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Chapter 40 - Noble Paladin - Part 4

"Holy Spear!"

Seeing that the spear of holy magic that flew through the wind pierced the foot of the orc sword castle, Sojin bit her lip in anger.

He still lacked proficiency to deal with powerful attack techniques.


Instead of continuing to use the Holy Spear, Sojin chose to fully recover Kang Hyeon-jun's injury and cast healing.

Healing began as a white light came over his wounds once again.


Most of the injuries have recovered. Hyeonjun shouted cheers and rushed to the orc sword castle.

Unlike him, who recovered most of his injuries thanks to exhaustion, the Orc Swordsman was still bloody.

There was only one penetrating wound in the abdomen and chest, and neither the arms nor the legs were damaged.

If it wasn't for the tough vitality of the S-class witch, it would have been enough to cause him to collapse and die.


"Hey, human… … !"

Hyeon-jun shouted the name of Carthage and strengthened the protection in the shield.

As the Auror Shield shone more vividly, the eyes of the Orc Swordsman shook. He was already at the limit.


Together with the spirit, in an instant, the distance narrowed and he swung his sword.


The sharp Auror blade cut off the left arm of the exhausted orc swordsman at once.

Dark red blood was splattered. The orc swordsman groaned in pain and tried to step back, but Hyunjun had no intention of letting him go.

"Holy Spear!"

When Sojin's holy magical energy blocked the way out of the window, Hyeonjun rushed in like a single flash of light and swung his sword.

The orc swordsman tried to defend, but it didn't last long. Before the 5 workshop exchanges were over, the sword was stuck in his heart.

"Cool... … ."

The orc swordsman vomited dark red blood and collapsed helplessly.

Hyeon-jun nodded after confirming that he had stopped breathing, and So-jin, who had been helping with "Holy Magic" and "Heal," ran from a distance away.

She wiped her tears in front of Hyun-jun and opened her mouth.

"Hyunjun, are you okay?"

"I'm OK. I'll ask other people."

He calmly appeased Sojin and asked the other hunters of the attack team.

Immediately after awakening, she realized later that she had only focused on healing Hyun-jun, and reached out to the fallen hunters and raised her magical power.


White magic reached those who had fallen. The injury healed at a speed that could not be compared with before. Those who had lost their minds due to extreme pain and excessive bleeding also woke up with low moans one by one.

"Oh my gosh… … S-class beast... … ."

Choi In-gi, who was the first to complete recovery, approached. He couldn't finish his speech in shock. His gaze was fixed on the magic stone left by the orc swordsman. The body was destroyed over time.

"It's the first time I've seen an S-class beast."

Popularity said frankly. As only a B-class hunter, he had never seen an S-class beast.

Although the lower or lower ranks appeared as bosses in A-class dungeons, such cases were extremely rare.

"I thought I was going to die until the orc sword castle popped out. By the way… … I'm sure the hunt will be successful... … ."

"I admire you later, and report the damage first."

Hyunjun cut off the words of Inkigayo. His voice was a bit stiff because he predicted that casualties would have occurred due to the appearance of the orc sword castle.

"How many people died?"

"No one is dead."

"Are you sure?"

"I just checked."

The hunters who had recovered their consciousness and finished their recovery slowly got up one by one.

According to popular saying, no one died. Even those who were seriously injured were saved thanks to Sojin's 'heal'.

Although not fully recovered, there was no problem in moving to the warp gate leading out of the dungeon.

"I have confirmed that the warp gate is active."

Safety was confirmed by the death of the boss. One hunter from the attack team finished checking the warp gate and reported in a bright voice.

Everyone was excited and happy at the fact that they had survived in front of the S-class beast.

There was no dead person, so the overall atmosphere was good.

After confirming that all the hunters on the attack team were safe, Hyun-jun's eyes turned to So-jin.

So-jin also turned her head to the place where Hyun-jun was, probably feeling the gaze.

"Hyunjun-ah… … I'm fine too... … ."

"I'll hear more about it later."

"I, I… … ."

"Are you going to tell me everything?"

"All right, of course."

Sojin nodded at Hyunjun's question and burst into tears. She was going to tell Hyun-jun everything.

The sudden second awakening had confused her, so she needed someone to calm her down.

"Let's go back."

popular said. When the warp gate was activated, it meant that the dungeon was cleared. The popularity and attack team hunters entered the warp gate in turn.

Their bodies disappeared with the bright light. Finally, Hyunjun and Sojin entered the warp gate.

A bright white light obscured his vision. Eventually, when his vision was restored, he was no longer in the dungeon where his life was threatened.

"Guild Master. I heard about the situation from Choi In-gi. Are you okay?"

On behalf of Inkigayo, who was holding the dungeon management staff and explaining the situation, Taemin approached and asked a question carefully.

"I'm fine. Where are the other guild members who participated in the raid?"

For a moment, they were nowhere to be seen.

"I was sent to a nearby hospital for a closer examination. Even the guild chief... … ."

"I'm fine. I just want to rest quickly."

"Leave this to me and Choi In-gi."

Taemin answered Hyunjun's honest words. It was necessary to report the existence of the hidden dungeon to the Dungeon Management Bureau staff.

In this way, an investigator is put in before the dungeon is closed to find out the truth and set additional rewards other than the Magic Stone.

Now, Taemin was saying that he would deal with the dungeon management staff with Inkigayo instead of the tired Hyunjun.

"Then please."

He readily accepted his favor. It was because Sojin also seemed to need a break right away.

"The vehicle is waiting."

"Thank you."

"Relax. We will contact you tomorrow morning on the progress."

It was past 8 pm, so even if I got a call early in the morning, I had enough time to take a break and organize my thoughts.

Hyun-jun got into the car he was waiting with So-jin and went back to his house.

Sojin had a lot of things to say, but seeing Hyunjun's tired face, she went up to the second floor first.

After sending her up to the second floor, Hyun-jun also got some fresh air in the yard to organize his thoughts, then went up to the third floor, his own space, and threw himself into the bedroom.

and dreamed

* * *

A door adorned with gold and jewels is in front of you.

"Romanov… … ."

Hyeon-jun carefully opened the door, clearing his breath, revealing a splendid interior.

"Come in."

From the throne at the edge of the carpet, the Romanov stood up and said:

It was quite far away and it was spacious inside, but the voice was clear and loud.

Hyun-jun walked along the carpet. Eventually he reached the front of the Romanov.

"Are you?"

"How did you know?"

"I felt your magic."

While using Romanov's protection, he became accustomed to his magical powers. So it was a fleeting moment during the battle, but it was detectable.

"Can you explain to me what happened?"

I had a lot of questions.

"It is not difficult."

Romanoff nodded his head in response. I had no intention of hiding it.

"From the beginning, 'power' was sleeping in that 'dungeon'. What Jim did was only a very small 'interference'."

It seemed that he had heard somewhere that the hidden dungeon was the place where the second awakening was most often born.

Although the official investigation results of the Dungeon Management Bureau have not yet been released, the dungeon we attacked today was clearly a hidden dungeon.

"Are you saying that the magic that induces the second awakening was sleeping in that dungeon?"

"Second awakening? Yes, the choice of words doesn't matter. All I can assure you is that the 'power' that awakens the potential is dormant and your servant is ready to face the test. And if it is the fate of a 'subject', it means that Jim has the power to perform even the smallest 'interference'."

Interfering with the fate of a subject, that was one of the powers that the Romanov possessed.

"Your sister is not my servant."

"Your thoughts are not important. The important thing is that Jim's power and protection recognized her as your 'subordinate'."

"I never asked for that. What on earth is the criterion for determining that?"

Hyunjun asked a question, but instead of answering right away, Romanoff turned around, raising the corners of his mouth slightly. His gaze shifted to the 'Emperor's Flag' hanging behind the throne.

"I can't tell you now."

"then… … ."

"In due time you will know. Do you have any other questions?"

Hyeonjun let out a short sigh in response to Romanoff's reply. Then, after organizing his thoughts, he opened his mouth with a calm expression.

"Then, are there any other 'subordinates' besides Sojin noona? So… … Romanov, someone who recognized your power as a 'subordinate'."


"Who is it?"

"I can't tell you that. But I can tell you how many."

Hyunjun shook his head as he looked at the back of Romanov. Contrary to his appearance, he seemed to be a person with many secrets.

"good. How many people are there?"

I didn't tell you too much. I thought that it would be better to have information that I could know right now than not know.

"Right now, except for 'Paladin', there is only one person."

"Is that so?"

"Don't be disappointed. Right now, there are two including the Paladin, but as time goes on, there will be more. My strength is that kind."

A faint smile spread across Romanoff's lips.

"And the loyalty of the other is enough to make even Jim admire it. You seem to have the qualities of a monarch. It is also the reincarnation of Jim."

loyal servant. Hyun-jun knew who he was without difficulty.

'Kim Tae-min… … '

Looking at his recent behavior, it was good enough to think that he was given the role of 'Shinha'.

While Hyun-jun was clearing his mind, Romanoff turned around again. The two eyes crossed.

"You look like you know who you are."

"It was not difficult."

"It would be good to make good use of him. Do you know his 'true name'?"

Hyeonjun nodded instead of answering Romanoff's question.

'The blind knight who swears.'

That was Taemin's true name.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 40


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