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Chapter 47 - Trouble Makers - Part 3

Controlling the strength of Gaho was not easy. The first prisoner could not bear the pain and had a heart attack, and the second one went crazy.

Although they were trained to endure torture, Pierre's protection was too cruel to survive without the recovery correction of the 'Room of Previous Life'.

In the end, the 3rd and 4th prisoners could not bear the terrible pain and divulged some information about the Andersen Guild.

Because they were not high-ranking officials, the information they had was limited, but it was enough to start a check.

"Please summarize the information you have obtained and report it. the faster, the better."

On the way to the guild office in the car, Hyun-jun instructed Tae-min.

"I will submit it in two hours."

Taemin answered. Eventually, the car with the two of them arrived at the parking lot of the Race Guild office building.

Hyun-jun headed to the guild chief's office, and Tae-min moved to the executive office to write a report.

"A cup of coffee, please."

Hyun-jun opened the door to the office and asked the secretary waiting in front for coffee.

As I sat down to review the papers, the door opened and the secretary brought a coffee and put it on the desk.

I drank coffee and handled the guild leader's duties. The situation with Andersen is moving rapidly, but there is nothing that can be done right now.

Everything has an order. Now I had to wait for the report that Taemin would write.

"I am the executive director."

Taemin's voice came from outside the door.

"Come on in."

"Excuse me."

The door opened and Taemin slowly walked in. He approached the desk and placed a document that looked like a report in front of Hyun-jun.

"This is a report. We have summarized the information we received from the prisoners today."

"Good job."

Hyunjun said, picking up the report. It was well organized and easy to read.

While using 'Pierre's Protection' to the prisoners, I first heard the information, but there were a few things that I overheard because it was delivered verbally.

"Isn't this enough for crafting?"

"of course. Based on this, we will be able to obtain more new information."

Previously, it was not easy to gather information about the Andersen Guild because there was little to know about it.

But now that the skeleton has been established, the race guild executives have become much more comfortable to act.

"Is there still no contact from Andersen?"

"You continue to deny the connection."

"I will have to visit the Andersen Guild office myself."

"Do you really need to? It is dangerous."

Taemin cautiously expressed concern, but Hyunjun opened his mouth with a relaxed smile.

"I'm going for show-type negotiations and pressure."

"The Andersen guild leader is hot-tempered. You can do crazy things."

"Even if all the executives attack, I have the confidence to escape."

He had the 'God of God's Protection', who was completely assimilated in the dark. So I was thinking of going there at night.

"I will continue to deny this attack."

"Then Andersen would be a good example."

I didn't have to explain it, but it meant destroying Andersen.

Even so, it was a situation in which Andersen's attack failed, and the other silver tier guilds did not attack easily even after hearing the information leaked from the 'behind the scenes'.

"If Andersen collapses, others will not be able to move easily."

At Taemin's words, Hyunjun slowly nodded his head. There is nothing better to spread fear than public executions.

"I'm leaving tomorrow night."

"We will strengthen the security of the guild leader's home in case of any unforeseen provocation."

"I am also the chief executive."

"Thank you. Guild Master."

* * *

And time passed, and it was 8:00 PM the next day. Hyun-jun appeared in front of the Andersen Guild office in Seoul.

Before moving, he picked up his smartphone and called Taemin.

- This is Kim Tae-min.

"Are you sure you're inside now?"

-Yes, there is no Lee Gyu-hwan, but Ahn Seong-jin confirmed that he was in the guild office.

"Well done. I will get back to you later."

Taemin failed to track Gyuhwan's whereabouts, but it didn't matter.

Because the shadow that Hyun-jun sent was attached to Kyu-hwan. Hyun-jun knew where he was now.

'Nursing my sick sister… … .'

It was touching, but he had no intention of showing sympathy and mercy to the enemy.

He didn't intend to inflict direct harm right away, but he couldn't guarantee that Hyun-jun wouldn't change his mind if he came out badly from the other side.

'An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.'

Life flashed in Hyunjun's eyes.

"Are you a member of the Andersen Guild?"

As I walked towards the guild office, an armed guard approached me and asked. It was late, so it looked like they were controlling the entry of anyone other than the guild members.

"Go to Andersen Guildmaster and tell him that the Race Guild Leader is here."

Hyunjun lowered his voice and said. I didn't think it was necessary to use respectful words even to the enemies.

When the name of the race guild leader came up, I saw one of the two armed guards guarding the entrance on the first floor speaking into the radio.

And maybe a minute has passed? The armed guard, who had used a walkie-talkie, nodded and opened his mouth.

"He said you can come in. I will guide you to the guild master's office."

First, I followed the armed guards moving into the Andersen guild office.

Even in the silver tier, the entire five-story building, which was quite decent as a middle-class, was being used as the guild office, and the interior was enough to make it feel like a lot of money was invested in it.

'Because it's Seoul, land must be expensive… … .'

It wasn't in the center, but the price difference would be huge compared to the race guild office.

"This is it."

As Hyun-jun's gait slowed, the armed guard cautiously hurried.

As he moved to where he was standing, there was an elevator in front of him. The design was different from the one on the lobby side.

"It is an elevator that takes you directly to the 5th floor. When you get to the 5th floor, someone else will be waiting for you."

As soon as he finished speaking, the armed guard hurried back and Hyun-jun got on the elevator.

As the armed guard said, there was only a button to the 5th floor.

When the button was pressed, the elevator slowly ascended to the 5th floor. Eventually, the door opened, and men in black suits stopped in front of them.

'You're holding a weapon.'

In general, thanks to a convenient device called a subspace pocket, weapons and armor are stored there.

Although only C-level hunters could use it, there was no way for Andersen's guild executives to have a lower-level hunter than C-class.

'Is it a threat? … ?'

Hyunjun frowned.

Executioner Hunters were carrying out weapons for the purpose of responding quickly in a dangerous area or to intimidate their opponents.

In either case, I felt bad because it was not a friendly situation.

"Are you Hyun-Jun Kang?"

"In Andersen, is it polite to treat the heads of other guilds like this?"

"This is Andersen. Hyeonjun Kang Mr. If you want to live, you have to do it our way."

Among them, the executive Hunter, who seems to be the leader, took a step towards Hyun-jun and said in a threatening voice.

It wasn't just that. He lightly put his hand on the handle of the sword hanging from his waist and let out thick flesh.

"It's ridiculous."

Hyunjun shook his head with a displeased expression. Being an F-class, I didn't know that the initial suppression would come so openly.

Judging by the life and magical powers of the hunter in the executive branch in front of him, it looked like a grade A at least, but Hyunjun had no intention of bowing his head like this.

"Kneel down."

He raised his magical power and expressed the Reaper's protection.

- The Reaper's brutal murderous intent is awakened. A part of deadly living is freed.


A deadly death burst out of Hyun-jun's body that was incomparable to that shed by Hunter, Andersen's executive branch.



Three people vomited blood and two collapsed and did not move. A-class Hunter, who seems to be the leader, also staggered helplessly with a surprised face.

"Damn, what the hell is this life… … ."

"manager! One had a heart attack!"

"What, what?"

After getting off the elevator, Hyun-jun opened his mouth as he passed among the hunters of the executive branch who were in chaos.

"I will go to the guild chief's office alone, so take care of the patients there."

The manager did not respond to that.

It was because fears indescribable from the previous life had taken over his brain and body.

Hyunjun continued to move.

In front of the guild chief's office, there was one more hunter who seemed to belong to the executive, but he did not block the way.

Hyeon-jun, who finally arrived at the door, knocked calmly.

"come in."

When I heard a voice, I opened the door and went inside.

"Did I say that I was the leader of the race guild? Just sit down."

"I didn't come here to chat and chat."

"Then stand there. I will sit on the comfortable sofa."

Seongjin sat down on the comfortable sofa. Hyunjun opened his mouth, narrowing the distance in front of him.

"Not long ago, an uninvited guest came to my house and wanted to throw a party."

"I saw the news too. It's unfortunate."

Sungjin shook his head and said. It seemed like he was going to deny it to the end, just as Taemin said.

"Are you going to come out like that?"

"What do you want to say?"

"You mean Andersen has nothing to say about this?"

"if so?"

I wanted to stick a knife in the brazen face, but now I can't.

Because he didn't come here secretly, if Ahn Seong-jin dies here, Hyun-jun will be in trouble.

"Then the prisoners can be dealt with arbitrarily."

"I wonder why you're asking us, we don't care. Is it because the guild is on the rise lately? I'm sorry, but even so, the race is still only in the bronze tier."

There was life in Seongjin's words.

"If you want to live, you have to know how to lie down in moderation… … ."

"Are you threatening me now?"

"Did it sound like a threat? Heh heh heh."

Although the tone was openly provocative, Hyun-jun did not shake much. Instead, he just made a funny face.

"What is so much fun?"

"I just thought for a moment that I wanted to take a picture of this with my camera."

Hyunjun turned and walked towards the door. Then he reached for the doorknob and opened his mouth.

"I want to compare again in a week."

"what… … ."

I left the guild chief's office without listening to the end. And immediately left the building. Taemin was waiting nearby with a car.

"Are you here?"

Taemin opened the back seat door and greeted me. When Hyun-jun boarded, he also got into the driver's seat and started the engine.

"How did it go?"

"As expected."

"What would you like to do now?"

"The warning is over… … Now is the time to 'execute'."

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 47


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