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Chapter 203 - Retake the Earth - Part 1


Far Eastern Front.

In the sky, the combined fleet poured magical beams, and on the ground, Hyeonjun Kang swung a huge Auror blade.

The defensive line of the invaders of the 13th Invasion Corps that stood in front of them collapsed.

In the first place, most of the bases were built for the purpose of attack, and unlike the bases of the Allied Forces, there were few defense facilities.

The 13th Invasion Corps commander, Insible, had no idea that the Allied Forces would launch such a powerful counterattack.

Because of that, I had no choice but to be even more helpless.

Thinking that it would be impossible to stop the Allied forces advancing to the north at this rate, he summoned most of the troops stationed in China to Russia.

But that was rather a mistake.

The Allied Forces, which had advanced into Russia with the combined fleet at the forefront, soon turned toward empty China, leaving only a few troops on the defensive line.

* * *

"It's a combined fleet!"

The Soldier, who was watching the net from the front, raised his voice.

The Combined Fleet, a name that has now become a horror to the 13th Invasion Corps.

Although the number was still small, even the mass-produced cruisers, which constitute the main force, performed better than the battleships of the Invasion Command.

It was a natural result that the morale of the units under the 13th Invasion Corps fell as they started to be pushed back in the air battles where they had the upper hand.

"Ready for all-member battle!"

The invasion command forces began to move in unison to defend Beijing.

From the airfield, the battle fleet flew into the sky at once.

Immediately after the 13th Invasion Corps took over Beijing, it was a place where there was nothing but death, as it was the site of a massive massacre.

However, since it was an important supply point for them now, they desperately fought for the defense.

The Guardian fired the main gun outside the range of the fleet consisting of the command line and 21 battleships.


The command line was hit directly by the main gun-class magic beam and exploded with a roar.

It happened in an instant. The battle fleet, which had lost its command line, fell into chaos for a brief moment.

Nine cruisers advanced in the gap, pouring out magical beams.

The performance of cruisers is slightly better than that of battleships.

Of course, the distances are also different. The cruisers poured out beams of magic just outside the range of the 13th Invasion Corps battleship.

The battle fleet also began to advance by ejecting the fighter squadrons, but at the beginning of the battle, five ships including the command line were already lost.

Things were not going well.

"I am moving forward… … ! We must protect this place!"

The responsible commander took off all of the amphibious fleets and mobilized them for defense, but they did not last long against the combined fleet, which even included guardians with monstrous performance.

When the air force was wiped out, the cruisers advanced first and started bombing the rear of the invading forces.

The invaders hurriedly flew up and tried to contain them, but they could not easily break through the cruisers' air defenses.

The artillery at the rear of the invading army collapsed at once in the bombardment of magic beams pouring from the sky, and the front side was also at risk as they could not receive support fire.

"Kang Hyeon-jun! Please, put us in the vanguard!"

"Give me blood revenge on those who have trampled on my country!"

The superhuman reinforcement hunters came. Hyeon-jun had all the command over the operation to occupy Beijing, so he came to get permission to go.

Hyun-jun glanced over the battlefield seen through the transparent wall from the Guardian's bridge. The invading army had not yet routed, but the defense line was slowly collapsing.

It seemed that it could be suppressed only by the artillery fire of the ground forces and the air bombardment of the combined fleet.

However, it seemed that it would not be bad to satisfy the wish of the superhuman blind and put the debt on it.

"I will allow you to participate. I'll support the transport boat, so get on it."

"Thank you!"

The super-blind executive bowed his head with a powerful voice.

"The transport is ready."

Not long after the superhuman cadre withdrew, the superhuman cadre reported with a strong voice.

Hyeon-jun nodded silently, and dozens of transport boats were launched from the cruisers of the Guardian and the Allied Fleet and quickly lowered their altitude to the ground.

"The enemy is trying to land!"

An Invader, who saw transport boats rapidly lowering their altitude towards the ground, hurriedly reported to his superior.

The invading forces stationed in Beijing were in an uproar.

However, the anti-aircraft guns that had survived the bombardment and shelling and were functioning fully began to fire at the transport boat unit at once.

"Air forces cover the transport units."

As Levin's doll gave instructions in a calm voice, the orbiting golems lowered their altitude and started precision bombing.

All the remaining anti-aircraft guns were annihilated.

However, the invading forces also had a last line of defense, so hundreds of invaders flew into the sky.

Half of the transport units were killed. However, in the end, the remaining half succeeded in landing safely, and angry superhuman reinforcement hunters poured out from the open door of the transport boat.

"Let's take back Beijing with our own hands!"

At the forefront, the superhuman cadre exclaimed with a sore throat. A shout rang out, and a fierce battle broke out between the invaders and the superhuman strength hunters.

It was hoped that it would be over for them, but unfortunately for the invading forces, the main force of the ground forces entered the city of Beijing under the cover of artillery through the chaos.

It was a multinational coalition force that was not as elite as the combined fleet, but there were many.

The invading forces stationed in Beijing could not withstand the fierce Allied offensive for long and retreated to Russia.

After completing the reorganization in Russia, the 13th Invasion Corps commander, Insible, thought of counterattacking.

"We can no longer disperse our troops. The 13th Invasion Corps assembles in Russia."

At Insible's swift judgment, not only the Chinese, but also the invading forces of the European front gathered in Russia.

The meeting point was the Ural Mountains.

The remnants of China and the forces of the European front were by no means small.

It was burdensome even for the Allied Forces, whose morale had risen from successive victories.

However, a decisive battle could not be avoided, and the Allied Forces commanded by Hyun-jun also advanced to the Ural Mountains to annihilate Insible's 13th Invading Corps.

The combined fleet, which had better mobility than the Allied ground forces, arrived in the Ural Mountains first.

"The enemy has defenses. A containment attack must be attempted before Allied ground forces arrive."

Levin's doll bowed her head slightly and said.

It was because the drone had confirmed that the enemies had a strong defensive posture.

"As you are well aware, if you borrow the power of magic and sorcery, the construction of defense equipment will be completed quickly."

There were also opinions that the Allied forces should wait for the ground troops, but the 'Doll' pushed his opinion.

Opposition soon dwindled for good reasons.

"What is the plan?"

Levian's 'doll' asked. His main body was in charge of the training of mages and the further construction of cruisers at the central base of the Far Eastern Front.

'To deal with the main force of the Invasion Command, the current combined fleet power is not enough.'

These were the last words he said just before being locked up in the shipyard and laboratory of the central base.

Since then, it has been difficult for Hyun-jun to come face to face with Levin except for 'The Doll'.

"Do you have any plans? First, launch the main gun and fleet-level bombing, and then wipe out the invaders and battleships that I am counterattacking with your allies."

Because it was a simple but sure method, Levin's doll nodded as well.

"When does the attack start?"

Levin's doll asked as if urging.

From the time he reached the Urals, he argued that a large-scale attack had to be launched before the enemy's defenses were solidified.

"As soon as the rearrangement of the fleet is completed, we will launch an attack on the enemy defense lines in the Ural Mountains."

"What shall we do?"

Said Isyria, the Consul of the Dimensional Alliance.

The high-ranking knights, including Revil, who accompanied her, were less likely to go on the front line as the combined fleet was formed.

In this case, he seemed to be cautious and active in the thought that he would not be recognized for his work later.

"When the battle with the Invaders begins, I will ask for the final escort of 'Guardian'."

"Yes, I will."

It was clear that the Dimensional Alliance was an ally, but I didn't intend to make them overcharged.

The Guardian's final escort had virtually nothing to do with it, so he asked Syrian and high-ranking knights.

Isyria felt a little regretful, but did not refute or make further claims.

This was because Hyun-jun had all the commanding authority here.

It was like a dictator with absolute power.

In fact, he had little reason to intervene, as he had rarely made any wrong or grossly out-of-judgment decisions.

"How long will the renovation take?"

Hyun-jun asked a question with a calm expression toward the officer who was waiting next to him.

"Everything is ready in 3 hours!"

In response to the officer's answer, Hyun-jun opened his mouth and nodded with a satisfied expression.

"Then we will start the attack in three hours."

Hyeonjun said as if declaring it and left the bridge.

Three hours passed quickly, and the combined fleet advanced rapidly with the battleships and guardians at the fore.

"The enemy fleet begins to move!"

"what? Weren't you going to wait for the ground troops to arrive?"

As the 13th Invasion Corps' staff's predictions were wrong, the invasion force in the Ural Mountains hurriedly mobilized combat fleets and ground forces.

"Where is the main gun aimed?"

asked Levin's doll. Hyun-jun made a decision after a short deliberation.

"The main gun destroys defenses on the ground. And the enemy battleships advance the cruiser forward and block the advance with magical bombardment."

Levien's doll brought the communicator to her lips.

Eventually, he delivered Hyeon-jun's orders to the cruisers of the combined fleet.

While the Guardian concentrated the magic on the main gun, the cruisers stepped forward and poured magic beams at the battle fleet of the 13th Invasion Corps.

"Shit! Go ahead! That damn gun must be stopped!"

In the meantime, since they had engaged in quite a few battles, information about the Guardian's main gun was also delivered to the 13th Invasion Corps.

So, knowing how powerful it was, the invaders forced the battle fleet to advance by firing fighter jets to block the firing of the main gun as much as possible.

"Firing the main gun."

The speed at which the magic power was concentrated in the Guardian was a little faster. Hyunjun ordered the main gun to fire as soon as the magic charge was finished.

A beam of magic power that was incomparable to those of a cruiser flew straight across the mountain range.


The mountains shook with the explosion.

As the main gun hit the place where the defense facilities were gathered, the 13th Invasion Corps suffered considerable damage from the start.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 203


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