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Chapter 48 - Trouble Makers - Part 4

"Some guilds are keeping an eye on us because of the rumors that special equipment has been looted in the hidden dungeon. If we are going to war with Andersen, we must deal with them quickly and reliably."

Taemin calmly said his opinion.

He came to the guild chief's office with Jong-seo an hour ago and had been discussing the unofficial guild war with Andersen until now.

"As you can see, the Special Police Department seems to be under pressure. He said that it was difficult to find the identities of the corpses they took from the yard of the guild chief's house. The only explanation for this is that the 'behind' side is putting pressure on them, or that they sent out those who are really difficult to identify from among the hunters in the executive branch."

There were two cases, but Taemin was hoping that the hypothesis that the 'behind' side was putting pressure on the special police department would be wrong.

Because it meant that at least a high-ranking politician or the president of a large corporation was intervening if it was possible to exert strong pressure on the special police department.

"There is no need for help from the special police department."

Hyunjun said firmly. I don't need anyone's help. If he wanted to, he was confident that he would face Andersen on his own.

"In the executive branch, we are behind. Although the funds have been secured, it can be said that the size of the executive branch has not been substantially expanded due to the recent bad situation. It is only at a level that has barely recovered from the losses it has suffered."

"However, we recovered quickly from our losses."

"Thanks to Choi Na-young's slush fund. Thanks to the guild leader who gave me half of it, I was able to invest a lot of money in recovering the loss of personnel."

The meeting continued. Due to the actions of the Special Police Department and the Guild General Bureau, the official guild war was a hopeless situation.

In the end, it seemed that there was no other way than the unofficial guild war.

"Then, about the deployment of troops… … ."

"Excuse me for a moment."

As soon as Taemin opened his mouth as he pulled out the list of executives, Jongseo took out his smartphone and took a few steps back.

Since he was in the position of head of intelligence, he couldn't turn off his smartphone during the meeting. Taemin as well as Hyunjun understood that.

"Guild Master."

Jong-seo held the smartphone to her ear for a minute. Then, without answering, he hung up the phone and moved his gaze to Hyun-jun.

"It looks like a thorny problem has arisen."

His expression was serious.

"what happened?"

"Three regular members of our guild and one irregular guild member were brutally murdered last night. This morning, the Special Police Department recognized it as a hunter crime and received a case and started an investigation, but there is no evidence left."

"If it's a cruel way… … how… … ?"

"They say they can't find their arms and legs. And the word 'Warning' was engraved on the abdomen with a knife. It seems that they are trying to prevent the influx of guild members by creating an atmosphere of fear."

Jongseo reported the terrible news in a calm voice. Hyunjun put down his teacup and bit his lip slightly.

Although no evidence was found, it was clear that the culprit was Andersen's guild executive.

Usually, executives try not to leave evidence during their mission.

A heart attack alone will not move the Special Police Department. We are already under pressure, so we cannot expect their help.

"Executive chief."

He was angry, but his expression did not change. In a situation like this, I had to keep calm. Hyun-jun called his loyal subordinate in a calm voice.

A loyal subordinate who can be trusted in any situation and can get his hands dirty in time.

"Say it."

"It seems that Andersen is ignoring me openly, what should I do?"

"I think punishment is necessary. There is no need for the guild leader to get his hands dirty. I and the executive department will 'take care of it'."

Taemin showed a lot of enthusiasm, but the guild executive of the race was still weak to launch an all-out war against Andersen's guild executive.

"I will take care of the executive officers."

"Ha, but… … ."

"I ask the executive to protect our guild members."

"I will do my best."

Taemin got up and bowed his head.

He had a deep relationship with 'Race' from a long time ago, so he seems to have been moved by Hyunjun's instructions now.

Hyunjun looked at him and nodded. Eventually, his gaze turned to Jong-seo.

"Chief of intelligence, please obtain the names and photos of the chief executives of Andersen's guild executive. Can you do that?"

The enforcement and intelligence departments were being strengthened by loosening the slush fund, but the progress had not been made properly.

"Available. We will send you your name and photo within three hours from now."

In response to Jongseo's answer, Hyunjun raised the corners of his mouth. All you need is a photo and a name to send a shadow to determine its location.

"And I have one more order for the intelligence chief."

"The intelligence department is ready. Please give me instructions."

"Do some research on where this is."

Hyunjun wrote the address on a notepad. Andersen's guild executive director Lee Gyu-hwan was the address he had asked for by the 'shadow'.

"It's also on the outskirts of Paju."

"You have to move in secret. If you use it well, you might be able to hold Lee Gyu-hwan's ankle."

"I will do my best."

"Move right away."

Andersen will still be in action. There was no time to delay to minimize damage.

At Hyeonjun's instructions, Taemin and Jongseo took action as soon as they left the office.

Each of them contacted their direct subordinates through their smartphones, delivered the words of the guild leader, and instructed them to perform their duties.

Hyeon-jun, who was left alone in the guild chief's office, closed his eyes and raised his magic.

The shadow that had been attached to Gyu-hwan had been ordered to return.

And how long did you wait? Jongseo returned to the office.

"This is the list of executive officers you requested. A photo is also included."

Jongseo took out the briefcase from his bag and placed it on the desk.

Hyun-jun took out the documents inside and quickly scanned them.

There was a photo and name written on it as requested, but no other information.

The executive branch is a covert organization, but the executives are often on the surface.

So, securing photos and names was not difficult even at the level of the guild intelligence department of the race.

"Well done. Just go."

Hyeon-jun summoned a shadow as soon as Jong-seo left the office.

It was not a newly created shadow, but a shadow that had been attached to Gyu-hwan and returned after receiving an order. Hyunjun pulled out a picture and showed it.

"Andersen Guild Executive Team 4 Team Leader Lim Gyeong-jun."

As he spoke softly, the shadow slowly nodded and crept into the darkness.

* * *

A man was scattering his gaze from the bridge towards the river. Behind him, a man in a black suit slowly approached.

"Are you sure of the instructions given by the guild leader yourself?"

said the man in a black suit. The person who was looking down at the river raised his head.

He was Lim Gyeong-jun, the 4th team leader of the Andersen Guild's executive division, on the list that Jong-seo gave to Hyun-jun.

"Yes. It is certain that the guild leader ordered the hunt for the race guild members. The hunting roster has already been transferred to our team."

Kyungsoo said in a calm voice.

"It's been a while since I've been able to relax. Kick Kick."

"Yeah, it's a dwarf hunt… … It won't even be a warm-up."

As the executive hunter said with a cold smile, Kyung-jun nodded and agreed with him.

They were given a brutal mission of 'hunting humans', but now the two seemed to see it as just 'play'.

They were a middle-class guild even in the silver tier, and their opponent was only a bronze tier guild, so they thought they were the top predators.

"I already killed one today. Around 11 am."

"Isn't that time right after the instructions arrived? Did you act right away?"

It was around 10 am when the proper instructions were delivered.

If you hunted Hana at 11 o'clock, it means that you were afraid to check the instructions.

Kyung-jun admired his subordinate's action and patted his shoulder lightly.

"You must have been starving for a while?"

"As your manager knows, you've been quiet lately."

There were cases where they entered the executive branch for the purpose of loyalty or money to the guild, but there were not many cases where they wanted to join because they liked murder.

It was a good job for those who liked to kill because the guild took care of the after-treatment once the guild killed the target.

"Who did you kill? Of course, I am not a member of the Race Guild, so there is no need to explain."

"He was a D-class hunter. He seemed to be in his early 20s, but it was a chick who had just awakened. The corpse was also moderately mutilated, so knowing it should be enough to create an atmosphere of horror."

"Good job. The war has begun... … It will be fun for a while."

Kyung-Jun finished speaking and took out a cigarette from his pocket. And it was the moment to turn on the lighter to light the fire.

"uh… … ?"

His left arm, holding the lighter, fell to the floor and tossed. As the pain was about to come, Kyung-jun lost his focus and collapsed.

"Ugh, ah ah ah ah ah!"

The left leg was gone. Where the legs were attached, red blood gushed out.

"Tee, Chief!"

The executive hunter hurriedly took the weapon out of the subspace pocket. The sharp sword shone faintly in the moonlight.

He was carrying a weapon, but he was not at all relieved.

He raised his magic power and looked around, but it was because he didn't feel any presence at all.


"I was talking about an interesting story, would you like me to join in too?"

It was Kang Hyeon-jun who appeared in the dark. It had been listening to the conversation between the two people in the dark using 'God's blessing'.

"Lee, the leader of the race guild… … Hyun-Jun Kang... … ?"

"Ahhh! Sah, save me!"

Andersen's guild executive hunter recognized Hyun-jun at a glance and lost his fighting spirit.

He was a C-class hunter. I thought that there was no way I could win against an A-class that had awakened in the second place.

At least Gyeongjun was a B-class hunter, but now he is lying down with his right arm and left leg cut off.

"Sa, live… … ."



The sword that he swung carelessly cut deep into Kyung-jun's neck. Kyung-Jun's breath stopped with a short scream.

Seeing this, the executive officer Hunter's complexion turned pale.

"Hey, damn it! Someone help me!"

"I'm sorry, but there is no one to help. This area is under control."

"Wow, what… … ."

Seeing the executive hunter with an expression of incomprehension, Hyun-jun smiled coldly and opened his mouth to explain.

"Although the guild executives of Wraith lack power, they can control a small bridge on the outskirts of the city."

The executive hunter tried to open his mouth, but Hyun-jun instantly moved in front of him and covered his mouth with his hand. It happened in an instant.

"Turn it off!"

The right arm of the executive hunter holding the sword was cut off. Hyunjun was swinging his sword. He quickly pulled back his sword and stepped back.

Suddenly, in his left hand was a small needle instead of a shield. From that look, the executive hunter felt an endless despair.

"I, please… … Help me… … ."

"Did our guild members say the same thing?"

narrowed the distance by one step. He took two steps back.

"But I would have killed you."

short leap. Suddenly, Hyun-jun took control of his back.

"I am the same."


infused with magic. As Pierre said, through the wound, it was an instant.

-Initiate dangerous cooperation with peers. While with him, the pain is under your control.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 48


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