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Chapter 49 - The Master of Counseling - Part 1

A dirty war has begun. Andersen fired the signal as he started the first attack.

You would think it would be advantageous to take the first move, but it was Rayce who won the victory, and Andersen's damage was serious.

"While the race lost 4 regular guild members and 6 irregular guild members, we lost 20 executives. Among them, five are at the manager level and two are at the team leader level."

"crazy… … Is there such a thing as nonsense? … ."

At the secretary's report, Andersen's guild leader Ahn Seong-jin burst into laughter with abusive language.

"The evidence is… … ?"

The fact that the executive branch succeeded in their mission and departed meant that they had finished destroying evidence, but I asked with a sense of grasping at straw.

"There is no evidence left. Even the special police department said that it was the first time they had seen such near-perfect destruction of evidence."

Since the evidence was erased using 'God's blessing', the special police department would have had no choice but to raise both hands.

"How can 20 people be beaten by the guild's elite, the executive branch, in two days? Even 7 executives higher than the captain are mixed... … Don't you think it makes no sense? If everyone has a mouth, let's talk about it."


"There is no face."

The guild executives bowed their heads and apologized.

Executive Director Lee Gyu-hwan, who was most responsible, said nothing and only bit his lips to the point of bleeding.

"I think we heard reports yesterday that they were detecting a direct threat to the executive branch and starting an aggressive response… … What happened? If the chief executive has something to say, please do so."

"Sorry. We did everything we could to counter the attack, but the enemy's stealth technology was so perfect that we couldn't even counter-detect, let alone counter-attack."

It wasn't perfect because the synchronization rate wasn't high yet, but it was the power of the sergeant who controlled one dimension from the 'behind the scenes'.

There was no way that Hunters who were only C-class or B-class could respond.

In front of a predator named Kang Hyeon-jun, who uses 'God's protection', they were in a prey.

"In the early hours of this morning, team leader Park Yong-gyu dug a trap with three B-class hunters from the executive department and tried to counterattack, but we were actually beaten. Hearing the words of the hunter who saved his life while at the scene, he was ambushed in an instant, and when he came to his senses, everyone, including team leader Park Yong-gyu, had collapsed."

Kyu-hwan said.

"Isn't Team Leader Park Yong-gyu an A-class hunter? One A-class hunter and two B-class hunters became corpses in a matter of seconds? Are you telling me to believe those words now?"

Seongjin said, barely suppressing the anger that was about to burst out. Conceptually, it was incomprehensible.

"Park Yong-gyu's direct subordinate did not lie. I sent my subordinates to investigate the site, and it was concluded that not only the hunters who accompanied me, but also team leader Park Yong-gyu, who was a class A, could not resist and lost their lives in one blow."

"So! I'm asking if that makes sense! The race is… … Isn't it just the bronze tier?"

"But the guild leader is the Second Awakener. Besides, the information we hear seems to indicate that there is one more Second Awakener."


Seongjin, unable to contain his anger, slammed the table hard. Although it is said to be a magical world, the wooden table was brutally smashed because of the power of an A-class hunter.

"Stop that guy's 2nd Awakener Taryeong! Why doesn't it matter that we're under attack now!"

"Guild Master. You must be calm."

Seong-jin was angry as if he was reckless, but Kyu-hwan calmly tried to calm him down.

I was used to it because it wasn't the first time Seongjin acted inappropriately for his age because of his hot-tempered personality.

"Right now, there is a situation where one A-class hunter and two B-class hunters died helplessly in one hit. Do you know what this means?"

Sungjin didn't answer. Instead, he let out irregular, rough breaths to cool his anger. Kyu-hwan let out a short sigh and opened his mouth.

"In the worst case, it means that an S-class or higher, at least an A-class hunter of medium or higher level intervened."

"so… … What does that mean?"

"Until now, Andersen has never been defeated."

Guild leader Ahn Seong-jin was hot-tempered and short-tempered, but as a guild started with the support of a medium-sized company, he was in good financial condition.

Lee Gyu-hwan, the executive director, was also very resourceful, and after his joining, the level of the executive branch's power was higher than that of the guild at the same level, and the internal unity improved as complaints decreased.

Before Kyu-hwan joined, there were many hunters in the executive branch who had dissatisfaction with Seong-jin.

"All guilds that have had conflicts so far have been weaker than us. But the guild chief... … ."

Gyu-hwan paused for a moment. Even Sungjin, as well as the other executives, shut their mouths and focused their eyes on Gyuhwan.

"We are not the predators in this hunt."

* * *

Hyeonjun's relentless hunting continued, and the mentality of Seongjin and Andersen's guild executive hunters quickly began to collapse.

Every time the executive hunters were sent to hunt the guild members of the race, more than half of them returned dead, so the place filled with horror was Andersen's guild executive, not the race.

"In 24 hours, nine more hunters belonging to the executive branch have died, guild chief. It's hard like this. We have to take special measures."

At the words of Yoo Ji-ah, who is in charge of Andersen's guild secretary, Gyu-hwan slightly bit his lip.

'This annoying bitch... … .'

I could barely hold back the swear words that were about to come out.

Jia was one of Andersen's founding members and was close to guild leader Ahn Seong-jin.

In the last year, Kyu-hwan learned that she was using the beauty world to influence Seong-jin from behind.

"Does Jia think so too?"

"Yes, guild chief. I don't think you should be suffering like this. Let's go to full-scale warfare."

"Guild Master. And chief secretary. Our guild executive power is very weak right now. If we go head-to-head with the guild executives of the race, it will only be difficult for us."

Gyu-hwan, who had been listening to the conversation between the two, could not bear it, so he jumped up and spoke his opinion.

I had no choice but to go out because it seemed like it would get worse if I kept watching.

"Executive Chief."

Jia's gaze turned to Gyuhwan. Blood leaked from Gyu-hwan's lips. I didn't like that hateful laugh. I was getting annoyed.

"I am listening."

"Did I just tell you to deal with the guild executives of Wraith?"

"If it's not the guild executive, where the hell… … surely… … ?"

"Yes. Reinforce the terror towards the general guild members of the race. Looking at the records so far, it seems that not all of the executive power was mobilized for the race guild member terrorism? We can do better. right?"

He smiled slightly and spoke like a devil.

"If you make the terror more radical than it is now, the special police department will move."

"It's the executive's job to make sure that doesn't happen, right? I thought our chief executive wouldn't be incompetent... … is not it?"

His sarcastic skills were top notch.

"Executive chief. You should try your best."

"I will do my best."

"Okay, don't fail this time."

Sungjin patted Kyuhwan on the shoulder and encouraged him.

If the executive branch started the terrorist attack with all their might, the guild leader of the race, Hyeon-jun Kang, was scared and retreated, thinking that Andersen would eventually win.

But they didn't know. The shadow behind Kyu-hwan is conveying all the conversation to 'Kang Hyeon-jun'.

* * *

"I mean… … ?"

Hyun-jun was overhearing Andersen's executive meeting from start to finish through the shadow that he had placed on Kyu-hwan again.

I heard the remarks of indiscriminate terrorism against the race guild members, but I was not angry. Rather, it was terribly calm.

'This is a great opportunity.'

If the indiscriminate terrorism against general guild members becomes more serious, the special police department will also come forward.

They were under pressure from the 'behind the scenes', but if the situation becomes serious and controversial, they won't be able to sit still and watch.

Although it is said that security has deteriorated with the beginning of the dungeon raid era, Korea still has the breath of public power.

'Andersen seems to be in a lot of hurry too.'

Even if you are an executive professional in destroying evidence, you are bound to make a mistake if you act hastily.

One mistake will lead them down the road to ruin.

"Executive chief."

He raised the corners of his mouth and leaned against the back of the chair. In his left hand, he was holding a smartphone connected to Kim Tae-min.

- Yes, tell me.

Taemin's voice came out of the smartphone.

"We have received information from Andersen that the scale of indiscriminate attacks against our guild members will be increased. I think the executive department will have to prepare a response."

- You want to expand the scale of the attack? It is difficult for the executive branch to respond to everything. no… … Impossible.

It was difficult to respond perfectly in a situation where the target of the attack was not precisely known.

"You don't have to respond to everything. What we need is to show that we tried. I think the executive director knows what I want to say."

If it is difficult to block the source, you have no choice but to use this as an opportunity.

"But do your best. We have to try our best to defend ourselves."

-Okay. I will also contact the Special Police Department, just in case.

"That would be nice. It's good to move there, and even if you don't, once the terror starts, you can shift the blame."

- I'll move right away.

And the phone call is over. Taemin immediately took action.

At the same time as moving the executive hunters, they requested support from the special police department.

However, their support did not come as expected, and the terror began in that state.

"I was attacked. 5 regular guild members died and 8 irregular guild members died."

The door to the guild chief's office opened and Jongseo rushed in and reported. Because the damage was greater than expected, Hyun-jun had no choice but to frown.

If the special police department had sent assistance, this level of casualties would not have occurred.

"Go and support the executive director. I will solve the special police department problem."

"Yes, I understand, guild chief."

Hyeon-jun picked up his smartphone as soon as Jong-seo left. And I called someone.

- Who is this? Isn't that Kang Hyun-jun, who says he's doing well these days?

The main character of the humorous tone was Ahn Seok-gyu, a friend Hyun-jun called "Kkondae of the management office."

"How are you today?"

- I've been assigned to Team 3 of the Investigation Division. very busy.

"Can I ask you one favor?"

- Why is it awkward? just tell me Why are you holding the introduction so long between us?

Hyeonjun felt grateful for his friend's attitude as usual, even though he had been in contact with him for a long time because he had been out of his mind recently. My heart warmed.

"Do you know any reporters at major newspapers or broadcasting stations?"

- There are a few.

A smile spread across Hyun-joon's lips at Seok-gyu's answer. It was as expected.

Although his rank was not high, he was an employee of the Dungeon Management Bureau, so there were only a few reporters he knew.

With the beginning of the dungeon raid era, people's interest was pouring into dungeons and raids.

"I'll give you an article. It's express."

The press is also a great weapon in modern warfare.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 49


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