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Chapter 214 - 990,000 Will - Part 1


"Hey, it would be like this… … ."

The commander of the 7th Invasion Corps, Haswell, stumbled and vomited blood. His left arm was amputated and his body was full of small and large wounds.

After the battle with Hyun-jun started, he was driven to this point within 30 minutes.

Looking at Haswell's bewildered expression, Hyun-jun just smiled.

In his right hand, a golden sword, symbolizing the power of the Godhead, was shining brilliantly, and in his left hand was a hell yam that harvested magical power from his opponent.

- He's tired.

Hell Yamdo explained. Haswell's condition was so devastating that he could tell without even having to report it.

Since there is also a period of time for the transcendental sword, Hyun-jun immediately launched a strong offensive towards Haswell. Haswell was too tired to endure a series of sword attacks pouring down like a storm.

In the end, he lost even his right arm and a hell yam was pierced into Haswell's heart struggling with pain.

"Cuckoo, Cuckoo!"

Hyeon-jun swung his golden sword towards Haswell, who once again splattered red blood.

With fatal wounds to the heart, neck, and abdomen, Haswell folded its jet-black wings and fell powerlessly to the ground.

"Fire Cannon."

Dozens of magic was poured towards the place where Haswell crashed, as if it were a confirmation kill.

Hyeonjun stopped the magic bombing only after confirming that the magic reaction had completely disappeared.

"The enemy is dead!"

shouted with power. Even in the midst of the melee, the eyes of the Invaders turned to the place where Haswell crashed.

They soon recognized that their chief had fallen. There was no confusion. In the still silence, the Invaders united in search of the next commander.

"They are reacting strangely."

While the Invaders were reorganizing their troops, Flame came to me cautiously and said: Hyunjoon had the same idea.

An ominous thought crossed my mind. Hyun-jun brought the communication equipment to his lips.

"Levian, report the situation."

Hyunjun said. It was a question I asked because I thought that Levin, who was in overall control of the situation from the command tower of the Mobile Fortress, would be able to read the flow of the battlefield without difficulty.

- Master, it's not serious. I think it would be better to step away first.

The 7th Invasion Corps lost its commander, Haswell, and high-ranking commanders, but it still did not disintegrate and showed a strong rallying force.

Although it was said that they were the forces of the Invasion Command that it was a disgrace to see them retreating, they were showing an unusually calm appearance.

It was as if waiting for something.

"Wait a minute, are you waiting?"

I didn't feel good. Hyunjun opened his mouth again, lifting the communication equipment.

"All troops, immediately after… … ."

The words did not last to the end.

Woo woo woo!

A wave of powerful magic hit Hyeonjun. The sky was torn apart, and a large army numbering over a hundred and a thousand ships was revealed.

"Chi, this is the main force of the Invasion Command!"

Revil, a high-ranking knight of the Dimensional Alliance, who was fighting alongside Hyeonjun, turned pale when he recognized the flag of the great army that had ripped the sky.

"Kang Hyun-jun! You must avoid it now!"

The wide-open dimensional gateway vomited out the forces of the invasion command's main force. Revil came close to Hyun-jun and shouted that he should back off.

"They are the main force under the direct command of the invasion commander! A formidable foe incomparable to an ordinary legion!"

"Do you think you can back off?"

Hyunjun said coldly. Suddenly, the army of the invasion command's main force filled the sky. They were taking control of the front and rear, left and right, and slowly narrowing the distance.

-If you pass the qualified person, I will spare your life.

A cry filled with magical power resounded from the main force of the invasion command. However, the crew of the Infinite Legion armed with deep loyalty to the summoner could not be shaken.

"Guild Master… … ."

Taemin came closer. Hyunjun didn't show it, but his stomach was burning.

There were too many new enemies that appeared, and the level never seemed to be low.

- The mobile fortress will support the retreat.

Before the fragments of the brief thought could be scattered, Levian's voice came from the communication equipment, and the Mobile Fortress rushed towards the Invasion Command's main force at full speed.

"Shit! Levin!"

Instinctively, he spit out abusive language, but communication was cut off. All the magic guns mounted on the mobile fortress blew out fire.

As dozens of airships were shot down, the formation of the main force of the invasion command was slightly shaken, but that was only for a moment.

A special task force composed of Invaders was deployed. Even in the Mobile Fortress, the idle golems were fired like crazy, but there was no way they could be the opponents of the Invaders.

The idle golems couldn't even resist properly and were shot down by storm water. The Invaders, who quickly took over the air supremacy, tried to penetrate the mobile fortress through the shield.

"bodyguard! Gather!"

In response to Hyun-jun's cry, Sa-hyeol and Sa-hyeok gathered the SS.

"Save the Mobile Fortress from now on!"

The Consul of the Dimensional Alliance, Isyria, moved first. She led the high-ranking knights and quickly closed the distance with the mobile fortress to save it.

"I'll go first!"

Short-distance dimensional leaps and short-range dimensional jumps narrowed the distance in an instant, and soon she began to engage the Invaders Special Forces under the direct control of the Invasion Command's main force.

Although she had reached the level of divine power, she had too many Invaders.



The high-ranking knights splattered blood and fell. As soon as their number was reduced by more than half, Hyeonjun and the SS joined.

Every time he swung his golden sword, the Invaders fell, splattering blood. But the enemy continued to grow. The number of guards guarding by his side was rapidly declining.

- Master, there is no chance of winning! The level of the enemies is too high!

Once again, when a group of Invaders Special Forces poured out from the battle fleet of the Invasion Command main force, the Hell Yam Island reacted violently.

Hyeonjun quickly scanned the front by rolling his eyes while recovering the golden sword and hell yam.

"Is it at least SSS level? … ."

He smiled with a dismayed expression. The number of Invaders who surpassed the SSS-class level was over three hundred, so it was a mind-numbing number.

Even if they killed all of them, it was hard to see it as a battle with a chance of winning, as the number of airships that ridiculously passed 1,000 ships were holding on after that.

But you can't back off.

Hyunjun's eyes grew cold. The gaze towards the approaching invaders was full of life. The auror blades in his right and left hands were exploding with full of magical power.

To deal with the Invaders in front of him, he had no choice but to consume this much magical power.

Mana was being consumed at a rapid rate due to the continuous battle, but it could not be stopped. The moment I stopped consuming magical power and stopped using the Transcendental Sword and Divine Power, I was sure to become a prey for the invaders.

"There is a qualified person over there!"

"Shoot it!"

Invaders belonging to the main force's special forces flocked in. The mass offensive had begun.

Unlike a while ago, when the Soldiers and sub-invaders stepped forward, most of the enemies who became shields this time were those with strong magical powers.


Hell Yam cried like a scream. The Invaders have been besieging you from the front, left and right sides. Half went to Hyeon-Jun, and the other half headed for the Mobile Fortress.

The magic guns and anti-aircraft guns installed in the mobile fortress resisted by spitting fire nonstop, but the shields were rapidly worn out by the invaders.

However, that did not mean that the Mobile Fortress was not a good opponent. Of the one hundred and fifty Invaders who were attached to the Mobile Fortress, more than half were hit by intensive fire from Madong and anti-aircraft guns and either fell or were seriously injured and retreated.

-The mobile fortress is safe! We don't care!

As communication was restored, Levian's voice was heard. Hyunjun smiled and raised two swords.

I told him not to worry about it, but I thought it wouldn't be easy, so I swung my sword.

He wielded a golden sword and a hell yam and stabbed the invaders who rushed at them.

He waved his arms non-stop. He poured his mana without sparing it.

The Reaper's intuition led the edge of the blade to the most obvious weakness that could kill the enemy in one hit, and the Invaders collapsed helplessly.


My breath hit the tip of my chin. After killing over one hundred and fifty Invaders, wiping their blood-stained eyes, and looking around, there were few who stood by.

Sahyeol and Sahyuk, Taemin and Flame, and a few members of the SS were all there. Hyunjun clenched his teeth and raised his magic.

- The will of Danzig resides. As long as you have someone to protect, you won't fall.

Indeed, it has been a long time since Danzig's protection has been used. A bright light erupted from Hyunjun's body. At the same time, his stamina was restored and his blurred vision was restored to some extent.

Now that protection has been activated, he will not fall as long as he has someone to protect him.

"Gather up the bodyguards!"

They shouted for their throats to burst, but those who managed to gather were not in their twenties.

Hyeon-jun bit his lip to the point of gushing out because even they were bloody or badly wounded, such as missing an arm.

"It breaks through to the mothership at once."

Hyunjun said in a calm voice. It was a small voice, but the assembled members of the SS clearly understood it.


It sprinted towards the mothership in the distance. In an instant, the distance narrowed. Invaders belonging to the main force's special forces blocked the way, but Hyun-jun swung his sword to shake them off.

As the golden slash spread out, the sky turned red.

-The army marches in line with Elvin's orders. As long as they are together, they will not stop, nor will they run away.

The call has been activated.

The army advanced, and the members of the bodyguards fell one by one, pouring blood, but Hyeon-Jun did not stop.

As they got closer to the mothership, high-level Invaders flocked in, and later, several of them who reached the state of divine status also clinged to each other.

'Can't pierce.'

A disappointing reality loomed ahead.

- Only three nightmare-level gods and five disaster-level gods. this is hard

Hell Yamdo added an explanation. He drew the golden sword to release the power of the divine god, and even used the transcendent sword to reach the level of a catastrophe-level divine god, but he did not think that he would be able to cross that line of defense.

They weren't all eight.

Invaders above the SSS level, hundreds of numbers were blocking the way, and there were no longer those who were guarding them. You have entered too deep to receive the help of the Mobile Fortress.

"Eligible person, give up and calmly accept your fate."

"Even if we go through hundreds of thousands of reincarnations, you cannot stop our will."

Eight Invaders, who have reached the height of divine status, ridiculed Hyun-jun.

"I have no choice but to use… … ."

Hyunjun's eyes lit up coldly.


-At the desperate request, the absolute will of Deus intervenes in fate.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 214


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