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Chapter 43 - The Mean Shadow - Part 2

Deep in the dark mountains, Taemin was standing alone.

He quickly moved his eyes to see if he was looking for something.

Two drones were flying around, illuminating all directions.

"How is it?"

With a cold voice, someone appeared from behind Taemin's back. He was Hyunjun.

He was training 'God's Protection' with Taemin, a skilled assassin from the executive branch.

"I never knew this again."

"When did you detect the presence?"

"It was only after I heard the voice that I felt a presence."

At Taemin's words, Hyunjun started walking with a satisfied smile on his face.

"Are you here today?"

"Yes, you never know when the enemy will attack you… … It would be nice to have enough mana left."

You should always be prepared for the worst. At least, Hyunjun thought so.

Fortunately, Taemin followed Hyunjun without saying a word, nodding his head as if he was of the same opinion.

Hyun-jun arrived at his house in the car that Tae-min was driving.

The armed guard guarding the front door checked the license plate number and opened the door to the garage.

Hyeonjun, who was watching him, opened his mouth.

"The security is good."

"This time, the armed security company hired 10 people. Nine are E-class or D-class hunters, but one is a C-class hunter."

About half of the members of the armed security company are made up of hunters with F-class or higher and D-class or lower hunters.

There are a lot of hunters of F-class and D-class, so the dungeon queue is long and the earning is not that big.

Armed guards do not impose great restrictions on dungeon capture, so they are less than full-time hunters, but there were many who continued to attack dungeons.

"They are of low rank, but first of all, they too are 'hunters' who transcend human limits. It has higher combat power than ordinary armed guards."

Taemin explained. Hyunjun nodded his head instead of answering.

"We are armed with automatic rifles and submachine guns that are effective in anti-personnel warfare. As the guild leader must have heard, if you are dealing with 'humans', it is better for hunters of D-class or lower to use firearms."

The reason hunters do not use firearms when hunting beasts is because of 'Magic Skin'.

This thin, colorless shield boasts strong defense against weapons that do not have magical powers.

It was not easy to enchant modern firearms, even bullets and shells.

If the 'Magic Skin' is completely worn out by concentrating strong firepower, it is possible to hunt the beast, but since it is ineffective, the hunters used melee weapons such as swords and spears that can concentrate a large amount of mana.

"We have selected only the best of those we can hire right now."

Even in the armed security industry, there were some talented people who moved informally, but the influence of the race was insufficient to reach them.

"You never know when something will happen, so stay alert for the time being."

"Jong-seo also joined. Do not worry too much. We are doing our best."

Hyunjun said with a worried face. Taemin answered with a faint smile on his lips.

Rather than lying to simply reassure him, he appealed that he was doing his best.

"Today, I also participate in security. Rest in peace."

Taemin said. Hyunjun nodded his head instead of answering and went up to the third floor.

I passed the second floor, but the younger brothers were asleep and the lights were off in Sojin's room.

Hyeon-jun, who thought it would be difficult and troubled by the sudden change in her own way, went up the stairs to the third floor without interrupting her personal time.

After a brief shower, he threw himself on the bed and fell asleep in an instant.

The place where I woke up again was the 'Hall' where the 'Rooms of Previous Life' were gathered.

"The shadow behind… … ."

I read aloud the 'Tinnitus' engraved on the jet-black wooden door. A smile spread across Hyunjin's lips.

Because we do not know when the attack will start, we needed the power of a sergeant with the nickname of 'the shadow behind the assassination and duke'.

So, even during training, he continued to use his protection to enter his room.

"Welcome to. I was waiting for you."

As he opened the door and entered, a calm voice greeted Hyun-Jun with deep darkness.

As I stepped inside, a dim light turned on, revealing the image of the sergeant.

As usual, he was wearing noble robes, and his face was as pale as a ghost.

"An invisible enemy is targeting you. Are you aware of that?"

Hashirin said.

"Yes, we are taking measures."

"With my protection imprinted on you now, it will be difficult to detect danger in the distance in advance."

"So we need new protection."

"You are very confident."

"Didn't you come to me to imprint your blessings?"

A smile spread across his lips at the sharp question. On the contrary, this conversation made him feel more cheerful.

"You didn't come here to chat, did you?"

"You know exactly. Recently, I have been seeing many of my past lives, and it seems that I have become more 'noticed'."

The sage was amazed. The coward who was foolish when we first met was not here. There were only strong warriors who had gone through a terrible test.

"You have trained by fully utilizing the blessing that I have engraved. As a result, the synchronization rate with me increased a lot. That's why I came here to imprint a new 'gaho' on you."

The increase in synchronization with the previous life not only strengthens the existing family, but also creates an opportunity to meet a new guardian or another previous life.

"What kind of blessings are you this time?"

"I will send a shadow to engrave the protection of the enemy from afar. Arguably, this is the strength you most need right now."

The sage said in a confident voice. Hyunjun nodded and narrowed the distance with him.

A technique to monitor the enemy by sending eyes and ears and shadows to serve will be of sufficient help in the current situation.

"I will start engraving from now on."

A cold breath hit him from behind. The sergeant who had moved backwards suddenly put his right hand on Hyeonjun's shoulder and said.


"It will hurt a little."


As the magic power was injected, excruciating pain came over me.

I got used to the pain a lot, but I couldn't stand the screams coming out.

His body shook violently as if he had had a seizure, but his body did not stop.

His characteristic cold expression did not waver. Rather, he summoned a shadow and grabbed Hyeonjun's arms and legs.

"it's over."

How long did the pain last? Finally, the sergeant lifted his hand and said.

When even the shadow disappeared, Hyun-jun collapsed helplessly. There was still a feeling of trembling.


It didn't take long to lay down. He immediately came to his senses with a deep breath and stood up.

He took a step back and raised the corners of his lips slightly.

"As we engraved the family name, we also gave instructions on how to use it. How is it?"

"It's not as complicated as I thought."

Hyeon-jun frowned and looked for the newly implanted memory before answering the commander's words.

"Of course. As soon as the blessing is revealed, the memories of the previous life are revived, and the magic aid enters. No matter how complex the procedure, it will feel relatively simple. This will probably be felt properly once you learn 'magic'."

"Are there any wizards in past lives?"

"Past life is 990,000. Of course, there are also the most powerful Archmage in the dimension. It is also very diverse in different fields."

Hyunjun swallowed dry saliva. The fact that he had strong supporters called '990,000 past lives' behind him made my heart pound.

"Doing this... … Would you like to try a blessing?"

Hashirin said. Hyun-jun used his magic while recalling the memories he had planted.

When he stretched out his hand, black magic flowed out and took the form of a black shadow clone.

"Can you do one more?"

Hyun-jun raised his magic power instead of answering.

However, the second spray of black magic was scattered like fragments when the human form was half-formed.

"Is one limit… … ."

He muttered to himself and bit his lip slightly.

Although the manifestation cost a lot of energy, it was a big disappointment because I knew I could make the 2nd season.

Seeing this, the sergeant opened his mouth with a calm expression.

"If I had to classify this shadow clone, it is the most difficult among high-level magic and consumes a lot of mana. Making one is a great achievement."

"i See."

"Go back now. Go ahead and cast a shadow on the enemy's cadres who are the most dangerous. If you are in sync right now, you can send a shadow anywhere in Gyeonggi-do."

The dream ended with that.

* * *

Hyeonjun woke up from the dream and immediately called Taemin. It was dawn, but Taemin answered the call.

"Did you call?"

We met in the study room on the 3rd floor. Taemin carefully asked a question about why he called him in the first place.

Hyeon-jun, who was looking through the report on the major threat submitted by the intelligence service a while ago, slowly raised his head.

"Executive chief."

"Say it."

"If misinformation from the 'behind' side spreads, which guild will move first?"

Taemin organized his thoughts at Hyunjun's question. 5 minutes passed? Finally, he opened his mouth with a cautious expression.

"Gold tier and higher guilds are sure to have information… … You know there's a rumor going around. Then I would move in the silver tier... … I think there is a high probability that 'Andersen' will act in the 'spearhead'."


"Andersen is not well known among the Silver Tier guilds. Among the guilds that have grown in size in a short period of time by illegal means, they are the worst. That is why there are rumors that the fight continues even within the executive branch."

Hyun-jun nodded as he listened to Tae-min's explanation. He had also heard rumors of Andersen.

"Then we will use external force for internal maintenance."

"Not only that. According to my personal sources, that guild leader is quite greedy. There have been times in the past when we tried to steal class A equipment and failed."

This is enough.

"good. Let me send my personal information to the Andersen Guild."

"Are you talking about personal information?"

"I can't tell you the details yet, but I'm a trustworthy 'person'."

"If the guild leader trusts him, I will believe him too."

"You can go back."

Taemin is back. Hyeonjun memorized the magic by using his magical powers. Black magic took the form of a human. It was the shadow itself.

"Find this man."

He lifted his smartphone and showed the shadow of the Andersen Guildmaster. The guild head was an official seat, so it wasn't difficult to find photos.

"Go and give me the information."

The shadow nodded and disappeared into the darkness.

Hyun-jun nodded, staring at the place where the shadow had stood a while ago with a satisfied expression.

Now that the eyes and ears have been sent, it is time to wait for the prey to come to the trap.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 43


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