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Chapter 25 - What the Reaper Left behind - Part 2

Sungmin turned to the direction he heard Hyunjun's voice. Hyunjun was there. He suffered burns all over his body, but he was standing still.

It was clear that the pain would be severe, but his face was slightly distorted and he didn't even moan.

"A monster, a monster… … ."

"It's weak."

exhaled coldly. Thanks to Carthage and his messenger, the pain was familiar.

The storm of flames was menacing, and Seongmin was an executive hunter with intimidating killing skills, but he wasn't strong enough to compare to Carthage and Hassan.

His attack was so obvious compared to his two previous lives.

Still, it was an A-class hunter's attack, so it wasn't easy to escape because it was fast, but he was able to avoid being fatally wounded.


Sungmin sparked the spark once again, but Hyunjun didn't feel it was a big threat. Thanks to being hit once, the attack path was clearly visible.

In the process of dying hundreds or thousands of times in the room of his previous life, his insight has improved remarkably.


A storm of flames again aimed at Hyeonjun.

'I don't want to be beaten twice.'

He quickly escaped to the left of the flame storm and rushed towards Seongmin.

He hastily summoned a flame shield, but before the flames could complete the shield's shape, the sword Hyeon-Jun first pierced through his left hand.


"I want to play with it, but I'm sorry. I don't have time."

Hyeon-jun, who has recovered the sword pulled out of Seong-min's left hand, continues the movement for the next attack.

Seongmin swung his sword and ignited the flames. However, Hyeonjun did not stop swinging his sword even as his legs were engulfed in flames.


The swung sword cut deeply into Seongmin's upper body. He staggered, bleeding red.

"Uh, why… … ."

"I am used to pain."

With the answer, the sword that I stabbed was stuck in Seongmin's stomach. A proper counterattack was impossible with a wound on his left hand.

At least he tried to evade and the sword was stuck in his abdomen. If he had stayed still, the sword would have pierced his heart.

'What kind of swordsmanship… … .'

Sungmin's eyes fluttered. The level of swordsmanship was different from those he had dealt with so far.

"Temple… … Wasn't it... … Cool!"

Sungmin spilled red blood. The terrible pain in his left hand and stomach made it impossible to think properly.

He had a lot of head-to-head experience, but had never been injured this badly, so he wasn't used to the pain.

On the other hand, Hyun-jun was used to the pain.

So, even when surrounded by flames, other people would have fainted and struggled without overcoming the pain, but Hyun-jun was able to calmly dodge and counterattack.

"Wow! Shit!"

Sungmin let out a moan along with abusive language.

The terrible pain made it hard to concentrate on controlling the flames, and the sword stuck in his stomach made it impossible to even move properly.

The situation is clearly exposed to the attack that will follow soon.

"you… … We know who's behind our guild, so... … ."

"It's over."

You don't even have to listen to the end. Instead of drawing a sword, he vigorously swung the shield he was holding in his left hand.

Shields are also a means of defense, but sometimes they are excellent blunt weapons.


Sungmin's face was sunken with a roar that drowned out even the screams. Hyeon-jun shed a cynicism as he watched him collapse in a miserable state.

When he pulled out the sword stuck in his stomach, he was wriggling like an earthworm, so it doesn't seem like he's completely out of breath.

"Sa, live… … ."

Sungmin lifted his messed up face and begged. I didn't want to die in vain like this.

However, Hyun-jun's gaze looking down at Seong-min was cold. Without a word, he stabbed Sungmin's heart with his sword.

"Uh… … ."

"I'm sorry, but I don't have a hobby of leaving a remorse."

Seongmin, whose heart was pierced, shook his body once, and then lowered his head helplessly.

Hyun-jun looked around the office with a cold gaze, leaving the body behind.

- The Reaper is excited. Here's what he's looking for.

A voice was heard. At the same time, a familiar wave of magic was felt. It was the same kind that I felt when expressing the Reaper's protection.

'Are you here?'

Following the attraction of magic, we arrived at the personal office of the executive director Jeong Seong-min.

Reaper's strong wind could be felt from the drawer of his desk. When I opened the drawer, there was an old wooden storage box.

The Reaper's residual magic that had flowed in along with the blessing seemed to tell him to open the locker in front of him.

I picked up the locker and opened it. It contains a small dagger and an old necklace.

'Is this what the Reaper said?'

The office was on fire, so I didn't have time to take a closer look.

I grabbed a dagger and a necklace, and came out into the hallway where the flames were less lit, gathering magic power.

- The sergeant begins an evil scheme. A shadow behind you erases any traces of you.

The destruction of evidence began with the appearance of the blessing of the Goddess. Hyun-jun left the building with a sneer.

The flames summoned by Seongmin completely engulfed the Echo Guild office in a short time.

Most of the firefighters who came to the scene of the fire were firefighters because they quietly dealt with the hunters of the executive branch in charge of the internal security.

There were also personnel dispatched from the special police department, but only a small number. It seemed that he was unaware that the "murder" had taken place in the first place.

'I can rest assured.'

Hyeon-jun, who was hiding in the dark and watching him, smiled with a satisfied expression.

The evidence was erased under the protection of the sergeant, and a fire broke out, so it's a perfect assassination, except for a few dead bodies that have been stabbed with swords.

'Let's go back.'

It wasn't a fatal wound, but the burns and the overall injury were not light.

If I go back to the hospital like this, I might be suspicious, so I was thinking of contacting Taemin and getting help from a recovery hunter.

I went deep into the alley, took out my smartphone, and called Taemin. The call waiting tone did not last long.

-Mr. Hyeonjun Kang? My God, I just received a report of a major fire in the Echo Guild office. Perhaps… … .

"That's me. We will meet and tell you the details. Sojin, please come with me."

Smartphones are at risk of eavesdropping. So I didn't explain the details.

With the help of Sojin, a recovery hunter, the current level of injury would have been recoverable.


"The location will be sent directly to you by message."

The phone call is over. Hyunjun sent his current location to Taemin. Did you wait 30 minutes against the wall? I could feel the presence of two people entering the alley.

"Mr. Hyeonjun Kang!"

It was Taemin's voice. Only then did Hyun-jun loosen the boundaries and appear in front of them.


It wasn't serious, but Sojin, who saw her body burnt and covered in blood, hurriedly ran and gathered her magical powers.

White magic for healing rose from both hands, and tears welled up in the two round eyes.


As Sojin's magic reached her, the burn she suffered in the battle with Seongmin began to slowly heal.

While Hyeonjun was recovering, Taemin was alert from a distance.


Sojin cautiously called Hyunjun. His voice was trembling thinly, as if he had already consumed a lot of mana.

Hyun-jun bowed his head, unable to see her face with complex emotions.

After a while, she opened her mouth again.

"I won't ask anything."

Many injuries were recovered thanks to the exhaustion that did not stop healing even when the magic power reached the bottom.

"Don't push yourself too hard."

Complex emotions emanated from his voice.

"I'm OK. sister."

I had no choice but to answer that. Because that was the answer Sojin wanted.

"okay… … ."

There is no power in Sojin's voice. Hyunjun, who had only felt close, suddenly felt far away. As if you had become someone else.

"Don't go too far."

She gently whispered her wishes.

* * *

A man is walking down a dark hallway. At the end of the long hallway, there was a wooden door with a luxurious pattern engraved on it.

The man moved his eyes to quickly scan his surroundings and hastened his steps. His face was obscured because of the dark lighting.

"Sir, I'm sorry. May I come in?"

"come in."

The man knocked lightly and said. As soon as someone allowed inside to come in, the man opened the door with a calm motion.

"It's serious. right?"

"You are also a member of the legislature."

"Yeah, I don't remember hearing any good stories when the executive director first found me."

The man called the councilor shook his head with a short sigh.

He seemed to have already made up his mind, thinking that the chief executive would be pouring out negative reports.

"The Echo Guild has been hit."

"Did the executive team take a hit?"

"That's right. It is said that they have effectively lost their function as an executive branch now."

It wasn't as good news as the senator had expected.

"We invested quite a bit in the Eco Guild, didn't we? I heard that the power of the executive branch has been strengthened recently... … What the hell happened? I think I got a report that nothing was going on until not long ago."

"It seems that the work in progress has gone awry, and the damage to the executive branch has been accumulating. Reports appear to have deliberately reduced the damage."

The executive director reported. The senator brought the glass to his lips with a dissatisfied expression.

"Isn't the last thing the Eco Guild touched on to conquer the Race Guild?"

"Yes. That's right. The Echo Guild's plan was to subdue and absorb the Race Guild's executive branch and aim for promotion to the silver tier."

"Then, can you think that this work was done by the race guild?"

The congressman thought that the most likely suspect who broke the eco guild's executive branch in the current situation was the race guild.

"But I have one question. The Race Guild has no power to subdue the Eco Guild. Recently, the appearance of mercenaries has been confirmed in the unofficial guild battles, but there are not enough relevant data."

Echo Guild's executive director Jeong Seong-min had information about Hyun-jun, an unofficial guild war mercenary of the Race Guild, but did not officially report it.

Moreover, since the data was also kept as a document, the guild office was completely burned down and all burned down.

"I'm a mercenary for the unofficial guild war… … Do you think he might be the culprit?"

"I think so too. We've already sent someone from our side to investigate the Echo Guild office, but couldn't find any evidence. There was nothing left, as if a ghost had gone."

"At least an A-class hunter must have been mobilized. He must also be specialized in assassination... … ."

said the senator. He wasn't a Hunter, but he knew him better than anyone because he had immersed his feet in this world.

"It's enough that the executive director, Jeong Seong-min, will be beaten… … A-class talent is certain. It is questionable how they were recruited by the Race Guild."

The ransom of an A-class hunter is about what it's worth. Even in the bronze tier guild, the lower race guild could not handle it.

"Maybe he was involved in the five-star group."

"Has the five-star group decided to stick with us completely?"

"Without them, there is no force behind the race guild."

"Then what should we do?"

"Moving directly… … The timing isn't right yet, so contact a decent silver tier guild and tell them to deal with the race guild and that mercenary."

The voice of the legislator oozes life.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 25


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