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Chapter 195 - The Dark Lord's Darkness - Part 3


When Hyeon-jun woke up, it was a space connected with countless previous lives, the hall of previous lives. When I turned my head, I saw a wall with dozens or hundreds of doors attached to it.

The doors on the wall were all different shapes. At this sight, which he is now accustomed to, Hyun-jun moved his gaze to the front with a smirk.

[Shadows behind.]

A faint smile spread across Hyun-jun's lips as he looked at the wooden door that was the same color as jet-black. He took a step forward and grabbed the doorknob.

He opened the door slowly, hiding his light tension and excitement, and a deep darkness fell before his eyes.

But that was also for a while. As soon as I crossed the threshold, a dim light came on, and as I followed it, I was able to meet the assassin in noble robes, the sergeant again.

"It's been a while, sergeant."

Hyunjun greeted him first, and then the sergeant took a step closer under the dim light. As the darkness receded, his pale face revealed a sign of fatigue.

"Before we exchange greetings for the reunion, I would like to applaud you first."

The sergeant raised both hands and clapped them. The applause did not last long, but the meaning was conveyed sufficiently. He truly admired it. Even when he was half-sealed by the tuner, he thought he would never see Kang Hyeon-jun again.

Although it is said to be a semi-permanent confinement, it is because the time is never short. He did not know that the liberation would be accelerated by Hyeon-jun's discovery of his relics.

"I'll find the darkness I left behind, I didn't expect this."

Fatigue appeared on his face, but his voice was full of vitality, not like an assassin. It seemed like it was immediately after being released from confinement.

"Now that you have obtained 'The Darkness of the Goddess', you have met the minimum conditions to learn that skill."

"That skill?"

In response to Hyun-jun's question, Hasasin smiled and nodded his head.

"A sword that specializes in assassination, a sword that kills in one blow. We will pass it on to you today."

And a deep darkness spread before my eyes.

* * *

The 13th Invasion Corps of the Invasion Command deployed units alternately and attacked in order not to give the Allied forces on the Paektu Mountain defensive line time to rest.

It was a method in which one unit attacked and reorganized while the other unit carried out the second attack.

In the process of unstable dimension leap, the 13th Invasion Corps lost more than 80% of its combat troops and supplies, so it was unable to carry out tactics due to the unique characteristics of the Invasion Command, and it took a long time to maintain the damaged equipment.

"Why is Unit 32 not coming back?"

"I think it's time to return… … ."

When Unit 32, which had set out to attack the defense line of Mt. Baekdu, did not return after a long time, the Invaders of Unit 11, who were waiting in the front, were agitated.

The commander in charge of Unit 11, Reinkel, did the same. After the battle was over, I was even more anxious because the communication wasn't connected the last time I heard that they were retreating.

While in battle, communication may be unstable due to the interruption technique, but it was rare to be unable to communicate while moving.

"Did you get a surprise?"

It was the most likely case. If the enemy had carried out a sabotage technique while ambushing Unit 32, which was retreating to the Korean Peninsula attack command, it was not strange that contact with them was lost now.

"Shall we send a recon force?"

Behind the agonizing Reinkel, his lieutenant cautiously approached and suggested. Reinkel nodded slowly and opened her mouth.

"Did you receive the route of Unit 32?"

"When the order to retreat was issued after the battle, it was delivered in case of emergency."

"Send extensive reconnaissance of high-speed boat units and fighter squadrons along the route, and disseminate standby orders to units."

"Yes, I understand. Responsible Commander."

The lieutenant bowed his head and left. After a while, high-speed boats and fighter jets took off from the garrison, and the commander's orders were spread throughout Unit 11 and the troops entered a standby state.

"We found the remains of the command ship of Unit 32 and the airship. We'll have to do a detailed analysis to find out, but it's presumed that he was shot down after being attacked by an enemy."

The officer in charge of the reconnaissance mission hurriedly walked into the bridge and said:

Reinkel, who had been staring at the tactical map of Mt. Baekdu for over 10 minutes, lifted her head with a brief sigh.

I had sent a reconnaissance unit just in case, but I did not know that they would come and report with such a desperate content that they found the wreckage of the command ship.

"Given the location of the crash and the size of the wreckage, it seems that the entire unit 32, which attacked the defense line of Mt. Baekdu, suffered."

Perhaps unaware of Reinkel's complicated mind, the officer of the reconnaissance unit did not stop. As his report continued, the head commander, Reinkel, bit his lip with a serious expression.

"Did you say that even a rat bites a cat when it is cornered? … ?"

Although it lost 80% of its power due to an unstable dimensional leap, the 13th Invasion Corps still had the upper hand, so it was pushing the defense line of Mt. Baekdu like a storm.

Due to the strong attack of the 13th Invasion Corps, the Allied Forces stationed at Mt. Paektu had only focused on defense and could not attempt a proper counterattack.

Of course, it wasn't that they didn't try at all, but there was no achievement at the level of annihilating the troops as it is today.

"The damage is serious for a rat bite."

Although not intact, one invasion force has evaporated. This was by no means a small damage.

Reinkel wondered where the power to annihilate Unit 32 had come from the Allied Forces, which had been focused on defense only, but there was no answer.

"Responsible Commander. What are you going to do?"

the lieutenant asked. Reinkel opened her mouth with a calm expression.

"I go out."

"Are you okay?"

"Anyway, we planned to attack the defense line of Mt. Baekdu in two days, and there is also an order from the commander of the 13th Invasion Corps. It's a bit early, but the upper-level units didn't expect that Unit 32 suffered, so this change will be understandable."

"I will preach immediately."

The order to leave was issued. The troops of Unit 11, who were on standby, moved quickly. The airship took off from the garrison.

"Navigating at high speed to the defense line of Mt.

At Reinkel's command, the airship accelerated toward the defense line of Mt. Baekdu.

"Send a scout."


Reinkel was not vigilant. He thought that the Allied Forces unit that had attacked Unit 32 might remain nearby and spy on the opportunity, so he operated a reconnaissance unit.

Not long after the reconnaissance team started operating, the 8th High Speed ??Boat Unit caught a suspicious magic wave and delivered it to the command line.

"The signs of the cloak are obvious."

Reported by the officer who had finished analyzing the data transmitted by the 8th High Speed ??Boat Unit. A fairly high-level stealth curtain was used for the superhuman blind, but due to extensive use, some traces were left behind.

"What should I do?"

the lieutenant asked.

"We also send out assassination troops."

"Are you planning to attack the rear of the enemy surprise forces?"

"Yes, I mobilize all the assassination units on Landing Ship 11. When the enemies attacked from behind are in chaos, they attack again to take advantage."

The plan was perfect. Neither of the bridge's lieutenants nor staff officers objected, but Reinkel felt an unexplained sense of unease.

"Five assault boats carrying assassination units were ejected from Landing Ship 11."

Reinkel stopped worrying and thinking for a moment at the adjutant's powerful voice. A battle will break out soon, so we need to focus now.

"The Assault Craft's stealth enchantment worked successfully."

Another officer reported on behalf of the lieutenant. Five assault boats disappeared from the sky. The officers of the bridge thought that the Allied forces' magic skills would not be able to recognize the stealth techniques of the assault boat and the assassination force, but that was a mistake.

Because Levin was watching everything.

It was originally planned from the fact that the superhuman raid squad left traces of the hideout curtain.

From the beginning, Unit 11 was playing on Levian's palm.

"The time has come."

At Levien's words, the superhuman hunter nodded and brought the radio to his lips. After communicating with someone, he took a step closer to Levin and opened his mouth.

"Prince Kang Hyeon-jun said that he would move directly with the SS."

"Our turn will not come."

Speaking in a calm voice, Levin shifted his gaze to the sky. I could see a small explosion taking place far enough to be called the end of the sky.

"It seems to have begun."

The super-blind Hunter said. Instead of answering, Levin quietly nodded.

* * *

How long has it been since you ejected five assault craft carrying assassins and confirmed that their stealth craft worked?

The explosion sound, which signaled the start of the battle, did not come from the expected place, but from the center of the airship.


"What's going on!"

"Explosion on Battleship 4!"

The lieutenant was the first to respond. He hurried to the bridge to assess the situation, and the observation officer roared loudly.

"Report the damage."

Reinkel ordered in a calm voice. A communications officer sent a call to Battleship 4, but no reply was received.

"It seems that the bridge has exploded."

The observation officer reported.

"Did you get hit?"

"Could not confirm."

"Turn up the magic radar to max and put the defenders around the bridge."


The bridge began to move busily. Reinkel gave the order and turned his head to the left with a stiff face. Through the transparent wall of the bridge, battleship #4 was seen crashing with a chain explosion.

'That's an explosion from within. Someone must have attacked the bridge and the engine room from within.'

A sharp sixth sense, created through years of combat experience, was warning him to run away from here right now, but Reinkel firmly defended the control group as the chief commander in charge.


"I think the hull just shook a little?"

It was a slight shaking. The lieutenant frowned and moved towards the magic radar. Reinkel also turned his head to the Invaders who were in charge of the navigation on the ship.

"Are there any intruders?"

"There is no magical reaction on board."

Invaders shook his head. But Reinkel couldn't shake the anxiety. And that anxiety soon became a reality.


With the explosion, the bridge door flew away.

"Everyone in battle posture!"

The Invaders drew their weapons. Before they were good crew and officers, they were vicious and highly combative invaders.

"Maximum Magical Search!"


Searching magic, let alone the naked eye could not find the enemy. There was nothing there where the dust had settled.




Death has begun.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 195


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