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Chapter 215 - 990,000 Will - Part 2

As the remaining magical power ran out, Deus's protection was forcibly used. A gigantic magical interference against fate occurred.

-According to an urgent request, we call for the protection of our past lives to shape our destiny.

- The Clown of Destiny responds.

-The Clown of Destiny offers you an all-inclusive gamble. Accept?

A cold smile spread across Hyun-joon's lips as he heard a pleasant voice one after another.

"Of course I will."

The moment he nodded, an invisible energy permeated Hyun-jun.

A clown appeared in front of him. He opened the card with a playful laugh.

-From now on, the clown of fate draws three cards.

-The Clown of Destiny draws the first card.

-Congratulations. I drew a card of the Golden King of the End. Your rank goes up. It is temporary, but it rises to the level of an apocalyptic god.

The magic exploded.

"It's not unusual!"

"Shoot it!"

The eight Invaders, who had risen to the level of the divine, spread powerful magical powers with splendid gestures.

Thousands of magic, powers, and slashes, completed in an instant, aimed at Hyeonjun.

-When the golden king of the end announced the end, everything became 'nothing'.

A golden energy exploded. All the will to attack Hyeon-jun melted away.

"Wow, what… … ."

"It's a co-op!"

"Attack all at once!"

The Invaders acted in harmony. Hyunjun moved his eyes. Their bodies exploded like firecrackers the moment they touched their lively gaze.

When the eight Invaders, who had reached the height of divine status, were wiped out in an instant, the rest of the Special Forces were greatly embarrassed, but they did not stop attacking Hyeon-jun.


He raised his magic once again. A golden energy exploded from his body and spread out in all directions.

The whole body of the Invaders touched by the energy of deadly life was shattered.

"Hey, this can't be… … ."

The staff of the main army, who was commanding the battlefield from the mother ship, were astonished. The special forces directly under the aggression command's pride were annihilated.

"Invasion Commander! I'm asking for the sortie of the Teenagers!"

The staff raised their voices. In order to quickly subdue the eligible people and clear up the situation, he was planning to sortie out a group of 10 Invaders, the most elite and famous in the main army.

At the repeated request, the commander of the invasion, Copenhagen, who was standing in the control group of the central bridge, opened his eyes.

"Take him to the mothership. I will intercept the right person with the teenager."

"Gee, I'll follow your instructions!"

The road to the mothership was opened. There were anti-aircraft gunfire and magic beam attacks, but the Invaders no longer blocked Hyun-jun.

'It will break through at once.'

It sprayed explosive magic and in an instant narrowed the distance with the mother ship.

-The Clown of Destiny drew a second card.

-Congratulations. You drew a card of the Secret Observer. The gaze of transcendence is contained in your eyes. A path will open where the eye can reach, and no one will be able to escape your secret observations.

I saw the way At the end of the path that was revealed before my eyes, I could instinctively know that the invasion commander was waiting.

'There it is!'

Hyunjun's eyes shone sharply. He slammed the sky towards the mothership's central bridge and flew in at once.

There were no invaders blocking the way. He pierced through the intermittent rain of anti-aircraft gunfire and plunged into himself as if throwing himself.

It was the speed of maximum power. I had no choice but to rush even more because I did not know how long the cards of the Golden King of the End drawn by the clown of fate would last.

-Durendal is with you. A radiant brilliance dwells in the righteous sword.

The golden sword shone more brilliantly. As it was swung vigorously, the brilliance of the deep blue radiated forward vigorously, opening the way to the central bridge. At the same time, Hyunjun threw himself forward.

It broke through the transparent wall of the central bridge and penetrated inside at once. The sight of the Invaders, which had been shaken for a moment, appeared as if they were waiting for them to recover.

It was temporary, but as he reached the final stage, his sharpened instinct made him swing his sword first.

A sword swung like lightning split the heads and chests of the attacking invaders.

"Cuckoo, Cuckoo!"


The Invaders fell, splattering blood. Hyeonjun frantically swung his sword, and the dozens of Invaders in the central bridge became corpses in an instant.

When there were no more enemies to attack, Hyun-jun quickly raised his head in a gloomy feeling. A man in a black uniform with red eyes was sitting right in front of him.

'The invading commander is clear.'

The interior was similar in structure to the command tower of the Mobile Fortress. It's like sitting in a chair behind the control group.

The distance was about 100 m. It was a distance enough to feel the presence, but Hyun-jun didn't even feel a small magical reaction.

Invasion Commander, Copenhagen. He was in front of him, but his momentum was secret, as if he wasn't there.

"Nice to meet you, eligible. I am the commander of the invasion, Copenhagen."

It was a short introduction. The moment Copenhagen opened its mouth, a sharp force flew in and penetrated like a blade.

Hyun-jun had to barely suppress the fear that was about to burst out of his body.

'It would be like this.'

He clenched his teeth to overcome the fear. Thanks to the golden king's card drawn by the clown of fate, he was temporarily elevated to the level of apocalyptic divinity, but when he received the momentum of the invasion commander, Copenhagen, he was out of breath! And I felt like I was blocked.

"I hope you will come all the way here."

Copenhagen let out a mutter that was close to talking to itself.

It wasn't the tone of blaming the subordinates who gave way. Rather, there was more mixed feelings of strangeness.

Hyun-jun slowly raised the Reaper's life. It was to face the intense energy of Copenhagen. Fortunately, it worked.

Thanks to Reaper's life as a shield and blocking the energy of Copenhagen, Hyun-jun was able to rearrange his scattered mind.

'Should I do my best?'

To do that, you need to find a gap. Hyeonjun moved his eyes busily to look at Copenhagen.

He seemed to be sitting loosely, but it was like a huge wall that did not waver.

The chaotic worries did not last long. Because the invasion commander moved first. When Copenhagen took the first step in the heavy tension, Hyun-jun also moved two swords in a hurry.



Instinct warned.

-The righteous shield of Carthage protects you. As long as the great guardian is with you, nothing can threaten you.

As the energy of the previous life sprayed in front of them gathered and formed the form of Carthage's protection, the Blue Auror Shield, something struck directly.

As the scattered magic fragments sank, I saw a huge ax stuck in the Auror Shield.

It happened so quickly that it was hard to recognize.

"Hey, is it good enough?"

Unlike Hyun-jun, who was very nervous, Copenhagen's voice was full of leeway.

It seems that the surprise raid a while ago was a kind of light search battle, not a full effort.

'It's an enemy you can't see easily.'

Hyun-Jun once again made up his mind. And took a fighting stance.

Copenhagen did not stand still. As he stretched out his hand, a jet-black blade appeared in the air. However, it wasn't one.

Dozens of weapons with black light in the air ripped open the space.

"It might be a little risky… … ."

Thoughts came out of my mouth unconsciously. Hyeon-jun moved forward cautiously, but without hesitation, and Copenhagen remained silent.

Only the jet-black weapons floating in the air aimed at Hyeonjun with the tip of the blade and shook as if searching.


When I said my name quietly, the previous life answered. As magical power surged from his body, protection was activated.

-Raikiri's light guides you to the far side. Become a single ray of light with light and pierce the enemy.

I thought that the distance would be narrowed in an instant.


"It doesn't work."

dry voice. Copenhagen had only lifted one finger, but seven weapons pierced the steed of light.


He didn't know that he would attack the Horse of Light directly. Hyeon-jun let out a short moan in panic while taking a fall right before he fell.

"Is it Raikiri's protection? I was killed by the commander of the 8th Invasion Corps at the time in the dimension of Imos. He was quick enough to be nicknamed the Flash Lancer, but he wasn't good enough to face the 8th Invasion Corps commander who was called 'Quick'."

Copenhagen roared. It was a clear provocation, and Hyunjun knew it too, but his body didn't move as he intended.

When he woke up, he was rushing fiercely towards Copenhagen.

"He's a simple guy."


There was a roar, and Hyunjun's body flew away as if tossed backwards. I don't know where the attack came from.

It felt like being hit by a blunt weapon rather than being cut by a sharp object. For a moment, his vision became blurred, and his broken ribs stabbed his organs.

As the super-fast regeneration, one of the powers of the apocalyptic deity, was activated, the broken bones were aligned, but for a moment it felt chilling.


Blood poured out of his mouth.

"I thought I was going to fall in one blow, but I saw that I wouldn't lose consciousness… … . Is that Danzig's protection?"

Copenhagen asked. Hyunjun didn't answer. Copenhagen summoned more and more weapons and opened his mouth with a grim smile.

"Danzig, the one who didn't keep it. He lost everything to us. And that thought was recorded in the previous life system, but he still had no one to protect."

The life in his sharp eyes spread softly. Copenhagen was still sitting, but the heavy pressure seemed to advance gradually and finally reached Hyun-jun.

"Don't trust in your protection, they won't be able to protect you."

Dozens of weapons flew in as they rotated. At the same time, the oppression also intensified. Like a curse of bondage, it pressed hard on his body.

It was difficult to move. Since he couldn't move his body, he raised his magic power to activate protection.

-The righteous shield of Carthage protects you. As long as the great guardian is with you, nothing can threaten you.

An auror shield was created in front.

"Neither will Carthage be able to protect you."

Dozens of weapons tore through the whole body. Although he had reached the level of the ultimate godhood, he could not even resist properly.


He resisted, pulling out his weapon with profanity. However, Copenhagen still sat down and attacked Hyun-Jun with floating weapons. Complete defense was impossible.

His feet were stained with red blood, and his body had no sanctity. Had it not been for Danzig's protection, he would have collapsed already.

But this is also the end. Once again, a wave of chopping blades was coming, and Hyunjun had no power to stop it.

The moment I gave up everything, a clown appeared.

-The Clown of Destiny drew a third card.

-Congratulations. You have drawn a card of the Infinite Returner.

-The Infinite Returner reaches out to you. I ask you if you are prepared to endure eons of torment. What would you do?

At the suggestion of the voice, Hyun-jun smiled. From the beginning, the options were fixed.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 215


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