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Chapter 208 - Last Hope - Part 2


The commander of the 7th Invasion Corps, Haswell, was called by Rails, the commander of the 2nd Army Group, and hurried to the bridge.

He had been resting comfortably for a while, but he had no choice but to respond because he received a strict call from his direct superior.

"The corps commander is entering the room!"

As the door opened, the lieutenant announced Haswell's arrival with a powerful voice.

The Invaders on the bridge rose from their seats in unison and saluted to Haswell.

"Thanks for your hard work, let's connect communication with the commander of the 2nd Army Group."

"Yes! I will do it right away!"

Even on the bridge, the Invaders who were in charge of communication with the outside were busy.

Soon, the face of the commander of the 2nd Army was revealed on the large screen in front of the control group.

"Commander, I heard you found me."

Haswell said with a short salute.

Direct calls from the Army Group Commander were not common, so he was a little nervous.

-No need to be nervous, because today I'm calling to deliver a fact confirmed by Army Group Command.

'A message?'

What happened suddenly? The 7th Invasion Corps commander, Haswell, focused on the screen in front of him.

-Not long ago, I gave the 2nd Army Group command a wide-area reconnaissance order. Because of that, you probably remember that the reconnaissance team directly under the Command conducted a detailed search in various dimensions.

"Of course, I understand that a reconnaissance team directly under the command arrived here in the Ridin dimension a few days ago and is conducting a detailed search."

- Traces of an open dimension were found in the Ridin dimension.

"Yes? Could it be? The magic radar is on 24/7."

Haswell was taken by surprise. If someone made a dimensional leap here and didn't detect it, it was his responsibility as the leader of the 7th Invasion Corps in charge of the Ridin Dimension.

I can't help but be confused

-This is what the reconnaissance team sent to the Ridin dimension checked three times. I won't take any excuses.

"Yes, sorry. It is my negligence."

Haswell admitted his wrongdoing without making any further excuses, but Rails' expression remained the same.

- I'm not going to hold you accountable right now, you'll have to do something first.

"Of course, I will do my best."

-I believe you will not disappoint me like Sir Insible.

Rails said in a sharp voice. Rails suffered serious damage as the Insible evaporated from Earth together with the 13th Invasion Corps.

As one of the corps directly under his control disappeared due to the unreasonable attack on Earth, Rails was not without responsibility for not controlling the Insibles.

The invasion commander, Copenhagen, did not immediately hold Rails accountable, but it was also true that his position would be in jeopardy if he failed to achieve merit.

"There will be no disappointment, Commander."

Haswell said in a hard voice. However, it was not enough to convince Rails, who had become an unbeliever due to the huge trolling of the 13th Invasion Corps commander Insible.

-If there is a problem, report it immediately, and although we do not have enough troops, we will send reinforcements as much as possible.

As the war with the Dimensional Alliance escalated, the 2nd Army, fighting at the forefront, always suffered from a shortage of troops, but Rails promised maximum support.

"I will do my best."

With those words, the magic communication ended.

Confirming that the screen in front of him was completely black, Haswell let out a deep sigh and sat down on the chair behind the control group.

"Sergeant Major."

The lieutenant came.

"Say it."

"It may be a simple dimensional rift shift, but I think it would be good to use one unit for reconnaissance."

"Not a bad opinion. Connect the communications to Sir Duan."

"I will connect you immediately."

The black screen shone again, and then the green-skinned orc appeared.

- Did you find it?

"I have work to do."

- Just say anything! I will solve it!

A smile spread across Haswell's lips as he saw Duan's confident look.

I tried to open my mouth to give instructions, but at that moment I realized that I had not received the coordinates of the problem with the dimension rift from Rails or the lieutenant.

Fortunately, the lieutenant who noticed Haswell's abnormality quickly approached him and delivered the coordinates.

"Lead unit 19 and move to coordinate 117. There seems to be a problem there."

- Is it a dimensional rift related issue?

If you move an entire unit, there is a high probability that the problem is related to the dimensional rift.

And when there was a problem with the dimensional rift, it also meant the invasion of the enemy. Duan asked carefully, and Haswell nodded and opened his mouth.

"Yeah, the enemy may have invaded, but there is no need to worry too much. Since the dimensional rift has not yet expanded significantly, even if it has penetrated, there will be only a small number. The force of Unit 19 will be able to intercept it and there will be more."

Regrettably, Haswell was unaware that the combined fleet led by Hyeon-jun had new technology grafted in relation to the dimensional leap.

-Yes! I will do my best.

"Communication ended."

The screen went black again.

"Is it okay if I send only Unit 19?"

The lieutenant came and asked.

"Compared to where we were, it is said to be in the rear, but this is also in the front, where the forces of the Dimensional Alliance can attack at any moment. So, the main force must guard the dimensional boundaries."

The lieutenant nodded slowly, because it wasn't wrong. Haswell sat in the control group's chair and took a short break, and soon there was a report that Unit 19, led by the chief commander, Duan, had begun to move to coordinate 117.

* * *

Unit 19, commanded by Duan, departed from a military port directly under the 7th Invasion Corps. It was a large-scale airship of more than 50 ships including battleships and landing ships.

They moved straight to coordinate 117.

Meanwhile, at coordinate 117, a combined fleet of 62 ships was quietly maintaining a concealed state to recover the power consumed by the dimensional leap.

"Levien, how is the fleet's power status?"

On the first bridge of the Battleship Guardian, Hyun-jun was drinking coffee and checking the status of the fleet with Levian.

"The battleships, guardians and all cruisers have been fully powered up. From this point on, even if an engagement situation arises, the combined fleet will be able to respond with all its might."

In response to Levin's answer, Hyunjun nodded his head with a satisfied expression.

"Guild Master. The presence of an airship has been detected on the magic radar."

Just as Levian was about to return to his position after completing the inspection, Taemin approached and reported.

He was a combat hunter, but after actively appealing that he wanted to protect Hyun-jun on the bridge, he was able to stay on the bridge by receiving tutoring from Levien.

It was only basic magic training, but there were many auxiliary devices on the bridge that allowed non-professional magicians or magic hunters to handle the magic, so it was possible.

"Are you sure?"

"I checked it three times. It is a fleet of about 50 ships and is rapidly approaching this place."

Taemin reported the fact that he had repeatedly confirmed, and Hyunjun now drank the cold coffee in one breath, put the mug on the table next to him, and turned his head to the front.

After adjusting the procedure a little, the screen in front of the control group changed to a magic radar.

Upon closer inspection, it was faint, but it was confirmed that a magical reaction was captured.

It was not enough to confirm that it was an airship, but as Taemin said, it was worthy of suspicion.

"I issue a battle stance! Get ready for battle!"

"Ready for all-member battle!"

The first bridge moved in unison. Soon, Hyun-jun's command echoed not only on the battleship and the Guardian, but also on the ships of all the cruisers that made up the combined fleet.

"Advance with the flagship."

As Hyun-jun gave the instructions, Levin took command of the 1st Bridge in detail.

The guardians and cruisers advanced. Since it is advantageous for enemies to be captured as late as possible, the shield was maintained even if there was a consumption of magic power.

"The enemies have noticed."

Levian, who was watching the movements of his enemies, shouted with his eyes shining sharply.

Not surprisingly, the enemy airships that had been slowly narrowing the distance gradually dispersed and formed a battle formation.


Hyunjun exclaimed in a calm voice. Since the location was revealed, there was no reason to intentionally consume magic power and maintain the cover.

Soon after the cover was lifted, the combined fleet appeared. It was a large army of 62 ships, including the Guardian.

The enemies did not approach easily because there were more than expected, but unfortunately, they were already within range of not only the Guardian's main gun but also the cruisers.

"Give me the instructions."

Levin asked for directions. Hyunjun opened his mouth with a smile on his lips.

"The guardian charges the main gun, and the cruiser fleet advances forward, firing a beam of energy."

It's a pretty specific but simple command. Levian nodded and delivered the orders to the 2nd and 3rd bridges and the captains.

Although it was an order to charge almost unplanned, there was no backlash because they were all captains of the Infinite Corps and had deep loyalty to Hyeon-jun.

Before the main gun was charged, the cruiser's front wing started firing in unison according to the magic beam.

Because they were out of range, Unit 19's battleships were helplessly hit and exploded.

"Damn, what the hell is this!"

Duan, who was observing the situation from the bridge of the command ship located relatively behind, was startled by the sight of the battleships flashing and exploding in front of his eyes.

The formation was completely destroyed by a single Japanese bombardment.

"The enemy's artillery range is superior to our allies. You have to step back."

The lieutenant said urgently. But Duan shook his head.

"You can't back off!"

"Responsible Commander!"

"aide! Did you not understand what I meant? Look at their advancing speed now! Do you think you'll be able to escape just because you're back?"

The lieutenant bit his lip until blood gushed out. Duan was right. Looking at their movement speed, it was almost impossible to run away.

"Advance at full speed and fire magic bombardment! Build a fire network and fire all fighters! Spread as much as possible to avoid the concentration of firepower of enemies as much as possible!"

The battleships spread out all at once and launched a squadron of fighters. Landing ships also launched assault boats.

Unit 19, which was facing the combined fleet, was doing its best.

"The main gun is fully charged. Where should I set my goals?"

On the Guardian's 1st bridge, Levien was reporting the charge of the main gun in a calm voice.

"Aim for the landing ship in the rear."

"Can't we just aim for the command line?

"The command line is subdued by hand-to-hand combat."

"You are thinking of securing the Ridin dimension. I agree."

A smile spread across Levi's lips. Eventually, the Guardian's main gun pierced the dark space.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 208


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