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Chapter 198 - Science Troops - Part 2


As the vanguard of Unit 39 collapsed miserably, all obstacles blocking the front of the raid commanded by Hyun-jun disappeared.

The advance north was not expected, so to buy time for the garrisoned units to respond, the vanguard, which had been prepared, was sent first, but I did not know that it would make way so easily.

The commanders in charge of Units 39 and 41 had no choice but to panic.

"How prepared is the military's defensive posture?"

"About 70%."

The lieutenant answered with a trembling voice to the question of the commander in charge of Unit 41.

A 70% defensive posture was not enough to make it impossible to fight, but it was clear from the point of view of the commander in charge of the unit that it was an unsatisfactory result.

That's because, if it was normal, the defensive posture should have exceeded 90% by now.

Units 39 and 41 were idle because the Allied Forces on the Paektu Mountain Defense Line had not launched a proper counterattack. So, the defensive posture had to be slower than usual.

"Hurry up, the enemies are coming soon!"

The rank 6 Invaders, who took command of the front, urged the Invaders and Soldiers under his command.

Live ammunition was provided to the forward artillery, and the Soldiers armed with magical cold weapons rushed forward.

Shortly thereafter, the Allied ground forces appeared, raising dust.

Hyeonjun and the SS were at their vanguard.

"Start shelling!"

Commander Invader's voice resounded. At his signal, each turret and battery fired shells at the Allied Forces.

But it was different from the past when they were helpless. The Allied Forces' Enhanced Magical Hunters unleashed magical powers and deployed defensive magic.

Not long ago, the shells of the invading army pierced the defense magic of the Allied Hunters, but not now.

Although a few were pierced by the continuous bombardment, it was confirmed that the defense magic was noticeably stronger compared to the previous one.

The Superhuman Blindness and the reinforcement hunters of the Alpha Team also recognized this, and the respect and awe of Hyun-jun who discovered this technique deepened.

"Supply ammunition! Hurry! We must stop them as much as we can from their advance!"

The supplies were busy moving. Ammunition was constantly being supplied, and the turret and gun barrels of the turrets overheated, emitting heat.

"Supplies! Hurry! We have to buy time!"

The defensive postures of Units 39 and 41 were not perfect. In the front, where preparations were completed first, the enemy had to be defeated and the speed of the advance slowed down.

But Hyun-jun, who was at the forefront, couldn't stand it and watch it.

"Are you planning to go on your own?"

At Taemin's question, Hyunjun nodded and opened his mouth.

"The firepower of the enemy artillery is stronger than expected, so we have to subdue it."

"I will be with you."

"The deputy guild chief asks you to lead this place. Do you know what I trust?"

Taemin, who has an S-level force, is not very helpful in battles with the Invaders. Hyeon-Jun was planning to penetrate deep and shake up the enemy base, so a battle with a large number of Invaders is inevitable.

"Yes, I understand… … ."

I thought it would be more efficient to take command from the rear. We talked as gently as possible, but Taemin's voice, as he nodded his head to answer, was not strong, perhaps because the fact that he couldn't be with Hyunjun came as a shock.

Although he answered tacitly, deep down, he decided that he had to go to Levian and get a proper fortification technique imprinted on him.

In the early days of the enhancement procedure, the main executives of the guild were excluded from the engraving because there were concerns about side effects.

Even after the side effects were resolved, the engraving was carried out with priority on the SS, the executive, and the superhuman and alpha team hunters, so in most cases the guild executives did not properly engraving the enhancement technique.

Hyun-jun didn't know, but this made some executives feel alienated.

And it was the same for Taemin. His loyalty was the same, but he couldn't help but feel a little sad.

'I want to be with the guild leader again.'

A strong desire blossomed. Even the fear of the unfamiliar reinforcement technique was buried and diluted by that earnest wish.

"Oh, come!"

"Forward to the Special Forces!"

Unlike the general unit, which is composed of a mixture of Invaders and Soldiers, the Special Forces composed of only Invaders were deployed forward.

"Stop it!"

"Front artillery, step back! Throw away the turrets and turrets!"

The invaders' formation was tense, and the Invaders and Soldiers were busy.

However, before they could empty the sack, Hyun-jun first drew a golden sword and freed the power of the Godhead.

As he swung his golden sword, a shining sword fell from the sky like rain.



"Sa, live… … ."

The 50 Invaders belonging to the Special Forces all fell to the ground, dripping blood with swords of light stuck all over their bodies.

Thousands of forward artillery units were also wiped out.

It consumed a large amount of mana at once, but it was a satisfactory result.

"Ground forces, advance at full speed. The air force covers the advance of the ground forces."

Hyun-jun captured the power of the divine god in the air. Then he brought the walkie-talkie to his lips and continued conducting.

Because it was the sky, I could see the battlefield under my feet, so it was easy to command the army.

The Allies advanced by stepping on the corpses of the enemy front artillery and special forces. Hyeon-jun was active, but unfortunately, the defensive posture of Units 39 and 41 was completed a little sooner. They stood firm in squares, waiting for the Allies.

The Air Force attempted an air strike, but failed to penetrate the air defense system and lost only the fighters.

"Assistant Guild Leader, advance the Superhuman and Alpha Team."

The time has come for the two groups, who are dreaming of bloody revenge, to be active in earnest.

-Yes, I understand.

The voice of the assistant guild leader, Kim Tae-min, came out from the walkie-talkie. Changes took place in the Allied camp.

The armored units fighting at the forefront retreated and the reinforced hunters stepped forward. The void created by their replacement was covered by artillery and air force.

Under the cover of artillery and air force, the Ganghwa Hunters, who dug deep into the camp of the invaders, spread their magic and played an active part.



It was a close encounter. Although the Ganghwa Hunters were active, the resistance of the invaders was not formidable. A scream of pain erupted from here and there, and blood gushed out like a fountain.

Hyeonjun interrupted the command and intervened by drawing out his golden sword again.

Every time he wielded his golden sword, the invaders fell, bleeding. But the enemies kept coming.

As the battle was intensifying, the situation of the Allied Forces got even worse as Unit 6 arrived.

As Unit 6 joined, the invaders began a fierce counterattack.

Enhanced hunters withstood the enemy's attacks, but normal hunters fell without a hitch.

- Chairman! Please, give the order to retreat!

"I will approve. Step back."

- Go, thank you!

When half of the 2,000 general hunters in the raid were killed, the commander asked Hyeon-jun to order a retreat.

The place where the general hunters were encamped was being pushed back sharply.

If left as it is, he thought that being surrounded and annihilated would be the set procedure, so Hyun-jun ordered them to retreat and sent some of the Ganghwa Hunters to fill their positions.

- The resistance of enemies is stronger than expected.

Kim Tae-min's voice came out from the walkie-talkie worn on his shoulder. Hyun-jun, who was standing at the vanguard and facing the enemy's elite troops, frowned.

Since it was on the ground and engaged with enemies, there was no time to look around.

Although it is said that they are using the power of the divine god, it was difficult to grasp the situation and give proper command because the enemy's special forces and the Invaders were throwing themselves nonstop to buy time, and the three great warriors saw the opportunity and launched deadly attacks.

- The Air Force has been neutralized! We also lost over 90% of our attack helicopter squadrons!

- Artillery is under attack! No resistance!

- The infantry is on a rout!

Disappointing reports followed.

'I have no choice but to use my name here.'

Hyunjun's eyes gleamed coldly. When the magic power was raised, the protection of the previous life responded.

-At the desperate request, the absolute will of Deus intervenes in fate. Temporarily block the vision of all enemies within a 50m radius for 1 second.

A lot, a lot of mana was drained.

1 second is not a long time. But it's enough time to hit the throats of the five annoying Invaders and back off.



The Invaders, whose sight was suddenly blocked, had to scream in terrifying pain without any time to panic. Five Invaders grabbed their necks and fell. Red blood gushed out. With them falling helplessly, Hyun-jun quickly retreated.

"Kang Hyun-Jun Ball!"

"We will cover you!"

The superhuman reinforcement hunters stepped forward. Their number is nine. It wasn't enough to deal with the three great warriors, but it will give you enough time to use your protection.

When the magic power was raised, the previous life reacted.

-The army marches in line with Elvin's orders. As long as they are together, they will not stop, nor will they run away.

The call has been activated. The battlefield has entered the realm of Elvin's protection. The fledgling infantry united again. The artillery being attacked even used pistols and submachine guns, burning their will to fight.

The general hunters who were retreating also moved forward again.

"Hey, all of a sudden these guys… … !"

Even if he kills the commander, he runs again. Even if half of the company is down, the rest will fight. Even if he loses his arms and legs, he runs with a bomb in his mouth.

There is really no feast for the zealots.

"I hope it will be like this… … ."

This was a terrible protection that went beyond the standard of routing and made the entire army into a group of zealots.

Hyeon-jun smiled coldly as he watched the Allied Forces literally dedicating their lives to fight like crazy.

That was the moment.

-Gestein and the will of salvation are together. In the name of salvation, cruel means will be tolerated.

-The current liberation degree according to the synchronization rate is 2 stages. He used brutal black magic against tens of thousands of armies, but there will be no condemnation in the name of salvation.

Gestein's blessing was activated. It seems that Elvin's protection was black magic. His appearance was like that of a commander of an unstoppable army, but in reality, he seems to be a bit of a sly person.

While Hyun-jun sighed and shook his head, the Allied Forces were driving away the invading forces consisting of Units 39, 41, and 6.

However, the strangely fierce resistance made Hyeon-jun suspicious that something was hidden in their garrison.

'There is something there.'

The doubt was soon resolved.

"I didn't know there was a science unit here."

After the battle was over, Levian said, receiving the general report.

science unit.

It is a name of a unit that seems to be full of coveted rewards.

And that prediction was not wrong.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 198


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