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Chapter 51 - The Master of Counseling - Part 3

The battle was over in an instant.

The children and the elderly, who were awaiting the final execution, were safely rescued by the hunters of the guild's executive division called by Hyun-jun.

While the executive hunters were cleaning up the scene, Hyun-jun picked up the blunt weapon the Berserker was holding.

I felt an unusual magical power, so my gaze continued to be directed from before.

"Appears to be Class A equipment."

Taemin approached and said to what extent the arrangement was complete.

Hyun-jun's gaze, fixed on the blunt weapon, moved to him.

"Are you familiar?"

"It's the first time I've seen A-class equipment in person, but it's sure to have this amount of magical power."

Taemin said in a confident voice. Hyunjun also nodded.

Even if you are not an appraiser, it was not difficult to estimate the approximate grade based on the amount of magical power in the equipment.

"I'll have to keep it for now."

Hyunjun smiled lightly and put the blunt weapon in the pocket of the subspace.

The subspace pocket had a little extra space except for the equipment to be worn basically.

In particular, Hyun-Jun's was specially made, so it had more free space, so it was possible to store a heavy blunt weapon without difficulty.

"Are you finished cleaning up?"

"Yes, I have also contacted the Special Police Department now."

"Then I'll have to go soon."

Now, Hyun-jun had an alibi saying he was resting at home.

He didn't want to reveal his existence until he had to destroy his alibi.

It was enough just to announce that Taemin and the race executive took care of this.

"I… … ."

"It's okay. It's the car I was driving."

Hyunjun shook his head. Taemin had to stay here to clear the scene and wait for the special police force to arrive.

Hyeonjun erased his traces using the blessings of the god of death, but it was good to go through reconfirmation because there are cases where it is only one.

"Then I'll ask you later."

"If you turn on the Internet tomorrow morning, there will be a lot of interesting news."

It was just as Taemin said.

The next day, articles about Andersen poured in.

[Andersen Guild, who are they?]

[Race executive reveals behind the massacre]

[The tragedy that took place in the city center.]

After reading every single Internet article related to Andersen, Hyun-jun put down his smartphone with a satisfied expression.

All the newspapers were spitting out offensive news about Andersen, and the public started hunting for the signal.

Horrible incidents have taken place too quickly, from indiscriminate terrorism to this month's genocide to take their side.

Andersen's power was an impossible situation.

"Well done. The executive director has been through a lot."

I felt popular. Taemin was clear. Hyunjun praised him with a calm voice.

To be honest, I didn't think that Andersen would do so well that it made it to the top of the real-time search terms on the Internet.

"It is difficult to make an embers, but it is not difficult to raise them by pouring oil."

Guild public opinion against Andersen was not good due to indiscriminate terrorism against general guild members who crossed the border of the unofficial guild war.

Even though the fire was spreading, Ahn Seong-jin, who turned his eyes in anger, detonated a bomb, and Tae-min properly poured oil, and finally public opinion was completely on the side of the race.

Hyunjun took a sip of water and picked up his smartphone again. It was to check the comment section of articles related to Andersen.

[12452: A massacre in the city center... … No matter how weak the public power, is it a silver tier guild? I think the guild leader is crazy about this?]

[22958: Some time ago, I saw other news that there was a dispute with the bronze tier guild called Wraith. I will quietly stand on the side of the race.]

[92642: I wish the Special Police Department would actively intervene. Hunter crimes like this must be eradicated quickly.]

There were only comments criticizing Andersen.

They were hanging and being hit by stones thrown by the angry crowd.

Some of the arrows of criticism were directed at the inactive special police department, but only friendly support was sent to the race.

"Do you have anything special to report?"

Hyunjun asked.

I received a formal report from Jongseo 30 minutes ago.

Even so, the fact that Taemin came to visit now meant that there was an unofficial report or that there was a change in the situation.

"I got a call from the Special Police Department. "If we hand over the evidence we obtained in advance in the terrorist incident and this genocide through an unofficial route, we will start a strong intervention."

"Don't hand it over yet."

Hyunjun said firmly.

Handing over the evidence and intervening with the special police department was a good option, but it was a situation that could lead to a better negotiation by weighing with Andersen's side.

"Even if we do not receive the evidence, they say we will move in three days."

"Then we have about three days. Do you think Andersen would know?"

"It looks like we have already figured out the situation. Andersen's executive director, Kyu-Hwan Lee, has requested an informal contact."

It was an interesting development.

Even because the race is going in favor of the race, Hyun-jun couldn't stand the bright smile on his lips.

"When are you coming?"

"They say it fits our schedule."

The game is over.

Although it was an informal contact, the ending was decided at the point when it came out with a low attitude enough to entrust all the schedules.

"Tell me to come right now."

It could have been rude, but not at all in the current situation.

Andersen will know that now is the time to bend over.

Of course, the hot-tempered Andersen guild leader cannot understand the situation, but the executive director is different.

There was information that he had a cool and calm personality.

"Now we need to show that we have the upper hand."

"I agree. I will contact you right away."

Taemin agreed.

He immediately delivered a message to Andersen's executive department, and they responded positively, as Hyun-Jun expected.

10 minutes before the message was delivered, I got a call saying that Kyu-hwan had set out for negotiations.

"I think it will arrive in 30 minutes."

The servant reported.

"I wish I could go to the drawing room and wait."

Hyeonjun finished his speech and left the office and moved to the drawing room. Taemin and Jongseo followed.

Hyun-jun arrived at the drawing room, half filled the mug with coffee and waited for Gyu-hwan.

"This is a report that Kyu-Hwan Lee has arrived. The attendant is only one B-class hunter belonging to the guild executive branch."

Jong-seo, who checked the smartphone for a moment, reported.

"Tell me to come up."

And after about 5 more minutes, the drawing room door opened and Gyu-hwan cautiously walked in with the attendant.

Even though they reached the center of the drawing room, Hyun-jun did not get up from the sofa.

Taemin and Jongseo, who were standing behind them, looked up and down with sharp gazes at Kyuhwan and his attendants.

It was a possible action because it was a situation where they had the upper hand.

"My name is Kyu-Hwan Lee, who is in charge of Andersen's executive branch. Race guild leader. I never expected to see you again like this."

"I didn't expect it either."

Hyun-jun raised the magic in his eyes with a short answer. They are trying to use Romanov's protection.

-The Eye of Romanoff dwells in you. A gaze with absolute insight sees through all beings.

In an instant, his vision turned golden, and 'Jin Myung' appeared above Gyu-hwan's head.

[Lee Gyu-hwan: Honorable Assassin]

It was completely different from Ahn Seong-jin, who had the real name of 'greedy slave trader'.

Looking at the report that Taemin had compiled, it was enough to know that Kyu-hwan and Seong-jin had a big personality difference to the point where he often had conflicts of opinion.

Now that I checked the real name again, the difference became clear.

From the gold tier, the position of 'deputy guild leader' is officially recognized, but below that, the executive director is usually located in the position of 'deputy guild leader'.

However, the two were too different in their inclinations to lead the guild together.

"Sit down."

Hyunjun said.

I suggested sitting down, but Kyu-hwan nodded his head without showing a bad mood and sat down in front of Hyun-jun.

"Stop the introduction and go straight to the point. Why did you come here today?"

Hyeon-jun asked, throwing a sharp gaze at Gyu-hwan. I didn't want the introduction to be long and waste time wasted.

"I heard that the Special Police Department has declared an intervention."

"right. I got it today too."

"And at the race, I think we'll have data related to Andersen."

Taemin was the first to arrive at the scene of the massacre and report it to the special police department.

So I thought I had no choice but to have the evidence.

"If you have it? Tell me what you want."

"Our guild leader said that if the race guild leader accepts the deal, we will build a cooperative relationship with three A-class equipment… … ."

"Wait a minute."

Hyun-jun cut off Kyu-hwan's words with a displeased expression.

A-class equipment is a rare thing that can only be obtained with money and power.

However, I only thought that trying to solve the current situation with only three seemed to be disrespectful if it was serious.

The second proposed partnership had no merit at all.

"Did you think I would accept that condition now?"

"Sorry. I have not been delegated full power to negotiate."

had no authority.

"It seems that the Andersen Guildmaster doesn't trust you."

"It's not like that… … The guild chief... … ."

"I know that he paid for your sister's treatment when you were having a hard time. Are you saying that you are recuperating in Paju?"

"Hey, how… … !"

It was Kyu-hwan who jumped up in surprise.

The information that his younger sister is now in Paju was top secret information that only he knew.

So I couldn't help but be surprised.

"sit down."

said in a cold voice.

Taemin and Jongseo had already pulled out their weapons from their pockets in the subspace due to the sudden change of atmosphere.

It was then that Kyu-hwan realized his mistake and sat down. Taemin and Jongseo also put their weapons in.

"Even if I do not hand over the evidence, the special police department will unconditionally move after three days. Haven't you heard that information?"

Seeing that there was no answer, it seems that they had not heard of it until then. Hyun-jun leaned against the back of the sofa and opened his mouth.

"If the special police department intervenes, the unofficial guild wars will be stopped."

Government agencies have intervened, but unofficial guild wars cannot continue.

"By the way, have you calculated how many hunters from Andersen's executive branch will be killed in three days? It's hard for you to move because of public opinion, but we're different."

"The Race Guild Leader… … It seems like there is something I want."

Gyu-hwan asked the question with a firm face at the threat of becoming a cold dagger and stabbing him in his chest.

"Take as many of the executive hunters as possible and cross over here."

"The guild chief will kill my sister."

Kyu-hwan said. Hyunjun raised the corners of his lips slightly.

"Do you think I'll be quiet? My personal agent is keeping an eye on the Andersen Guild Master."

"Personal information sources… … ?"

"How could I have fully grasped Andersen's guild executive schedule without the informant?"

The personal information source was referring to the 'shadow'.

"Go out now and bring the hunters from the executive branch over here. If I stayed under that bastard, I'm sure I'd end up rolling in the mud and going to jail.

At Hyun-jun's question, Gyu-hwan jumped up.

"I will go."

Then he left the drawing room with the attendant. Taemin, who was standing behind him, took a step closer and opened his mouth.

"It is said that the relationship with Ahn Sung-jin has deteriorated, but should we still leave?"

"Executive chief. Didn't you hear what Gyu-Hwan Lee just said... … ?"

A smile spread across his lips.

"I said 'I'll go'."

That night, Gyu-hwan Lee crossed over to the race with 36 hunters from Andersen's guild executive branch.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 51


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