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Chapter 193 - The Dark Lord's Darkness - Part 1


Isyria had said that in order to leap to the next dimension, it would be necessary to recover magical power for four days.

Since he couldn't go looking for other relics anyway, Hyun-jun decided to wait at the defense line of Mt. Baekdu and watch the activities of the newly deployed Alpha Team and the superhuman reinforcement hunters.

The wait wasn't long. The day after the reinforcement hunters were deployed, there was an attack by a ground force consisting of 30,000 soldiers and a combat unit consisting of 9 battleships.

The reason was unknown, but compared to the units they had attacked so far, it was a small formation.

"in conclusion?"

This is the basement of the hotel. Hyunjun asked, bringing a mug full of hot coffee to his lips.

At that moment, Levin in a blue robe appeared from the back, where no one was, and answered.

"The Alpha Team, who engraved the enhancement technique, and the Superhuman League, a total of about 2,300 hunters, became a great force. Even in this battle, although small, the forces of the Invasion Command that were mobilized for the attack were repulsed without much damage."

Levin's voice, reporting whether the performance was in good shape, revived.

Wouldn't it be of great help in maintaining the defense line of Mt. Baekdu when the SS, the guild executive, and additionally joined subjects were mobilized to imprint the reinforcement technique and organize a separate unit of about 1,000 people?

It was a natural achievement in a way that the double troops of the Byeoldong unit joined as Ganghwa Hunters.

"I'm glad."

Hyunjun said with a relieved expression.

At this rate, it seemed that I could go to search for the 'Heaven's Darkness' with peace of mind.

And the promised 4 days have passed.

"Kang Hyun-jun. We are ready."

Isyria came to Hyeonjun with Revil. Isyria's condition seemed to be good, perhaps because she had concentrated on recovering her magic for a few days. Even her grass-colored hair, which looked frizzy, was emitting the refreshing scent of nature.

"I am also ready. Let's go right away."

"Then I will prepare for a dimensional leap."

Isyria raised her hands.

In order to use the high-level magic called dimensional leap, a huge amount of magical power was collected.

Eventually, it split in the air, creating a small dimensional gateway.

"I connected the dimensions to the target coordinates. You can jump right now."

Isyria said, wiping away big drops of sweat.

Hyun-jun nodded and first walked into the open dimensional rift.

His vision was dyed black like the last time, but this time he was not embarrassed. Soon, a faint light leaked out, and Hyun-jun followed the light.

The light grew stronger, and when the darkness finally lifted, it was a completely new space.

"Is it night?"

The sky was dark. Not even that common star was visible. It was so full of darkness that I couldn't see even an inch ahead if it wasn't for my eyes that were accustomed to the darkness thanks to God's protection. The whole area was pitch black so that I was curious about the source of the light that had flowed in through the crack.

"It's not night. It is daytime."

'What is this sound?'

Hyeonjun frowned at Isyria's words that followed him and turned his head in the direction where she was.

"Is it so dark?"

"It's daytime, Hyun-Jun Kang. The Deadlock Dimension is famous for its assassins. After losing and taking over their most powerful assassin, the Hassinian, a small group of people destroyed the sun and darkened the dimension to resist."

It was Revil who received Hyun-jun's question.

"For the sake of resistance, the sun was destroyed… … ."

The scale is large for an assassin.

"So, where is the 'Darkness of the Goddess'?"

"Compared to the Reveals dimension, the difficulty will be higher, since it is kept by the garrison command."

"Commander… … . It's a little difficult."

In the case of 'Withered Miller's Badge', although there were troops stationed underground, they did not store relics. So it was easy to penetrate, and it was relatively easy to retrieve the artifacts.

'But it's a different story if it's kept by the garrison command.'

They also know the value of 'God's Darkness', so they must be keeping it. If that is the case, there is a high probability that the cost will be attached.

'If you know the value of the relics properly, there is no reason to put ordinary expenses on them.'

Invaders of level 6 or higher, who are at least at the top of the SSS level, must have been attached as guardians to a warrior or a person in a similar position.

"How far do we have to go from here?"

"You are magically determining the coordinates of your current location."

Reville replied.

'It means to wait for a moment.'

Hyunjun waited without a word. Did 10 minutes pass? With a short sigh, Revil raised her head.

"I am lucky this time. The place where 'The Darkness of the Goddess' is kept is near here."

"I think the consul of Syria is tired too. Shall we take a break and go?"

Although she focused on recovering her magic for a few days, the successive dimensional leaps were a forced march for her.

Hyunjun suggested it because he was still quite tired, but Reville shook his head.

"Unlike the Reveals dimension, the location cannot be specified, so we used magic. Our position should have been revealed a bit. It would be better to move quickly."

At Reville's words, Hyun-jun sighed deeply, but decided to move on smoothly because there was no pursuer right away.

"Are you using a high-speed flying boat?"

"This is close to the garrison command. The air defense system will be strong, so you will have to move on foot."

These people are far beyond the limits of the human body. Although it is said to be walking, in a short amount of time, it was enough to move quickly at the sprint level of a sports car.

"good. Then, will you guide me to the garrison command?"

Hyunjun said. He started running behind Revil and Isyria, who were leading the way. How long has it been since they sprinted?

Watching Reville slowly start to slow down, Hyun-jun could recognize that he had entered the vicinity of the garrison command post.

"We are almost there."

A fighter squadron passed overhead as Reville slowed further and opened a cloak for three men to hide.

Hyunjun swallowed dry saliva as he was flying low as if he was looking for something.

It's not difficult to deal with a few fighters, but the enemies that come with it were a problem.

If you draw too much attention, it becomes annoying. Since it is necessary to secure relics safely, it is necessary to avoid making noise.

'Didn't you notice… … ?'

Hyunjoon was relieved. Revil's hiding curtain was lower than the darkness drawn out by the sergeant's protection, but it seems that it was not detectable by the Soldier fighter's magic radar.

"Isn't it better to go up the hill?"

"I think so too, magistrate."

Isyria and Revil discussed reconnaissance positions. Eventually, Revil turned his head and turned his gaze to Hyun-jun.

"I will go to the highlands."

The garrison command was at the bottom of the cliff. It seemed that he had chosen the bottom of the cliff to hide his location. There may be other reasons, but that's what Hyunjun thought.

However, it was rather a cliff, so if you went to the highlands, you could see the inside.

Instead of answering Reville's words, Hyunjun nodded and followed the two of them.

"I think this would be a good fit."

When we reached the high ground, Reville said. In order to conserve magic power, Syria sat down on a large rock, and Hyun-jun went and stood next to Revil.

The entire garrison command line could be seen at the bottom of the cliff.

The cliff was quite high, but in the eyes of the SSS-class hunter who threw off the limits of his body, he could even see the soldiers on patrol.

"Do you know exactly where 'The Darkness of Goddess' is?"

Hyunjun asked. If you know the exact location, the infiltration operation becomes easier. However, instead of the answer Hyun-jun wanted, Revil only shook his head with a short sigh.

"Then I will have to infiltrate and find it."

"Can you see the barriers surrounding the command center?"

Reville pointed to the command line with the tip of his finger. As I listened to him, I could see a faint but transparent film.

Hyeonjun wasn't very good at magic, but he knew how to use it, so he could see that the transparent membrane was a barrier that prevented the magic inside from leaking out.

The unique energy of the 'Heaven's Darkness' sleeping somewhere in the command center was also trapped in that barrier and could not come out. If this happens, you have no choice but to infiltrate the barrier and find it.

"Are you missing any information?"

"Yes, sorry."

"It's not a matter for Mr. Reville to apologize."

Hyunjun replied coolly.

"This time I am going alone."

"Are you planning to infiltrate alone?"

"Eh, I think that would be good."

Anyway, Revil and Isyria don't know any more information than the fact that the 'The Dark Lord' is within the garrison command. In such a situation, taking the two of them would not be of much help. On the contrary, in the case of Syria, it can be a burden because you have to leave some magical power to return to.

Unlike the Veil of Stealth, the Guardian's Protection provides Stealth to only one person. It was also the reason it was difficult to accompany Revil and Isyria.

I looked at it a little while ago, and there is a high probability of being caught by the command's Invaders in the veil of stealth used by Revil.

"You want to go right away?"

Reville asked as he looked at Hyunjun's back as he headed towards the edge of the cliff. Instead of answering, Hyunjun nodded his head slightly and threw himself down the cliff using the deceleration technique.

He landed over the command's barrier.

- His insidious footsteps lead you into complete darkness. Even in the bright light, you become a shadow.

Hyunjun's body melted into the darkness. As the blessing was activated, I could feel a large amount of magical energy draining away.

Hyeon-jun had to cross the barrier with his bare body because the moment he used other magical powers, his hiding was released. He had no choice but to climb over the wall because he couldn't generate any magical power.

As I penetrated into the wall, I could feel the magic of my previous life flowing from somewhere. The energy of the 'Heaven's Darkness' was clear.

'I think I'll know when I get a little closer... … .'

I could feel the magic, but it wasn't enough to confirm the exact location. I felt like I had to go closer.

Hyunjun bit his lip slightly and moved his steps towards the depths of the command board.

The deeper he penetrated the command center, the stronger the energy of the 'Heaven's Darkness'.

- I feel strong magic. There are three Invaders of at least SSS level or higher in the vicinity.

When I stopped at what appeared to be a restricted area, Hellyamdo said.

Hyeon-jun thought there must be a passage down to the basement somewhere.

Because the Invasion Command liked to build something underground.

- Master, there's something strange about them.

As I was looking around, a Hell Yamdo spoke to me.

-4 o'clock position.

When I turned my head, I saw two Invaders heading somewhere there.

- I think it would be better to follow.

Hyeonjun nodded his head in agreement at Hell Yamdo's words and followed the two invaders. And after a while, I could see the two of them opening the passage down to the basement.


A smile spread across Hyunjin's lips.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 193


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