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Chapter 207 - Last Hope - Part 1


"Commander, Army Group 2, Sir Rails. The time has come."

The dark elf, who had been sitting with arms crossed in a corner, raised his head at the voice calling to him.

He opened his mouth with a calm gaze towards the man in the lieutenant's uniform.

"What about the invasion commander?"

"You are waiting for Sir Rails in the parlor."

"I must hurry."

"It is a wise decision."

From the lieutenant's words, Rails could easily guess that the invasion commander was not in a good mood.

He got up from his seat. Then, under the guidance of the deputy, I moved to the drawing room.

In a hurry, I urged the lieutenant twice. Whether he was ignorant of Rails' feelings, or whether he was doing this on purpose, the lieutenant walked slowly to the drawing room.

"It is here."

"Good work."

I didn't like the lieutenant's attitude, but I couldn't be too harsh on one of the aggression commander's lieutenants.

Rails calmed his mind and opened the door with Knock and entered the room.

The mother ship's drawing room was much more splendid and spacious than that of the corps command ship's. But I didn't feel like coming here often. Coming here means you have to face the invading commander.

Even within the aggression command, there were many commanders who were extremely reluctant to confront him because the aggression commander, Copenhagen's terrorism and rigor was famous.

"Are you here?"

Rails felt goosebumps all over his body for an instant at the eerie voice coming from behind him.

The black mist that started in the dark gathered in front of Rails and took the form of a human.

"You're a little late."


The aggression commander in front of you is an existence with no excuses.

Rails immediately admitted his mistake and bowed his head, and a faint smile appeared on the lips of the invasion commander, Copenhagen.

Even though he was smiling because of his pale face and red eyes like a ghost, he looked creepy.

"We have received reports that the 13th Invasion Corps has been annihilated from Earth."

I didn't ask if that was true.

This was because Copenhagen completely trusted the intelligence of the invasion command. I thought there was no need to go through the re-verification process.

"Yeah, I got it too."

Rails replied. The 13th Invasion Corps was a corps organized under the 2nd Army Corps, so it was natural for the report to be delivered to him.

Since he had been omitting negative reports from the 13th Invasion Corps commander, Insible, he could not properly meet the gaze of the invasion commander.

Although he did not immediately comment on the omission, there was no way Copenhagen was unaware.

Rails thought that an investigation into the process would have been carried out because, as it is not normally known, a corps had evaporated now.

"First of all, I will not ask the reason for the omission of the report. There is no need to take responsibility."

Copenhagen paused for a moment. Rails waited for the next word.

"But if there are any shortcomings in rectification, we should be held accountable."

It means giving you a chance.

"The 10th Invasion Corps is in the process of reorganizing itself from the front line with the Dimensional Alliance. As soon as the Earth's dimensions are stabilized, I will deliver the order to advance."

"Yeah, there's no need to take a risk and invade like the commander of the 13th Invasion Corps. We have to wait."

"I swear, the moment Earth's dimensions stabilize, it will turn into hell."

Rails said in a confident voice.

The 13th Invasion Corps, which attacked Earth, lost a lot of troops because it used a large-scale dimensional leap while the dimension was not stabilized.

2nd Army Group Commander, Rails, believed that this was the cause of the defeat on Earth.

"Earth cannot afford the invading corps in its intact state. So, the invasion commander has nothing to worry about. I will take care of it for sure."

"I believe, 2nd Army Group Commander."

"I will do my best."

Hearing the answer, the invasion commander, Copenhagen, gave a congratulatory message by waving his hand in the air, and Rails bowed his head politely and left the drawing room.

On the way back to his corps command line, he established a magical communication link with the commander of the 10th Invasion Corps, giving orders to expedite preparations for deployment as soon as maintenance was completed.

-Do not worry. I'm not going to make the same mistake as Sir Insible.

The commander of the 10th Invasion Corps was full of confidence, but the commander of the 2nd Army Group, Rails, bit his lip so hard that his blood flowed with unexplained anxiety.

He desperately wanted to mobilize two legions, but he had no choice but to be concerned about the dynamics of the dimensional alliance, so too many troops could not be removed from the front line.

- I will issue a mobilization order to the military.

Watching the 10th Invasion Corps commander answering vigorously with his hand on his chest in the communication crystal ball, Rails nodded with a firm face.

* * *

As the Invasion Command, the 13th Invasion Corps, entered into a state of war due to the attack on Earth, the position of the UN and its committees increased and their powers became stronger.

The UN Commission requested a global mobilization order to strengthen the combined fleet, and governments around the world could not refuse this request.

The UN and the Commission were the heroes who stopped the 13th Invasion Corps from attacking Earth.

Public opinion was on their side, and in fact it was more of an order than a request, but no one did not comply.

It was because governments around the world saw the collapse of China and Russia, both famous powers on Earth, in an instant.

The fear that the forces of the Invasion Command might take another level leap made governments around the world sparingly supporting the combined fleet.

And six months passed.

"The combined fleet is ready."

The door opened with a knock and Levin walked in slowly, reporting in a calm voice.

Because of the important content, the 'body' came directly to me, not the 'doll'.

"How many cruisers are formed?"

"A total of 82 ships. Of these, about 20 will be organized into the defense fleet and left on Earth, and about 60 will be organized and operated in the combined fleet to conduct a search for the mobile fortress."

Levin reported. Although the existing combined fleet had a cruiser force, it was only small.

In fact, it was no exaggeration to say that he had the main force in six months.

Although he received a report on the progress in the middle, he did not know that the speed of work could be accelerated this much at the last minute, so Hyun-jun was a little surprised.

"The number is not small."

"I've increased the speed a bit. Even if we depart to the Ridin dimension to explore the Mobile Fortress, the mages and 'dolls' I have taught will continue to build cruisers."

Leviann also considered the stability of the Earth's dimensions and the possibility that the invasion command would launch an attack, so he made arrangements so that it could be built while retaining a minimum number of cruisers.


"Thank you."

"When will it be possible to go out?"

Hyunjun asked.

"Even tomorrow, you can go out right away. The crew and the combat units to be boarded are all ready."

Although they belonged to the Allied Forces, most of the crew belonged to the Infinite Corps, which were permanently summoned using the Black Magic Stone obtained during the battle with the 13th Invasion Corps.

They were trained soldiers and always ready.

"Tomorrow, we leave."

Hyunjun made a decision. I had planned to go out in secret, but I wondered where it had leaked, so that night Sojin came to visit.

"I will go too."

"It's too dangerous."

"No, it's not dangerous."

Sojin generated magical power. A bright white energy erupted from her body.

"This… … ."

Hyun-joon was unbelievably embarrassed. It was because she, who was clearly an S-class, was radiating the energy of the SSS-level.

There was only one case that could be considered.

"Levian… … ."

It was clear that he had been engraved with the fortification technique.

I wanted to discuss it right away, but I had nothing to say because Sojin was not the subject of a restriction in the enhancement technique.

"When did you get it?"


Sojin answered Hyunjun's question with a calm voice.

If it had been received yesterday, it was probably clear that he had received the high-end enhancement method once. By the way, did you go from S-class to SSS-class at once?

'He was talented, too.'

She had been guessing to some extent from the time she achieved the second awakening, but her talent was superior compared to others.

Even though he received the enhancement technique, it was not easy to reach the level of SSS without talent and potential.

Usually, the limits of A-class hunters were S-class, or even if they had a little talent, they were SS-class.

Hyun-jun raised his head and looked at So-jin. She was sending a calm gaze with a hardened face.

The moment he met that gaze, Hyunjun realized. The fact that even if she dries up, she will somehow follow.

In that case, it would be better to keep it nearby and watch.

"Okay, you should be on the bridge instead."

It would be safe to stay on the 1st bridge, Hyun-jun thought so.

"Yes, I will."

Sojin happily nodded and answered, but if Hyunjun was seriously injured, he promised in his heart that he would be happy to break that promise and run.

Hyeonjun also noticed her mind, but didn't say anything.

And finally, the day of departure came.

There was no grand campaign ceremony, but high-ranking UN members like British SSS-class hunters and Drake all gathered to pray for victory.

With their wishes in their arms, the combined fleet with battleships and guardians as flagships and 60 cruisers as the main force left Earth.

* * *

"Dimensional leap complete, Ridin has entered the dimension."

Reported by Levin from the 1st Bridge.

Hyeonjun was also on board the Battleship and Guardian, but Levian was in charge of the actual command.

This was directly approved by Hyun-jun in order to have an effective combat command system.

"All cruisers in the Combined Fleet will be placed on alert."

The unlimited dimensional leaping technique written in Gildre's diary was close to perfection, but as the mass production process went through, the consumption of mana increased. So naturally, immediately after the dimensional leap, there was no choice but to become vulnerable.

Since this was the most dangerous time to be attacked, Levian issued an alert for all ships.

"Issyrian consul, do you have any information about the legion guarding the Ridin dimension?"

"I told you a few days ago, but I don't have any detailed information."

"I asked if there was any new information."

"Unfortunately, there is none."

Isyria let out a short sigh. The situation of the Dimensional Alliance was not good.

He couldn't always keep an eye on the Ridin dimension behind the aggression command.

Hyeonjun grew increasingly distrustful of the dimensional alliance, but he did not express much of it.

When they finally win, the less they play, the more their position shines.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 207


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