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Chapter 28 - Guild Wars - Part 2

"Are you saying that you want me to be the guild leader?"

I was taken aback for a moment because I didn't know that he would ask me to take over the guild.

However, as soon as his thoughts were put together, the benefits of taking on the role of the guild leader of the race were listed in his head.

'If you become the guild leader of the race, you can use the executive hunters.'

Even now, the hunters in the executive branch are protecting Sojin and his younger brothers, but there are probably some who complain.

Taemin didn't say it, but Hyunjun thought that there must be such dissatisfaction.

If he became the guild leader, he would be able to intervene in earnest, so he would be able to subdue the growing dissatisfaction.

"Yes, there is no suitable person other than Kang Hyeon-jun."

"Are you really okay? I am an outsider."

"All other executives who could succeed the guild leader have lost their lives. Now I am the supreme decision maker. And I hope that Kang Hyeon-jun will become the guild leader."

I could feel the strong will in Taemin's voice.

He thought that if Hyun-jun took over as the guild leader, not only would the race develop, but he would also be able to get revenge.

"good. I will accept it."

"I, really? Thank you!"

Taemin's expression brightened. Being the guild leader not only made it easier for the executive hunters to use it, but it also had many benefits, so I gladly accepted it.

"good. Please have all the materials about the guild ready by this evening."

Hyun-jun was planning to do it right when he decided to become a guild leader.

* * *

"We have prepared the materials."

Taemin came with some material books. Hyeon-jun, who was sitting in the temporary office, nodded, opened the booklet he had received and quickly reviewed it.

"Is the guild's financial condition better than expected?"

Wraith belonged to the lower ranks of the bronze tier guilds, but if the data you are reading is true, the financial situation was at a level that could fit into the upper middle class.

"This is the only pride of our guild."

"However, the number of regular guild members is small and the size of the executive branch is not large."

"Yeah. At first... … It has not been long since the executive branch itself was created as the guild was established by our guild leader to advantageously receive Magic Stone settlement."

Guild executives increase the settlement rate according to the tier of the guild to which they belong.

In addition, each time guild members attack guild unit dungeons or raids and sell magic stones, they receive an additional settlement tax.

Therefore, it was common to create small guilds to make money. Listening to Taemin, the Race Guild seemed to be the same.

"i See."

He answered with a serious expression. In this case, the first large-scale guild was absorbed and merged. So was the race.

"We will change the policy. Now the race goes to an aggressive strategy."

"Are you saying you want to increase your power?"

Taemin asked. Hyunjun looked at him and nodded.

"As you can see from this raid, it seems that the guys behind them are angry that Echo's plans have been thwarted. Otherwise, why not send an assassin?"

It was a sensible word.

"There is no guarantee that this will not happen again. In order to survive, we need to grow so powerful that Echo's mastermind can't touch us."

"I agree with the guild leader's opinion."

All of a sudden, Taemin's title for Hyunjun was changed to 'Guild Leader'.

"The first thing we need to do is to raise our forces."

"What is it?"

Taemin looked at Hyunjun and asked a question. The winds of change have already begun to blow by having an outstanding hunter named Hyun-jun sit at the guild head.

Taemin felt his heart pound at the thought that the guild could soar high in the sky.

"Echo is absorbed and merged. I have no intention of sitting still in a situation where Echo is arguing like this."

"Is it possible?"

Regular guild members can also participate in the official guild battle for absorption and merger.

Although the executive team is said to have suffered a heavy blow, Echo's regular guild members are still intact, so it is concluded that the race cannot overwhelm Echo in an official guild battle.

"Of course it's possible. Do you know the rules of the official guild war?"

"Yes, unlike the unofficial guild battles, I know it in a match-up format."

"And one player can continue to face the next enemy on the field unless defeated or arbitrarily declared."

"I hope the guild chief… … ."

Taemin's eyes fluttered. He guessed what Hyunjun was thinking.

"That's it. Me and Kim Tae-min will take down all 9 participants in Echo."

It was the surest way to win a race that was ignorant but currently lacking in power.

"Is it possible?"

"It is quite possible. If Kim Tae-min wins only two people, I will take care of the other seven."

Hyunjun's unshakable appearance gave Taemin confidence and hope.

"Before the guild battle starts, we just need to shed a little bit of our list of participants on Echo."

Of course, except for Taemin, the list was going to consist of all C-class hunters, and Hyunjun will be included.

If most of them consist of C-class hunters, the Echo side will not send out excess power either.

They, too, obviously want to avoid putting excess power into the guild war because many hunters left as the executive branch collapsed.

'But you won't know that I'm hiding my power.'

A hunter with C-class but A-class skills, that is Kang Hyeon-jun.

Although the eco-enforcement department had the information, the executive department maintained a single server or kept data as real documents in many cases due to its nature.

So the office was set on fire and officials lost their lives, and all that information was lost.

"Ah! I think I know what you mean!"

Taemin had a fast brain. He immediately noticed Hyunjun's intentions.

"But there is no justification to declare a guild war right away."

"Mr. Taemin Kim. From the perspective of the executive director, do you think this raid was successful?"

"We succeeded in assassination of our guild leader and inflicting damage to the executive, but we were unable to destroy the evidence, so it can be seen as a failed operation."

Because the special police arrived earlier than expected due to Hyun-jun's report, they were unable to destroy evidence, which is essential for the operation of the executive branch.

"Then make a claim based on the evidence first. Among the corpses obtained by the special police, there must be at least one member of the Echo Enforcement Department. A large amount of compensation would be appropriate."

"If they do not accept it, we can wage a guild war on condition of absorption and merger. Since there is a justification and the evidence is clear, the guild general office will also permit guild warfare."

Although the merger requires huge funds, luckily, the race's financial condition was on the good side.

I don't think you need to worry about that part.

A lot of Eco Guild members will leave during the merger and acquisition process, but if they succeed nonetheless, the race will grow enough to aim for the silver tier.

"Are you going right now?"

Taemin asked carefully. Hyunjun nodded his head.


operation began. Hyun-jun quickly went through the process and became the official guild leader of the race, and Tae-min formally filed a claim with Echo through the guild general office based on the evidence he had secured.

The amount of compensation requested through the claim was too much for Echo to afford, but because their mistake was obvious, the Guild General Bureau did not reduce the amount in the middle.

Meanwhile, Hyun-jun hastily moved. I heard from the real estate agent that it was possible to move in immediately, so there was no reason to delay any longer.

All furniture selection was left to Sojin. Thanks to this, the empty space took on the appearance of an ordinary family house within three days of moving.

We couldn't get the house together due to circumstances, but Taemin came to buy some presents instead.

"Wow! Uncle is here!"

The younger brothers did not hate Taemin. After all, every time I come, I buy presents such as sweets and toys, so there's no way I'd hate it.

After 10 minutes of gift giving, Taemin and Hyunjun moved to the study to have a quiet conversation.

"Echo refused to compensate for the damage."

It was the expected result. The amount requested in the race was too heavy for even an Echo-like guild.

It was a claim that was requested with the intention of rejecting it in the first place.

"good. Now proceed as planned."

"Okay. Guild Master."

Taemin nodded his head. He had become Hyun-jun's loyal subordinate.

* * *

Echo Guild leader Choi Na-young was not in a good mood.

Although the race guild leader was sent to the other world, it was because the special police department intensively investigated the evidence because it failed to destroy it.

The extremists in the guild were just making excuses for their actions and blaming a few people.

It was only possible with the help of the 'High One' behind it.

"Oh really! it's annoying!"

The mug that was thrown at the whip hit the wall and was horribly smashed.

Although she was an assistant, she was also a B-class hunter, so her unconscious power was not at the level of ordinary people.

In the corner of the office, Jinkyu Lee, the secretary of the guild leader and a hunter in the B-class magic world, took a short sigh and cleaned up the broken mug pieces with simple magic.

"I have one more bad news."

"Tell me first."

I told him to speak, but Nayoung's voice was not good. However, Jinkyu still has a calm face.

I was used to it because it wasn't the first time I had accepted her hysteria while working as the guild chief's secretary for quite some time.

"In the race, we declared a guild war."

"What? You mean that the General Administration approved it?"

"The evidence was so clear that they were forced to pass it."

"Bad bastards… … Our money is so wasteful and it's no use."

Nayoung complained. In the meantime, the bribes paid to the executives of the Guild General Bureau were not worth it.

"Race won't do a lot of damage, but do you think you have the energy to fight a guild war?"

"You seem to believe in the mercenaries who were active in the old unofficial guild battles."

"Mercenaries cannot participate in guild wars."

To participate in the official guild war, you had to officially belong to the guild.

"You may have temporarily joined a regular guild member."

"How great is that guy, why are you investing like that?"

"I am not sure, but there is a saying that he is an A-class person. Just looking at the victory of the race in the unofficial guild battle does not seem to be unreliable information."

"Then no worries. The race's finances must not have been relaxed enough to continue operating A-class hunters as mercenaries... … right?"

The race's financials aren't bad, but that's by the bronze tier.

Nayoung judged that it was not enough to operate A-class hunters as mercenaries for a long time.

"Have you got the list?"

The list of those participating in the guild war is in principle confidential, but it is not impossible to secure it through an unofficial route.

In particular, if the powers of the guilds are very different, the difficulty of acquisition will be lowered.

"We have it now. Oh, excuse me for a moment."

Jinkyu paused the conversation for a moment and checked his smartphone. There was a twinkle in his eyes.

"We have a roster. There is one B-class hunter, and the rest are all C-class."

"what? You were just scared."

"I don't think there is any need to mobilize our A-class hunters who are concentrating on dungeon capture."

Baek Han-soo, the only remaining A-class hunter in Echo, was concentrating on dungeon attack to make up for the loss of the guild.

"I think we can mobilize only five B-class hunters."

At Jinkyu's words, Nayoung nodded her head.

"I won."

A smile spread across Nayoung's lips. I never dreamed that everything was going according to Hyunjun's will.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 28


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