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Chapter 26 - What the Reaper Left behind - Part 3

I don't know when I lost consciousness, but when I woke up, it was a dream, a space from my previous life.

On the black iron gate in front of him, the words 'Blood-soaked murderer' are written. I opened the door carefully.

A well-organized English-style study that did not fit the nickname of "the blood-soaked killer" caught my eye.

'This is my first time here.'

Reaper's blessing has been received many times. But this is the first time I have visited his room.

He carefully closed the door and went inside. The study room was quite spacious.

As I turned the corner, a pale-faced gentleman with a black fedora was sitting by the window immediately visible.

His gaze, which had been fixed on the boarded-up window, eventually reached Hyun-jun.

To be precise, he was looking at the small storage box he was holding in his right hand.

"Is this what you were looking for?"

At the same time as he spoke, he lifted the locker in front of the Reaper. Reaper nodded. He had a calm expression on his face, but there was a deep sadness in it.

When I opened the locker, I saw an old necklace. The dagger inside was nowhere to be seen.

However, the Reaper didn't seem to care if it wasn't very important.

He put his hand inside the locker and pulled out the necklace. Carefully stroking the necklace he took out, the Reaper shed tears.

And it was over. When he woke up again, Hyunjun was lying under the white ceiling.

'Is it a hospital?'

When I woke up, memories of last night flooded in.

The last memory I have is that Sojin removed the burns that could be called the traces of the battle, and Taemin went through the procedures saying that he had to be hospitalized for recuperation.

Hyunjun turned his head and looked inside the hospital room. It was a fairly large single room, and on the table next to it was a locker from the Eco Guild office.

When I opened it carefully, only gray powder remained where the necklace had been, and a dagger was placed next to it.

It seemed that the necklace was taken and the dagger was left as a reward.

-Blood-soaked killer, the Reaper has given you a bloody blessing. Now the blood shed by your enemies will make you strong.

The moment I picked up the dagger, I heard a voice.

'I'll have to go see an appraiser.'

I was curious about the performance of the equipment the Reaper left as a reward. I wanted to receive the emotion sooner rather than later.

The Echo Guild's executive director kept it separate, so I thought it would definitely be useful.

Above all, the Reaper did not seem to be stingy in compensation.

It was about to move the dagger in the locker to the subspace pocket and sit back on the bed.

I felt a presence, and then stopped in front of the hospital door.

"Mr. Kang Hyun-jun? Are you awake?"

The voice that came with a light knocking sound belonged to Taemin.

"Come on in."

"Excuse me."

The door opened and Taemin walked in. He pulled up a chair next to Hyun-jun's bed and sat down, opening his mouth.

"Han So-jin is resting with her younger brothers at our guild office. I'm sure you're curious, so let me know first.

At Taemin's words, Hyunjun was relieved.

Although it was said that the Eco Guild executive was a fatal blow, he was not comfortable with the existence of the person behind the last mention by the executive director, Jeong Seong-min.

I don't know who the black man is, but at least if he's in the guild office, he'll be safe for now.

"For the safety of Han So-jin and her younger brothers, our guild is paying close attention to it, so you don't have to worry too much."

"Thank you for caring me. What happened to the Eco Guild executive?"

"It was quite a hit. Although only a day has passed, it is said that the departure from the regular guild members has begun."

Taemin, who calmly organized and reported the contents, looked like a loyal secretary.

"The guild office said that the special police started an investigation, but they did not find any evidence."

Hyunjun nodded at Taemin's words. It was a natural result since the evidence was erased with the blessing of the savior.

"good. If there is anything unusual, please report it immediately."

"Don't worry."

It was like a conversation between a superior and a subordinate, but Taemin didn't care.

In the dungeon raid era, I thought it was natural to bow my head to the strong, and above all, Hyun-jun was a benefactor for the race guild.

Above all, it was like riding a ship against the Echo Guild's darkness, so if he chose the option of joining the Race Guild, he could become a really advanced player.

So Taemin was preparing in advance.

"Is there no information on the background of the Echo Guild?"

"Sorry. We couldn't find out with our guild's abilities."

I wondered if it was possible, but it was what I expected.

If we could find out who was behind the Echo Guild, we could prepare a little bit, but with the intelligence of the Race Guild, it was not easy to track down the Echo Guild.

"Please keep an eye on it."

Since the guild has suffered a major blow, it is certain that revenge will come.

They lost most of the Enforcement Hunters used for covert work, but there's a presence behind them, so there's a chance they'll get support.

"Our guild is also working hard, so you don't have to worry too much."

Taemin said with a serious face. It was pretty believable.

* * *

Thanks to Sojin who came to me every day and gave me "healing", I was discharged after 3 days.

The first thing Hyun-jun did when he got out of the hospital was to visit an appraisal center.

He went to the nearest appraisal center and took out the dagger left by the Reaper as a reward from the subspace pocket.

"I would like to request an appraisal of this equipment."

"Let's see."

The magic that flowed from the appraiser's fingertips swept through the dagger.


"Is there any problem?"

"It is not. It's not a common type of equipment, so I was just a little surprised."

"Isn't this a common type of equipment?"

At Hyunjun's question, the appraiser nodded with a calm expression.

"It is a sealed device."

"What… … ."

"It is literally. Critical abilities are sealed. I've only heard of 'Sealed Equipment' as a rumor, but it's the first time I've actually seen it. It's no wonder that Hunter doesn't know."

The appraiser said indifferently.

However, since Hyun-jun had little knowledge of 'sealed equipment', more explanation was needed.

The appraiser noticed the fact too late and opened his mouth to explain.

"Sealed equipment is also divided into several types, but in the case of this dagger, the seal is unlocked one step at a time whenever certain conditions are met."

"Then is it not worth the equipment right now?"

If so, there is a problem. But the appraiser shook his head.

"It is not. Even when all the seals are on, it has been confirmed that the B-grade magic absorption rate and the user's body enhancement option are attached."

A smile naturally spread across his lips. Equipment with a high magic absorption rate will increase its efficiency when dealing with auras.

It was one of the equipment options that many Auror users needed.

"Once we confirmed that the equipment's unique name is 'The Butcher'."

It was possible for the appraiser to read the equipment's information with magical power. It wasn't difficult to figure out the name.

"I don't know how many stages of the seal are hanging, but I think if the final seal is released, I will be able to get at least an S-class rating. Even in the current state, there is no shortage of B-class equipment."

This means that one more B-class equipment has been added to Hyun-jun's armament.

"Are there any other options?"

"It has been confirmed that there is a recall function. If you shout the starting word 'recovery', the dagger will return to the hand of the user who remembered the magic power. This is an optional feature preferred by hunters who mainly throw daggers. Details will be recorded in the appraisal."

He wrote the appraisal. It didn't take long because it was a simple task.

"The writing is over. If you confirm, we will help you with payment."

It was exactly what the appraiser had said. Hyun-jun nodded once, took out his card, and paid 1 million won for the appraisal fee.

I thought for a moment that I wanted to entrust the feelings of the C-class long sword I got from the unofficial guild battle, but then I shook my head.

I didn't want to waste money because it was clear that there would be almost no optional features if it was a C-class equipment.

"How are we going to do the installments?"

The appraisal center was supporting the installment service for hunters who could not afford it.

"Please make a lump sum payment."

Hyun-jun said a lump sum payment without hesitation. Unlike before, he now had a lot of money in his bank account.

In addition to collecting nearly 200 million through dungeon raids and unofficial guild battles, I received a large sum of 1 billion won as a reward for neutralizing the eco-guild executive power from the race guild this morning, so I had plenty of room to spare.

It was the moment when I was about to finish the payment and leave the appraisal center and go back home.

The smartphone vibrated in my pocket, indicating that there was an incoming call. I took it out and checked the screen. It was Taemin who called.


- This is Kim Tae-min. Found a single detached house suitable for defensive battles.

Taemin's voice came out of the smartphone.

Hyun-jun had asked him yesterday to find a detached house for So-jin and his younger siblings.

I couldn't keep him in the race guild office.

The orphanage was exposed to danger, so I was thinking of finding a new home to live in.

The race guild executives promised to support the hunters in charge of security.

"Where is it?"

- This is Suwon.

If it's Suwon, it's not too far from Seoul, so the location wasn't bad.

- Today we decided to check the internal structure. Would you like to go with me?

"Yes. That will be fine."

- We will send you the vehicle. Please send your location.

Shortly after sending the location, the black sedan arrived.

Hyun-jun and Tae-min got in a car and went to Suwon to check the condition of the detached house.

"How is it?"

The realtor asked cautiously.

"Not bad."

The internal structure was amazing. It's not from Seoul, so the area was spacious and the facilities were not bad for the price.

Above all, I liked Taemin more because he said that it was a structure suitable for defense when a battle occurred.

"When can I move in?"

"It's a new house, but it's difficult right now because I'm not ready."

"It doesn't matter how much it costs, so please allow me to move in as soon as possible."

Hyunjun said. I didn't want Sojin and the younger brothers to spend a long time in the uncomfortable guild office. I wanted to bring them to a safe place as soon as possible.

"If there are no problems with rain or cost, we will solve it within a week."

said the realtor. Hyunjun nodded with a satisfied smile.

Also, there was nothing that money couldn't do in Korea. It felt like my spending suddenly increased, but I decided not to worry about it because I had that much ability.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 26


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