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Chapter 35 - Guild of Beginnings - Part 2

After work in the morning, I had a quick lunch with Taemin at a nearby restaurant, and then came back to the guild office, and it was past 2pm.

"It would have already departed. I think it would be good for us to prepare as well."

Taemin said. Hyunjun also nodded. I thought it was okay to move to the drawing room and wait for a lot of work that was delayed in the morning.

"Ten minutes left."

After moving to the drawing room and waiting while doing simple tasks on the smartphone, Taemin checked the watch and announced that the appointment time was approaching.

Hyun-jun finished his work.

As soon as he put his smartphone in, Taemin received a report from the guild member that the person sent by the dungeon management had arrived on the first floor of the guild office.

"It's called the first floor now."

"Tell me to come up."

I didn't think there was any need to go all the way. Taemin nodded whether he agreed, and gave instructions to the guild member with his smartphone.

And wait 5 minutes? As the living room door opened, a man of ordinary appearance entered.

"nice to meet you. Park Kyung-ho, right?"

not a snippet When Hyunjun greeted him first, Kyungho approached him with a bright expression and asked for a handshake.

"Yeah. I'm Park Kyung-ho, Assistant Manager, Hunter Division 2, Dungeon Management Bureau."

"Sit down."

"Yes, thank you."

Hyunjun and Kyungho sat facing each other. Taemin was placed behind Hyunjun.

"You came here for a promotion, right?"

Personally, I did not want the introduction to be long, so I said it as if to urge the main body to be discussed from the beginning.

"Yes. First of all, that is the main thing, but there is one thing we want to suggest to Mr. Kang Hyeon-jun, so we came here directly."

"First, give me a Hunter license."

"Ah, sorry. I will give it to you right now."

The guard took out the newly issued hunter license from the briefcase he was carrying and handed it to Hyun-jun.

'It's class A... … As expected.'

After checking the grade engraved on the hunter license, Hyun-jun nodded and smiled.

Not long ago, I expected that Taemin would probably be promoted to A-level.

"Hunter Kang Hyun-jun is now an A-class hunter. As the upgrade information is registered on the network, the certification can be used immediately."

When the guard finished speaking, he took a small booklet from his briefcase and placed it on the table.

"This is a booklet that summarizes the various privileges of an A-class hunter. I recommend reading it thoroughly when you have time."

"Thank you. Is the promotion problem over now?"

I quickly checked the brochure and asked. Most of it was something I had seen in the Hunter community, so I didn't think it was necessary to read it thoroughly.

"Yes, I am done."

"Then let's move on to the next one. Did you say you have something you want to suggest to me? Say it."

Kyung-ho opened his mouth with a nervous expression at Hyun-jun's question.

"Our dungeon management office wants Hunter Hyeonjun Kang to become the exclusive national hunter."

The national exclusive hunter has a literal meaning.

Usually, when you sign a contract, you will be assigned to the Armed Enforcement Bureau, the Special Police Department, and the Dungeon Management Bureau.

"I will ask you straight up. Proposing a national exclusive hunter is... … Does that mean you came with good conditions?

For a moment, the guard did not answer that question. It's not because Hyunjun's words are ridiculous.

I was at a loss for words because I was sorry because Lee Sang-hoon, the 2nd team leader of the Hunter Division, came with a nonsensical condition.

"It is a condition prepared by us."

The guard took the contract out of his briefcase and put it on the table. Hyeonjun picked it up and quickly moved his eyes to scan the contract terms.

"Can I see you?"

"Yeah. Read it."

As Hyunjun shook his head with a stiff face, Taemin, who was in the city, asked cautiously.

Because he was on the right side, he was able to see a little bit of Hyun-jun's profile. Hyun-jun readily agreed and handed Tae-min the contract.

"This is the level of 6th-grade exclusive treatment. Considering the guild leader's Hunter rating and potential, this is a nonsensical contract."

Taemin raised his voice with a firm expression as if he had been treated unfairly. The guard made no excuses.

When the screening department decided to get promoted to A-class, the fact that the exclusive contract terms were only given to B-class hunters meant that Lee Sang-hoon, the 2nd team leader of the Hunter Division, had just decided to leave.

Perhaps this time, it was thought that they were openly protesting after being broken by the boss.

There is no fear of being fired because there is a halo anyway, so this is how it came out.

"Did you say it's Assistant Manager Park Kyung-ho?"

It was Taemin who took a step forward and raised his voice. Hyunjoon remained silent.

"Yes… … This is Park Kyung-ho from the Hunter Division 2 team."

"Yesterday, the recruitment manager of Innovation came to visit."

"If this is innovation, isn't it a Diamond Tier Guild?"

The guard's complexion turned pale.

As a video uploaded to the tube became a hot issue, Hyun-jun became famous.

However, I did not even expect that the diamond tier guild, which has only 15 in Korea, offered to recruit Hyun-jun.

"The 'innovation' that Assistant Manager Park Kyung-ho thinks is correct."

"Maybe it even moved to innovation… … ."

I was so flustered that the thoughts I was holding came out of my mouth. The guard's pupils shook.

"I think you know what the recruitment manager of Innovation means."

Taemin spoke without hesitation.

"Sorry. Hyeonjun Kang, Hunter. To be honest, I can't afford to get a better deal than this. I do not have that authority."

The guard bowed his head.

"In Innovation, you must have seen the potential of Hunter Kang Hyun-jun. In my opinion, Hunter-sama's potential is outstanding."

Hyeonjun was embarrassed by his words, but nodded his head.

Hyeon-jun also knew that the security guard, who had the rank of deputy in the first place, did not have the many powers needed to recruit him.

"I have no intention of being rude. It is also true that the current dungeon management office is insufficient to embrace Hunter Kang Hyeon-jun. Before becoming an employee of the Dungeon Management Bureau, I will sincerely support Hunter as a citizen of the Republic of Korea."

After putting the contract on the table back into the briefcase, the guard got up. I had no intention of disturbing Hyun-joon's time any more.

"thank you."

Because the sincerity was evident in the guard's voice, Hyun-jun was able to smile and nod his head.

"I'll just go."

Taemin opened his mouth with a calm expression as he watched Kyungho's back as he opened the door without hesitation and left the drawing room.

"I don't think he's a bad person."

"I think so too."

Hyunjun also answered with a faint smile on his lips.

* * *

Time passed and it was June. As the sweltering heat was about to begin, absorption and mergers were proceeding smoothly.

"It's not long now."

Hyeonjun said while reviewing the report written by Taemin. Sojin, who was sitting in the secretary's seat and organizing documents, raised her head.

"Huh. I see the end I think it will all be resolved in a week or so."

"Would you like a cup of coffee?"

"I'll bring it."

Sojin was absent. And after about 5 minutes, the door opened again.

Hyun-jun, of course, thought So-jin would come, but contrary to expectations, the person who walked into the office was Kim Tae-min, the executive director of the Race Guild.

"Guild Master. I have something to report to you urgently."

Taemin's expression was not serious.

"Tell me."

"In the process of taking over and organizing Echo's executive department documents, we confirmed the existence of slush funds from guild leader Choi Na-young."

"How big is it?"

"I have brought the documents that are simply organized."

Taemin took out a document from his bag, looked around quickly, and handed it to Hyunjun.

"After the guild chief confirms, we will destroy it immediately."

At Taemin's words, Hyunjun nodded and checked the documents containing the slush fund information.

"This is enough for a little guild to be established."

About the cost of setting up a guild, I knew a little about it because I had seen related posts in the hunter community a few times.

After checking the size of the slush fund, Hyun-jun understood that Choi Na-young screamed like a seizure when the guild battle ended in Echo's defeat.

'Even if you're like me, you'll faint.'

Hyunjun shook his head and returned the documents to Taemin.

Taemin took out a lighter and burned the documents in front of Hyunjun. Then he opened his mouth with a characteristic calm expression.

"What would you like to do?"

"Excuse me?"

"I can report it to the guild general office, but in the current situation, if I do my best, I can 'handle it down' quietly."

I didn't have to add an explanation, but Hyunjun understood Taemin's meaning of 'handling'.

What he meant by 'disposal' meant that slush funds could be absorbed quietly.

"Is that possible?"

It is common for guild leaders to secretly create slush funds.

However, Hyeon-jun thought that it was not easy to hide a slush fund of this size.

"There is a little bit of internal data left, but nothing has leaked out, so it's not difficult."

Taemin answered with confidence.

"I don't think there is any reason to report it to the guild general office."

"I will handle it in a safe way."

With the answer, Taemin left the office.

- Selfish negotiator, Barris salutes your progress.

A voice was heard. Another previous life showed interest.

* * *

Taemin came out of the guild office building and went deep into the alley. Although it was daytime, the alley was dark.

"It's a servant."

"Did you call?"

A young hunter in a black suit appeared from the shadows.

His name, which exudes a sharp snake-like atmosphere overall, is Ha Jong-seo, who played a role like Taemin's right arm among hunters belonging to the Race Guild executive.

In the recent unofficial and official guild battles, he was unable to participate due to injuries sustained in the conflict with Echo.

"What did I do?"

"I did some research. We still don't know who's behind it, but the current security status of the 'target' is poor. It seems that the power behind Echo has completely abandoned Echo."

"Well, the country would have done the same."

Taemin nodded in response to Jongseo's report.

"Can you handle it?"

"of course. Since the Eco Guild executive has been completely disbanded, the safety of the 'target' is currently in the hands of a small number of private bodyguards. The level is on the low side, so I think we can handle it easily."

"Take care of it."

"Did the guild leader have any instructions?"

Taemin shook his head as he looked at Jongseo who asked carefully.

"You did not give detailed instructions."

"Then can we move?"

"Everything is for the guild leader. It's enough for us to get our hands dirty."


When Jongseo disappeared, Taemin took out a cigarette, put it in his mouth, and lit it.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 35


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