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Chapter 202 - The Beginning of the Combined Fleet - Part 3


The command ship bridge of the airship, which was observing the condition of the earth from outside the atmosphere, caught the guardian's existence and went into an uproar.

"Unidentified flying object, attempted communication, but no response."

The bridge's communications officer, Invaders, reported.

Commander Invaders frowned and looked straight ahead. Through the transparent wall, a gigantic flying vehicle, the battleship guardian, could be seen.

"Have you contacted the corps command? It's not a friendly battleship, is it?"

Commander Invaders asked. The lieutenant guarding by his side opened his mouth.

"The 13th Invasion Corps commander has confirmed that we are the only airships that exist outside the atmosphere. The aircraft in front of you is definitely an enemy."

'Earth's airship was sunk a while ago. If so, was it an airship secretly sent by the Dimensional Alliance?'

I had a lot of thoughts, but it didn't matter. The most important thing was that the airship in front of me was not an ally.

The commander shook his head to shake off the clutter and opened his mouth as he stepped onto the control group.

"From now on, in the name of the aggression command, we will shoot down aircraft in front."

"Ready for all-member battle!"

The airships of the 13th Invasion Corps accelerated toward the Guardian and began to approach rapidly.

The Guardian was twice as large as the normal battleship of the Invasion Command, but the commander of the bridge did not hesitate at all.

Only one less. He thought that one command ship and three battle ships would be enough to deal with.

"Finish the power with horsepower. As soon as they come into range, they fire salvos."

Command lines and battleships advanced.

"Soon an unidentified vehicle comes into range."

The battle was imminent. Although there were many, the enemy was an aircraft of a structure that had not been seen before, so a light tension was created on the bridge.

The distance narrowed a bit. It was the moment when the leading battleships opened their gun gates at once. Strong magical energy like a storm stretched out in a straight line from the guardian's front and penetrated the leading battleship.

"Damn, what's going on… … ."

"We lost contact with the bridge of Battleship 3!"

The invaders on the command ship bridge were astonished. The guardian's magic beam was more powerful than expected and had a long range.

A battleship with a huge hole pierced by a single, thick magical beam was falling to Earth, spitting out dark red smoke.

"As long as this is the case, we will advance at full speed! Speed ??up!"

The command line accelerated first. It was so fast that it couldn't be compared to a little while ago.

"Fighter ejection! Disperse the enemy's firepower!"

The fighters ejected from the command line and each battleship formed a formation and speeded up toward the Guardian.

The remaining two battleships advanced as well. The sporadically ejected fighters rushed towards the Guardian.

Hyun-jun was watching everything from the Guardian's 1st bridge. He looked at the magic radar calmly and bit his lip.

'The speed of the fighters is faster than expected.'

It was different from the speed of the fighters I had seen before. It seemed to be accelerating to the point where the power was strained.


Hyun-jun turned his head in the direction of Levian, or to be more precise, the 'doll' that had been endowed with his split personality.

The doll, who was staring at the transparent wall of the bridge, opened her mouth without taking her eyes off it.

"Yes, tell me. Lord."

"The battle golem I mentioned earlier, did I mention that there is also an air combat form?"

"Are you talking about an idle golem?"

There were two types of golems mounted on the Guardian. Both land and air battles were produced based on the techniques that Levien checked in Gildre's diary, and had never been put into combat yet.

At the doll's question, Hyunjun nodded and opened his mouth.

"Do you think this is a good opportunity to get real-world data?"

There were not many enemies. One ship was hit by the main gun and evaporated, leaving only three ships including the command line. The fighters ejected from them were at a level they could afford.

"I will prepare the idle golems."

Levin's doll was also convinced.

"Do you also have unmanned fighter squadrons on standby?"

"I think that would be good, there aren't many idle golems, so we'll need an army to support us."

The moment the fighter squadrons of the invading army narrowed the distance to a certain extent, the golems and unmanned fighter squadrons were ejected from the Guardian at once.

The ejected idle golems and fighter squadrons soon began to engage the enemy's flight power.

"Allies prevail!"

One of the officers on the bridge exclaimed in an excited voice. Looking to the side, I saw Levian's doll with a satisfied smile.

Although it was said that Gildre developed and recorded it in his diary, he was proud of himself because it was Levian who made it concrete and engraved.

"Enemy battleships are gathering energy!"

"It is predicted that the bombardment of the magic beam will begin soon!"

The officers on the bridge reported the situation. While focusing on the battle for air supremacy for a while, the airships of the invading army were approaching.

It was quite a long distance, but seeing that the distance was narrowed in such an instant, it was clear that he had run to the extent that it was straining the institution. Unsurprisingly, the power overheated and the magic beam's charging time took a little longer than usual.

Hyun-jun opened his mouth, staring fiercely at them through the transparent wall of the bridge.

"Start the magic beam bombardment!"

Since the main gun was charging, it had no choice but to use a magic beam. When Hyun-jun gave instructions in a cold voice, all at once from the open gun gates, they poured out magical beams. It was the same with the airships of the invasion force.

Blue and dark red magic rays crossed each other in outer space and flew straight toward each other's target. Then the 'collision' started.

Aww! bang!

Dozens of magical beams fired from the Guardian were scattered across one command line and two battle ships of the invading army.


"The output should be like this!"

Not only the two battleships, but also the commander's hull shook violently. The commander aboard the bridge was greatly embarrassed by the unexpected high power.

Even though the magic beam bombardment of one command ship and two battle ships was concentrated, the damage to the guardian's shield seemed minor, so it was even more desperate.

"Where the hell did such a monster come from!"

The commander slammed the control group hard with a frustrated heart. In a brief moment of his anger, a battleship guarding him exploded with a roar.

It was unable to withstand the Guardian's successive magic beam bombardment.


A swear word came out of his mouth. Now, only two ships remained, including the command ship.

I tried my best, but there was no way I could win. Looking at the military map, the situation of the ejected fighter squadron was also not good.

As the Soldier fighters were pushed by the idle golems, air superiority was completely transferred to the Guardian side.

Some of the idle golems were already closing in on the command line, but the invading Soldier fighters couldn't afford to stop them.

"Build an anti-aircraft fire network! Counter the enemy's air power!"

"Formation of air defense network!"

The anti-aircraft guns attached to the command line fired fire at once.

It succeeded in shooting down several idle golems, but that was all.

The battleship that was guarding the side of their constant attack lost the shield.

"Hey, damn it! Instruct them to go backwards!"

I gave the order urgently, but it was a little late.

The main gun fired from the Guardian hit the battleship directly, and an intense explosion soon followed.

With the shield completely lost, there was no way he could withstand the Guardian's main gun.

"Commander! All battleships lost!"

"You must retreat quickly!"

Seeing the men urging them to retreat, the commander clenched his teeth.

"The forces of the aggression command do not retreat in front of the enemy!"

I didn't have to add it, but the Guardian's range was long, so it was impossible to escape.

"Go ahead like this! Speed ??up as much as possible!"

The command line of the invading army, which was left alone, poured out magical rays and continued to increase its speed.

Levian's doll, who was watching this from the Guardian's 1st bridge, lit up his eyes.

"It sounds like you are planning a suicide attack."

Hyunjun nodded at the doll's words.

"I shoot down the advance by maximizing the output of the magic beam."

"Yes! Magical light output, max!"


The officers of the 1st bridge were busy repeating Hyeon-jun's instructions.

The command line exposed to the concentrated bombardment of the magic beam did not last long and exploded with a roar.

"The enemy's magical response has been lost. It's a perfect victory."

Levin's doll clapped briefly.

The officers gathered at the 1st Bridge also clapped and cheered.

"Congratulations! Commander!"

"Congratulations on your victory!"

Since most of them belonged to the Infinite Corps, he used the title of 'Chief of the Corps' for Hyeon-jun, who inherited the will of Akon.

Hyeon-jun, receiving their congratulations, withdrew from the control group and approached Levian's doll.


"Yes, tell me."

"Did you say that mass production is difficult with these specifications?"

"Yes… … . The consumption of human and material resources is too great."

To Hyunjun's question, the doll slowly nodded and answered.

The desire to mass-produce was like a chimney, but there was no circumstance for that.

"Is it difficult to upgrade to mass production?"

"It's not difficult, it's already progressing little by little. If we have enough manpower, we can start mass production of mass-production machines in the near future."

When Levin's doll spoke in a confident voice, Hyun-jun nodded with satisfaction.

If mass production of mass production begins, the Allies will make up for the lack of air force.

In that case, he thought that it would not be impossible to overwhelm the invading forces that had landed on Earth.

* * *

Sorcerers who completed the training course were put into the field in earnest, and the production of the mass-produced aircraft called the cruiser began in earnest.

Two cruisers were built in advance and were assigned to the same fleet as the Guardian.

In the meantime, Guardians appeared and played an active part on the Far East front.

The 13th Invasion Corps began to take countermeasures, judging that this huge new aircraft was a difficult "strength" to deal with.

However, the blueprints for the new battleship had also been passed on to the Allied Forces, so they had no immediate solution.

The European Front was also stable in Poland, and the Far East Front continued to advance north.

Unlike the early days of the invasion, the situation was going in a favorable way for the Allied Forces as a whole.

And as time passed and the invasion began and half a year had passed, a soft fleet of battleships and cruisers was organized.

In fact, it was the birth of Hyeonjun's pure enlisted organization, mostly filled with legions and golems permanently summoned by the Black Magic Stone.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 202


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