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Chapter 41 - Noble Paladin - Part 5

late past midnight. One black sedan and two vans stopped at the entrance of the dungeon cleared by Hyunjun and the race guild attack team.

As one of the security staff of the Dungeon Management Bureau who was guarding the gate approached cautiously, the doors of the stopped cars burst open, and people in black suits got off in unison.

"Uh, where do you belong?"

The security and staff asked cautiously.

Then a man with a neat impression wearing glasses from a group of black suits slowly narrowed the distance.

Judging by the atmosphere, he seemed to be the leader.

"This is Jinhyung Lee, 4th Team Leader of the Dungeon Management Bureau. Did you not receive a call from your superiors?"

"Ah… … ! Sorry. The exact time was not delivered, so I thought you would arrive in the morning."

"It was meant to be, but there were minor schedule changes."

"Yeah, that's right. I will open the gate now."

Security and staff beckoned, and others opened the gate to the underground dungeon.

"You may come in."


Jinhyeong gave instructions to his subordinates as he moved away as the security and staff were afraid to step aside.

Investigation Division 4 teams followed. The entrance to the dungeon appeared at the end of the stairs.

"Don't be too nervous. Because the dungeon has already been cleared. There will be no demons appearing."

Today's investigation included one new recruit, so Jinhyeong said to reassure him.

He must have already been educated in advance, but Jinhyung knew that if he was reconfirmed on the spot like this, he would be very psychologically stable.

"From now on, the detailed investigation begins. Everyone move."

"Yes! Okay!"

With a strong answer, the investigation team members moved in unison.

The investigation team advanced into the depths of the dungeon by collecting and analyzing the remaining magical power.

Since there was an instruction from the superior to finish the investigation as soon as possible, Jinhyeong urged his subordinates repeatedly while conducting the investigation.

Thanks to the almost non-stop movement, the investigation of the boss room was completed in a short time.

Jinhyeong and the investigation team came out of the dungeon using the warp gate.

"Did you organize your data?"

"At first, I divided them into major categories and put them together. I will send it to you now."

In order to save time, research materials were delivered and organized while driving to the dungeon management office.

"How is it?"

The investigator, who gathered the data and handed it over, looked at the formation and asked carefully.

He was curious because he did not have the ability to judge the dungeon grade based on the organized data.

"Did you say that the guild attack team cleared it? Do you know which guild you belong to?"

"I heard you belong to the Race Guild."

"race… … ."

Jinhyung narrowed his eyes and blurted his words. I've never heard of the name.

The name of the race was known to some extent because the guild leader showed tremendous force in the guild battle against the 'old' Echo.


The investigator asked when he saw Jinhyung's face hardened. Jinyoung shook his head and opened his mouth.

"Do you have the attack team data?"

"Yes, I thought it might be necessary, so I got the data from the strategy office."

"Send it."

"I will send it now."

The investigator taps the tablet a few times and the data is sent. And Jinhyung's eyes trembled violently as he read it.


"The hunter with the highest rank among the members of the attack team who entered the dungeon was Grade A… … Was that even one person? Are you sure it's accurate?"

"of course. The verification process is over."

"If the results of the investigation are not wrong, the dungeon will be graded the lowest in the S-class."

At Jinhyeong's words, the investigator was greatly shocked.

"Yeah? However, it is impossible to clear the S-class dungeon with the power of the attack team that I have confirmed."

"Yeah, but there's no way the research data was wrong."

"If true, that would be a huge issue."

"The race will be re-evaluated."

The car stopped before the conversation was over. You have arrived at the Dungeon Management Office. Jinhyung opened his mouth as he organized the tablet PC and file folder.

"The rest go to the office and talk."

And it was the moment I got out of the car and entered the dungeon management office. People in black suits approached the investigation team as if they were surrounded.

In the sudden situation, Jinhyung instinctively raised his magic power. He was also a B-class magician hunter.

"Where are you from?"

Jinhyung asked in a calm voice, gaining his magical power. Since it was in the Dungeon Management Office building, he seemed to think that it would not be a big deal.

"I'm the 3rd team leader in my apology."

A person who appeared to be the leader took a step forward and showed his ID.

"Has confirmed. But what happened in my apology... … ?"

"I heard you finished researching the dungeon a while ago."

"Yes… … That's right."

"I want you to hand over all the relevant materials."


Jinhyung made an expression that he couldn't understand the request of the head of the internal apology team.

"What the hell is going on?"

"I can't tell you the details because they are confidential, but I want you to know that you need the data to 'verify' something."

As expected, there was no detailed explanation. The Dungeon Management Bureau's internal apologies are secret people. It could be said that this was enough to say a lot.

"Would you like to cooperate?"

The head of the internal apology team asked politely, but Jinhyung had no choice from the beginning. Even within the dungeon management office, the authority the internal department had was enormous.

With a formal order from the top, they could investigate any department, and there was no space that could not be accessed inside the Dungeon Management Bureau.

"I will cooperate."

"Thank you."

So, all the data was passed on to the 3rd internal apology team.

* * *

When I woke up from the dream, it was late in the morning, close to 11 am.

I checked my smartphone just in case, but there were no missed calls or messages.

Taemin was supposed to call in the morning, but it seemed to be delayed because of Hyunjun's physical condition.


After taking a short deep breath, Hyun-jun was completely awakened by drinking a glass of cold water. And went straight down to the second floor.

The second floor was noisy, but Sojin was nowhere to be seen. The orphanage brothers were just running around the living room and playing.

"Who is Sojin's older sister?"

"I'm still sleeping."

When I asked the boy who was running and playing with a small ball, the answer came back immediately.

She will be very tired too. He suddenly gained strength, so his mental state might be confused for a while.

Now, she needed time to rest, organize her thoughts, and embrace her strength.

Hyeon-jun, who briefly greeted his younger brothers, went down to the first floor where the bodyguards live.

Taemin was sitting on the sofa in the living room in front of the end of the stairs, drinking coffee.

He soon found Hyun-Jun and cautiously got up and lowered his head.

"I was waiting because you seemed to be resting."

"I was still tired… … Thank you."

Hyunjun said with a faint smile. Taemin approached me, tidying up his clothes.

"I got a call from the Dungeon Administration two hours ago. Once you go to the guild office, keep talking. The car is waiting."

Taemin, who was waiting, followed him as he walked towards the garage first.

The driver was waiting with the car in the garage, but Taemin sent him back and took the driver's seat himself.

As Hyun-jun got into the back seat, the car started.

"What did the Dungeon Administration say?"

"He said the results of the investigation came out this morning."

Taemin answered Hyunjun's question. Even if the attack is completed and cleared, the dungeon does not disappear immediately.

It will disappear completely only when the dungeon management goes through the process and closes it.

Of course, if a situation such as dispatch of an investigation team occurs during this process, the closing procedure will be temporarily suspended.

"How was the verdict?"

"It was judged to be the lowest S-class dungeon."

"It came sooner than I expected."

"I had no choice but to do that. Because we already knew that it was a hidden dungeon from the preliminary investigation."

It was definitely a B-grade difficulty until I set the attack schedule.

By the way, did the Dungeon Administration know that it was the lowest S-class hidden dungeon?

"I knew… … ? What does that mean?"

"It appears that someone deliberately omitted the preliminary findings."

The atmosphere in the car quickly became serious. It was important that it was 'intentional', not 'mistake'.

"Are you sure it was deliberately omitted?"

"Confirmed by the internal affairs department of the Dungeon Management Bureau."

The results of a survey by an internal apologist famous for their integrity are reliable.

"I know that my apology doesn't move at all… … What happened?"

Hyunjun asked. I knew that my apple's ass was heavy.

"Even on our side, we don't know exactly why the company suddenly moved. Well, if you're careful with the current situation... … ."

The traffic light turned red and the car stopped. Taemin paused for a moment, looked around quickly, and opened his mouth with a calm expression.

"A certain faction omitted or manipulated the results of the dungeon preliminary investigation in order to inflict losses on our guild attack team, and evidence remained in the process, or a third party opposing the faction leaked information to the internal affairs department. It seems to have happened. If solid evidence had flowed in or had been secured, it is not strange that the investigation was concluded in about 12 hours."

"What information do you have about that 'some force'?"

"I couldn't get it. But the forces behind the 'old' Echo are clear."

Hyunjun frowned at Taemin's answer. I thought it would be quiet for a while, but I didn't expect a check like this would come.

It's not that I wasn't expecting this situation since the full-scale guild battle with Echo in the past, but it was frustrating and bad.

Unlike this side, where most of the information was revealed, the "behind the scenes" side was thoroughly hidden.

With the current intelligence of the race, no clue could be found about them. It was like a blade aimed at the heart in the dark.

"I know that much."

His voice became sharp in a frustrated heart.

"I will use half of the Choi Na-young slush fund that I have secured as guild funds. With that, strengthen the power of the executive and intelligence departments."

In the past, most of Choi Na-young's slush funds flowed to Hyeon-jun, and only a small portion of the guild funds Rais secured.

I did that because it was easy to wash.

But now it's been some time since then, so there shouldn't be a problem with additional washes.

"With half, the power of the current guild executive and intelligence departments can be strengthened three times or more."

"Go as fast as you can. We have to be ready when the enemy starts attacking."

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 41


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