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Chapter 206 - Retake Earth - Part 4


Minor internal injuries piled up and exploded. Red blood squirted out of the Insible's lips, and at the same time his posture shook for a brief moment.

Hyunjun didn't miss that small gap.

He took the Insible's defensive posture and performed Wither Miller's swordsmanship with the momentum to press.

As they dug into the gap, the defense of the Insible, which was like an impenetrable fortress, began to crumble.

Once the defensive posture began to crumble, it soon became out of control, like a sand castle toppling over.

"Oh my gosh… … !"

The Insible cursed and tried to step back.

However, as soon as he stepped on his footsteps, Hyun-jun noticed like a ghost and narrowed the distance, so even that was not easy.

The clash between the sword and the spear continued, and whenever it did, Wither Miller's unique swordsmanship, which attacked Auror's weaknesses and inflicted internal injuries, was activated, and the internal injuries of the Insible became serious.

'You have to keep your distance!'

'Never give him a chance to step back!'

The two gods with opposite intentions launch a blow full of life towards each other.

Insible did his best to keep the distance apart, but Hyun-jun did not tolerate it.

The Transcendental Sword was a skill that had a fixed usage time.

It wasn't a short time, but if the battle was as long as it is now, it would never be in Hyeonjun's advantage.

The golden sword also consumes a lot of magic power, so I had to make a decision as soon as possible.

Hyeonjun sharpened the offensive and raised the magic power of the Auror Blade.

"Hey, damn it!"

"Welcome sword!"

After exchanging thousands of sword strikes again, the Insible's defensive posture was 'completely' shattered.

Perhaps he realized this too, an urgent swear word came out of his mouth, and Hyun-jun unleashed the Withered Miller's phantom sword, a powerful one-hitting technique.

The current state of the Insible was not perfect to block all 12 sword attacks from 12 directions.


The Insible let out a scream of pain. It was because the three phantom swords that could not be stopped cut off his left arm and slashed his thigh and side deeply.

The pain must be severe, but he did not let go of the black spear he was holding in his right hand until the end.

He knew that everything would end the moment he gave up his weapon, so he gathered his mental strength and held on.

"Big, big uh… … ! I'm so... … "

Insible was astonished. Even when I first got the first blow, I didn't think I'd be pushed this far.

"It's over, Invaders."

"Hey, I can't die like this!"

Black magic burst out of the Insible's body like an explosion.

Hyeonjun hurriedly backed away, but a beam of black magic passed him and flew in a gentle curve towards the fleet behind him.

Judging that he could not defeat Hyeonjun even with all his magical energy, he was aiming for the combined fleet in the back in order to reduce the burden on the aggression command even a little.


I turned my head back, wanting to miss it, but it was already too late.

The jet-black magic beam split into dozens and pierced through the cruisers of the Combined Fleet.

Four cruisers exploded. Considering the resources and costs consumed when building one ship, the damage was never small.

Hyun-jun felt the need to stop the Insible before he could do anything more crazy, and flapped his golden wings towards him, accelerating.


Moved away from the Insible because of one step back to try to dodge.

They tried to close the distance at once, but it was not easy because the Insibles did not stand still.

At the end of the black spear the Insible is holding, jet-black magic is condensing again.

'Write a suffix.'

The time limit for the Transcendental Sword was running short, and the battle was coming to an end.

Even if the Insible is killed, there is no guarantee that the battle will end.

However, if you use Behemoth's Blessing to absorb the Insible's soul, your magical power will definitely be restored, so you decide to use your Blessing by consuming the remaining magical power.

-Raikiri's light guides you to the far side. Become a single ray of light with light and pierce the enemy.

became a ray of light. The moment the Insible saw a flash of light in front of him, a lance of lightning had already pierced his stomach.

"Cuckoo… … !"

The electric current that started from the lance paralyzed the entire body of the Insible. He hurriedly used his magic to normalize his paralyzed body, but when he came to his senses, what he saw was the Auror Blade approaching right in front of his nose.

"The Invasion Command… … ."

Long live the Invasion Command, he seemed to be trying to say. But before that, Hyeonjun's aura blade had pierced his neck, so he couldn't complete the sentence.

The Insible's body drooped and fell powerlessly, and Hyunjun also began to stumble as the duration of the Transcendental Sword ended and the terrible pain came.

As he was about to fall, even consciousness began to fade, and someone rushed to him and supported him, so when he raised his head, Taemin was there.

"Be safe and rest well. The battle will be over soon."

"The war situation is… … "

"Of course, it is a victory for the Allied Forces."

After hearing those words, I was able to close my eyes with peace of mind.

* * *

With the death of the Insible, the great battle in the Ural Mountains came to an end.

As a result of this battle, the 13th Invasion Corps belonging to the Invasion Command that invaded Earth was annihilated. Hyeon-jun took out the 'Extermination' card as they did in the occupied territory of the Earth.

There were no people who surrendered from the beginning anyway, so annihilation was an unavoidable option.

The problem was next. Although they had defeated the 13th Invasion Corps, they were only part of the Invasion Command, and they were still targeting Earth.

"We must strike first."

After the battle in the Ural Mountains, Hyun-jun convened a committee and proposed a preemptive strike on the spot.

No one nodded easily. Unlike the beginning, they now roughly guessed how huge the Invasion Command was.

Therefore, the loss of the 'first strike' brought out by Hyun-jun came a little burdensome.

"Then are you going to just suffer like this?"

Hyunjun asked. It was a calm but firm voice that clearly conveyed his will. That heavy reverberation shook the hearts of the members gathered in the conference hall.

"We also do not want to oppose a preemptive strike, but do we not have enough power to deal with them? I'd rather focus on defense... … ."

It was a British SSS-class hunter, Drake of the Storm. It wasn't wrong. Hyunjoon bit his lip slightly.

"We have even completed the imprint of the Unlimited Dimensional Leap technique on the Allied Fleet. It is impossible to stand still like this."

Hyunjun said. He had given Levien an order not too long ago, which was to imprint the Unlimited Dimensional Leap technique hidden in Gildre's diary on the Allied Fleet.

Because it was a high-level technique, during the mass production process, the word 'unlimited' was not suitable, but the magic efficiency deteriorated, but in the end, Levin did it. He didn't want his efforts to be in vain.

"Wait, so you're saying dimensional leaps are possible now?"

Isyria, who had been granted the status of a temporary member, was surprised.

This is because the Unlimited Dimension Leap technique was a skill that even the Invasion Command could not complete. Such high-quality craftsmanship was asleep in Gildre's diary.

"It consumes a lot of magic power, but it is possible."

Hyunjun nodded and answered.

"Then, is it possible to leap into the dimension where the forces of the Invasion Command are stationed?"

"It is not theoretically impossible."

This time, Levin answered the Syrian question.

"Oh my God, why did you tell me that now?"

"Because I didn't ask."

Levin shrugged.

"If unlimited dimensional leap is possible, there is a way to significantly increase the power of the combined fleet."

"Is this a way to wake up the mobile fortress I mentioned earlier?"

At Hyunjun's question, Syrian nodded and opened her mouth.


"Do you know the location?"

"Yeah, I didn't know exactly. If there is one problem, it is that the forces of the Invasion Command are stationed there."

"How many?"

The priority was to figure out the number of enemies stationed there.

Before that, I can't be certain of anything in advance.

Hyun-jun calmly asked a question, and Isyria rolled her eyes and traced her memory.

"On the last reconnaissance, the size of the garrison was about one corps."

In the Dimensional Alliance, competent consuls and high-ranking knights such as Syria were mobilized to secretly and periodically reconnaissance the areas occupied by the invasion command.

So it was the same with the Ridin dimension where the Mobile Fortress was sleeping. So, although not the latest record, he had some level of reconnaissance information.

"It's one corps… … "

Hyun-jun pondered what Syrian said. Although they had defeated the 13th Invasion Corps, their strength upon reaching Earth was not intact.

Therefore, it would be absurd to think that we were dealing with a corps of the Invasion Command.

'Can a combined fleet be able to face one corps?'

It was not thought impossible. The main force of the combined fleet, cruisers, boasts superior performance than the battleships of the invasion command.

Considering that the 13th Invasion Corps has been victorious over and over without much damage in the air battles with the 13th Invasion Corps, it is possible to face one corps.

Of course, in this case, it seemed necessary to add a little more power to the cruiser.

"One corps, shouldn't there be more than that?"

If two corps are stationed, it becomes difficult.

The number of enemies that the combined fleet could handle was the Maginot Line of one corps.

"The situation at the Invasion Command is not good either. The Dimensional Alliance is not as weak as Hyeonjun Kang thinks."

A strong sense of pride emanated from Isyria's voice.

Her loyalty to the dimensional alliance was deep. So, if the allies felt that they were being ignored even a little, they would react immediately.

"Can you guide me there?"

"It is not difficult. There are also instructions from the Dimensional Alliance, so we will actively cooperate with Kyung Hyeon-Jun Kang."

To Hyun-jun's question, Syria readily nodded and answered.

Soon, Hyun-jun's gaze glanced at the members of the meeting room.

"From now on, using the chairperson's authority, I am declaring a general mobilization order for all countries that have joined the United Nations."

To increase the size of the combined fleet.

As the name of the General Mobilization Order was heavy, I expected a backlash, but everyone just nodded without a word with a firm face.

Without a combined fleet, he realized from his experience so far that there is a high probability that the Earth's Allied Forces would collapse in the face of an attack from the invasion command.

Hyeon-jun's gaze, having received unspoken cooperation, now turned to Levian.


"Tell me."

Today, he was not a doll, but a body.

"I will spare no effort in all my support. Do your best to raise the combined fleet."

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 206


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