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Chapter 204 - Retake the Earth - Part 2


The main effect was that the area where the defense facilities were concentrated was hit directly by the main gun.

It is said that Levian's doll looked at the topography of the Ural Mountains and aimed at a place where troublesome things might gather, but the result was greater than expected.

The invaders guarding the first line of defense of the 13th Invasion Corps fought back with all their might.

However, due to heavy damage from the start of the engagement, they could not hold out for long against the combined fleet.

"Get away!"

"Retreat to the second line of defense!"

The invaders retreated. The Invaders, the elite forces of the Invasion Command, retreated first, followed by the combat fleet.

The Soldiers fell down as shields for the advanced forces who retreated first, and only after they all retreated at the end did the full-scale retreat begin.

"The enemies retreat."

The officer who was standing next to him reported without taking his eyes off the situation board.

Hyunjun was still guarding the bridge.

"I didn't even have to go out."

Hyunjun muttered to himself. He should have been there by now, but the 13th Invasion Corps' first line of defense collapsed sooner than expected, so he didn't get a chance to step forward.

"Operationally, it is close to a retreat. Perhaps we will try to counterattack strongly by concentrating all our forces on the second or final line of defense."

Levin's doll calmly analyzed the situation. It was as he expected.

As we went a little deeper into the Ural Mountains, we encountered a strong resistance that could not be compared with the previous one.

Simultaneously with the start of the fighting on the 2nd line of defense, one cruiser crashed in a chain explosion, and the two retreated back, spitting dark red smoke.

"The resistance is stronger than I thought!"

An officer analyzing the situation board reported. Hyeon-jun calmly looked at the conditions of the sky and the earth that he could see through the transparent wall of the bridge.

"What about the ground forces?"

"It will take two hours."

The key is when the ground forces arrive. 'Doll' answered Hyun-jun's question with a calm voice.

"Two hours… … ."

Hyunjun narrowed his eyes and threw his gaze through the transparent wall.

Since it seemed like they were only going to be bombarded by magic beams for two hours, he decided to intervene and picked up a hell yam.

"Are you planning to join the war?"

asked Levin's doll. Hyunjun nodded his head instead of answering the question.

"Shall we prepare the transport?"

"You don't have to."

If you pull out the golden sword and release the power of the divine god, you can maneuver in the air through magic. This means that you can avoid the hassle of using a transport boat.

And even without releasing the power of the Godhead, it was not difficult to land on the ground from this height.

He has already far surpassed the limits of human beings.

I left the bridge and moved to the exit of the hangar. There was no need to use a transport craft, I just threw myself out of the exit. He landed on the ground holding the center of gravity despite the sharp resistance of the wind.


I tried to land softly because I threw my body from a fairly high place, but it was unavoidable that a huge pit was created with a big impact.


It was in the middle of the enemy line. Soldiers nearby reacted first, but they were too weak to be Hyeonjun's opponents.

When Hyeonjun drew a hell yam and wielded it, dozens of soldiers fell helplessly, pouring out red blood like fountains.

"The Soldiers were killed in an instant!"

"It is clear that it is close to the divine nature!"

"Cooperate! Gather all nearby invaders!"

In an instant, more than 30 invaders gathered.

However, most of them were only at the SS level, and there were only a few SSS levels.

It was a number that could be sorted out quickly by pulling out a golden sword and releasing the power of the divine god.

Even if it's a nightmare level, there's a big gap between the godhood and the state below it.


"Attack at once!"

The Invaders moved in unison.

They surrounded Hyeonjun and launched an attack. 10 people used their powers from behind, and the remaining 10 people soared into the sky, and the remaining ones narrowed the distance in an instant from front to back, left and right.

Seeing this, Hyunjun smiled coldly and raised his magic power.

- The Reaper's brutal murderous intent is awakened. A part of deadly living is liberated. As a living being, there is no escaping instinctive fear.


The Invaders staggered or vomited blood with the emission of thick flesh.

Those who reached the SSS level were in good shape, but those below them were miserable.

In a moment of distraction, Hyeon-jun was struck by the golden sword he wielded while narrowing the distance like lightning and fell, bleeding.


"Kuh huh!"

More than 30 Invaders gathered, but half of them were killed before 5 minutes had elapsed.

Although he was clearly overwhelmed, Hyun-jun couldn't let go of the tension. Is it because it has penetrated deep into the enemy camp? It was because more than 50 invaders flocked in 5 minutes.

'We need the protection of the SS.'

Unlike in the past, the SS, which imprinted the strengthening technique, has now risen to the point of being able to engage in equal battles with a large number of Invaders.

After making a decision, Hyun-jun took action immediately.


As he swung the golden sword, the auror blade stretched out in all directions.

Five low-ranking Invaders were cut to pieces and collapsed, while others hurriedly escaped and saved their lives.

Hyeon-jun finished preparing to summon the SS by raising his magic power in the midst of the dispersed siege.

-Romanov summons a bodyguard in the name of the emperor. Creates a dimensional gateway that will summon loyalists who will give their lives for you.

The dimensional gate opened, and a hundred members of the bodyguard, including Sahyeol and Sahyuk, poured out.

After strengthening and supplementing, the number is now close to five hundred.

"For His Majesty the Emperor!"

The members of the SS, who ran out with a loud shout, fought the Invaders.

The Invaders were also bewildered by the fact that as many as five hundred people came out at once, and the numbers were also different, so the battle situation was favorable to the SS.

Transport boats ejected from the cruisers of the Combined Fleet landed on the ground while the SS poured out of the Dimensional Gate against the surrounding invaders.

From the open doors of the transport boats that landed, superhuman and Alpha Team reinforcement hunters poured out.

Just as the Superhumans fought at the vanguard when retaking Beijing, Alpha Team was more active than anyone else in this battle to retake Russia.

"For the sake of the motherland Russia!"

"Go ahead!"

Although he was not a fanatic at the level of superhumanism, the hardened hunters of the patriotic Russian Alpha Team rushed towards the invaders.

"Guild Master."

As the battle intensified here and there, Kim Tae-min quietly appeared in the dark.

Thanks to his hard work and engraving of a high-end enhancement technique, he has reached the top of the SS class, and has become capable enough to hide himself in this crowded battlefield and come to Hyeon-jun.

"The forward command has been located."

It's fine if you don't do this. At Taemin's report, Hyunjun nodded with a satisfied expression.

"I will guide you."

Taemin started to guide. The forward command was closer than expected.

Levin's doll, who was monitoring the situation in the Guardian, quickly cleared the way Hyun-jun was going by using magical beam bombardment.

"Here it is."

"Is it underground?"

Taemin nodded instead of answering Hyunjun's question.

Hyeonjun opened his mouth again by taking out the golden sword that had been kept for a while due to the consumption of magic.

"I would also like to know the location of the other commanding points."

"Leave it to me."

Taemin was happy because it seemed to be helpful after a long time. He bowed his head slightly in response to Hyunjun's request.

Eventually, Taemin disappeared into the darkness, and Hyunjun took a few steps back.

"Is it like this… … ?"

With a short mutter, he gathered his magic power. And he struck the golden sword towards the ground.


The ground exploded with a loud roar.


A scream broke out. At the same time, the Invaders soared through the dust.

-S-class fourteen. SS-class sixteen. SSS-class five.

Fel Yam reported the level of the Invaders.

There were five SSS classmates, but it wasn't a burdensome number for Hyunjun, who had reached the level of a nightmare class god.

"Come, I will kill you all."

Hyunjun's eyes lit up coldly. He digs deep towards the rushing invaders, wielding a golden sword and a hell yam.

Each time the two swords in both hands were swung, the Invaders stopped breathing.

The forward command did not last long against Hyun-jun. They collapsed helplessly in the face of the overwhelming force of the nightmare-level god, and Hyun-jun moved on to find the next goal.

With Taemin's guidance, he destroyed four more command bases, and the situation changed dramatically.

- Deus' absolute will interferes with fate. The power of protection is maximized.

-Tough spirits in abundance have satisfied the Eternal Void. You will receive the blessing of promotion.

When the sixth command post was smashed, Giyeon came. When Behemoth's protection absorbed the souls of the Invaders, 'change' came.

What do you hear when you hear the word "blessing of promotion"? It was a moment to A white flash of light exploded in front of me, causing terrible pain.

But that's for a while. Soon, the golden sword became clearer, and wings made of golden magic sprouted from his back.

It has reached the level of a catastrophic divinity. I was a little startled because it happened so quickly, but I could clearly feel that I was much stronger than I was just a few minutes ago.


A smile spread across Hyunjin's lips. The consul, Isyria, said that the 13th Invasion Corps commander Insible was a second-class invader.

If it was a second-class invader, it would be a catastrophe-level deity. It was said that it was virtually impossible to confront him unless he reached the level of the minimum disaster-level deity.

'But now it's different.'

It has reached the level of a disaster-level god. Although there are side effects, if you even use the Withered Miller's Transcendental Sword, you can temporarily reach a higher level, so it's not impossible to deal with the Insibles.

Hyunjun's eyes lit up. He fixed the golden sword and spread his wings.

Soaring high in the sky, it poured a rain of swords toward the ground.

"Does this mean that it doesn't come out?"

Despite pushing the 13th Invasion Army, the Insibles did not appear. But Hyun-jun was relaxed. It was because there was one hymn that could be used at this time.

-The army marches in line with Elvin's orders. As long as they are together, they will not stop, nor will they run away.

The Allied Forces went mad. The brutal advance began and the 13th Invading Corps was further pushed into the defense. And finally, the mighty magic appeared.


A cruiser pierced by a huge magical spear exploded.

Hyunjun flew in the direction the window had flown in.

There, a pale-faced Invader was standing in the air.

The 13th Invasion Corps commander, the Insible.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 204


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