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Chapter 20 - Those Who Don't Keep - Part 1

"I can't get in touch with team leader Joo Hyung-seok."

Sungmin's gaze toward the executive subordinate, Hunter, who entered the office with an urgent knock, was cold.

"What did you say now?"


As Seongmin blew out his breath, the subordinate Hunter swallowed a moan and staggered. The life of an A-class hunter was not something he could afford, as he was only a C-class.


Sungmin ended his life with a deep sigh. He realized that even if he came and tried to solve his anger, nothing could be solved.

"Are you the only team leader Joo Hyung-seok who has lost contact with you? What about the other kids?"

The question is about the executive hunters who were mobilized in the unofficial guild battles with the race guild. Sungmin expected a positive answer, but the subordinate Hunter's expression was not very good.

"No contact."


"Yes… … That's right."

The subordinate Hunter nodded helplessly. Sungmin couldn't hide his absurd expression.

'It is said that the 2nd Army was mobilized instead of the 1st Army to secure the items requested by the customer, but this is a bit harsh… … .'

Sungmin frowned. According to the information obtained by the Echo Guild's intelligence department, the Race Guild's Executive Division 1 was judged to have the equivalent of about 2.5 Echo Guild's forces.

The Eco Guild was a guild that was about to get promoted to silver. Their 2nd Army was famous for being stronger than the 1st Army of any Bronze Tier Guild.

"Did you say that the Race Guild recruited a mercenary this time?"

"Yes, the Ministry of Intelligence reported it."

Unlike the Race Guild, the Eco Guild's eyes and ears are spread out everywhere.

"Let's find out who that mercenary bastard is. Can you do it?"

"With the intelligence of our guild, we can find out quickly. Do not worry."

Seeing the subordinate Hunter answering in a confident voice, Seongmin had an evil smile on his lips.

"Can't we disappoint the one behind us? Do it right."

"Oh, I see!"

* * *

In one unofficial guild battle, he earned a huge sum of 150 million won.

Although he risked his life, he received an amount of money that he thought was excessive.

It wasn't burdensome. It felt good because it was as if my worth was recognized.

'The kids will love it.'

A smile was drawn on his lips at the thought of buying a bunch of presents for his younger siblings at the orphanage. He was abandoned in an orphanage when he was young.

So I didn't know the whereabouts of the family connected by blood, but I got along with the members of the orphanage like a real family.

Although he was exhausted, he went to his bedroom and finished taking a shower, changed his clothes and went to the mart.

Bought a bunch of toys and sweets that the little ones would love, he visited the orphanage where he spent his childhood.

"Are you Hyunjun?"

When I opened the door to the director's room, there was a woman who greeted Hyun-jun with a bright smile.

Seeing her with wavy brown hair that lightly touched her shoulder and a cute dimpled dimple, Hyunjun also had a faint smile on his face.

"Who is the manager?"

Her name is Sojin Han, and she comes from the same orphanage. He was also a C-class recovery hunter.

"You're not feeling well these days, so I was helping."

"You must be busy attacking the dungeon… … ."

"OK. I do it because I like it."

Sojin smiled and talked, but Hyunjun knew how hard it was to help out with the orphanage.

It was a small scale with only about 6 people, but the work was not less than expected.

"Don't push yourself too hard."


Sojin smiled brightly.

"But what is that?"

Her gaze turned to the shopping cart Hyun-jun was holding.

"Ah… … I bought some presents for my kids. Sweets and stuff."

"Really? everyone will like it By the way, isn't our Hyun-joon being overkill?"

"It's okay. This time, I was promoted to Class C, and I was paid generously."

"Did you become a C-class hunter? Our Hyun-jun is proud."

"I was lucky."

It was the moment I put down the shopping cart next to Sojin along with the answer.

"you… … ."

Sojin's expression became serious. It was because he smelled the fishy smell of blood that irritated the tip of his nose. I took a shower, but I didn't completely wipe it off.

"Hyunjun. Aren't you doing something dangerous?"

Her voice was full of concern.

"It's okay. Your sister will be fine."

He smiled to relieve his worries.

"Would you like to call the kids to the yard?"

"Ha, okay."

Sojin shook her head and left the director's office. She was always on Hyunjun's side. Ever since I was a kid, I used to be bullied.

"It won't be a big deal… … ."

Mumbling to himself, he grabbed toys and sweets and went out to the yard.

"Hyunjun is the older brother!"

"Wow! It's a robot!"

The children showed more interest in toys than Hyun-jun. But it felt good. I don't know how long it has been since I've heard such a clear laugh.

A smile naturally spread across his lips. It was such a fun time.

- The sergeant warns of the existence behind it. Someone is watching you.

The blessing was manifested. The sergeant was warning me of something. Hyunjun's expression, who was smiling happily, hardened in an instant.


"Get down!"

He took out a shield from the subspace pocket and blocked Sojin's front. At the same time, a shock was transmitted through the shield along with a roar.

When I came to my senses, I could see that black soot had formed on the surface of the B-class shield made of magic iron.

'Things are bad.'

Although they did not use the Auror Shield, if the B-class shield was damaged enough, it meant that a magician hunter of the same or higher level was mobilized.


raised the power.

-The righteous shield of Carthage protects you. As long as the great guardian is with you, nothing can threaten you.

Carthage answered. Aurors covered the shield.

"Withered Miller!"

He raised his magic once again.

- Withered Miller's valiant sword is with you. The sword will not be broken unless righteous courage is broken.

Withered Miller was also there. An auror nestled in the blade.

"I will support you."

At that time, Sojin read the unusual atmosphere and protected the children by concentrating the magic on both hands.

He was a recovery type, but he was a C-class hunter, so he would have had some force. But you can't rest assured.

'I have to protect… … .'

He clenched his teeth and injected magical power into the shield and sword. In effect, the combatant is alone. He had to face a great threat alone.

'Please give me strength… … .'

I sent a whisper to somewhere with a desperate heart. Please pray that the number of enemies is small.

"Were you an Auror user? It was true that the intelligence department reported that he was at least a B-class person."

"That's it. I thought the intelligence department was crazy at first, but I guess it wasn't."

The wind was savagely trampled on, and prayers were ignored. The number of hunters who broke through the veil of hiding and appeared.

'Do you mobilize 20 people to catch one C-class hunter? These crazy bastards... … .'

Moreover, about half of them seemed to be B-class hunters. At first glance, it was a perfect attacking team equipped with a combat system, a magic system, an auxiliary system, and a recovery system.

"C-class Hunter Hyeonjun Kang. I already have all your information."

Hyunjun didn't answer. I didn't think it was necessary.

"I don't know what happened, but I think he was trying to get some money because he suddenly gained strength, but he picked the wrong opponent. Don't you know who's behind us?"

"Don't be shy and come. Don't kill them all."

"Oh hey? Doesn't it look like we've cut one of our guild teams? They are team 2 and we are team 1. I'll make you regret it... … ."

"Why is your tongue so long! Shut up and come!"

When he raised his voice, Hunter, who seemed to be the team leader, shook his head once and raised his hand.

It was an attack signal. Hyunjun drew a dagger and threw it. Between him and the Echo Guild's executive hunters, a dagger was stuck in the middle.

"It's the gates of hell. If you go over it, you won't be able to come back alive."

"What is he saying now? Kill it."

They ignored the warning. Then you have to kill


The magical energy containing the buff spread.


"Wind Cutter!"

Following the attack magic, the battle-based hunters advanced. Hyeonjun defended the attack magic with his shield and bounced forward like a bullet.

"Wow, what… … .



With a roar, the leading hunter was hit by the road. It had been hit by a shield. The impact was enough to crack the cement road.

Of course, the hunter who allowed the attack was not in good shape. He suffered fatal wounds that shattered bones all over his body, and he could not lift a finger.

"Mi, crazy!"

One 1st Army Executive Division Hunter was killed in a single blow. It was never something to be taken lightly. The other hunters hurriedly distanced themselves from Hyunjun, and a huge fireball drew a parabola over their heads.

"These bastards!"

As soon as he realizes that Hyun-jun is not a good match, he is desperately trying to target So-jin and the children behind him.


It was too late to run. So what should I do? After a short deliberation, I made a difficult decision. to give up the shield.


The shield thrown vigorously along with the spirit intercepted the fireball.

"That's great! But with this you have no shield!"

It was an aim. I knew it, but it had to be beaten. I bit my lip to the point where blood came out in anger, but I have no regrets.

The advantage of Carthage was lost, but the Withered Miller remained.

"He lost his shield. Go and kill me."

"Shoot it!"

As soon as the team leader gave instructions, the hunters rushed in like a flock of hungry hyenas.

Hyun-jun practiced the advanced swordsmanship he had learned from Withered Miller. It was a high-level combat technique, but the enemy's skills were not formidable and there were many.


"Kuh huh!"

Hunters who were hit by the Auror Blade fell down with blood.

Half of the hunters mobilized for the attack fell on the cold cement, but Hyun-jun's condition was also serious.

"Hey, Hill!"

I felt Sojin's heels touching my body. However, the wound was too deep to be healed with the magic of a C-class recovery hunter.

"I, please… … Jebaaal!"

A faint white light rose, but when Hyeon-jun's wounds did not heal easily, So-jin screamed as if begging and raised her magic even more, but to no avail.


Even though she vomited blood due to an overload of magic power and her hands trembled, Sojin did not stop healing Hyunjun.

Feeling the warmth of his whole body, Hyun-jun scattered his cold eyes.

'Are there 11 people left? … ?'

All are strong No victory was seen.

"Repeat aaaah!"

I scraped up the remaining magical power as much as possible. last chance

-The blood of slaughter awakened the sleeping Reaper's murderous intent. A part of deadly living is liberated.


"Wow, huh?"

"What is this!"

"It's over."

The life that was released in an instant paralyzed the body of the Hunters, even for a moment. In the midst of that, Hyeon-jun dug into their formation and swung his sword.


Three people's necks fell. But that was it.


"Wind Cutter!"

Red blood splattered as the blade of the wind brushed his side. The sword that the team leader stabbed was stuck in his stomach. An ax wielded by another cut the thigh.

"Big, uh… … ."

My vision was blurred.


cold. There was no strength in the body.

'I have to protect… … .'

The only thing coming out of his mouth was dark red blood instead of his voice.

"heel! heel!"

Sojin's voice pierced through the dying consciousness. She was pouring heels non-stop towards the fallen Hyun-jun.

His face turned pale and blood was constantly dripping from his mouth, but he didn't care.

He pours his heels with only the thought of saving Hyun-jun, but Hyun-jun's consciousness gradually disappears.

- Be sure to keep

someone's voice.

- Fight. Protect your loved ones Do not make regrets.

But there was no strength in his body.

- I will give you strength.

The last time I heard those words, I lost consciousness. And when I woke up again, it was a dream.

In front of him was a wooden door stained with blood. In the center was an inscription. I could read this again.

[Those who did not keep.]

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 20


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