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Chapter 190 - A Short Return - Part 1


Sharp pieces of ice fell from the sky like rain. Even the Auror Armor, the pride of hunters of Grade A or higher, was pierced by ice cubes. The ice cubes were sharp as if they were holding an auror.

A pillar of hot fire erupted from the ground. Tanks advancing in the lead were the target. When the thick gloves touched the pillar of fire, they melted away so easily.

"Shit! Where did these monsters suddenly come from!"

An officer of the rank of lieutenant colonel spit out swear words. He was inspecting the battlefield aboard a large command helicopter made with magic stone technology, and he saw that his battalion was taking near annihilation damage right under his feet.

"The front is retreating. We must step back too!"

The operations staff announced the desperate situation in an urgent voice.

"What about the other units?"

"The power is retreating! When the protesters are buying time, we must back down too!"

As the front line was collapsing, the demonstrators of S-class hunter Lee Seon-woo were bleeding to buy time.

The Allied Forces retreated completely, and Lee Sun-woo and the protesters also tried to complete their mission and return home.

"Did you think that you would be able to get out of here safely even if you went against the will of the aggression command?"

Only one Invader blocked their way.

"My name is Cayman, a Daejeon soldier belonging to Unit 11 under the 13th Invasion Corps and a Class 5 Invader."

Although he was alone, even Lee Sun-woo, let alone the hunters of the protesters, did not think to approach him hastily.

When the invasion began, the demonstrators grew in size, and excellent hunters came in large numbers to form a single army.

However, even now, not one of them thought to stand up to the Invaders, Cayman, in front of them.

An unexplainable fear raised its head. It was like a herbivore in front of a predator.

"Captain, what should I do?"

The protester's hunter cautiously approached Seon-woo and asked. Lee Sun-woo grew up through continuous battles and rose to the top of the S-class, and several S-class hunters came under him.

There were a few people here now, and most of them were Grade A or higher, but the problem was that they were all tired.

'If it is a level 5 invader, it is the top level of the SSS level… … .'

Seon-woo Lee's gaze toward Cayman shook. Due to the sharing of information between Hyeonjun Kang and Levian, the information of the invasion command was spread to some extent.

Therefore, Seonwoo knew just how powerful a level 5 invader was.

"Captain. Enemy troops are coming from behind. You have to make a decision quickly."

"Protesters, move forward!"

At the same time as giving the instructions, Seonwoo raised his hands and raised his magic power.


Afraid to apply the buff, the protester hunters rushed towards Cayman.

Seeing the demonstrators hunters who quickly narrowed the distance after receiving the buff from the top S-class assistant hunters, Cayman only laughed.

"Tear to death."

When five demonstrators hunters approached within 1m, Cayman activated his powers. Dozens of black blades poured out in all directions as if exploding around Cayman.



A fountain of blood spurted out, and severed limbs danced. With screams, the demonstrators' hunters collapsed helplessly.

Three of the lowest ranked S-class and two of the top-ranked A-class were hit by a blow.

'The strength of a Level 5 Invader is that much… … .'

"Hey, damn it!"

Seonwoo spit out a swear word. I've only heard about the top level of the SSS class. So I didn't know it would be like this.


pop! Whoops!

A light explosion sounded. The heads of the demonstrators hunters next to Seon-woo exploded all at once and blood was splattered.

"Spread and retreat to the line of defense! Here I am!"

"Great, Captain!"

"It can't be!"

Lee Seon-woo shouted while blowing an auror into his sword. The protesters' hunters did not want to back down, but Seon-woo did not break his resolute determination.

"Get away now! I'll follow you soon!"

In the end, the demonstrators hunters shed tears and clenched their teeth and dispersed.

Cayman's eyes looked over them. He tried to use his powers, but Seon-woo was a little faster.

"Blood Rage!"

Lee Sun-woo, who gave himself the buff of madness, flew at Cayman like a bullet. The momentum was sharp, but

"At the most, a pyramid that has not reached the SS level will try to do the same. This is a humiliation."


With a single gesture of Cayman's hand, blood poured from his body and bounced off.

"We don't have time to deal with a trivial being like you to make up for our past slump."

When he raised his hand, dozens of black spears created in the air were aimed at Sunwoo.

Cayman turned his back to Seonwoo with an expression that he was no longer worth dealing with. And in the next instant, black spears flew towards Sunwoo.

Even though he had used mineralization, his body did not move because he had been fatally wounded by Cayman's attack a while ago.

Is it over? I closed my eyes as I wanted to. However, as time passed, the expected pain was not felt.

Instead, I felt something else. Intense yet familiar magic.

'The owner of this magical magic is definitely there!'

"Go, Hyun-Jun Kang?"

When I opened my eyes, I saw a back face as if I had seen it several times. The Auror Shield, which started from his left arm, blocked all the black spears. Beside him, a man in a robe swung a bayonet.

"Ice Spear!"

Over a hundred ice spheres flew towards Cayman. Although the power was adjusted to a higher level of magic, all of them were destroyed at once with Cayman's gesture.

For a moment, not even his gaze was disturbed.

"Mr. Reville, ask the friend behind you."

"Are you an acquaintance of Kyung-Jun Kang?"

"Let's do it."

"I will keep it."

Did you get a satisfactory answer? A smile spread across Hyunjin's lips.

But for a moment, he threw a sharp gaze at Cayman and raised his magical powers. Cayman, who felt the flow of powerful magic, also took a defensive stance... … .

"It doesn't make any sense."

Hyunjun had the confidence to see through everything.

-Raikiri's light guides you to the far side. Become a single ray of light with light and pierce the enemy.

A single ray of light penetrated the jet-black shield that covered Cayman's face.

"Big, huh?"

When he raised the sword, the lance had already pierced his chest and protruded behind his back.

Soon after, lightning struck Cayman. He avoided paralysis thanks to the high-speed regeneration technique, but it was too early to be relieved.

The Butcher's Dagger was behind Cayman's head.

"Gear sword."


late. The butcher's dagger pierced Cayman's neck.

heart and neck. He suffered two critical blows. Even though super-fast regeneration is being activated, the body is slowly starting to lose its function.

"I, I am a Level 5 Invader... … . Daejeon of Unit 11... … . You can't win like this... … ."

But he did not finish his speech. This is because the hell yam that Hyeon-jun pulled out slit Cayman's head.

The body, which had lost its head, collapsed powerlessly, and Hyun-jun's eyes landed on the ground and turned to the landing ships pouring out troops.

Hyeon-jun took out about 50 black magic stones from the subspace pocket and dropped them on the floor.

"Because Black Magic Stones are enough… … ."

There were too many enemies, so I was thinking of summoning a legion.

Fortunately, thanks to the steady collection and saving of the time, the number of black magic stones stored in the subspace pocket was abundant and overflowing.

-Akhorn opens the dimensional gates with a great command. Summons the Infinite Legion.

He even opened a dimensional gate by using the power of the Black Magic Stone.

-Part of the corps and armored cavalry respond to the summons.

- Legion, part of the National Armed Assault Force responds to the summons.

- Legion, part of the firepower sniper brigade responds to the summons.

- Legion, part of the Royal Fighter Wing responds to the summons.

- The hero, the Swordsman of the shower, responds to the summons.

- Heroes and jet black knights respond to the summons.

The dimensional gate opened and the Infinite Legion responded to the summons. There were a lot of legions that responded because they used 50 or so Black Magic Stones.

The cavalry and national armed assault squads on horses armed with iron armor first crossed the dimensional gate and appeared. Soon, fighters from the Royal Fighter Wing flew across the sky. When the firepower sniper brigade using long guns joined as well, a large army of over 100,000 formed their ranks.

'There are still heroes left.'

The corps formed a formation, but the summoning was not over. Two heroes left.

The wait wasn't long. Just before the dimensional gates closed, the green cloaked Sonagi sword and the black armored jet-black knight slowly walked out.

"Retreat to the defense line of Mt. Paektu, I will take care of this place."

Hyeonjun said without taking his eyes off the airship of the 13th Invasion Corps.

There was no answer, but I could feel my presence moving away.

That's good. Although Lee Sun-woo's buff is powerful, he is exhausted from using even Blood Rage, and if he remains, it will only interfere with the battle of the Infinite Legion.

So was Syria. It wouldn't be of much help since she had consumed a significant amount of mana while taking a dimensional leap.

"Is it a direct unit? … ?"

Just before leaving to search for relics, I heard that a unit directly under the 13th Invasion Corps was moving.

'If it is a unit directly under the command, there is a high probability that it is an elite unit.'

But I wasn't afraid. Because now Hyun-jun was with the infinite army of over 100,000.

He slowly opened his mouth, aiming the hell yam at the enemy's airship.

"Swarm, forward."

When Hyeon-jun gave instructions in a cold voice, the iron-armed cavalry and the national armed assault squad came forward first. Fighters from the Royal Fighter Wing approached the battle fleet at elevated altitudes to support ground forces.


The battle began with the firing of large mortars from the firepower sniper brigade.

Hyun-jun wasn't just watching. He was a vanguard type who fought forward rather than a rear commander.

Since the Infinite Legion was with them, they did not use the power of the Godhead with a golden sword. Even with the highest level of combat power in the SSS class, he was able to drive the enemies sufficiently.

"Where did these elite troops come from all of a sudden!"

Reinkel, a member of the 13th Invasion Corps and in charge of Unit 11, lamented that his throat had burst from the bridge of the command ship.

As we were about to advance to victory and the defense line of Mt. Baekdu, a large army of over 100,000 suddenly popped out of nowhere. I couldn't help but be confused.

"It seems that a suitable person has appeared!"

"We also lose a lot of power. We must retreat!"

The lieutenants urged the retreat, but Reinkel was determined to hold on a little longer. But he soon had to make a decision.


The power of the Infinite Legion was stronger than expected. Eventually, Unit 11 began to withdraw. Hyunjun looked at him and smiled.

And as he was about to turn his body, he felt a familiar yet unfamiliar presence of magic.

- The commander of the reversal in successive victories gives enthusiastic praise.

Someone woke up after a long time.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 190


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