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Chapter 213 - The Mobile Fortress Reveals - Part 3


Since most of the crew members of the combined fleet were organized as members of the Infinite Corps, it was important to supply and supply Black Magic Stones to make up for the vacancy.

So, as soon as the battle was over, Hyeonjun ordered that the first thing to be searched for the remains of the airship and the ground forces' garrison and to collect as many black magic stones as possible.

As a result, a considerable number of additional Black Magic Stones were secured, which was used to permanently summon crews and combat units to maintain and repair the Mobile Fortress from the Infinite Corps.

After receiving Hyeon-jun's order, Levin was deployed as the staff and de facto commander of the Mobile Fortress, and the existing guardian's command was taken over by the 'Doll'.

While Haswell was moving with the remaining forces, the Combined Fleet was in the midst of repair work to recover the losses caused by the battle with the main force of the 7th Invasion Corps and the command training of the Mobile Fortress.

"What do you think? Is it worth it?"

After resting, Hyun-jun visited the command tower. I could see Levian holding his head with the command and control techniques spread out.

"The procedure is complicated, but I think I am used to it to some extent."

"It's also Levin."

"There is something more important than praising me."


Hyun-jun asked as he was handed a hot coffee from the officer in the command tower.

Levin's expression was quite serious. He opened his mouth with a magic radar screen on the large monitor in front of him.

"I sent the reconnaissance by imprinting the search technique on the 3 orbital golem squadrons."

"Is this an enemy scout?"

If you look at the magic radar, there was a record of encounters with a fighter squadron. However, it was frequent.

"It could be a bit of a problem."

"The enemy's reconnaissance operations are aggressive. There is a high probability that the main force is in an ambush nearby."

After hearing Hyun-jun's murmur, Levin carefully expressed his opinion.

"How big is the main unit?"

It was out of curiosity rather than worry.

The Mobile Fortress, which operated only 30% of its maximum power, played a major role in the battle that took place a while ago.

"It will be bigger than the enemies we saw in the battle a while ago."

"We also deploy our reconnaissance units aggressively. Find out where the enemy is first and then take control of the back."

"I will run."

On that day, all of the additionally produced airborne golems were mobilized to conduct a reconnaissance flight, and the main force of the 7th Invasion Corps was found soon after.

"I found it."

As soon as he entered the command tower, Levin reported.

"Exact location?"

"I marked it on the magic radar."

Eventually, Hyun-jun's gaze turned to the magic radar. As Levien said, the exact location of the enemies was marked, and the mobile fortress and the combined fleet were not far from the floating area.

"Can you control the rear?"

At Hyeon-jun's question, Levin reviewed the data on the procedure and immediately opened his mouth.

"It's not impossible if you use the Advanced Concealment Technique of the Mobile Fortress."

"Go ahead."

Levin asserted. Hyun-jun nodded his head with a satisfied expression, instructing the progress of the plan.

From the moment I used the word Higher Concealment, the consumption of magic seemed unusual, so I didn't bother asking.

"Then, let's catch up."

Levin said. Soon, the combined fleet, starting with the Mobile Fortress, began a detour to occupy the rear of the 7th Invasion Corps. However, Haswell, who served as the commander of the 7th Invasion Corps, was not an idiot either.

He was operating an aggressive reconnaissance squadron and soon confirmed that the combined fleet had disappeared.

Due to the advanced concealment techniques of the Mobile Fortress, the location could not be specified, but the guard was strengthened in anticipation that the rear would be dangerous.

"What should I do?"

The posterior border is tight for several days. Levian said with a dark face as he looked at Hyun-jun who came to the command tower.

"The rear vigilance has been strengthened, so it doesn't mean much to occupy the back as it is."

At Levin's words, Hyunjun also frowned. It was frustrating that things didn't go as expected. But it can't be like this.

Unlike the Hall of Previous Life, this place was a place where time passed.

"I can't delay any longer."

"Are you going to attack?"

Levin asked in a calm voice. Hyun-jun was worried, but it didn't seem like a solution would come out because of the delay.


The worries didn't last long. Hyun-jun made a decision right away, and Mobile Fortress was the first to move.

As the advanced concealment techniques they had maintained were lifted, the Mobile Fortress and the Combined Fleet appeared behind Haswell's 7th Invasion Corps.

"Enemy appears from behind!"


As the rear vigilance was strictly maintained, the 7th Invasion Corps did not panic when they saw the sudden appearance of the combined fleet and responded immediately.

The battleships in the rear reversed all at once and started firing.

"In front of the mobile fortress."

Hyunjun said in a calm voice. In the 7th Invasion Corps, there is Haswell, who has reached the status of a catastrophic deity.

Hyeon-jun was watching the situation from the command tower of the Mobile Fortress because he had to conserve his magical power to deal with him.

If Haswell stepped forward or if the war situation went unfavorably to the combined fleet, I was thinking of going out on my own.

The Mobile Fortress penetrated into the enemy line with its strong shield and powerful madong gun firepower. Dozens of battleships were shot down with dark red flames whenever the madong cannons installed on the walls of the fortress in all directions fired fire all at once.

Although the main force of the 7th Invasion Corps had a large number of airships, it was too much to handle a single mobile fortress.

As the Battleship Guardians and the cruisers of the Combined Fleet joined in, the situation gradually became unfavorable to the 7th Invasion Corps.

"I will go."

The bridge of the corps command line, Haswell, ordered the adjutant to prepare a special forces unit directly under him.

He planned to participate in the war by personally leading the special forces directly under the corps. Before long, Haswell and hundreds of Invaders poured out of the corps commander.

"Many forces have been ejected from the enemy's corps command line!"

The command tower officer reported in a harsh voice. Hyun-jun sensed that the time had come. He grabbed the hell yam and jumped outside, releasing the power of the Godhead.

The golden wings spread and a powerful energy spread. Afterwards, Flame, Taemin, Sojin, and Sahyeol and Sahyeok joined the SS.

"It breaks through at once."

Hyeonjun exhaled coldly and at the same time used Withered Miller's Transcendental Sword.

As the power of the liberated deity grew stronger, it reached the level of a temporary but catastrophic deity.

The energy that exploded for a moment stopped the Invaders. Without missing the opportunity, Hyun-jun dug into the enemies.

Belatedly, the Invaders raised their weapons.

- The Reaper's brutal murderous intent is awakened. A part of deadly living is liberated. As a living being, there is no escaping instinctive fear.

Lord in the storm of life that exploded like an explosion.

The bodies of the Invaders above were hardened like stones.

-Durendal is with you. A radiant brilliance dwells in the righteous sword.

A deep blue light was scattered. As the golden sword vomited a mixed-colored Auror blade, dozens of Invaders fell, scattering red blood.

"Hit the right person!"

Invaders came. At first glance, they were not of a high level. Since it seemed obvious to induce attrition, Hyun-jun put his subordinates forward rather than directly.

While his subordinates were fighting low-level Invaders, Hyun-jun faced Invaders with more than SSS-level force with Flame and Sojin.

It took only about 30 minutes for the SSS-class invaders in the front to be annihilated.

When the advanced power was annihilated, the front formation collapsed as if it were collapsing, and in the end, Hyun-jun's men were victorious in the outpost.

The Invaders, who took the first step to induce attrition, retreated hastily, and Hyun-jun regrouped his men, including the SS.

"Report the damage to the SS!"

"It's mild!"

Sahyeol reported on Hyun-jun's question. Eventually, Levien's idling golem squadron stepped forward to buy time, while the SS reorganized their formation, but the Invaders were in a dizzying state as they were dealing with hundreds of idling golems.

"I am the vanguard!"

Hyunjun raised his magic by shouting with a sharp voice.

-Raikiri's light guides you to the far side. Become a single ray of light with light and pierce the enemy.

A lance of lightning pierced the chest of the Invaders who were leading the charge.

He was an Invader who reached the height of a nightmare-level god and was the commander of a special forces unit directly under the Legion. Unfortunately, he was taken aback while concentrating on conducting.

"Big, uh… … ."

Although his heart was pierced, he is a high-level Invader.

He tried to launch a counterattack immediately, but unfortunately, he could not withstand the lightning that flowed through the wound and his body stiffened for a moment. In the meantime, Hyeon-jun wielded a hell yam and cut the head of the commander of the special forces.


Not only was his heart pierced, but he was also fatally wounded in the neck. Although it was said that he had the power of super-fast regeneration, it was difficult to recover, so Hyun-jun immediately found the next goal.

After intercepting five more Invaders who appear to be officers of the Special Forces, a giant appeared.

"You are eligible… … ."

The 7th Invasion Corps commander, Haswell, blocked Hyeon-jun's front with a heavy momentum.

Next to him were the Invaders who seemed to be officers of the special forces directly under the corps.

'The power of the Transcendental Sword is sufficient.'

There wasn't enough magic power. Haswell tried to open his mouth to try something to talk to, but Hyun-jun rushed towards him without hesitation.

"okay! The sea you've been waiting for!"

Haswell, too, gladly agreed. The Invaders, executive officers of the Special Forces, also tried to intervene, but it was impossible.

The level of attack and defense between Hyun-Jun and Haswell was too high, so there was no room for intervention.

Thanks to saving enough magic power, Hyun-jun was able to exchange stable battles with Haswell without being too far behind.

Rather, it felt more comfortable than when I was dealing with the Insible. Insible and Haswell were invaders of the same class, but there was a slight difference in skill.

'Hey, this is more than I thought… … .'

The power of the qualified person was stronger than expected. At this rate, I had an ominous thought that I might be defeated.

He wanted to step back and rearrange his stance, but Hyun-jun didn't give him any room for that.

While maintaining the defense, he launched an offensive like a storm.


In the end, Haswell spit out harsh swear words. It was because he lost his left arm 30 minutes after the battle began.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 213


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