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Chapter 199 - Science Troops - Part 3


Even with severe damage, the Allied Forces did not rout thanks to the insane protection that was close to black magic, and in the end they were victorious.

After the battle, Hyeon-jun called some of the troops waiting at the defense line of Mt. Baekdu.

Today's victory resulted in the entire defense line advancing north. Now, the Baekdusan defense line will serve as a rear base, and as the front is expanded, the name of the Far East Front will be given.

Reinforcements departed from the base at Baekdusan, while Hyeonjun and the raiders defended the semi-destroyed base of the invaders.

Now, all you have to do is defend the base and explore the scientific bases until they arrive.

"Sir, I found something interesting."

On the day that 3,000 general hunter troops arrived first through the air force transport unit, Levin, who was searching the base of the science unit, visited Hyun-jun's office. He looked very excited.

"Is it fun?"

Hyun-jun put the report he was reading down on the desk and turned his head to Levian.

"Yes, I found something very interesting."

"Please explain."

got interested At Hyeonjun's question, Levin smiled and opened his mouth.

"It seems that the Invasion Command has found a blueprint for a new battleship that is being developed."

"A blueprint for a battleship?"

"Yeah, it's not a regular battleship, it's a new battleship."

The 13th Invasion Corps was one step away from the front line, so one of the Invasion Command's scientific units was deployed.

They were in charge of research and development of a new battleship, but this time, the 13th Invasion Corps commander Insible suddenly decided to go to Earth, and they could not leave and came to Earth together.

Although they had jumped into the front line, there was no way to return immediately, and research and development had to be continued.

"Can we make it with our technology?"

"The science base also had data on other technologies. If I use all of this and add my knowledge, I can build a battleship with some functionality, if not perfect."

That sounds nice.

One of the factors determining the difference between the aggression command and the Allied Forces was the air force. The aggression forces are forming huge battleships, but the Allied air force is limited to attack helicopters and fighters. Air force power is bound to vary greatly.

"Can you make it right now?"

If you can have a battle fleet, your chances of winning the battle in the future are greatly increased. Hyunjun asked in a slightly excited voice.

He wanted Levien to nod his head with a smile of his own right away, but he shook his head with a smile on his lips like a ghost.

"It is difficult."

"Tell me what you lack."

"Other technical data could be interpreted in my own way, but it was impossible to fully interpret the blueprint."

Since the blueprint for the new battleship is an important technical resource, it was encrypted by the Invasion Command so that it would not be interpreted even if it was stolen. Fortunately, it was Levian, so it was possible to interpret even part of it.

"To what extent did you interpret it?"

"The progress is about 50%. It's not impossible to interpret everything, but it will take a very long time."

Hyeonjun bit his lip slightly in response to Levin's answer. I can't afford to wait until the interpretation of the new battleship blueprint is finished.

Moreover, there is also a loss of power because Levian has to go to the rear and focus on research in order to perform a full-scale analysis.

"I want to meet the consul of Syria."

"Now here, at the forward base."

"Guide me."

I left the reports piled up like a mountain and got up from my chair. Kim Tae-min, who was standing by, naturally brought the reports and started reviewing them. He also had review rights, so there wasn't really a problem.

Hyun-jun followed Levin as he walked. Before long, the consul, the high-ranking knights of Syria and the dimensional alliance were able to reach the place where they were waiting.

They were not part of the raid that fought this battle, but had recently arrived with air transport units as reinforcements.

"Kang Hyun-joon? What are you doing?"

A high-ranking knight, Revil, approached first and greeted him.

"Where is the consul of Syria? I'd like to have a conversation with you... … ."

"He is resting now. May I guide you?"

Hyun-jun nodded instead of answering, and Leville took the first step. After walking after him for about five minutes, a semi-collapsed prefab building appeared. Through the wreckage of the broken wall, Syria could be seen.

"Are you here?"

With a calm voice, Isyria got up from her chair.

"You must know that my magic has not been restored yet, but what happened?"

"I want to ask for advice."

Hyun-jun turned his gaze to Levian, who was accompanying him. Instead, Levian, understanding the silent signal to explain, took a step closer to Isyria and explained the situation.

After about five minutes, the explanation was finished and Isyria nodded her head.

"If it's a blueprint for a new battleship, it's a top-secret technology. Even the Invasion Command must have used the most rare and high-level passwords, but it is surprising that 50% of them were interpreted in such a short time. Kang Hyeon-jun has an excellent subordinate."

She was sincere. The code used by the Invasion Command to keep top secrets was so high-level that even excellent mages in the Dimensional Alliance had a hard time interpreting it. It was a great achievement to interpret it 50% of the time in such a short time.

"Levian is an excellent mage."

Hyunjoon nodded in affirmation. Isyria smiled brightly. She knew what Hyun-jun wanted.

"Are you here to ask if you know of any artifacts that could break the code?"

"I know it well."

"If possible, would you like to tell me where it is?"

"You're talking about the obvious."

Although he didn't answer right away, Syria knew about the artifacts that met the conditions Hyeon-jun said.

The artifact was obtained from the dimensional alliance long ago and was lost during transport in a forgotten dimension.

If you try to find it, you can find it, but until now, it has been delayed because we cannot afford to send a search force.

"The artifact name is 'Gildre's Diary'. Now sleeping in one of the forgotten dimensions. I didn't send a reconnaissance unit because it wasn't a priority right now, but the invasion command probably couldn't find it. It is the territory of the Dimensional Alliance."

said Syria. Relics cannot be used unless they are qualified to handle the powers of a previous life.

So the Dimensional Alliance did not prioritize the search for artifacts. It's good to have, and it's not bad if you don't.

They obtained information on the artifacts, and they only picked up one by one when they had enough troops.

Even that, if engagement with the aggression command is essential, it will be pushed back from the priority list.

"How much more mana do I need to gather to make a dimensional leap?"

"Please wait one more day."


I felt impatient, but I can wait one more day.

Hyeon-jun nodded his head at Isyria's words and left the space of the high-ranking knights.

* * *

You never know when the invaders from the north will attack again. The day passed in an instant in the tension.

Hyeon-jun, who spent the night with his eyes open, made a simple breakfast with soup and bread and checked the equipment.

- Is it a battle?

It is Hyeonjun's habit to check his equipment before battle. Hyeon-jun nodded his head without saying a word to the question of Hell Yam, who knew about it.

As soon as I finished checking the equipment and put the butcher's dagger into the dagger on my back, someone knocked on the door.

"Come on in."

Hyunjun said in a calm voice.

The door opened and Isyria walked in. Behind her stood Revil, lightly armed.

"It looks like the preparations are over."

"It seems that all the magic has been restored."

"Sure. Otherwise, I wouldn't have come here, would I?"

At first glance, it sounded cold, but there was a little bit of playfulness.

Hyeonjun sensed this and opened his mouth with a smirk.

"let's go."

The three of them left the hostel and arrived at the vacant lot. Syria opened the gate for a dimensional leap and, starting with Hyeon-jun, threw herself into the divided space one by one.

My vision turned to darkness. It wasn't the first time, but as I endured the foreign energy that I didn't get used to easily, I saw the light before my eyes. walked in the light When he finally regained his sight and came to his senses, he was in a space mixed with chaotic magic.


A twisted, heterogeneous existence, 'something' that fits the expression 'monster' rushed to Hyun-joon. The hell yam that was pulled out in an instant hit the monster's neck.

"Is this the variant the Syrian consul was talking about?"

A monster poisoned by the broken dimension's magic, that's a variant. I remember listening to this during a conversation with Isyria and Revil a while ago.

"But there are too many of them… … ?"

the sun has lost its light Hundreds of variants were visible under the dark sky. Eventually, through the dimensional gap, Isyria and Revil appeared. And they too saw hundreds of variants.

"They are variants."

"It seems that there are quite a few… … ."

Isyria was relatively relaxed, but Revil's face, who was in the position of escorting her, who had to conserve magical power due to the dimensional leap, was hardened.

"Sir Leville."

"Yes, Kang Hyeon-jun… … . tell me."

"I ask the consul of Syria."

Without her, we cannot return to Earth.

"I will do my best… … ."

"I will trust you."

Hyeon-jun kicked off the ground and soared into the sky as soon as he heard Revil's answer.

-Master, all of them are S-class or higher.

There are hundreds of variants of S-class or higher, so it would be better to take out a golden sword to deal with it quickly.

He raised magic and drew a golden sword. As the power of the Godhead was liberated, a powerful energy was released and overwhelms the variants.

"Sword Drain!"

Swords of light rained down from the sky. The variants fell with a sharp scream.

However, there were so many that it was impossible to annihilate them with a single sword drain. In the end, Hyeon-jun, wielding a golden sword, penetrated deep into the hordes of variants.



All of them are S-class or higher, and there are a dozen or so SS-class individuals. However, he could not be the opponent of Hyun-jun, who had unleashed the power of the Godhead.

In an instant, hundreds of variants were swept away by a brutal sword storm and lost their lives, and Reville watched with wide open eyes.

'It's growing so fast... … .'

Isyria also swallowed dry saliva when she saw it. I had heard that the growth rate of qualified people was monstrous, but I didn't expect it to be this high.

Hyeonjun Kang, he is much stronger than when I first saw him.

Even though only two or three months have passed.

'This war... … . There is a chance.'

It seems that I have only now fully understood why the leaders of the Dimensional Alliance have their expectations of the right person.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 199


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