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Chapter 39 - Noble Paladin - Part 3

orc sword. Although it belongs to the lower ranks, the hunters of the attack team were astonished by the appearance of the S-class beast.

"Do, run away… … Cuckoo!"

Another hunter fell down bleeding. The orc swordsman scattered his gaze to search for the next target.

And his eyes stopped where Sojin was.

Aiming for a recovery-type hunter in a situation in which he took control of the rear was perhaps the natural choice.

"Hey, damn it!"

Exhaustion is dangerous Hyun-jun started running and his popularity boosted his magic.

"Go back!"

Inkiga grabbed Sojin's hood and threw it back. It was a radical method, but there was no other way to save her.

Afterwards, the completed flame barrier blocked the midpoint between the orc sword castle and Sojin. In the end, the sword of the swordsman turned towards others.



The way he danced the dazzling sword dance seemed to provoke his anger.

Watching the hunters who rushed to stop him fall helplessly, Hyun-jun bit his lip so hard that blood leaked out.

'Did you avoid the vital point?'

It wasn't mercy. It was intended to distract Hyeonjun's concentration by leaving the wounded behind.

'He's a vicious guy.'

Suddenly, the distance in front of him narrowed.


Along with Sojin's voice, the movement of magic was felt. A pure white light of healing dwells in the wounds of the fallen hunters.

Sojin's complexion turned pale. She was overdoing it now. Healing multiple people at once is not an easy skill.

The magical power he was holding disappeared in an instant, and the pain that felt like his head would explode came rushing in, but he couldn't stop it.

'Remove as soon as possible.'

Hyeon-jun glanced at So-jin's overworked state, and dazzledly swung his sword and rushed to the orc sword castle.

In the dark, the auror blade emitted blue light and aimed at the left arm of the orc sword castle.


Hyun-Jun let out a scream of pain and stepped back. Blood poured from his stomach. Obviously, he aimed at the left arm of the orc sword castle first, but he was the victim.


He spat out abusive language and swung his sword to block the aggressive advance of the orc sword castle.

It is said that he studied the strongest swordsmanship from the last swordsman, the withered miller, in the room of his previous life, but it was still not perfect.

Among S-class low-ranking beasts, he still lacked training to deal with the orc swordsman with deep knowledge in swordsmanship.

"You are using an unknown swordsmanship among the higher-ranking swordsmen. Are you a disciple of swordsmanship?"

The orc swordsman asked, pouring out a sword attack. Hyeon-jun gently raised his head, blocking the attacks with his shield.

"Should I answer?"

"You don't have to."


By the time I felt the pain, the sword that had already been wielded was past my thigh.

Blood splashed and the orc swordsman hurriedly retrieved the sword to continue the second attack.

But it's the same with Hyun Joon. The raised black orc was aiming at the weak spot of the sword castle.


At the same time as Sojin's voice echoed from behind, she could feel the wounds on her thighs slowly recovering.

But it was slower than usual. She has already reached her limit.

When I glanced away, I saw Sojin's face that was tired of blue.

'Magic exhaustion... … .'

It is a phenomenon caused by excessive power consumption. Terrible pain must have come, but she did not stop heeling.

"Tongue, Hyun Joon-ah… … I will help you… … ."

There was a sense of desperation in the voice calling out. Hyeonjun made up his mind and thrust his sword towards the orc sword castle.

A fierce battle ensued. Magical shards splattered everywhere. As time passed, the wounds on their bodies increased.

At first glance, it was a close battle, but in reality, Hyun-jun was being pushed back little by little.

Although he was trained in the room of his previous life, he was not yet able to deal with S-class low-ranking beasts specialized in swordsmanship.

Sojin didn't stop 'healing', but the recovery-type hunter's heal, which ran out of magical power in a violently moving situation, couldn't be effective.


A moan came out of his mouth. The sword of the orc swordsman skillfully leaked through the shield and pierced his abdomen.

However, Hyun-Jun was not suffering either. The sword he wielded also cut deeply in the chest of the orc sword castle.

"Hey, what a human being!"

The orc swordsman suffered a wound to his pride, but he had no choice but to retreat in a hurry.

He was also seriously injured as much as Hyun-jun, so it was unreasonable to perform a series.

While the attack stopped and the distance widened, Hyun-jun also rearranged his stance.


With Sojin's exhausted voice, a white light filled the wound. Hyeonjun moved his eyes for a brief moment to examine her condition.

It wasn't good. His face was dyed blue. It meant that the mana exhaustion was serious.

But she didn't stop heeling. He was pouring 'heal' on not only Hyun-jun but also all the fallen hunters.

'I'm bleeding profusely... … .'

While in a defensive posture, he was alert to the orc sword castle and inspected his body. It was excessive bleeding that made my vision a little blurry.

If it wasn't for Danzihi's protection and Sojin's weak healing, he would have collapsed already.

'No… … .'

Hyunjun shook his head. The moment he falls, the attack team will be annihilated and Sojin will lose his life.

Ignoring the pain, he raised his sword again.

* * *


A scream of pain erupted. It was Hyunjun's voice. He was exchanging a fierce battle with the orc sword to protect everyone.

They were exchanging swords so quickly that Sojin's eyes could not see them, but she could see that Hyunjun was getting bloody as time passed.

"please! Jebaaaal!"

Sojin screamed as if begging and raised her magic power, but there was no way that Heal would work properly when her magic power had already run out.

Hyeonjun's wounds showed no sign of recovery, and rather, the wounds only increased during the battle with the orc swordsman as time passed.

"heel! heel! heel!"

The pain that seemed to tear his whole body came rushing in, but he did not stop casting healing magic. I know that it is a situation where magical exhaustion has come.

They also know that consuming more magical power leads to a life-threatening magic runaway.

But I wanted to be of some help. I wanted to save Hyunjun. If only I could save him.

'I'm okay with dying.'

Tears ran down my cheeks. I hated myself to the point of hating myself for being helpless and helpless.


Red blood was pouring out of his mouth along with a strong coughing as if a magical runaway had begun. The pain also got worse.

Her whole body trembled with convulsions, but she did not stop "heeling".

The moment she poured red blood once more, the sword of the orc swordsman pierced Hyeonjun's chest.

"Oh, no, eh, eh!"

It was the moment when her desperate voice resounded through the stone chamber.

-You sacrificed yourself for someone dear to you. These are the minimum conditions to challenge the ordeal of the paladin supervised by the dungeon guardian. If you overcome the ordeal, you will gain the powerful power to protect your loved ones.

-The absolute emperor, Romanov, forcibly omits the 'Trial of the Paladin' with the supreme power of the emperor.

-From now on, you have inherited the meaning of 'noble paladin'. Use your sword to protect your loved ones.

An unidentified voice pierced his ears. Sojin shook her head to shake off the hallucinations, but to no avail.

And when the voice finally finished speaking, I could feel an overwhelming amount of magical energy pouring into my body.

"Hey, this is… … ."

His voice trembled. Sojin did not understand what had happened to her now. However, the wandering in the extreme chaos did not last long.

- Noble paladin, take up your sword. Protect your loved ones.

Pieces of fragmentary memories flowed in along with the magic that filled his whole body. I couldn't afford to completely digest them.

She had not yet understood the situation, but at least it was clear that her magic had been recharged and her body was overflowing with energy.

And in the waves of fragmentary memory fragments, the 'how to use' of some helpful 'techniques' was imprinted in the brain.

"You have to keep… … ."

It is an unknown power. With this power, I thought that I might be able to protect Hyun-jun.

Maybe it's the power passed down by the evil demon, and there's a price to be paid, but it doesn't matter.

If you can protect your loved ones, you can even sacrifice your life.


When she instinctively shouted the start word she found in her memory, a pure white light entered Sojin's body.

It was a sacred buff used by paladins. All of a sudden, she pulled out the short sword that was hanging from her waist, and her gaze reached the orc sword castle.

"Stand, please… … Second awakening… … ?"

Choi In-gi, the leader of the 2nd attack team who had fallen, felt the overwhelming surge of magical power and lifted his head with difficulty.

Soon, he saw Sojin's back, engulfed in divine magic.

"Holy Spear!"


When I shouted the starter word found in the fragments of other memories, a spear made of holy magic flew and pierced the thigh of the orc sword castle.

He stopped swinging his sword towards Hyun-jun and staggered.


Hyun-jun did not miss the opportunity. He raised his magic and called the Reaper.

-The blood of slaughter awakened the sleeping Reaper's murderous intent. A part of deadly living is freed.

Reaper replied.


The liberated life shook the inside with paralyzing the entire body of the orc sword castle for a very brief moment.

Next, Hyeonjun's sword aimed at the orc swordseong's abdomen.

It was a brief moment, but the response was delayed due to the paralysis of the body due to the life of the Reaper. He raised his sword and defended Hyun-jun's sword attack.


At the same time as a loud cry was heard, the orc swordsman saw the shield with the auror in front of him approaching at a frightening speed.


The orc swordsman flew away with a crashing sound and crashed into the wall. Part of the wall collapsed and a pile of stones buried him.

"Did you do it?"

But soon I had to shake my head. An artificial wind blew and sent the dust away.

The appearance of the orc sword castle was revealed as piles of stones bounced in all directions like an explosion.

"Oh come on... … ."

Hyunjoon bit his lip slightly. A blue aura resided on the face of the orc sword castle.

It seemed that the Auror Armor was focused on the face to prevent the shield hit, but the cheekbones were still greatly depressed.

"Hey, the human… … ."

"Sister, please give me a heel."

He requested a heel without taking his eyes off the orc sword castle. I didn't want to know right away how Sojin suddenly gained 'power'.

The important thing is that she is helping now.


As Sojin's voice resounded, a white light filled the wound. In an instant, the wound began to heal.

It was an amount of healing that couldn't be compared with now. This made sure

She is.

'The Second Awakening.'

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 39


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