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Chapter 189 - The Dimensional Wanderer - Part 3


Hyeonjun moved his steps, relying on one dim lighting technique.

It's definitely the first place to come. But like a lie, I feel like I know where to go.

I felt the magical power of Withered Miller. The magic that resonated with the traces became a guide.

"found… … !"

When I woke up, I realized it was the top floor of the spire. There was an old iron gate in front, and an old and broken lock on the side table next to it. I think he was locking the iron door, but someone smashed it.

Looking at the broken locks could make you feel uneasy, but Hyunjun didn't. It was because the withered miller's remaining magic was clearly flowing through the cracks in the door.


Hyun-jun took a breath and opened the old iron door.

Inside, it was a single space of about 20 square meters. Glass and brick shards were scattered on the floor in the messy room, as if a storm had passed.

It was not difficult to find the insignia that Withered Miller left behind. Because it stood out the most in the garbage heap.

It was messy and old enough to look like ordinary rubbish to others, but it shone more brilliantly in Hyunjun's eyes.

- Withered Miller's magic responds.

The voice urged. Instead of answering, Hyun-jun reached out to pick up the 'Withered Miller's Badge'.

And the moment the tip of the index finger touched the insignia, the insignia quickly began to absorb the magic that Hyunjun was holding.

He was taken aback for a moment and tried to put his hand away.

But the veil did not fall off as if glued to the hand.

Is it a trap from confusion? I thought about it, but seeing the will of my previous life reacted, it didn't seem like a trap from the Invasion Command.

Hyunjun calmly emptied his mind and waited. Fortunately, the insignia did not absorb a large amount of magic power.

When the magic absorption was over, the insignia was throwing off her rusty clothes and shining brightly.

- You have obtained the insignia left by the Withered Miller. The power he left behind will be with him to the end.

- Traces of a previous life have been discovered. Synchronization with the previous life will increase.

A large amount of magical power was felt from the veil. And the voice isn't over yet.

-The synchronization rate with Withered Miller met the conditions for the second liberation. The Last Swordsman will teach you the Transcendental Sword. Now there are no limits in front of you.

By obtaining the badge, the conditions for the second liberation were achieved. Magic energy was released from his body as if exploding.


A smile spread across Hyunjin's lips. It was after the idea of ??using the Transcendental Sword with a short headache had already penetrated deep into my head.

-Kang Hyeon-jun, an enemy has appeared.

As I was calmly organizing my memories, Reville's urgent voice came from the radio.

"I'm going down now."

Hellyam didn't respond, but there was no reason for Reville to lie.

Also, he came out of the spire without a doubt because his search techniques were so sophisticated.

I heard that an enemy had appeared, so I thought they had come close, but contrary to expectations, there were only Revil and Isyria in front of the spire.

Just as he was about to ask where the enemy was, Revil pointed his fingertip to the northern sky.

Hyeonjun turned his head and could see the invasion command's air fleet.

"It seems that there were troops on patrol."

Because he confidently introduced the sabotage technique, he trusted him, but unfortunately he did not even think about the existence of a patrol force.

"Sorry, I should have been more careful… … ."

Isyria was silent, and Revil bowed her head and apologized. Looking at the dead grass, it must have been badly broken by Isyria a while ago.

"I can't help it."

"Fighting seems inevitable."

"It was rather good. I wanted to try out new powers."

All of a sudden, he had a hell yam in his hand.

"Can you handle the ground troops waiting underground?"

Perhaps he knew that reinforcements were approaching, he could feel movement from the underground. It looks like they are preparing for a counterattack.

"We'll take care of the garrison in the basement, although I'm short on magic power, but that's fine."

Syria was the first to answer.

After all, although she used a lot of magical power to leap into the dimension, she was a nightmare-level deity.

The difference between the SSS class and the Godhead is huge. This is clearly felt by Hyun-jun, who has recently risen to the new status.

In addition, it will be no big deal since Reville, who has SSS-level middle-class armed forces, is attached as a bodyguard.

"Okay, I'll leave it to you."

Hyeon-jun finished his speech and drew out a hell yam and raised his magical powers.

-Estelle opens the red magic book. Temporarily allows the use of fire magic.

A burning red magic book unfolded in front of me.

-Exercise the power of the Red Mage of Eastel. Increases the power of fire magic by 5 times. Higher multiple chants are used.

Hyunjun's eyes turned red.

"Fire Cannon."

Hundreds of gigantic fireballs flew through the sky. The 3x and 5x reinforcements differed from each other in terms of power.

Three landing ships were hit by a fire cannon baptism and crashed in a chain explosion.

As the leading landing ships collapsed, the battleships immediately behind them poured out magical beams.

Hyeon-jun, who saw Isyria spreading his defensive magic circle, kicked the ground and soared into the sky.

After receiving Eastel's protection, he concentrated his magic on Hell Yam instead.

- Withered Miller's valiant sword is with you. The sword will not be broken unless righteous courage is broken.

As the withered Miller's protection was activated first, the Auror Blade soared from the Hell Yam Island. But Hyunjun didn't stop there.

Withered Miller's protection alone felt a bit inadequate to penetrate the battleship's thick armor and defensive magic.

-Durendal is with you. A radiant brilliance dwells in the righteous sword.

As Durendal's protection was activated, the Auror Blade of Hell Yam was strengthened.

Hyeon-jun ripped the armor of the battleship by wielding a hell yam and infiltrated the bridge. It was possible because he had become somewhat familiar with the structure of the airship while dealing with the aggression command.

"Hey, the enemy has infiltrated!"

"Stop it!"

The invaders on the bridge rushed at Hyun-jun, but they all fell down with a single blow, splattering blood. However, there was only one person who survived the sword attack.

Hyeonjun turned his head while recalling the hell yam. I saw an Invader with a spear with a black aura.

-SSS is the highest level.

Hell Yamdo said: Instead of answering, Hyunjun nodded and turned to the Invaders.

"This is Arlinkel, the great warrior of Unit 90 of the 9th Garrison Corps."

The Invaders introduced themselves and slowly narrowed the distance. His face, illuminated by the lights of the bridge, was oozing with ease.

Because Hyun-jun hasn't released the power of the Godhead yet, he seems to have thought that he was similar to him or a little below him.

Seeing that confident look, I felt like I was about to burst into laughter.

'Shall we use only the Transcendental Sword without using the power of the Godhead?'

It was a sudden thought. His force is the highest in the SSS-class if he does not use the power of the Godhead.

'Then, if you use the Transcendental Sword, how strong can you be in this state?'

thought was finished. Hyeon-jun took a half step back while aiming a hell yam toward Arlinkel, raising his magical power.

-I swear transcendence at the tip of the sword in the name of the withered miller. Now you have no limits. Withered Miller's all swordsmanship proficiency increases temporarily.

The aurora that dwelled in the hell yam raged like a storm. A blue energy erupted from his body. As if crushed by that overwhelming magical power, Arlinkel let out a short moan and stepped back.

"Wow, hey…!"

Arlinkel was greatly embarrassed by the unexpected surge of powerful magic. At best, the enemy who thought he would have the same level of power was now spraying magical energy equivalent to a nightmare-level god.

Hyunjun was surprised as well.

'I haven't even used a golden sword, but I think I'll be able to handle the magic of the divine god.'

According to the descriptions we have received so far and the information we have gathered, the power of the Godhead is normally dormant, but is awakened when something that acts as a trigger is activated.

In Hyunjun's case, it was the 'golden sword'. But now, even though he didn't take out his golden sword, he felt the power of the divine god.

'What would happen if I used Withered Miller's Transcendental Sword with the golden sword out?'

It may be possible to use an overwhelming force that cannot be compared with now. Maybe even for a brief moment, he did not know that he could reach the level of a disaster-level deity.

The realm of the Godhead is divided into nightmare level, disaster level, disaster level, apocalypse level, and the main person level.

"What did you do… … !"

There was a strong sense of embarrassment in Arlinkel's voice. It's not unusual to be embarrassed when an enemy you thought was your classmate suddenly poured out divine energy.


The overwhelming difference in power was already felt, and Arlinkel spit out swear words, but still did not lose his will.

He swung his spear to close the distance in an instant, and from above Hyeonjun's head, the power of Arlinkel, black flames, poured down.

Hyeon-jun avoided the black flames with agile movements and at the same time swung a hell yam towards the approaching Arlinkel.

The sword strike that had been calibrated by the Transcendental Sword had already had its arms and legs amputated the moment Arlinkel recognized its approach.


Arlinkel spit out a flurry of questions.

At the moment when blood spurted from his arms and legs, Hyeonjun had already finished retrieving the hell yam and was wielding the next sword attack. It was too late to avoid. You can't even use power.

The moment he opened his mouth to spit out abusive language, the hell yam was already cutting his torso.

"Cuckoo, Cuckoo!"

Instead of swearing, screams filled with pain erupted. The upper body, which lost support for the lower body, collapsed helplessly, and Hyun-Jun made a confirmed kill by inserting a hell yam into Arlinkel's neck.

The transcendental sword consumes less magical power compared to taking out a golden sword to liberate the Godhead. So Hyun-jun thought that the efficiency was good.

However, right after the battle was over, when the magical power of transcendence disappeared, I had no choice but to change my mind.

There were side effects.

"?… … ."

The whole body screamed. It wasn't unbearable, but if the battle continued, it was annoying enough to interfere with concentration.

Instead of having less magical power than when dealing with the power of the divine god, it seemed to have a structure that puts a lot of strain on the body.

It's about pain, I've met the master of pain, so I thought I'd be able to bear it, but if I enter battle in this state, I can't fight in the best condition.

That was a fatal flaw.

'If possible, I should refrain from using it.'

When I got out of the battlefield with my thoughts in mind, I saw Isyria and Revil running from afar.

"The insignia has been secured and the enemies have been wiped out. Back to Earth."

Hyunjun said looking at them.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 189


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