the fortress.

As soon as I got off the high-speed flying boat and stepped on the ground, Hell Yam Island reported.

When I looked at the abandoned fortress from above, I couldn't see the garrison in the wide fortress area, but Hyeonjun as well as Hellyamdo sensed a number of magical reactions.

Although it was faint, the presence of magical power that was clearly felt even with a little concentration was telling that there were many creatures with magical powers in the fortress area.

"Did you say there is a garrison in the fortress?"

After checking the equipment, Hyun-jun glanced at Revil and asked a question.

Reville miniaturized the high-speed flying boat again and approached Hyun-jun.

"We are stationed underground. The exact size is not known, but if it is Kyung Hyeon-Jun Kang, who has reached the level of a nightmare-level god, he will be able to subdue it without difficulty.

"Are you two?"

"The Syrian Archon has exhausted most of his magical power with dimensional leap, making it impossible to fight. And I am responsible for escorting the consul."

In a word, it meant that you should go and fight alone.

Hyunjun was absurd, but he didn't show it. This is because we know that dimensional leap requires a significant amount of mana.

After all, those who have run out of magic will only interfere with the battle. Hyun-jun decided not to bring this issue out of his mouth any further.

"I don't know what kind of enemies there will be. You know how hard it is to take care of the two of you once the battle starts, right?"

I wanted to leave it behind, but Isyria and Revil had to accompany me to find the relics left by Withered Miller.

"I can protect my body."

Isyria, who was listening quietly, spit out. Seeing her like that, Hyunjun nodded without a word.

As the escort was attached to the level of the SSS-class mid-tier level of combat power, there would be no danger.

Hyun-jun said the same thing, but without her, the way to return to Earth would become obscure, so he had to pay attention.

"First, I will infiltrate and disable the alarm system. When the signal is given, follow me."

"There's no need to bother with that, Kang Hyeon-jun."

Hyeonjun, who was about to run forward, stopped at Reville's words.

"I have prepared a scroll engraved with a wide-ranging sabotage that can block the signal for assistance."

"It's so wide, is that possible?"

Hyunjun said in a surprised voice. Because I learned the magic from Gildre, I knew how high-level the wide-ranging sabotage was and how much magic it consumed.

To use the spells engraved on the scroll, more concentration and magical power are consumed.

However, it seemed that Revil's magical level was not very high.

"Kang Hyun-jun. Our dimension allies are few in number compared to the Invasion Command. But how have they been able to hold out and fight back?"

Revil pulled the scroll out of his arms.

"It was possible because the magic technique had developed that much."

When I tore the scroll that I took out, the engraved magic trick worked. An invisible hemispherical veil covered the abandoned fortress area.

"Disruption has been activated, now it's useless to ask for assistance."

Revil said with a wicked smile.

Hyun-jun nodded his head without saying a word and ran towards the abandoned fortress. Since the sabotage technique to block the support signal was active, he did not use stealth and showed his magical power.


"Everyone in battle posture!"

Naturally, the alarm went off and the Soldiers came out of the basement.

Hyeonjun raised his magic power without reducing his speed and called for protection.

-Estelle opens the red magic book. Temporarily allows the use of fire magic.

A magical book of magical powers dyed red unfolded in front of me. But it doesn't end here.

-The synchronization rate with Eastel has met the conditions for the first liberation. The red mage whispering doom pays attention to your flames. The power of fire magic can be enhanced up to 5 times, and more than 20 advanced multi-chances are possible.

The moment I was about to use the Fire Magic Enhancement, I heard a voice. In the meantime, the first liberation occurred whether the synchronization rate accumulated while using Eastel's protection exceeded the standard.

'The consumption of magic power seems to be huge, but you have to use it.'

Hyeonjun continued to activate the protection by using his magical powers.

-Exercise the power of the Red Mage of Eastel. Increases the power of fire magic by 5 times. Higher multiple chants are used.

Hyunjun's red eyes lit up.

"Fire Cannon."

Hyun-jun used a 5-fold reinforcement and even used a high-level multi-chance.

Then, over one hundred huge fireballs were created over his head in an instant.

Fire Cannon is a high-level magic, but it has been strengthened 5 times and more than one hundred were created with multiple chanting.

Although the Soldiers say that they have at least a lower level of combat power, the magic of this number is not something to be taken lightly.

"Oh, it's coming… … !"

Someone from the Soldier camp said in a voice trembling in fear. And immediately after that, more than one hundred fire cannons were poured out at them all at once.

"Unleash your defense magic!"

The Invaders flew up and performed defensive magic, but it was not enough.

In the first place, the level of the deployed Invaders was not high because it was not a front line but a occupied area. Most of them were 13th graders, and some of the highest were only about 11th grade.

In comparison, the Fire Cannon, which was strengthened by 5 times, had more power than high-ranking magic.

The defensive magic of the Invaders collapsed in vain due to the continued attack.



Over a thousand soldiers and seven Invaders were fiercely oxidized by the ruthless bombardment of fire magic, but Hyunjun's expression was dissatisfying.

'The consumption of magic power is greater than expected.'

With that in mind, he raised his hand and used the blessing of Behemoth.

-Behemoth opens his empty mouth and consumes the souls of the dead.

Behemoth's protection was activated and the void appeared.

-Many souls satisfied the Eternal Void. You are blessed with magical powers.

Recognizing the lack of magical power, the void, which had only recently given the blessing of strengthening the body, now offers the blessing of magic again.

Hyeon-jun annihilated the enemy troops with one blow. Isyria and Revil caught up one step later.

Instead of drawing on the power of the Godhead, he first entered the abandoned fortress area with a hell yam.

-Master, it seems that more than 80% have died in the last battle. The rest seem to be spying on the opportunity.

Hell Yamdo said: Hyunjun nodded his head instead of answering.

I could feel the magic of those who were hiding underground. They did not move easily. He didn't even think about coming out of the basement, whether he was looking for an opportunity.

"We have neutralized all unmanned defenses."

Reville came and reported. Hyunjun nodded and opened his mouth.

"Now then, let me guide you to the place where the 'insignia' is."

"Now let's get the navigation formula working."

The abandoned fortress was wide and there were still enemies, but the treasure hunt was not as difficult as I thought.

The few remaining enemies did not think to enter the battle easily when they saw Hyeon-jun's overwhelming force, and the withered miller's insignia was not far away.

"I consider it."

In front of the spire of the abandoned fortress, Reville said nervously.

The search technique he was using was announcing the existence of the artifact.

"Kang Hyun-jun, we will be guarding the outside."


Even if you try to hide the tension, you can't hide it. Hyun-jun took a trembling step into the dark spire.

'There are traces left by Withered Miller here.'

The magic began to resonate. There is definitely something here.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 188


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