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Chapter 19 - Can I help you? - Part 5

-The righteous shield of Carthage protects you. As long as the great guardian is with you, nothing can threaten you.

- Withered Miller's valiant sword is with you. The sword will not be broken unless righteous courage is broken.

When the magic power was raised, two blessings appeared.

The auror became noticeably clearer because he had been practicing the magic technique for several days without a break.

"crazy! Are you an Auror user?"

The leader was astonished. He hurriedly spread the distance.

'Considering the color of the auror and the magical power it feels, I am a higher level auror user than me, a B-class hunter.'

It took 5 seconds to spread the distance, but the leader was convinced that Hyun-jun's aura level was higher than his own. He sent a hand signal to call his subordinate.

One C-class hunter joined. Apparently he was a magician hunter, and when he raised his hands, he could see a large amount of magic being concentrated.


A fireball the size of a head aimed at Hyunjun. Although it is a low-level magic, if it is orthodox, the current Hyeonjun cannot avoid a fatal wound. However.

'It doesn't have to be right.'

He raised his shield and defended it. It was the perfect defense. Most of the impact from the collision with the fireball was absorbed by the Auror Shield.

'This is not the target number!'

Hands-on experience with previous lives warned of danger. Unsurprisingly, I felt a sign behind me.

From the start, fireball is a simple trick. The real thing is a surprise attack from behind. While turning his body, he swung his sword at the same time.

As the Auror blades collided with each other, magic fragments were scattered everywhere. Hyeon-jun pushed the leader with a calm yet powerful swordsmanship.

'My, that I'm pushed this far... … !'

The leader was astonished. Even in the Bronze Tier, I thought that I had enough practical experience while working as an executive of the Eco Guild, which is famous for being dirty.

But when he faced the hunter in front of him, he realized that he was just a one-day puppy.


A fireball flew along with the starter. Hyunjun was facing the leader.

So I thought that the magic hunter would not be able to easily defend his attack magic, but that was a mistake.

It was perfect enough to spit out exclamations if it wasn't for the enemy, as he swerved to the side and gently flowed the fireball with his shield.

"Surrender. You lost."

The leader stepped back and said.

'Can't you be this quiet?'

The characteristic noise of the battlefield subsided and the stillness subsided.

He quickly scattered his gaze with an ominous heart. All of the race guild's executive hunters, including Taemin, were lying down.

The four did not move as if they had completely lost their breath. On the other hand, there are only three of the Echo Guild's executive hunters down.

'I neglected my surroundings too much.'

It was an unavoidable result. The difference in power was too great from the beginning.

"Surrender. It might save you."

the leader said sweet temptation It was the moment I opened my mouth to live.

In my mind, Carthage, the messenger, and the withered miller's faces flashed like a panorama.

For a brief moment, the fear raised its head, but soon it dispersed like smoke and a cold thought awakened.

'Can you save me? It's not a guarantee, is it?'

raised his head. The leader was in front of him. With a cold gaze, he raised his sword.

'I no longer run away.'

His gaze was unwavering, and the raised sword showed his will to fight. Seeing this, the leader shook his head with a sigh and raised his hand.

It's an attack signal.


His sixth sense warned of dangers coming from all directions.

Hyeon-jun raised his magical powers and did his best to resist, but as time passed, the wounds all over his body increased.

The blood spilled was enough to make a small puddle.

"That bastard is tired!"

"Keep attacking!"

The Echo Guild Executive Hunters did not stop attacking.


The swung sword cut the Hunter's head.


I killed 3 people with this. However, there were four B-class hunters left. there were too many


Carthage was silent.

"His Majesty!"

The sergeant did not respond.

"Warren Miller ah!"

Withered Miller's magic was not felt.

"What do you mean by that bastard?"

"I do not know. Do you think I'm crazy?"

Instead, what I heard was scorn.

"There is no one to help. I didn't choose this place for the unofficial guild battle for nothing."

At the leader's words, Hyunjun raised the corners of his mouth, wiping the blood off his face.

Carthage, the messenger, and even the withered miller did not respond, and finally, they whispered Danzig's name, but to no avail.

But I had no intention of giving up hope. There was still one left.


The moment I called that name, something dangerous that had been sleeping inside opened my eyes.

-The blood of slaughter awakened the sleeping Reaper's murderous intent. A part of deadly living is liberated.

It was the moment the voice was heard.


something was released But it wasn't magic. It was clear enough to know.


"Heh, heh heh!"

The hunters of the Eco Guild's executive branch, which were besieging Hyun-jun, stumbled as if they were in great shock. It didn't look like he was injured.

'Is it my image?'

The thought didn't last long. It's a great opportunity. He narrowed the distance towards the nearest hunter and thrust his sword.

"Cuckoo, Cuckoo!"

The B-class hunter who was crushed to live could not even resist properly and his heart was pierced by the sword.

After he collapsed on the floor, everyone barely regained his physical freedom, but Hyun-jun had already moved to the back of another hunter.

- The smell of sweet blood excites the Reaper. Awakened instincts make you a slayer specialized in slaughter, for a brief moment.

A voice was heard. And things that were normally invisible began to appear clearly. There were several red dots on the back of the Hunter in front of him.

It didn't take long for Hyun-jun to notice that the red dot was a sign of weakness.

He inserted his sword into the red dot in the center of his back.

"Uh, soon… … ! Great!"

It was a blow. He tried to move his body to respond to the presence felt behind him, but he could not avoid the sword that Hyun-jun stabbed.

The heart was pierced through the back. He collapsed helplessly, bleeding out.

'Two people left.'

Hyunjun's eyes lit up coldly. Only the leader and his subordinate, a B-class Hunter, remained. Just deal with both and you're done.

"Hey, damn it!"

The leader spit out swear words and raised his sword. Two B-class hunters were killed in an instant. It wouldn't be strange if swearing came out.

The leader attacked with his subordinates, but it was continuously blocked by Hyun-jun's shield.

'What kind of shield skill... … !'

'I can't see any gaps.'

Leaders and B-class combat hunters were astonished.

Not only did he have knowledge of shield art in his protection, but he also learned directly from Carthage, who is said to be the strongest in shield art, so it was not a defense that only two B-class hunters could break through.



With a cold voice, the stabbed sword pierced the B-class hunter's abdomen. Although he was pierced by a single blow, he displayed superhuman mental power and grabbed the sword stuck in his abdomen.


The moment he grabbed the Auror Blade, red blood splattered everywhere with terrible pain.

"manager! hurry!"

A man called the leader or team leader narrowed the distance as he swung his long sword towards Hyun-jun.

He thought that the means of attack were blocked, so he tried to attack daringly, but unfortunately, not all of Hyun-jun's means of attack were blocked.


When the shield swung in an instant hit the team leader's face, a roar like an explosion sounded.

The head was smashed with a tragic blow. He couldn't even scream and his breath stopped.

"Tee, Chief!"

He believed in the last resort and made a desperate determination, but he collapsed. Hunter's face, who was holding Hyeonjun's sword, turned white.

'It's impossible to believe that Team Leader Joo Hyung-seok was hit by a blow… … .'

Hard to believe, but it was real.

'It's definitely an A-class hunter! Without that, the team leader couldn't be beaten so easily!'

He thought that Hyun-jun was definitely an A-class hunter. In fact, although Hyun-jun was just a chick who had become a C-class hunter.

"Big, big uh… … ."

I tried to pull out the sword, but it was futile. Hyunjun didn't stay still. He drew a dagger. Then he inserted the dagger into the whimpering hunter's neck.


Hunter's body drooped along with the sound of breathing.

'Is everything organized?'

Hyeonjun's gaze quickly scanned the surroundings. Everyone was down except for him. Except for the irregular breathing, there was no movement, but there was no reassurance.

'It must be killed for sure.'

even for safety.

'You can stab me in the neck.'

The dagger soaked in blood shone faintly in the moonlight.

He couldn't have imagined it if it was him before, but he was able to come up with such a cruel plan not only because his emotions were worn out by the training in his dreams, but also because he was in a state of being permeated with their knowledge, ideology, and thoughts while using the blessings of the Goddesses and Reapers.

'Don't hesitate. Anyway, I was trying to kill me. '

His hands seemed to tremble a little, but he shook his head to shake off all the distractions and to make up his mind.

After calmly calming his mind, he cut off the breath of all the fallen Eco Guild Executive Hunters.

'This is worth using.'

He picked up a long sword that looked like a C-class from the leader's body. It seemed to be in good condition, so I plan to use it myself.

'They are all dead.'

All died. He killed them all with the dagger in his hand, but there was no guilt. He confirmed the survival of the race guild members.

If they were all dead, it might have been a little difficult to deal with, but fortunately, Taemin's breath was attached. Others did not breathe.

"Are you okay?"

"Ugh… … Fortunately, it was not fatal."

Hyun-jun groaned and supported Tae-min, who was struggling to get up. Although Taemin was in pain, he looked around to understand the situation.

"Do not worry. it's over."

"U.S… … Did you win?"

"Yeah. I took care of everything."

"Oh My God… … I had no idea it would be like this."

It was pure admiration. Taemin's last memory was that his ally, who had drawn out his weapon to face the eco-guild's executive hunters, fell in vain.

'Even if not, there would have been more than 6 people left… … .'

My memory wasn't perfect, but that's about it.

'Does that mean that he alone won against 6 or more executive hunters? … I didn't expect Kang Hyeon-jun to have this level of power... … .'

My mind was confused, but what was clear was that the link with a C-class hunter named Kang Hyeon-jun had to be further strengthened.

A strong hunter was power. Taemin was determined to do his best to become a close aide to Hyun-jun, who might be at the center of it.

"How do I do post-processing?"

"I will solve that problem. The guild has people who are in charge of this kind of work."

Taemin took out his smartphone and sent a message somewhere.

"Wait 30 minutes and it will come. In the meantime, we make sure the survivors are dealt with."

"I took care of it."

"Ah… … Thank you. Originally, it was something I had to do... … It's good to have things like this taken care of."

Hyunjun nodded at Taemin's words.

"i See."

"There is no need to feel guilty. If it was not handled clearly, Hyun-Jun Kang would have been in danger."

It wasn't wrong. It was the world of unofficial guild warfare to die if not killed.

"Now that the unofficial guild war is over, I will deposit the reward right away."

The work was done faster than expected. So it was good. Hyunjun wrote the account with a smile on his lips.

"It has been deposited. Let's check it out."


In the future, rather than a dangerous unofficial guild battle, I checked the account, vowing to earn money by attacking dungeons and participating in raids normally.

[Deposit KRW 150,000,000]

But it was too much money for that.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 19


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