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Chapter 196 - The Dark Lord's Darkness - Part 4




Sharp screams erupted from everywhere. The Invaders could not even properly resist and fell.

The attack was invisible. It was clear that the Invaders with a force close to the SS class were using their magic power to the point where they were helplessly defeated, but they couldn't read it.

"The enemy appears to be in full stealth!"


Invaders on the bridge died one by one in the chaos. Being able to use magic while in complete stealth was a huge advantage. I was able to slaughter the Invaders using the sword of one-hit instant death without breaking a single sign.

Even with the power of the divine god, the complete hiding could not be solved thanks to the 'God of God's Darkness'. However, compared to before taking out the golden sword, the magic consumption was twice as severe.

"Uh, where… … Cuckoo!"

The head of the lieutenant guarding the side disappeared. Reinkel clenched her teeth as she watched the lieutenant's body collapse helplessly. No matter how much I raised the presence detection, I couldn't see it at all, and I couldn't feel the magic, so I had no choice but to be helpless.

Hyeonjun watched their reactions and calmly dealt with them one by one with the sword of instant death.

"Assemble! If you stay open, everyone will die!"

Reinkel shouted, but there were only five Invaders who responded to the instructions and gathered around.

'There were over 30 invaders on the bridge alone… … .'

They've all been beaten, and now there are only five left. Reinkel felt a fear of the invisible unknown.


"Concentrate firepower!"

One of the Invaders, who had gathered and equipped with a dustproof, fell down, bleeding.

This time, although no presence was felt, Reinkel roughly guessed the location of Hyeon-jun and concentrated the firepower of magic and power.

The jet-black spears, blades, and flames ravaged half of the bridge.

"Hey, did you finish it?"

Someone said in an anxious voice. The firepower was concentrated to the extent that half of the bridges covered with defensive techniques were damaged.

'I wonder if he's still alive?'

He hoped the enemy would be out of breath, but his instincts warned that danger still loomed.

Unsurprisingly, Hyun-jun was only 3 meters away from them, and he was watching everything with a cold smile on his face.

Although powerful power was concentrated on Hyeon-jun, it was not a great threat to him who could use the Carthaginian shield.


The massacre began again. All the Invaders who were keeping the dustproof together fell down.

Now, the only thing left on the bridge was Reinkel, a Class 5 Invader, who possessed the highest level of force in the SSS class.

"Come out."

"Do you think things will be different when full stealth is released?"

At Reinkel's words, Hyun-jun completely released his hiding and appeared. It was also to save mana, but it was more of an expression of confidence.

"Damn it, you're a god… … ."

Reinkel, who sensed the power of the divine god sleeping inside Hyun-jun, spit out a small swear word. Even if it is a nightmare level, the divine person is high.

There is a huge wall that cannot be crossed by the highest level of the SSS class. Even before he could fight properly, Reinkel felt despair.

Thinking that it would be worth trying without complete hiding, he suddenly became ridiculous.

In hindsight, it was arrogance.

"Can you feel the difference now?"

Hyunjun sighed coldly. Reinkel sighed deeply. Defeat was decided, but he is the Invaders of the Invasion Command. You can't step away from the right person in front of you.

'It's over in no time.'

Hyun-jun pulled out a golden sword. At the same time, he raised his magic and called for protection.

-Raikiri's light guides you to the far side. Become a single ray of light with light and pierce the enemy.

Hyeon-jun riding on the Horse of Light became a ray of light. Reinkel hastily used her powers to summon a jet-black shield, but before the black energy could even take the shape of the shield, a clear beam of light penetrated his heart.

"Big, huh?"

Hyun-jun saw Reinkel's face flush with embarrassment. Although there was a high wall between the top of the SSS-class and the Nightmare-class Godhead, he did not seem to have expected that he would be defeated in such vain.

"Hey, this is divine… … ."

"Gear sword."

Invaders above a certain level have the annoying characteristic of super-fast regeneration, so you can't be vigilant. Hyun-jun moved the butcher's dagger with the magic of the Igear sword. The tip of the butcher's dagger that rose upwards aimed at Reinkel's forehead.


Before he could generate magic, the butcher's dagger was stuck in his forehead.

* * *

"We have confirmed the annihilation of the Invasion Command forces. Looking at the emblems engraved on the flag and command line, it appears to be Unit 11 under the 13th Invasion Corps."

Levin reported. Behind him were the remains of the 11th Air Fleet scattered around. Hyunjun nodded slowly and turned his head toward the superhuman hunters in front of him.

They were excited that they gave a shot to the aggression command that destroyed the country.

"Kang Hyeon-jun! Let's drive this momentum and head north!"

"We will give our lives to help!"

The superhuman hunters raised their voices, unable to hide their excitement. But Hyunjun shook his head.

He also desperately wanted to go north. However, it consumed too much mana to annihilate Unit 11.

Although Unit 11 lost most of its power in the process of dimensional leaping, and battle fatigue was accumulated due to continuous battle with the defense line of Mt. Baekdu, the number was close to 100,000.

To deal with them, the power of the Godhead was required, and Hyeonjun was consumed in a battle in complete stealth for a surprise attack.

"Levian, please explain."

"Yes, leave it to me."

Hyeon-jun, who was cumbersome to explain the situation to the superhuman hunters, appointed Levian as his agent.

While Levian, who stepped forward with a short sigh, explained the situation to the superhuman hunters, Hyun-jun used communication techniques to request a transport helicopter to the defense line of Mt. Baekdu.

and how long has it been A squadron of transport helicopters to take Hyeonjun, Leviang, and 2,000 superhuman hunters to the defense line of Mt. Baekdu appeared at the edge of the sky.


"Are you finished with the persuasion?"

If persuasion didn't work, he was going to use the brainwashing technique, but Levian said that the superhuman hunters had agreed to step down on condition.


"It doesn't matter. They asked me to be at the forefront when I went north."

It's not that difficult. After all, if a battle occurred, they needed troops to stand in the forefront, and the superhuman hunters who had completed the engraving of the enhancement technique were strong enough to fight on the most dangerous front lines.

"Chairman Hyun-Jun Kang! Hurry up and get on the helicopter!"

While we were having a short conversation with Levin, the crew rushed out of the transport helicopter that had landed in front of us and urged us to board.

Hearing his urgent voice, it was guessed that something had happened to the defense line of Mt. Baekdu.

The transport helicopter with Hyun-jun and Levin on board departed first.

It didn't take long to reach the defense line of Mt. Baekdu. As soon as it landed, a man in thick plate armor ran toward him as he got out of the helicopter.

It was a British SS-class hunter, Duke. Seeing the expression on his face hardened, it was clear that something had happened.

Judging from the fact that he came all the way here, it seems that the problem was not with the defense of Mt. Baekdu, but with the European front.

"Is the European front broken?"

Hyun-jun said the worst number he could think of first.

At his question, Duke shook his head slowly. It was fortunate, but it wasn't a huge relief.

It was because the mood of the Duke and the guards hunters guarding him was not really good.

"It hasn't collapsed yet."

"You seem to be saying that it might collapse soon."

"I think the chairman is getting it right. Yes, things are bad on the European front."

Duke paused the conversation for a moment and moved on. Hyunjun and Levian naturally followed him.

After confirming that the two had followed, Duke headed towards the second command and control room, opening his mouth to continue the interrupted conversation.

"The Allied forces are wasting their troops seriously. The European front is so weak that it would not be strange if it collapsed immediately."

At Duke's words, Hyunjun frowned. Something was strange. The situation improved significantly when the Hunters of the Superhuman League and Alpha Team joined the defense line at Mt. Baekdu after receiving the strengthening technique.

Although the European front is built in a wider area than the defense line of Mt. Paektu, there are not a few British Guard Hunters who have received the strengthening technique.

"Is it true that the Guards Hunters who engraved the fortification technique joined the front line?"

reasonable doubt. Unsurprisingly, Duke did not open his mouth easily. Hyeonjun raised his voice towards Duke, who showed such an image.

"Sir Duke! Speak straight."

"Actually, all of the Hunter troops of the British Guard are deployed to defend the mainland."

"If there is a European front, is there any reason to defend the mainland? It's hard for me to understand."

His voice was calm, but Hyunjun's gaze was cold and sharp. Duke, who felt it, felt a cold sweat running down his back.

"Sorry, Sir Drake has repeatedly requested that the British Guard be deployed on the European front, but your Excellency has not refused. So did the public opinion."

'What nonsense is this?'

"It would not have been that I supported the enhancement technique."

"Sorry, I'm sorry."

Duke hurriedly bowed his head and apologized as he blew out a sullen smirk. His voice was trembling thinly as he received the sudden sharp death.

"If you keep going that way, you might be able to recover the enhancement technique."

Hyeon-jun, who had knowledge of Gildre's magic, knew that it was impossible, but he lied to scare Duke.

Unsurprisingly, upon hearing those words, Duke's complexion turned pale. If the enhancement technique is retrieved now, only despair remains on the European front. That had to be stopped.

"I will ask the Prime Minister again and again."

"Deploy the British Guard on the European front within a week."

"I will contact Sir Drake immediately."

"good. Go."

When Hyun-jun nodded slowly with a serious face, Duke asked for his permission to contact Drake and hurriedly left.

"We go to the consul of Syria."

"Yes, I understand."

Now is the time to stay at home. Hyun-jun moved to the area where the aliens were staying.

The high-ranking knights guarding the dormitory recognized the faces of Hyun-jun and Levin and retreated to the side. And Leville, who was waiting at the post, ran out.

"Where is the consul of Syria?"

"I will guide you."

Isyria was on the roof of the hostel building. Hyunjun slowly approached her and opened his mouth.

"When will the next dimensional leap be possible?"

"It will be difficult for a while. There are a lot of people in the magic furnace, so we need to rest for a while."

Thinking it would be good to sell it inside, Hyun-jun bit his lip slightly.

If this is the case, the Superhuman League has no choice but to advance north as desired.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 196


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