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Chapter 38 - Noble Paladin - Part 2

The heavy voice of popularity resounded in the stone chamber. Hunters looked at the eyes of others with nervous expressions.

They too knew how scary the hidden dungeon was because the life of a hunter was not short.

"What is the difficulty level?"

Hyun-jun's gaze turned to Inkigayo. He had a lot of dungeon experience because he was on the guild raid team for a long time. So I asked for your opinion.

He didn't open his mouth right away, but because his expression wasn't good, he could expect a negative response.

"The investigator at the Bureau of Management reported it as B-class… … It is at least Grade A."

"That's nice."

I thought that it was worth trying even if it was a little daunting if it was an A grade. Hyun-jun was relieved, but the expressions of the other hunters were still not good.

From A-grade dungeons, the difficulty of attacking increases dramatically. It's different from grade B and below.

"If you are unlucky, you may be at the lower level of S-Class."

popular said. I know how big the repercussion will be, so I lowered my voice so that only Hyun-jun could hear it.

"I hope that doesn't happen."

"right. S-class dungeons are on a different level, even if they are a lower level."

"First, let's take some time to reorganize."

"I agree with the guild leader. To clear it, you have to face the boss in the best condition."

While the hunters took a break while checking their equipment, Hyun-jun moved towards So-jin.


I approached her and cautiously called her out. Sojin, who was eating jerky, slowly raised her head.

"Yes, Hyunjun."

"After about 30 minutes, you will enter the boss room. It seems to be a hidden or elite dungeon, so when you enter, don't fall away from Choi In-gi. I'll tell you."

Popularity was a magical hunter, so it was the safest position in the formation.

Sojin was also in the recovery phase, so I was in the rear, but personally, I was thinking of asking Inki to take care of Sojin's safety.

If a seasoned B-class magician hunter goes out, exhaustion will not be in danger easily, even for a boss room with many variables.

"Ha, but… … ."

"My sister is in the recovery field. You know that a healer must be alive to the end, right?"

I was well aware of Sojin's desire to help. So, I emphasized that if you want to be 'helpful', you have to survive.

She nodded without saying a word as if she had also noticed Hyunjun's intentions.

"Nothing will happen. Do not worry."

After reassuring So-jin with a soft voice, Hyun-jun went to Inki to ask for her safety.

"The attack will be our top priority, but we will also take care of Han So-jin's safety."

"Thank you."

As soon as the words of popularity were finished, Hyun-jun approached the iron door leading to the boss's room.

"The attack will continue! Please gather!"

While examining the iron gate, I heard a shout of popularity from behind. He gathered the hunters who were taking a break for a while and explained the situation.

It wasn't long before Popular reported that the attack team was ready to proceed.

"Are you ready?"

He asked, giving strength to the iron door handle. At the same time, he turned his head and cast his eyes to the place where the hunters of the popularity and attack team were located.

Popularity signaled that everyone was ready with a nod instead of an answer.

"I will open it."

The iron gate was large and heavy, but it was not enough to withstand the strength of a hunter who was judged to be Grade A.

With a sharp metal fricative, the iron door opened and deep darkness greeted Hyeon-jun.

-The sergeant's insidious laughter warns you of an ambush A hidden blade is aiming at your heart.

Dozens of red eyes gleamed in the darkness, with life in them.

"Shit! coming!"

"Magic arc!"

As popularity increased his magic, he gave instructions to other magical hunters, and the hunters moved to their respective positions.

As the drone lit the darkness, dozens of orcs were running towards the doorway at a frightening speed.

Judging from the appearance of being armed with thick armor and colorful weapons, it was clear that he was a B-class beast, an 'orc-class warrior'.

"Wind Cutter!"


The blades of the wind flew first, followed by a wall of flames, blocking the front of the orc horde.

"Woah woah woah!"

More than half of the Orcs were knocked down by the blades of the wind and the walls of flame, but most of the advanced warriors did not have difficulty avoiding them like B-class beasts, narrowing the distance with Hyunjun.

At the forefront was an orc wearing heavy armor and holding a primitive weapon, and unlike the advanced warriors, the weapon had a clear 'Auror Blade'.

"Guild Master! Warlords!"

"Is it the boss… … ."

The appearance of the 'Orc Warlord', which belongs to the highest rank of A, was unexpected. However, in the A-class hidden dungeon, since it is a boss-level beast, if you deal with it, you will see the end. Hyeon-jun scatters his young eyes and points his sword in front of him.


He raised his magic with all his might.

-The righteous shield of Carthage protects you. As long as the great guardian is with you, nothing can threaten you.

- Withered Miller's valiant sword is with you. The sword will not be broken unless righteous courage is broken.

The blessings of the previous life that followed made Hyun-Jun strong. The orc warlord sensed an unusual flow of magical power and narrowed the distance in an instant.

'High-speed mobility!'

Hyeon-jun moved his eyes to grasp the movement of the orc warlord and raised the shield with the aura shield.


The swinging sword collided with the shield. As the roar exploded, magical shards splattered everywhere. And Hyunjun did not miss that moment.

-The guardian of Carthage unfolds a righteous counterattack. The unshakable shield becomes a sharp spear that preys upon your enemies.

Auror shards stormed out of the shield and tore the orc warlord's body like a rag.


Hyeon-jun rushed into him in an instant as he turned bloody and retreated. From the sword he was holding, the Auror blade shone clearly.


It was the moment when he sharply stabbed his sword aiming at his heart.


The orc warlord chanted. It wasn't just screaming. Magic is mixed with the cry.

'Wow Cry!'

The orc warlord's magical cry, War Cry, broke Hyeonjun's unshakable posture even when he received a heavy sword.


War Cry was an excellent technique to subdue the opponent as it consumed a lot of mana.

Even now Hyun-jun suffered internal injuries from the shock and vomited blood out of his mouth.

As of right now, he has no defenses against such kind of technology as War Cry.

"die. human."

I spoke in English, but it wasn't difficult to understand the meaning.

I've heard that there are some who can speak Earth's language among A-class or higher Beasts, but this is the first time I've encountered them in person.

The sword that he lifted suddenly fell, aiming at Hyun-jun's neck. That was the moment. Now I heard a familiar voice.

- Be sure to protect it!

- The will of Danzig resides. As long as you have someone to protect, you won't fall.

Hyeon-jun was able to escape from the pressure of magical power as his whole body returned to Danzihi's voice like a thunderbolt.


As if possessed by a ghost, he evaded the sword with trance. When he woke up, he had moved behind the orc warlord.


He swung his sword without hesitation.


The orc warlord tried to evade, but he could not avoid the sword of Hyeon-jun, who learned the swordsmanship of the Withered Miller in the room of his previous life.

A sharp Auror blade swept across his back. A fountain of blood gushed out as the thick heavy armor cracked. fatal wound.

But Hyun-jun didn't stop. Simultaneously with retrieving the sword, it struck the orc warlord's head with a shield containing an auror.

The sudden surprise and pain made him unable to counterattack or evade.


The head of the orc warlord exploded with the sound of an explosion.

He was wearing a thick iron helmet, but it was too much to withstand the strike of the shield with the Auror Shield. The body, which had lost its head, collapsed helplessly.

"Who's next?"

The war lord, who was at the top of the A-class, lost his life in an instant.

The hunters of the attack team, who were waiting in the back, were at a loss for words, and the Orcs felt fear and did not rush in.

"Now! Magical arc!"

Popularity did not miss this opportunity. He cast magic together with other magic-based hunters on the attack team.

Eventually, the completed magic attacked the orc horde.

Three orc warriors, who had been stunned, fell blood spilling from the blades of the wind, and two orcs berserkers were engulfed in scorching flames.

"All-out attack!"

The remaining orcs had three advanced warriors and five Berserkers. The attacking team advanced and engaged in close combat, and the orc horde was annihilated without being able to hold out for a while.

"Are you done now?"

someone asked It should have ended there. Now when you go inside, there had to be a warp gate leading to the exit.

Everyone thought that, of course, the top A-class orc warlord would be the boss, but that was a mistake.

I could feel the gaze of the creepy life touching me.

"There is something."

"Wait, are you sure it wasn't the boss just now?"

"It seems to be so."

As Hyunjun spoke in a low voice, Inkigayo's complexion turned pale.

This means that the rank of the hidden dungeon will be upgraded if the top level A-class monster is not the boss.

If so, there is a high probability that the boss who has not appeared now is at least an S-class low-level beast.

"Strict boundaries… … ."


Before he could finish speaking, a dagger that came from somewhere pierced the stomach of the hunter who was next to him.

"Mr. Sojin Han!"

"Hey, Hill!"

At the request of popularity, Sojin hastily used healing. Hyeon-jun stepped back slightly, being alert to the surroundings, and inspected the wounded Hunter's condition.

'It's a fatal wound.'

As a C-class recovery hunter's 'heal', it would be the limit to not stop breathing right away.

- The insidious laughter of the sergeant warns you of danger. Someone is aiming for your heart.

The sage has warned. Hyeon-jun increased his magical power as much as possible to increase the range of presence detection. But it felt like walking in a fog.

"Be on the lookout for your surroundings. You never know where it will come from."


"Fly another drone."

After answering Hyun-jun's words, Inki nodded and sent a hand signal to the hunters of the attack team.

Drones flew busily to illuminate the darkness, and magical light floated above the sky.

Most of the darkness in the stone chamber was driven away, but the boss was nowhere to be seen.

"heel! heel!"

The only thing he could hear in the heavy silence was Sojin's voice casting healing magic on the fallen hunter.

"Is it an assassination series? … ?"

He frowned and scattered his eyes.


sharp scream. Hyeonjun hurriedly turned to that direction. One Magical Hunter was bleeding and falling.

And right next to him was a white-bearded orc with a long sword.

"Oh, orc swordsman… … ."

Hyunjin's voice trembled. It was the first meeting with an S-class beast.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 38


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