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Chapter 201 - The Beginning of the Combined Fleet - Part 2


The combined fleet plan began. Securing manpower to build a new battleship was the top priority, and Levien split his consciousness and spurred it by using the bizarre magic tricks that he puts in the 'doll'.

Gildre's secret and evil techniques were mobilized in the process of training a low-level mage, but in the name of salvation, the whole process was left unanswered and the risk was forcibly pressed.

With the help of the diary, Levien completely mastered the theory of the invasion command's new battleship, and came up with a new blueprint by combining advanced technologies with the techniques left by his teacher Gildre.

"If it is built with the existing new battleship, there is a high probability that vulnerabilities will be easily exposed to them as much as the use of the Invasion Command is used. So, based on the existing ones, I created a blueprint for a new ship."

for a superficial reason. In fact, Levin wanted to build a new ship, and Hyun-jun knew it. However, in terms of his magical knowledge, Levin's new blueprint was even better. But there is one problem.

"Can you really make it according to the blueprint?"

specifications are too high.

"You can make it."

Levin answered in a confident voice.

Hyun-jun decided to trust him and gave all his support.

In order to live up to that expectation, Levin led the battleship project with the momentum to grind even the soul.

The 'dolls' who were given his split rituals busily moved in and out of the shipyard and workshop, leading the construction and training of mage scholars.

And it's been a week or so?

The consul, Isyria, has brought 19 mages from the Dimensional Alliance.

They weren't as great as Levin, but they were all excellent magus.

Before they arrived and participated in the battleship project in earnest, Hyun-jun called Levin, who was busy.

"Do you think you can completely trust them?"

"Negative about that."

Although the Dimensional Alliance is now an ally, it wasn't that they didn't have greed for magical skills. They were also very interested in the magic left by an excellent mage named Gildre.

However, he was not in a position to ask Hyun-jun Kang to share it directly, so he was not able to speak up hastily.

"Then what should I do?"

What they should do, the answer is decided. Hyeonjun as well as Levin knew.

Asking a question right now is not asking for opinion, it's about asking for consent.

"The surest way is to imprint brainwashing on them."

Levin said. Hyun-jun nodded his head slowly with a faint smile on his face as he got the answer he wanted.

"Is there any way?"

"It is not difficult. In the 'diary' left by Master, there are many techniques that can be usefully used in such situations."

He was full of confidence. He had no hesitation because he had already been assimilated under Gestein's protection.

"I will leave everything to you."

If it's Levin, you can trust it. When Hyun-jun finished speaking, Levin smiled coldly and disappeared into the darkness.

It was three days after the start of the plan that his 'body', not the 'doll', appeared.


After a defensive battle at the forefront, Hyeon-jun returned to the central base, and Levian came to him. Hyun-jun closed the window without saying a word and activated the soundproofing technique.

"Successful in imprinting the brainwashing technique."

"How effective is it?"

"I was prepared to some extent. We didn't get to give orders, we just kept it to the point where we couldn't leak our technology."

Although important ceremonies were managed by the 'dolls' imprinted with Levien's consciousness, there was nothing wrong with insurance.

In response to Levin's answer, Hyunjun nodded his head with a satisfied expression.

"I'm relieved now."

In his previous life, Gildre's recipes were reliable. I continued to use it until now, but there was no betrayal of that belief.

"The project will proceed smoothly when the magus of the Dimensional Alliance join in."

"I can honestly expect it to be three times faster."

There was confidence in his voice. Hyunjun thought it wouldn't be that far.

But after a few days, I realized that Levin was not wrong.

The work speed has really increased by 3 times. Even though the Dimensional Alliance's mages joined, the rate of increase was abnormal. Hyun-jun called Levin separately and got a confession from him.

"I added a little bit of magic to make it a body that cannot easily rest. It is not a serious interference, so you can rest assured."

Hyeon-jun shook his head with a sigh in response to Levin's answer, but he did not take issue with it.

It was because I thought he would have handled it well so that there was no backtracking.

And how much time has passed? The wavering European front was about to stabilize in Poland.

There was a person who came to see Levin's 'doll', who was busy at the shipyard. The doll opened her mouth without taking her body off the hull of the battleship.

"The Lord is looking for me… … . It's a big deal."

"I need your strength. Levin."

The owner of the voice was Kim Taemin.

"It's surprising."

Levin said. Taemin thought of himself as Hyunjun's right hand man.

So he didn't have a good feeling for Levin, who recently took his place.

He tried not to show off, but Levian, the party involved, was quick to notice, so he noticed it right away.

He didn't have any special feelings, but he didn't know that Taemin's side would contact him first.

"Do you want strength?'

Kim Tae-min nodded his head instead of answering the straight-forward question. A faint smile spread across Levian's lips as he slowly turned his head to see it.

If he was determined enough to nod his head without hesitation, he seemed to be able to use the high-end reinforcement technique engraved on Hyeonjun's bodyguard instead of the mass production type.

"It is difficult to perform the procedure here, so please go to the workshop. This 'doll' cannot leave the shipyard now."

The workshop is where the body of Levian is located. Taemin took a deep breath and nodded his head.


The workshop was not far away. Hyeonjun's guards were guarding the entrance, but they did not block Taemin's front.

To be honest, Levin gave me some words, but it wasn't unnatural considering Taemin's position even if he didn't have to.

"You're here quickly."

"I decided it was better to hurry."

"It is a wise decision."

Levian got up from his chair with an answer. He led Taemin to the operating room.

When the door that gave off an insidious atmosphere was opened, a small room with an operation table full of magic circles was revealed in the center.

"All preparations have been made. Go up to the operating table and wait."

Levin said. Taemin lay down on the operating table without hesitation, and the engraving of the high-end enhancement technique proceeded quickly.

"?… … !"

Unlike the mass-production type, the high-end enhancement technique gave up completely resolving the side effects in order to maximize the output efficiency, so there was some pain, but it was not unbearable.

As soon as the engraving of the strengthening technique was finished and he got up from the operating table, Taemin felt a strong magical energy filling his body.

"Hey, it would be like this… … ."

"How do you feel about getting stronger?"

"How strong have I become?"

I've never had this full of magical power, so I couldn't get a feel for it. At Taemin's question, Leviang finished organizing his tools and turned his head.

"In terms of the Earth's judging scale, it would be at the top of the SS class."

Although it is said to be a high-end type, it was enough to think that Taemin was more than happy and disappointed to imprint a single strengthening technique and climb from S-class to the top of SS-class at once.

Perhaps reading the change in his expression, Levin opened his mouth with a calm expression.

"Don't get discouraged, there are very few people who can benefit from advanced enhancement techniques. Now, most of the selected personnel will be imprinted with mass-produced enhancement techniques. It can be said that Kim Tae-min almost rode the last train."

"I will never forget grace."

At Taemin's remarks that even showed his wretchedness, Levian smiled bitterly.

"I don't know if the day of recompense will come."

* * *

The battleships of the Battleship Project have almost reached the stage of completion. It was a time when skilled crews were needed.

Initially, it was planned to fill the entire crew with enhanced hunters, but Levian objected to the fact that not only did it take time, it required professional training, but it also failed to guarantee loyalty.

It seemed like a long debate, but the answer was at hand.

Hyeonjun decided to use some of the black magic stones he had accumulated so far to supplement the crew and combat troops.

They have enough training experience and loyalty is guaranteed.

And for an organic connection, a small number of fortified hunters decided to accompany them, and a small golem unit made based on the recipes and blueprints found in 'Gildre's Diary' by Levien was scheduled to be experimentally deployed.

Immediately after the plan was established, Hyeon-jun sat down in front of the shipyard to permanently summon those who would become crew members by consuming some of the stored Black Magic Stones.

"O corps… … ."

In front of the completed battleship, the Guardian, he raised his magical power and called for protection.

-Akhorn opens the dimensional gates with a great command. Summons the Infinite Legion.

A dimensional gate has been opened.

-Heroes and navigators respond to summons.

- A part of the Legion, the Magic Engineer Corps responds to the summons.

- Corps, some of the Space Marines respond to the summons.

-Part of the Corps and Fleet Command Officers respond to the summons.

- Legion, a part of the hell-beheaded hand-to-hand corps responds to the summons.

A blonde, middle-aged officer in a black uniform walked majesticly, followed by the thousands of crew aboard the Guardian.

It was like watching a military parade. They finished boarding in an orderly manner, and Hyeonjun, who had been watching until the end, also moved to the 1st bridge.

The Guardian's 1st bridge was three times wider than the air carrier's main bridge.

"Preparations for the pilot flight are complete."

Levian's 'The Doll' reported. Hyunjun nodded and stood at the control group. When the magic power was raised, the guardian responded. The magical power that was amplified through the procedure spread to the hull.

"Guardian. It rises."

The officer of the fleet command announced in a calm voice. The battleship and the guardian raised their altitude.

At first, it was very slow and slow, but it quickly rose and broke through the atmosphere.

"It's okay."

Hyunjoon was slightly impressed. Through the window of the 1st Bridge, the image of the Earth was visible.

"It has to be. That's because they put a lot of resources into it. In this state, mass production is not possible. I need to revise the blueprint."

At Levin's words, Hyun-jun burst into laughter.

"By the way, why not try the gun? I can see the battle fleet of the 13th Invasion Corps in front of me."

They seem to have been monitoring the Earth from space.

"It wouldn't be bad for a test. Get ready for battle!"

This is the Guardian's first appearance.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 201


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