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Chapter 36 - Guild of Beginnings - Part 3

"Hey, save me… … ."

A woman with short hair, covered in blood, was begging and begging to the extent that her palms were worn out.

Her name is Choi Na-young. What is the reason for the 'former' eco guild leader, who bows her head in such a miserable state?

As if answering the question immediately, the two appeared in front of her.

"I'm sorry, but that's unreasonable."

Among the two, the man with the dagger took a step closer to Na-young and said. It was Taemin's voice.

However, Na-young did not know who the owner of the voice was because she was in a life-threatening situation.

She tried to step back, but was blocked by a hard wall.

"money? If you need it, I'll give it to you! Please, Lord, don't kill me!"

Na-young begged as the dagger that she pulled out in the dark glowed gloomy.

She bowed her head, crawled up, grabbed Taemin's leg, and burst into tears.

Taemin couldn't feel the sway of his emotions at all.

He also had a deep resentment with Echo, and he thought it was necessary.

"I think you are mistaken, but the slush fund was secured by us."

"Oh, no… … ."

"I won't ask for your rest, but I will kill you cleanly, so don't worry."

"Come on, sleep… … ."

Taemin swung his dagger. I thought there was no reason to hear any more.

Red blood gushed out of Na-young's neck as the sharp blade of the knife passed.

"Cuckoo, Cuckoo!"

Nayoung collapsed helplessly. Jong-seo took a step closer to Tae-min, wiping the blood from the dagger with his calm face, and opened his mouth.

"All the surrounding evidence has been cleared up. You may want to leave."

"okay… … I've done my job, so I'll have to go back soon."

The two soon disappeared from the back alley.

* * *

"Guild Master. This is Kim Taemin."

A calm voice could be heard through the closed door of the office.

Hyeon-jun, who was having a tiring afternoon drowning in papers before returning from the B-class dungeon raid, raised his head with difficulty.

"Come on in."

As soon as he finished speaking, the door opened and Taemin walked in. He looked around the office once, then opened his mouth.

"I received a call from the Guild General Bureau a while ago. It is said that the merger and acquisition process is over."

"Then now 'Echo' must have become an officially non-existent guild?"

"Yes that's right. We have already taken over all the materials from there."

"The departure of the guild members may begin."

Hyunjun said with a bitter expression.

The race side will be relatively quiet, but the guild members who do not want to merge with the Echo side will declare their departure.

It was a common case after absorption and merger between guilds.

"Yeah. More and more guild members are leaving the guild as soon as the General Bureau of the guild has posted information on the website and related communities."

"I can't help it. How much does the executive director expect?"

"Even at the minimum, we expect that more than half of the existing Echo's guild members will leave."

The race was not an overwhelmingly huge guild, so it was a figure that was expected to some extent. Hyunjun nodded with a calm face.

"A lot of Echo's main attack team members will leave, right?"

Hyunjun asked. Regular guild members are important, but among them, the members of the guild strategy team participating in the guild's official dungeon attack are "real".

Their departure needs to be prevented as much as possible.

"I expect to leave much more than the general guild members."

"Even if there is a slight increase in the contract, hold on to it."

Since regular guild members of B or higher are the strength of the guild, they had to secure as many as possible.

"I will try my best."

"How many A-class hunters are left?"

"There is only one guild attack team leader."

"It's small."

"Initially, there weren't many A-class hunters that Echo had."

Taemin answered. This time, he received and reviewed the relevant data for the merger and acquisition, and almost completely understood Echo's situation.

Echo had an unusually small number of guild attack teams and regular guild members compared to the size of the guild, and the size of the executive team was rather large.

Even at the time of the dispute with the race, the size of the executive branch was gradually increasing.

It seemed to me that it was made as a professional guild for the executive branch to handle dark and low-level affairs in the background.

"Baek Han-soo… … Did you say?"

Hyunjun asked.

I knew about Baek Han-soo, the only A-class hunter from Echo who did not leave, because I had received personal information organized by Sojin the other day.

"Yeah. It's a battlefield. It looks like you just stopped by the guild office, would you like to meet?"

"That would be great."

At Taemin's question, Hyunjun nodded and got up from his seat.

Anyway, I was thinking of meeting Hansoo as soon as possible and having a conversation. It was a good opportunity to grab hold of it if you just came here.

"I will send a guild member to deliver the message. How about a place?"

"I think the drawing room is better than the break room."

I wanted to have a serious conversation in a quiet atmosphere.

The drawing room was suitable for that purpose, as only the executives could use it.

In response to Hyunjun's reply, Taemin sent a message to the guild member who was waiting.

"I'm going to go ahead and wait."

Hyunjun said. Taemin nodded and the two moved to the drawing room on the third floor.

Did you wait 5 minutes? The door opened with a knock and a man walked in.

Baek Han-soo clearly looked like a schoolboy with glasses and overall image.

"Mr. Baek Han-soo?"

Taemin took a step forward and asked. Hyunjun also stood up.

"Yeah. I am Hansoo Baek. Are you Taemin Kim? I have heard a lot."

While the two greeted each other first, Hyun-jun concentrated his magic power in his eyes to recognize Han-soo's true name.

[Baek Han-soo: Vanguard of the desperate spirit of resonance]

His real name was visible. It wasn't enough to interpret the exact meaning, but it was enough to understand the rough tendencies.

'Desperate compassion... … .'

Hyun-jun paid attention to the part called 'a desperate sense of resonance'.

He even has the word vanguard captain, so it can be guessed that he is a character who wants to stand out while he is active.

"This is Hansoo Baek. Nice to meet you. Kang Hyeon-jun."

"nice to meet you too."

Hyunjun and Hansu also shook hands and greeted each other. Instead of calling Hyun-jun "the guild chief," Hansoo used the title "Mr. Kang Hyeon-jun."

It may mean that he has not yet been recognized as the guild leader.

"Sit down."

Taemin said, pointing to an empty chair. Hyun-jun sat down first, and Han-su sat in front of him. Tae-min moved behind Hyun-jun and made the city.

"I don't like long introductions, so I'll go straight to the main point. Are you okay?"

I thought that such a problem would take a long time and there was nothing good about it. At Hyeonjun's words, Hansoo nodded and opened his mouth.

"Yes, I think it would be nice not to waste time."

"I want you to stay in the guild."

"Then what good is it to me? I signed a contract with Echo, not Wraith. With the merger and acquisition, the right to leave is legally granted."

Hansoo spoke sharply, but Hyunjun did not lose his smile.

They still remain at the time the guild members left, and they said that they came to the guild office today, but I thought that it was not a negative situation just looking at the fact that they came to the drawing room right away at Hyun-jun's call.

'I want something.'

It can be easily guessed by looking at the behavior.

Hyeon-jun did not know, but the truth was that the insightful knowledge of the absolute emperor, Romanov, was exerting power in his analysis.

"We will raise the terms of the contract."

"Thank you. But it feels a little lacking."

"Anything you want? If there are no unreasonable demands, we will reflect them as much as possible."

Hyun-jun answered Hansoo's words with a calm voice.

It was a pity he and the guild side, but he never showed a low attitude.

Hansoo's expression wasn't bad either, whether such a figure had a positive effect.

"I want to go to an S-class dungeon."

In the case of a regular attack team or a party composed only of members of the same guild, you can challenge the dungeon one level higher.

"The Eco Guild strategy team has no experience in attacking S-class dungeons. Due to the policy of the 'former' guild leader who pursues a stable strategy, I have little experience in clearing A-grade dungeons."

It was a voice of strong desire. Hunters have an open path to 'growth' even after 'awakening'.

However, it may be frustrating for Hansoo since he did not have enough experience in clearing the dungeon for the reason of a stable attack.

"I am an A-class hunter belonging to the guild attack team… … Does it make sense to have never had an S-class dungeon experience?"

Hansoo said as if lamenting.

"But with the current race capacity, it is impossible to attack the S-class dungeon 'right now'."

said frankly. It's good to catch A-class hunters, but you can't force the impossible to become possible.

"I know. To challenge an S-class dungeon, even if you belong to a guild, you have to be at least an A-class, but currently, only Kang Hyun-jun and I are meeting the conditions."

"Yeah. Yes. I have no intention of denying it."

Hyunjoon nodded his head in acknowledgment.

"But I saw it in the Colosseum that day. At that time, the blow that Hyunjun Kang showed me was to the point that I could not see it perfectly even with my own eyes."

It refers to a counterattack using the protection of Carthage.

"It was a perfect counterattack. Then I was sure."

Hansoo paused for a moment. He picked up the bottle of water on the table, took a sip, and opened his mouth again.

"The fact that Hyun-Jun Kang is the Second Awakener. Even today, that belief has not changed. That's why it felt like an S-class dungeon wasn't far away."

Naturally, the success rate of S-class dungeons varies greatly depending on how many S-class hunters are in the attack team.

"I don't know much about the Second Awakening, but I do know that it grows very quickly. There are not many days left before Kang Hyeon-jun is promoted to S-class. When that day comes, please join me in attacking the S-class dungeon!"

"I promise. If you remain in the guild, we will not only maintain the position of the current guild strategy team leader, but also list the guild strategy team to challenge the first S-class dungeon of the race. Any other requirements?"

"That and a slight upward revision of the terms of the contract is sufficient. I want nothing more."

Hansoo gave detailed contract terms.

It was not a burdensome condition to accept even from the race's point of view, and Hyun-jun took out the contract with a satisfied expression and held it out.

After carefully reviewing the contract, Hansoo finished signing it.

"I wish you all the best in the future. Guild Master."

The name has changed.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 36


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