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Chapter 37 - Noble Paladin - Part 1

A serious departure has begun. It was heartbreaking, but I had to watch.

With the passage of a week in quiet tension, and July came, the departure of the Echo guild members also showed signs of slowly stopping.

"About half of the guild members from Echo decided to remain in the reorganized guild through absorption and merger, and the contract was renewed."

Taemin reported.

"There are fewer departures than expected."

At first, Taemin expected Hyunjun that more than half of the Echo guild members would leave.

However, in July, in the race that became a perfect guild, about half of the Echo members remained and expressed their intention to renew the contract.

Although it was unexpected, Hyun-jun's voice was bright because the result was positive.

"I think it's thanks to the guild leader's promotion to A-Class Hunter."

If the B-class hunter is the main force of the guild power, the A-class hunter is the core force of the national unit, and there are many opportunities to get closer to power.

In particular, it is not surprising that half of the guild members from Eco expressed their intention to renew the contract with high expectations, since Hyun-jun was promoted to A-class in a short period of time and is estimated to be a second awakening.

"That's fortunate."

Hyunjun also nodded his head in agreement with Taemin's words.

There were a lot of Echo guild members who didn't leave, so it seemed like they could try to get promoted to the guild with a little more effort.

"How is the recruitment of additional guild members proceeding?"

Hyunjun asked. Na-young Choi, the 'former' guild leader of Echo, has more slush funds than expected, so the amount of money that can be mobilized has increased.

So, since it seemed that there would be no problem to recruit additional guild members right away, Hyunjun had ordered Taemin, Sojin, and the public relations department to recruit additional guild members a few days ago.

"Even so, the department in charge has requested materials to use to promote the guild. The performance of Rayce and Echo so far has become unusable due to the merger and acquisition, so it seems that the guild attack team must be reorganized and moved."

A guild's performance is mainly evaluated by the guild attack team's official dungeon clearing or raid defense rate.

Because the raid situation occurs randomly, the only noticeable performance that can be raised right now is the 'dungeon attack' of the guild unit.

"How long do you think the reorganization will take?"

"Although Baek Han-soo is having a hard time these days because of an interview with a new attack team member, it won't take more than a day to reorganize."

"Go ahead."


After Taemin answered in a calm voice, he left the guild chief's office.

And the next day, Hyun-jun received a report from Tae-min that the reorganization of the attack team was over.

Hyun-jun immediately contacted the dungeon management office and applied for a dungeon raid.

Fortunately, I applied to see if there were many newly created dungeons, and the attack schedule was set two hours before.

The exact schedule was three days later, and Hyun-jun summoned the guild attack team of the race.

"Are you really going to start with the B-grade dungeon?"

Hansoo asked as he approached Hyunjun behind him, who was checking the equipment.

"The team 2 has a lot of supplements, so the elite level is low. As a test, I think it would be better to start with the B grade."

In the case of Team 1, thanks to Hansoo's thorough reading of the surroundings, some members of the attack team from Echo remained and could be operated immediately, but it was not Team 2, which was actually disbanded and newly recruited.

"Well… … I agree with that. But wouldn't it be nice to quickly build up results by attacking A-grade dungeons as a team?"

"We plan to activate Team 2 first and cross-operate with Team 1."

"Ah… … ! I'm sure it would be efficient to do that. My thoughts were short."

At Hyeonjun's brief explanation, Hansoo nodded in agreement. Then he took a few steps back.

"Since it's a B-class dungeon, I alone is enough for an A-class hunter to accompany me. Hansoo Baek, please stay at the guild office and proceed with the plan to organize a three-team attack."

Before the merger, Echo had organized and operated three guild attack teams, but only two races.

Since the size of the merger and acquisition has increased, it is said to be a bronze tier, but it was thought that it would be good to have at least three guild attack teams.

"You mean three teams? Okay. Leave it to me."

Hansoo answered in a confident voice. Hyunjun checked his watch. Slowly the time came.

He finished the check and put the gear into the subspace pocket. Just in time, the door opened and Taemin walked into the office.

"Guild Master. Team 2 is waiting in front of the dungeon."

"A vehicle?"

"I got it started. We can leave right now."

"I'm going down."

Hyunjun and Taemin went to the parking lot.

A sedan was stopped and the driver, who was waiting, found Hyun-jun, hurriedly put out a cigarette, and opened the back seat door.

Taemin got into the passenger seat. It was the moment when the driver confirmed that the two were on board and was about to start the vehicle.


familiar voice. When I turned my head, I saw Sojin running towards this side.

Hyeonjun got out of the car for a while because he still had time.

"Sister, what are you doing?"

I approached her and asked, but Sojin did not open her mouth.

After a brief silence of about 5 seconds, she met Hyun-jun's gaze and carefully opened her mouth.

"I also… … take me... … ."

It was a voice with a small but firm determination.

'I also… … I want to help... … .'

It felt like Hyunjun, who was always by my side, was moving away from me at some point. If it didn't help, the distance seemed to widen further.

'I have to go to the dungeon… … .'

After awakening, Hunter's growth does not stop.

Normal Hunters were not as good as the Second Awakeners, but there was still room for growth. Sojin's trembling gaze reached Hyunjun.

"It doesn't matter if we go to one more recovery hunter, right?"

"All authority rests with the guild leader. And I don't think it would be a big problem if we add one more person from the current number."

Taemin answered Hyunjun's question.

Since Sojin is a C-class hunter, if accompanied by a guild-affiliated strategy team, she is entitled to enter the B-class dungeon, which is one level higher.

Officially, there was no problem.


"Thank you, Hyunjun."

I was grateful to Hyun-jun for accepting a request that was somewhat forced.

Sojin got into the car first with a faint smile on her face. Then, as Hyun-jun got on board, the car started.

The B-class dungeon that was scheduled to be attacked was located in Suwon. It wasn't too far, so I was able to get there in 30 minutes.

In front of the gate, 6 members of the attack team were seen, and the dungeon management staff was organizing the list while looking at the tablet PC.

"I will be waiting nearby."

Hyunjun and Sojin got off first. It's not necessary, but Taemin said he would wait nearby.

Hyunjun didn't bother to stop him. He is an A-class hunter, so if you hurry a little bit, the attack on the B-class dungeon will be over soon.

"Don't wait too long."

"I trust the guild leader. It will be over soon."

Taemin said with a look full of trust.

Hyun-jun nodded his head as if in response to his belief, and joined the 2nd team with So-jin waiting in front of the gate.

"Nice to meet you, guild chief. My name is Ingi Choi, who is in charge of the 2nd strategy team leader."

A hunter with a strong physique approached and greeted me.

He was a member of the attack team from Echo who did not leave during the merger. Hyun-jun knew the information because he had seen the documents related to him.

"Yes, please."

Hyun-jun answered briefly. And at the same time, he concentrated his magic power in his eyes. Soon, his true name appeared above Inkigayo's head.

[Choi In-gi: A sentinel who works hard.]

It was an ordinary name.

"There are extra people."

"Could you give me some brief information?"

"I'm a C-class recovery hunter, and I don't have much experience in dungeon attack."

"There is nothing wrong with adding one more recovery hunter. Besides, the guild leader, who is an A-class hunter, accompanies the B-class dungeon... … I don't think there will be any major problems."

If Inki, who is the leader of the attacking team 2, had said the opposite, he would have gotten tired, but fortunately, he happily nodded and answered.

"Still, a brief briefing is probably necessary."

When outsiders were mixed in with the regular or guild attack team, or when a party was formed through general matching, there were often brief briefings to organize the plan and work together.

"Yes. Of course I think it is necessary."

"Then we will proceed."

The briefing began. Although Sojin had little experience in dungeon attack, it didn't take long because Sojin was a C-class hunter, so he had basic knowledge.

"The briefing is over."

"good. We're going to attack."

With an answer, I first moved to the front of the gate.

A little while ago, the dungeon management office staff had completed the procedures to be followed right before entering.

When all the attack team members gathered, the staff opened the gate.

"I will leave."

entered the darkness. Inkiga, who has rich experience in dungeon raiding, took charge of the strategy team.

When I went down the stairs and opened the door, the dark inside of the dungeon was revealed.

"Fly the drone."

As Inkiga gave instructions, some of the attack team members took out the drone from the subspace pocket and activated it.

Drones large and small flew and illuminated the surroundings.

"I am moving forward."

At the words of popularity, the Hunters advanced. He had already taken his weapon out of his subspace pocket.

They moved while guarding their surroundings so that they could respond if a demon attacked them at any time.


This time, Hyun-jun warned. A number of signs were felt in front. Covering his body with a shield, he aimed his sword forward.

Unsurprisingly, demons appeared in front of the lights that the drones lit up.

"It's an orc! Five Berserkers and Five Orcs!"

someone shouted It was a B-class dungeon, but perhaps because it was the beginning, it was a group of monsters composed of C-class Orc Berserkers and D-class Orcs.


Hyunjun slowly moved forward with a cry.

Popularity and attack teams followed, and the orc hordes also began to run with a vicious force.

"Woah woah woah!"

Suddenly, the screams of the orcs were getting closer.

"Fire Cannon!"

A fireball of enormous size that cannot be compared with a fireball flew through the darkness.


A fire cannon struck the orc Berserker's upper body. In an instant, his whole body became a ball of fire and he collapsed.

Beyond the Orc Berserker, who twisted his body and groaned in pain, other magical beasts rushed towards Hyeonjun.

At that moment, Hyunjun's eyes lit up coldly. Red blood gushed out as the wielded sword cut the throats of the four closest orc zealots.

It happened in the blink of an eye.

"Dude, that's great… … ."

Popularity had no choice but to exclaim, even though it was just before the battle began. As a B-class hunter, it felt too far away in his eyes.

"Go ahead."

The remaining orcs were dealt with by other hunters with popularity. And they continued to attack the dungeon.

Thanks to Hyun-jun's performance, I arrived in front of the boss room not long after. It was time to take a short break for the finale.


The door closed with a roar.

'surely… … .'

Hyunjun swallowed dry saliva with an ominous feeling. He turned his head to Choi In-gi, the 2nd team leader.

"Mr. Choi In-gi… … ! May this be... … !"

Beneath the lights, a hardened face of popularity could be seen. He opened his trembling lips.

"Hidden… … It seems to be a dungeon."

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 37


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