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Chapter 42 - The Mean Shadow - Part 1

Hyunjun and Taemin arrived at the guild office. The two were greeted by the guild members and went up to the 4th floor.

Eventually, the two of them entered the guild chief's office and sat facing each other.

"Guild leader, what happened in the dungeon? I need to know so I can act appropriately when a situation arises."

Taemin carefully asked a question.

Taemin didn't know exactly what had happened because Hyunjun instructed his guild members to keep quiet about what happened in the dungeon.

"Is it really a hidden dungeon?"

Since the B-class dungeon was finally ranked at the bottom of the S-class, there was no way to explain it other than a 'hidden dungeon'.

Elite-grade dungeons also sometimes change in difficulty during the attack. However, there were few cases where there was a big change like this dungeon.

Because it's such a rare dungeon, Taemin couldn't easily believe it even after receiving the information from the dungeon management office.

"How much does the executive director know about the hidden dungeon?"

"Simply put, isn't this a dungeon with hidden rewards? Obviously, there are cases where it is confirmed by the dungeon management office, but I heard that there are cases where the difficulty level changes during the dungeon raid, so it may not be completely understood in the preliminary investigation."

Taemin was also a hunter. Although I don't mainly attack dungeons, I received basic education and there was information I heard here and there.

"The dungeon, which was grade B when entering, was ultimately ranked as the lowest in grade S. And when you came in the car, you said you moved in my apple? Do I need to add an explanation here?"

No further explanation was necessary. Not only Hyunjun, but Taemin knew too. The two exchanged calm gazes and nodded.

"What was the reward?"

"Sojin noona has a second awakening."

Hyunjoon said frankly.

I thought that Taemin would keep it a secret, but I thought that there was no need to hide it because most people would know when the dungeon management bureau re-examination and promotion was decided anyway.

"It's the second awakening… … ."

Taemin blurted the end of his words with a complicated expression.

"I would like to strengthen home security for the time being. In the hidden dungeon, rare equipment is sometimes dropped, so you can work from the 'behind' side."

Taemin said.

"Shall we move there first? Even if he moves secretly, his identity may be revealed... … ."

"It will not move directly. They'll probably deliberately spread rumors and wait for other mean forces to move. In that case, there may be indirect support."

Equipment that is dropped from hidden dungeons is so powerful that it is appropriate to say that it is different from normal ones.

Because of that, if the rumors spread, there will be forces who will try to secure it even by using cowardly and cruel means.

In fact, there were very few cases like that.

"I will hire a reliable armed security company."

With the beginning of the dungeon raid era, security in Korea deteriorated.

Armed security companies were reliable shields that protected places that were out of the reach of public authorities.

"It doesn't matter how much money it costs. Hire the best."

"You can trust me. And the main hunters of the executive branch will also be placed around the guild leader's house."

"Can I deploy the main force?"

Hyunjun asked.

Wraith was now slowly expanding, stabilizing the size it had grown through mergers and acquisitions. As a result, the work of the executive branch increased.

"It is the top priority to keep the guild leader's surroundings safe."

Although he didn't say it frankly, Taemin wanted to avoid the worst situation in which Sojin and the orphanage brothers were kidnapped and held Hyeonjun's ankles.

"Okay. Then we should appoint a new security officer. Are you planning to take over the executive branch?"

"I would like to take the job, but it seems difficult because the executive department has a lot of work. Instead, I'll attach another one. He is one of the few people I trust."

"Is that so? First of all, I want to see your face."

"I'll call you."

Taemin took out his smartphone. 5 minutes passed?

With a brief knock, the office door opened and a man with a sharp look like a snake walked in.

He was Jong-seo Ha, who is Taemin's direct subordinate and head of the race guild's intelligence department.

"This is Ha Jong-seo."

Jongseo bowed his head and greeted politely. Looking at him, Hyun-jun traced his memory.

I think I've seen him once before when I was appointed head of intelligence, but I don't remember using Romanov's protection to confirm his true name.

Hyun-jun raised his magic power in both eyes while fixing his gaze on Jong-seo. For a moment, his vision turned golden.

-The Eye of Romanoff dwells in you. A gaze with absolute insight sees through all beings.

A voice was heard. At the same time, Jin Myung appeared above Jong-seo's head.

[Ha Jong-seo: Shadows in action.]

It was like the head of the intelligence department, but it was difficult to guess the exact nature of his true name.

"It is directly under me. From now on, I will be in charge of guarding the guild chief's home. He is a B-class hunter and has a lot of practical experience."

Taemin briefly explained Jongseo with a faint smile. Hyunjun nodded his head with a satisfied expression.

As long as Taemin, who pursues perfection, is directly under his direct control, his skills can be trusted.

"Once the rumors start to spread, you will be attacked."

Taemin said.

The current security of the Republic of Korea was not good, and in such a situation, guilds with strong power were reigning at the center of power.

Besides, the race was a bronze tier guild, so if you put your mind to it, the attack will come from at least the silver tier.

"Executive chief. Is there no way to stop the attack? Or requesting protection from the Special Police Department... … ."

"Guild Master. Special police departments don't move easily until an incident occurs. We don't have enough influence to get them moving first."

"It's not like that yet."

He nodded and bit his lip slightly. Red blood leaked out.

"I think that's why people want to have that kind of power."

Hyunjun said as if lamenting.


Taemin and Jongseo bowed their heads, but Hyunjun shook his head and opened his mouth.

"You don't have to be sorry. I'm serious about it, so sooner or later we'll get what we want."

Is it because of the influence of the increase in sympathy with him while receiving Romanov's protection?

In Hyeon-jun's heart, an ambition that had never been found before rose up.

"We will be the best in Korea."

That single word shook the hearts of Taemin and Jongseo. There was an unknown power in his voice.

Even Hyun-jun didn't know, but in fact, it was Romanov's influence. Hyeonjun opened his mouth with a calm expression as he received Taemin and Jongseo's trembling gaze.

"When the attack starts, set an example. Completely annihilate and spread our force to the whole country."

"The executive branch will do its best."

Taemin knelt down. It looked like a knight from the Middle Ages. It was an action worthy of the true name of 'a blind knight who blindly trusted'.

Jong-seo did not kneel, but silently nodded and looked at him full of trust.

"Keep in mind. We need to take this opportunity to show that no one can ignore us."

* * *


"Sir, I am the executive director."

A calm voice was heard along with a knock. The man who was reading something under the dark lights raised his head and opened his mouth.

"come in."

"Excuse me."

The door opened and the chief executive walked in. He soon realized that there was another person beside the senator and bowed his head politely.

"The president was there too. I didn't know. Sorry."

"It's okay, I wasn't talking about anything important."

said a man called the president. A faint smile appeared on his lips under the dim lighting.

"Yeah, today is not a day for regular reports, what happened?"

asked the senator. There were not many days when the executive director came "in person" in order not to uncover their secret relationship.

Fortunately, he only showed his face during regular reports or came outside of schedule only when there were urgent and secret reports.

"I heard an urgent report from an informant planted in the Dungeon Administration a while ago."

"If the executive director came to visit me in person, I think it would be quite urgent information."

"Yes, Senator. Information related to the race guild."

"Come on, tell me."

When they heard that it was related to the race, the legislator and the chairman urged them with twinkling eyes.

Reis was like a thorn in the eyes because it was a guild that interfered with the two people's plans for the bronze tier theme.

"Remember that not long ago, in order to annihilate the guild strategy team including guild leader Hyeonjun Kang, the investigation results of the lowest S-class dungeon were omitted and made into a B-grade?"

"I remember. So the race guild attack team would be annihilated and Hyeonjun Kang would have died?"

The two wanted the death of Hyeonjun Kang and the downfall of the race. But the chief executive shook his head.

"It is said that there is no damage to the race guild attack team. Besides, I even cleared the S-class dungeon."

In an instant, the atmosphere became heavy.

"Executive chief. As far as I know, even at the lowest level, S-class dungeons are said to be quite difficult to clear... … Did I hear something wrong?"

asked the senator. The notoriety of S-class dungeons was widespread among the general public.

Even when a hunter of the same class was accompanying him, there were many cases of death.

In particular, in Korea, there was a time when a dungeon out of an S-class dungeon occurred shortly after the start of the dungeon raid era.

As a result, thousands of people died, so S-class dungeons were the object of fear in Korea.

"You didn't hear me wrong. Even though it was the lowest, it was clearly an S-class dungeon. It is not a level that can be cleared by a small guild attack team accompanied by only one A-class. There were no fatalities even."

"Then what the hell is going on?"

This time the president asked. The chief executive's gaze turned to him.

"The possibilities can be broadly divided into three categories. First, if Kang Hyun-joon's power is more than expected. Second, when one or more secondary awakening occurs inside the dungeon. Last but not least, there was a helper that we didn't understand."

"It's dangerous in any case."

At the words of the lawmaker, the executive director nodded and opened his mouth.

"They are tiger cubs. It must be thoroughly trampled on right now."

"But if we come to the surface now, the five-star group won't stand still."

The executive director strongly expressed his opinion, but the president shook his head and appealed the opposite opinion.

"Look. Do we really need to go out?"

The inability to appear above the surface did not mean there was no way to attack the Wraith. The senator said with a cold smile.

"You can leak information. Rumors that Wraith found 'something' in a hidden dungeon."

He intended to use human greed as a weapon.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 42


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