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Chapter 210 - Last Hope - Part 4


After entering the Ridin dimension, the combined fleet commanded by Hyun-jun continued its search activities using the military map obtained from the engagement with Unit 19.

The Consul of the Dimensional Alliance, Isyria, only confirmed that the Mobile Fortress was in the Ridin dimension, but did not specify the exact location. However, he said that he would find out when he arrived near the place where the Mobile Fortress is sleeping.

"It looks like a pursuit team is attached."

On the fifth day of the search, Levian approached Hyun-jun, who was lightly taking center command while drinking a cup of coffee on the 1st bridge of the Guardian, and said in a whisper.

"When was the last engagement?"

"Yesterday. The engagement interval is getting smaller. There is a high probability that the pursuit team will appear around this afternoon."

"Isn't it better to uproot the roots at this point?"

Small pursuits continue to appear.

Whenever they found a pursuit and reconnaissance team composed of high-speed boats, they sent out an idle golem to shoot them down, but there was a high probability of predicting not only their location but also their movement path.

It was necessary to find and destroy the main force that operated the chase.

"Master, are you aware that we are at a disadvantage when it comes to reconnaissance warfare?"

Levin said. The combined fleet's firepower was superior to that of the aggressor, but the number of enemies was greater and the high-speed craft squadron's mobility was also excellent, and they were well aware of the terrain conditions, so they were at a disadvantage in reconnaissance battles.

"How many high-speed boats can we operate?"

At Hyeonjun's question, Levian let out a short sigh and opened his mouth.

"It's not a small number, but we need to know that resupply is difficult. We need to reconsider the use of a large number of high-speed boats in reconnaissance operations with a high probability of loss."

"I didn't say that we were doing a wide-area reconnaissance."

"Then you mean to scout a specific place?"

Levin said with a look of incomprehension. He looked like he was asking, 'Is reconnaissance meaningful?'

"We will move the fleet as soon as we predict and the enemy's position is confirmed. Isn't it possible to analyze the path of the enemy's pursuit team now?"

"He speaks simple things that are really difficult. So who will do the final reconnaissance?"


Hyeonjun muttered in a small whisper at Levien's question.

Flame appeared from the darkness and bowed her head. Not only could he transform into a Black Flame Dragon, but he would be able to return through the enemy's fire network if he had excellent combat power.

"Can you?"

"Just leave it to me."

"Okay, trust me. Now only Levin remains."

It is a difficult task to analyze the path of the chase and specify the position of the main force. He gave a challenging gaze as if he could do it.

Seeing Hyeon-jun like that, Levian sighed deeply and shook his head.

"I don't fall for such shallow waters."

"Is it impossible?"

"I never said anything like that. It takes three days."

The difficult task is clear. Hyeon-jun also learned his techniques as Gildre's disciple, but it was difficult to trace back in a state where there were not enough data as it is now.

I felt sorry for making him work, but Levian's expression and voice were full of confidence.

"I believe."

And three days passed.

"This is my limit."

Levin brought results. Although he completed the hard work, he was also a 'human', so there were a lot of places where the main body was expected to be located.

Hyun-jun turned his gaze towards Flame, who was standing next to him.

It was an unspoken question as to whether he would be able to search this wide area alone. Recognizing the meaning of the gaze, Flame nodded her head and opened her mouth.


Although it was difficult, I thought it was not impossible.

Hyun-jun nodded without a word, and Flame started reconnaissance from that day. And three days passed again.

"A reconnaissance report has been sent from Flame. It is said that the main force operating the pursuit team has been found."

"What about Flame?"

"I am returning from reconnaissance. There seems to be a chase, but nothing to worry about."

At the report of Levin, Hyunjun nodded. He immediately ordered the combined fleet to move exclusively. The combined fleet moved toward the ground.

"I've seen a signal from Lord Flame in the desert area ahead."

The officer of the Guardian's 1st Bridge reported in a harsh voice. Hyeonjun adjusted his technique and put a magic radar on the screen in front of him.

The familiar magical reaction, the flame, was approaching at high speed, and after that, dozens of fighters' magical reactions were fiercely chasing them.

"43 Gira… … . A lot followed."

It wasn't a small number, but it wasn't a battleship commanded by the Invaders, it was just a small fighter with the Soldier on board. There was no way that the combined fleet could be an opponent.

"Are you going to launch an idle golem squadron?"

Levin asked. Hyeon-jun nodded, and 20 orbital golems that were released soon covered Flame's retreat.

The number of ejected idle golems was less than the number of enemy fighters, but due to differences in performance, the fighters had no choice but to be defeated.

The idle golem squadron that shot down 43 fighters has returned. Hyunjun opened his mouth, sending his cold gaze over the transparent wall in front.

"There is a high probability that there is an enemy airship nearby. Max Magic Radar."

"Magic Radar, to the max!"

The officers of the 1st bridge repeated Hyeon-jun's orders and moved in unison. While the battleship and guardian's magic radar was fully deployed, the flame that entered the ship through the hangar suddenly entered the first bridge.

"It was late."

"Where is the enemy?"

"I got it perfectly. It uses a fairly high-level cloaking technique, so it won't be easily detected by magic radar."

Flame reported. Hyeonjun unfolded a military map, and Flame pinpointed the location of the enemy airship that he had seen with the naked eye.

"Move forward."

The combined fleet, led by the Guardian, crossed over the desert area.

how long did you fly? A fleet of airships appeared from afar.

By the way… … .

"The number seems to be higher than expected."

"Hey, have you grown?"

At Levien's point, Flame bit her lip so much that blood leaked out and shook her eyes nervously.

"It seems to be a trap."

Hyunjun said. It seems that it was the beginning of the trap from revealing the location to Flame.

Now that you've lured them, you must have summoned troops that were hiding elsewhere.

"It seems that at least three combat units have gathered?"

Hyunjun muttered in a small voice that was close to talking to himself.

If you add up the forces on the ground, more than 4 invading combat units were gathered.

Unlike the case of dealing with Earth, it was a burden for the combined fleet to deal with four units with intact forces at once.

If this is a trap, the possibility that the enemy's additional reinforcements are already coming cannot be ignored.

"How do I do this?"

The number of enemies was higher than expected, and the possibility of additional reinforcements had to be considered, which hurts my pride, but it was necessary to think about the option of retreating operationally.

At Levin's question, Hyunjun bit his lip slightly.

"You can feel the magic of 'relics' around here."

Why do you have to be here? It didn't seem like the enemies knew and dug the trap, but it was clever.

As long as I felt the magic of the relic, the mobile fortress, the option of withdrawing from here disappeared.


"Yes, I understand."

With the Guardian in the lead, the combined fleet advanced towards the enemy airship. After confirming that the distance had narrowed to a certain extent, Hyun-jun picked up the hell yam that was placed beside him.

- Is it a battle?

Hyeon-jun nodded his head instead of answering Hell Yamdo's question and turned his head to Levian.

"Levian, I ask you to take command of the 1st Bridge."

"Are you planning to participate in the war yourself?"

"I thought it would be a good idea to start with the baseline."

As soon as he finished speaking, Hyunjun smiled. I had no idea that there was a disaster-level deity out there.

The Consul of the Dimensional Alliance, Isyria, said that the commander in charge of leading a unit would be the Invaders at the 5th to 6th level who did not reach the divine status.

As it is said that several units were united, there could be one god in the role of the united commander, but in that case, it would be just a nightmare.

"Open the hangar."


The hangar door opened, and Hyun-jun drew a golden sword and released the divine power. Even the wings appeared, and the power of a disaster-level god was awakened at once.

If you use Wither Miller's Transcendental Sword, you can reach the level of a catastrophic deity, but that was overkill. Unless the 7th Invasion Corps commander, Haswell, showed up, there was no need to even use the Transcendental Sword.

'First, arrange the vanguard.'

I plan to dig deep and sweep it all away. A melee would occur, but Hyun-jun trusted the aiming skills and abilities of the combined fleet.

And he was confident that he wouldn't be hit by blind shelling in a chaotic situation.

He spread his golden wings and narrowed the distance with the enemies at once.

In his right hand he held a golden sword to radiate divine power, and in his left hand he held a hell yam to absorb even a little more of the enemy's magical power.

He swung his golden sword and cast Sword Drain. Hundreds of golden aurora blades rained down from the sky towards the leading lines.

"Sashimi, evasive maneuver!"

Although the battleships moved urgently, it was virtually impossible to dodge the Sword Rain due to their large size.

Nine battleships at once were hit by the sword rain and either crashed or exploded in mid-air.

"It is the power of the Godhead!"

"Clearly qualified!"


Invaders fighters poured out of the battleships. There were hundreds of them, and they attacked them all at once using their powers and magic.

- Master, it's coming.

Hell Yam was fussy, but Hyun-jun calmly raised his magic.

-The righteous shield of Carthage protects you. As long as the great guardian is with you, nothing can threaten you.

He chose to defend rather than destroy magic. Since there was a high probability that it would be a long-term battle, the idea was to save as much magical power as possible.

Gildre's protection was able to completely destroy magic, but it consumed too much mana.

bang! Quang!

Dozens of magic and powers beat the Auror Shield, but Carthage's protection endured all attacks like a huge mountain.

After one concentration of firepower, a brief lull came. Hyunjun smiled as he sent his sharp gaze over the Auror Shield.

"Is it my turn?"

power was raised again.

-Estelle opens the red magic book. Temporarily allows the use of fire magic.

-Exercise the power of the Red Mage of Eastel. Increases the power of fire magic by 5 times. Higher multiple chants are used.

I used Eastel's protection. Both eyes were dyed red, and a magic book opened in front of them.


Hot flames spread across the sky. The speed was so fast that even the Invaders couldn't react. Of the hundreds of Invaders, half were engulfed in brutal flames.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 210


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