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Chapter 33 - Supernovae - Part 3

The ripple of the video uploaded to 'Tube' was huge. Guild officials visited the race guild office every day.

Hyunjun didn't move directly, and it was Taemin who got busy thanks to him.

The merger and acquisition process had not been completed yet, so I was already busy, but now I have reached the point where I can't do it alone.

"Today, I received a call from three silver tier guilds. They promise to promise the best conditions and treatment when they join their guild."

Taemin reported seeing Hyunjun looking out the window in the guild chief's office.

"Tell me you'll think about it."

I had no intention of accepting the silver tier guild's offer. I had no intention of going under the guild in the first place.

If I had an idea, I would have accepted Jinah Lee's proposal.

However, the choice disappeared due to the sudden voice that conveyed the will of the former life, Romanov.


Taemin nodded and delivered the relevant instructions to his subordinate guild member through his smartphone.

"It has been delivered."

"good. Is there still no contact from Cheil Group?"

I'm talking about Jin-ah Lee. She withdrew right away because of the excessive conditions, but since many guilds are moving, she will have a change of mind too.

The best thing is not to become a direct guild leader, but to become an informal sponsor of the race from the Cheil Group.

"Yeah, I haven't been contacted yet."

"How long will it take?"

"It won't take long. Perhaps sooner or later, the Dungeon Management Bureau will review the guild leader's rating and deliver the results. When the rating is confirmed, Jin-ah Lee of Cheil Group will also feel nervous."

"Would it make a difference if only one rank changed?"

Taemin shook his head at Hyunjun's question and opened his mouth.

"It's not just grades. The reason the Gold or Platinum tier guilds are not moving is because the official grade of the guild leader is C. Because of their own internal regulations or external image, low-ranking hunters are often not accepted as executives or regular guild members."

It was a well-understood situation of the guilds of the gold or platinum tier.

They did not expect the appearance of such a super-large rookie, so they had not touched the internal regulations until now.

In the end, despite the appearance of a supernova named Hyun-jun, it was impossible to move hastily.

"Then when my rank is confirmed, guilds above the gold tier will also move."

"That's right. And if they move, Jinah Lee will act too. He has eyes and ears, and he is not a fool."

If there is competition between guilds, the chances of getting better conditions increases. So Hyun-jun made Tae-min to upload the video to the tube.

"As I expected, the Dungeon Administration will contact you within today. The guild leader is getting attention... … The judging department will also pay attention. We might get back to you in an hour at the earliest."

Taemin's prediction was correct. As soon as he finished speaking, Hyun-jun could see that the dungeon management office had a phone call.

"Then I'm alone… … ."

"I don't plan on talking for a long time, so it's okay to be there."

He told Taemin, who was about to leave the guild chief's office, that it was okay to be here, and took the smartphone to his ear.

Since it was a phone call with the dungeon management office, there would be no private conversations, so I thought it wouldn't be a problem just because Taemin was nearby.


-Good morning. Are you Hyunjun Kang Hunter?

"Yes, I fold."

- My name is Park Kyung-ho, assistant manager of the Hunter Department of the Dungeon Management Bureau. Have you seen me before?

After searching for memories, I was able to recall the day I met Kyung-ho.

"Yes, I remember."

-I am calling you because of Hunter's promotion, Hyun-Jun Kang. Can I talk for a minute?

"It doesn't matter. By the way, doesn't the examination department usually contact you about such issues?"

It wasn't that I couldn't figure out why the Hunter Department contacted me, but I asked a question.

-Ah, the promotion itself is the task of the screening department, but there is no problem even if the notification goes to the hunter department. And on this occasion, I had a chance to meet Hunter Kang Hyeon-jun and there were a few things I wanted to convey, so I earnestly asked the person in charge of the screening department to contact me.

It is clear that he wants to convey a few things to him as an exclusive hunter for the country.

I have no intention of becoming an exclusive national hunter, but I thought there was nothing bad about it given the conditions.

Later, when Jin-ah comes back, she can emphasize her own worth by saying that she received an offer under these conditions.

"Today is difficult… … Tomorrow will be the time."

There were many documents to verify regarding the merger and acquisition.

Although Taemin is taking care of most of it, since the final approval rests with Hyunjun, he had a lot of work to do.

- Oh, then I'll see you tomorrow. 3 p.m. Are you okay?

"It's ok at 3pm. You can visit the guild office. I will tell the clerk in advance."

-Thank you. Have a nice day.

The phone call is over. And when he moved his gaze to Taemin, he opened his mouth as if he had been waiting.

"You ended the call on time. It looks like you have a guest downstairs."

"A guest? Who are you?"

"You seem to be a member of the guild."

"Didn't you tell me that you didn't want to meet with the guild officials for the time being?"

It is quite a waste of time to meet a lot of people who are proposing to join the guilds in a situation where they will reject them.

Because of this, Hyun-jun made a plan not to meet them from the beginning.

"that… … This case is not common."

"Let me explain."

"The guild the visitor belongs to is diamond tier."

"Is it real?"

It was surprising to hear that a recruiting official from the Diamond Tier Guild, which has only 15 in Korea, came to visit.

I couldn't believe it easily, so I asked, but Taemin just nodded without saying a word.

The weight of the name of the Diamond Tier Guild is never light.

Not only Taemin, not even Hyunjun, could not have imagined that the diamond tier would move.

"Okay. Let's meet."

"I am waiting in the waiting room on the first floor, I will send you a call now."

"Let's meet in the drawing room on the 3rd floor,"

"I will pass it on."

Taemin delivered Hyunjun's instructions by sending a message to the clerk waiting on the first floor.

As soon as Hyun-jun finished the paperwork and headed to the third floor, Tae-min hurriedly followed.

The guild chief's office was on the 4th floor. You only need to go down one floor to the 3rd floor drawing room. Hyunjun and Taemin arrived first.

Then, five minutes later, the drawing room door opened and a man with a calm impression walked in with a familiar face clerk in a neat suit and rimless glasses.

It looked like an ordinary office worker, but it had a lot of magical power.

'Is it B-grade? … ?'

Guessing inwardly, he slowly got up and greeted him. The man came over with a smile and opened his mouth.

"nice to meet you. Hyeonjun Kang Mr. My name is Donghyuk Lim, who is in charge of recruitment of 'Innovation'."

If it was innovation, the Diamond Tier Guild was certain.

'Aren't you a little surprised? The recruitment manager will move.'

It was different from simply recruiting and visiting guild members. In the case of a diamond tier guild, the head of the recruitment department does not move easily.

The fact that he acted was proof that the recruitment of a hunter named Kang Hyeon-jun was important to Innovation.

"nice to meet you. Im Dong-hyuk."

"This is Kim Tae-min, the head of the race executive."

Hyunjun and Taemin also gave brief introductions.

"I did not expect to meet Hyun-Jun Kang, who is famous for 'Supernova' in person like this. It is an honour."

"A supernova?"

"Yes, high-ranking guilds of a certain tier or higher have a place of exchange like a social church. I also attended a while ago, and everyone called Hyeonjun Kang a supernova. You can find out with a little bit of internet."

Donghyuck answered. Hyunjun nodded his head with a faint smile.

Come to think of it, when I checked the video uploaded to 'Tube', I felt like I had seen a few comments with similar content.

"Did I become that famous?"

I shuddered with humility.

"You became very famous. If you are a guild with a lot of interest in discovering new talent, you must have seen Kang Hyun-jun's video."

"Is that enough?"

"Yes, I don't like to exaggerate, so you can trust me. Hahaha!"

Donghyuk said with a good laugh.

Hyun-jun said that he had never met a lot of recruits and people, but when he looked around the community, most of them had the impression that they were good-natured and comfortable with people.

Looking at Donghyuk now, he was able to nod his head to some extent at the information.

"Not bad."

It was not bad for the guild leader to gain fame from the standpoint of hoping for the growth of the guild.

If there is a merger or absorption, there is a high probability that the guild will become an empty Gangjeong due to the large-scale departure of regular guild members. If you use your fame, you can secure additional guild members.

"Can I get to the point?"

"Yeah. of course. Please tell me the conditions."

The diamond tier guild's hiring manager would be a lot of work. Hyun-jun understood Dong-hyeok's situation as he was about to bring up the main point.

"The conditions that we propose to Hyun-Jun Kang in 'Innovation' are all written here."

When Donghyuk finished speaking, he pulled out a contract from his pocket and held it out. Hyun-jun quickly moved his eyes to scan the contract. The conditions were quite good.

As a result of belonging to a guild, it was said that it would not only reduce a significant amount of the tax that had to be paid every time a Magic Stone was settled, but would also give an executive position in the desired department.

"How is it? As long as you sign the contract, you can become a member of our guild."

Donghyuck said. The influence of the diamond tier guild's executives cannot be ignored, so it's a sweet enough whisper.

However, Hyun-jun had no choice but to reject the proposal of 'innovation' because of the will of Romanov in his previous life. Although the conditions are good, the fact that you will eventually become a servant of the guild does not change.

"Do you want to sign?"

"I'm sorry, but I don't think I can give you a definitive answer right now."

He shook his head and replied. It is true that he was briefly tempted by the proposal of an executive at the Diamond tier, Innovation, but he had no intention of overturning the decision he had already made.

Considering the cases of Carthage and His Servant, the Withered Miller and the Reaper so far, the protection they bestowed upon them had an irreplaceable value with money or position.

I thought it would be the same for Romanov, who borrowed his voice this time to convey his will.

"An opportunity like this does not come easily. Kang Hyeon-jun."

"I know. However, my decision will remain the same."

Unfortunately, he expressed his will of refusal, and Donghyuk left the drawing room without clinging to it any longer.

"Guild Master… … For our guild... … ."

Taemin, who does not know Hyunjun's inner feelings, thought it was a decision for the race and was truly moved.

"I will go in early today."

"Yes, please enter carefully."

That day, Hyun-jun returned home and had another dream.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 33


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