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Chapter 209 - Last Hope - Part 3


The combined fleet commanded by Hyun-jun and the airship of Unit 19 led by Duan narrowed the distance and exchanged fire with magical beams.

Whenever a magical beam filled with brilliant light penetrated the black space and hit the battleship, large and small explosions exploded and dark red smoke was scattered.

"Half of the battle fleet has been lost! The amphibious fleet has already been wiped out, and the unidentified fleet has completely seized the airspace!"

Seeing the lieutenant reporting the war situation with a feeling of vomiting blood, Duan bit his lip to the point of bleeding.

The fight wasn't even that long. It had only been a short period of time, enough to give and take a few shells, but it was already too late to back down, as it had already suffered this much damage.

"Are you ready for a training boat?"

On the Guardian's 1st bridge, Levin looked at Hyun-Jun and asked a question.

To take control of Unit 19's command line in a hand-to-hand battle, it was not enough to simply prepare an assault boat.

First of all, it was necessary to suppress all battleships around the command line and to minimize the distance between the guardian and the command line in order to minimize the damage of the assault boat.

Levian was asking if he could start all the preparations.

After finishing his brief thoughts, Hyun-jun nodded his head with a calm gaze toward Levin. This concludes the final approval for the assault operation.

"From now on, we will attack the enemy's command line and engage in hand-to-hand combat."

Suddenly, in Levian's right hand was a communication device.

"Cruser flyers should actively cover the Guardian."

Seven cruisers followed.

The cruisers opened fire while the idling golem squadron, which had seized airspace, confused the enemy battleships.

The battleships that were hit by the concentrated attack of the magic beam exploded with dark red smoke.

"A safe distance has been established. Are you planning to go out on your own?"

Levin asked. Instead of answering, Hyeonjun hung the hell yam on his belt and walked towards the hangar.

"Guild Master! I will do it."

Flame and Taemin fought fiercely over the direct attendant, but in the end, Taemin won.

The two finally arrived at the hangar and got on the assault boat.

Unlike the general crew members who operate the combined fleet, most of the attack units aboard the assault craft were UN reinforced hunters.

To be more precise, there were many Chinese and Russian nationals who had lost their country by the aggression command and were burning with revenge.

"I will launch the assault boat!"

A green light came on in the hangar. Five assault boats were ejected from the Guardian and flew towards the command line.

The anti-aircraft guns installed on the hull of the command ship fired fire all at once, forming a fire network, but the pilot of the assault boat showed brilliant flying skills to break through the bullet and approach the hull of the command ship.

The unique skill of the assault boat to drill a hole in the hull was demonstrated, and a drawbridge was connected.


The reinforcement hunters poured into the enemy's command line.



Is it still a command line? The magic poured out by the enemy's defensive forces, who had finished preparing to respond, filled the wide passage.

A scream erupted, and the Ganghwa Hunters who ran to the vanguard fell.

I wondered if the advance would stop for a moment due to the fierce counterattack, but that wasn't the case.

Armed with a desire for revenge against the invaders who burned their hometown, the Enhanced Hunters ran through intense magical firepower and killed the Invaders and Soldiers.

Hyun-jun slowly appeared in the aisle with Tae-min. Before long, they moved along the path pierced by the Ganghwa Hunters.

He did not stand in front to check the fighting power of the Ganghwa Hunters up close, but Hyun-jun was deeply impressed by their fighting power was higher than he expected.

Of course, there were limits. At some point, their advance stopped, and it was in front of the bridge boasting the strongest defense.

"The bridge's defensive posture is too strong!"

When Hyeon-jun arrived, the Ganghwa Hunter, who was in charge, hurriedly reported. It was difficult for them to penetrate the defense line in front of the bridge with their current power, so they wanted to lean on Hyeon-jun, who boasts the strongest force of the Allied Forces.


"Yes, guild chief."

Kim Tae-min, who now has the highest level of force in the SS class, approached with confidence and stood behind him.

Hyunjun opened his mouth, raising his magic from the depths.

"It breaks through at once."

"I will not be left behind."

At Taemin's answer, Hyunjun nodded his head with a satisfied expression.


He radiated magical power and drew a golden sword. As the power of the Godhead was liberated, a brilliant golden brilliance burst out.

All of a sudden, golden wings were created behind her back. When Taemin, who was possessed by the golden wave for a moment, came to his senses, Hyunjun was already protruding forward like a bullet.



It just seemed excessive. However, red blood gushed out from the bodies of the Invaders who were there.

The defensive line the Invaders built in front of the bridge collapsed in an instant.

Hyun-jun and Tae-min entered the bridge over the bodies of the fallen Invaders.


Duan, a 6th-class Invader, who is in charge of Unit 19, a member of the 7th Invasion Corps, sensed a presence with huge magical powers approaching through the tightly closed door of the bridge and warned the Invaders under his command.

The iron gate of the bridge, which had been tightly closed amidst the Invaders, exploded with a loud noise.

Hyeon-jun, with a golden sword shining brilliantly through the thick red smoke, broke in.


The Invaders fell helplessly. Even Duan, who belongs to the 6th-level Invaders, could not hold out for long against Hyunjun, who brought out the power of a disaster-level divine god.

Curiously, he grabbed a sword with a jet black aura and rushed to it, but he couldn't resist all three sword attacks.

The bridge was completely seized as he fell bloodied.

"We have full control of the bridge."

Taemin, who completed the confirmation and kill task, reported.

His body was also full of blood that seemed to belong to the Invaders.

"Tell Levin to send one 'doll'."

Hyunjun said. Since he can also use Gildre's magic, it was not impossible to search for the main documents in the bridge.

However, it is difficult to expect a task as efficient as Levian, so even if it is cumbersome, I called his 'doll'.

"Okay. I will pass it on to you right now."

Eventually, when complete safety was ensured, Levin's doll appeared under the strict escort of the SS.

Unlike Levian, a battle mage, 'dolls' were imperfect beings, so they could not use their magic in battle.

There was no combat ability at all, only magic assistance was possible, so an escort had to be attached at all times.

"I came here because I have work to do."

"To entrust the search for military data."

The Dimensional Alliance's consul, Isyria, provided information, but it was not enough.

Hyeonjun and the combined fleet still didn't know much about the Ridin dimension. Information was lacking in many ways, from topography to features.

To overcome this, the military data possessed by the invaders stationed in the Ridin dimension were needed.

"The destruction process was in the middle."

"I tried to stop the function while taking control of the bridge… … . Is there anything you can get?"

"Well… … . It's not that much, but important information has already been completely destroyed, so there's a limit to what can be restored."

Hyunjun frowned slightly at the doll's report. I was expecting to get at least one good piece of information, but seeing what Levin's doll was saying, it seemed difficult.

"Is it possible to get an accurate map of the Ridin dimension?"

"I think there is at least one low-grade military map. It's probably not highly classified, so it's highly likely that it's not on the first destroy list."

"Okay, go ahead."

The time it took to search was not as long as I thought.

All the work was finished in an hour, and by that time the battle with Unit 19 was completely over, and the post-processing phase was started.

"Your search is over."

The doll came and reported. Hyunjun opened his mouth with a calm expression.


"We have secured some data, but it seems to be damaged so much that restoration work is required."

"How much time do you need?"

"It won't take long. A day or two at most."

As the doll said, it didn't really take long. It took one day to restore the material.

The first material to be restored was a military map of the Ridin dimension. Although it was not a high-grade military map showing the troops stationed by the Invasion Command, it was enough to understand the topography and structure of the Ridin dimension.

Restoration of the data continued, and it was soon discovered that the invading forces stationed in the Ridin plane were the 7th Invading Corps belonging to the 2nd Army Group.

Other than that, I've gotten some more information, but nothing that really helps.

* * *

"The 19th unit was annihilated?"

The 7th Invasion Corps commander, Haswell, who was resting on a hard chair in front of the control group, was startled and jumped up at the tragic news delivered by the deputy.

"Are you sure?"

Haswell asked. His expression was still unbelievable, and his voice was slightly trembling.

"The last report was that we had entered into engagement with an unidentified fleet. Since there will be no communication after that, there is a high probability that it has been wiped out."

"Isn't there a possibility that they are still engaged?"

"Too much time has passed for that."

He tried to catch a glimmer of hope, but the lieutenant was adamant.

"Anyway, is it clear that the enemy has appeared?"

"Yes. It was the last report left by Unit 19 to confirm the existence of an unidentified fleet."

"Shit! At this time!"

Haswell, who spit out abusive language, has no choice but to do so.

Just a few days ago, I heard a report that the forces of the Dimensional Alliance were gathering at the border of the Ridin Dimension.

This limits the number of units that can be mobilized to stop the unidentified fleet.

'I have to explore the mobile fortress… … . I'm going crazy.'

One of the orders given to Haswell by the commander of the 2nd Army Group is to search for the Mobile Fortress, which is said to be the most powerful relic left behind by previous lives.

You have to check the dimensional alliance, search the mobile fortress, and stop even the unidentified fleet.

As he was in a position to carry out these three missions at the same time with a limited number of troops, Haswell's head was already bursting with anxiety.

"Where is the current unidentified fleet?"

"It is incomprehensible. We are currently sending high-speed boats to track their location."

"Find the location as soon as possible and report it to me. Only then can I give orders to subordinate units."

"Yes. Okay."

The lieutenant answered. He departed with a salute to carry out his orders, and Haswell, who remained on the bridge, sighed into the black space visible beyond the transparent glass wall in front.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 209


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