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Chapter 3 - Realizing a Past Life and Getting Stronger - Part 3

It was Hyejin who shot at her with a sharp tone. They were dating until yesterday, but today, just seeing Hyun-jun's face made him look displeased. I couldn't find any traces of what it used to be.

"Are you stalking me?"

Hyunjun was at a loss for words. As Hyejin's voice rose, a hunter who was chatting next to her approached her and opened her mouth.

"Hey Jin-ah, why are you doing this? Do you know each other?"

"It's nothing, Sang-cheol oppa. I'm just a bit of an annoyed person."

Hyeonjun bit his lip hard as he saw Hyejin shuddering at the approaching hunter. Are you just a bit annoying? Beyond being at a loss for words, I didn't even get angry because it was ridiculous. Yeah, it's supposed to erase the messy past.

By shaking his head with a brief sigh, Hyun-jun completely erased the existence of Hye-jin, who had remained in the depths of his heart.

It seems that Gnya's heart has already left for a long time.

"What is that? Did the porter come with a shield?"

Sang-cheol's gaze, who was comforting Hye-jin, turned to the shield that Hyun-jun was holding. Then he spit out half a word.

"Yeah. Shield. You know that porters need to pack their gear, right?"

"It's not funny. Are you a first time porter? If you come with such a heavy shield, how are you going to carry the magic stone bag? Let's refrain from teasing that we have no intentions, even for the first time... … ."

Sang-cheol ignored Hyun-joon outright. In this world where the dungeon raid era has arrived and the incompetence of F-class hunters has been proven, it was not a strange appearance.

"You stupid bastard… … ."

Hyejin, who was watching from the side, also shook her head. It was not the attitude of the woman she had loved in the past.

'Was it a mistake to say we loved each other?'

A sigh came out. It wasn't funny. I was angry too. Various emotions were complicatedly intertwined, leading to a sense of suffocation in the chest.

"Are you ignoring me on the topic of F-Class Hunter?"

As I was thinking about something else for a while, I unintentionally seemed to ignore Sang-cheol's words. The problem was then,

Although it was in a dream, he was now under severe stress due to countless deaths. Those annoyed gazes turned directly to Sang-cheol.

I didn't intend to do that, but I suddenly sent a challenging gaze to Sang-cheol. Sang-cheol, who was hot-tempered, couldn't just look at it and ignore it.

Moreover, the opponent was an F-class treated as a bug in the hunter world. The hand went out first. Although he did not carry a weapon, a fatal punch aimed at Hyun-jun's face for an F-class hunter.


The memory of a dream in which he had been speared thousands of times by the spear of Carthage came to life. He seemed to know where Sang-cheol's fist was aimed.

I didn't know why. It was only for a moment, but a trajectory was seen. When he came to his senses, he saw that Sang-cheol's fist had barely passed Hyun-jun's left cheek.

Red blood gushed out of his cheeks.

"brother! You're surprised! Killing 'here' is annoying!"

It wasn't funny. You mean it's okay to kill in the dungeon?

'Then I will kill you first.'

A cold life lingered in Hyunjun's eyes. But yet, no one noticed.

"That, right? That's why I was only threatening."

Sang-cheol answered Hye-jin's rebuke with an awkward expression. His gaze was still on Hyunjun.

'How the hell did you escape? … ?'

It was a blow delivered with all his might in an angry heart. Because there was sincerity, I thought that I would never be able to avoid it.

'The F-class hunter avoided this… … ? Nonsense… … .'

In an unbelievable situation, Sang-cheol was at a loss for words.

"Gather up. After 10 minutes, the attack begins."

Ahn Seong-soo's voice came from the entrance of the dungeon. Hyun-jun moved away, wiping the blood from his cheek.

"Are you all here? Check the number of people. 2 porters and 6 attack party members... … . Everyone is gathered."

Seongsu checked the faces and names of the gathered hunters. After confirming that everyone had gathered, he looked at the dungeon management staff who were waiting.

"I will open the dungeon gate."

The iron door that had been tightly closed opened.

"Go. Sang-cheol will take charge of the lead tanking, and I will be the second-tier dealer. I think the rest of us will have to act as we told you in advance."



As he went down the stairs to the basement, Seongsu quickly gave instructions. formation was formed. The location of the porters was around the magic world hunter who had only one in the party. It was also thought to be the safest place, but in fact, it was a position where, in the event of a surprise attack, you could lose your life fiercely instead of a magician hunter.

"It's a dungeon."

The stairs ended and the dungeon started. However, something was different.

"Lighting drone operation. And tanks, forward."

"I'm going, I'm going."

Sang-cheol drew his sword and stepped forward. The drone illuminates the front.

The party advanced through the darkness. At first, the demons did not appear. The deeper he went, the more he could not erase the ominous feeling.

And it was the moment when I opened the second iron door and entered.

'This feeling… … .'

The feeling I felt right before being pierced by the Carthaginian spear.


Green eyes flashed in the darkness. Hyun-jun instinctively realized.

'This is your chance!'

It is a time of revenge and proof.

* * *

-The righteous shield of Carthage protects you. As long as the great guardian is with you, nothing can threaten you.

Someone's voice was heard. and saw A single spear flying with a green aura!




Hunters warn each other of danger. Behind them, who could not even complete their defensive posture, Hyeonjun had already raised his shield and prepared a perfect defense.

A faint but blue aura resided from his shield.

"Oh, Auror Shield? Nonsense!"

Someone shouted in amazement, but his voice was drowned out by the missile-like noise emitted by the green spear.


I didn't learn anything special from Carthage. Information related to the method of blocking the thrown spear and the stable shield technique flowed in from somewhere and was imprinted in the brain.

Hyun-jun was faithful to the knowledge close to his instincts.


As the spear and shield collided, there was a roar. The shock that shook the heavens and earth caused a hurricane, and dust rose.

"Wow, whoops!"


It was a shock enough to temporarily shake the ground. Two D-class combat system hunters stumbled momentarily.

"Who was right?"

The party leader, Seongsu, tried to check the damage.

"Looks like one porter was hit! He must have died!"

"It was a direct hit!"

I thought everyone would have died, but Hyun-jun, who received the spear that came with such a shock, was actually fine.

There was no damage except for the Auror Shield being smashed.

"What, what?"

"Were you alive?"


Everyone was astonished.

'I'm back… … .'

Hyun-jun listened to their conversation and tried to understand the situation. Perhaps the protection was over, the sight of the body, which had been strengthened for a moment, returned to its original state.

The knowledge related to shield art, which had been imprinted on his brain for a while, disappeared, leaving only a small portion.

'What was it?'

I didn't know what was going on. What on earth is the voice you just heard? I was confused, but I didn't have time to think deeply.

"It's a Skeleton Knight!"

"Why is a B-class elite magic beast here?"

It was because the demon appeared.


The Skeleton Knight jumped over Sang-cheol's head, who took on the role of the tank, and penetrated deep into the party's formation and wielded a short short sword.

A blade imbued with an aura deeply cut the throat of a D-class combat hunter. A fountain of blood erupted with a moan of pain.


A scream erupted again. The sword of the Skeleton Knight, who dug deep, pierced the abdomen of the other porter who came with Hyeonjun.


"What do tanks do!"

"He's a damn B-class elite beast!"

The party fell into chaos due to the appearance of B-class elite demons who never appear except in the boss room in the C-class dungeon. From level B onwards, it is a hunter, a realm of witchcraft and transcendence.

Seongsu, a C-class combat hunter and party leader, hurriedly faced the Skeleton Knight, but it was clearly visible that he was being pushed back.

"Pa, fireball!"

A sub-magic exploded on the skeleton knight's head.

When the magic beast stumbled due to the unexpected attack magic, Seongsu, along with Sangcheol, who joined late, poured all his powers into the attack.


Hyejin applied a buff. As the hunters poured all their might, the Skeleton Knight could no longer withstand it and collapsed powerlessly.

Hyeon-jun ran to see that the Skeleton Knight had stopped breathing and rooted the Magic Stone.

"Party leader! How did this happen?"

"Didn't B-class or higher beasts only appear in the boss room in C-class dungeons?"

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 3


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