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Chapter 56 - Someone's Nightmare - Part 1

- The smell of sweet blood excites the Reaper. Awakened instincts make you a slayer specialized in slaughter, for a brief moment.

The red blood sprinkled by the beasts woke the Reaper.

How many beasts did you hunt? When that number crossed 50, Hyun-jun stopped counting any more.


Sojin shouted with a sharp voice from behind. At the same time, a pure white light burst from here and there.

The wounded hunters' wounds were imbued with white magic. Thanks to her, there have been no fatalities so far, reaching the Reid Gate area.

But it also has its limits. This is because Sojin's magical power is not infinite.

"Executive chief. How much more do I have to go?"

Immediately after annihilating a group of demons consisting of one dragon soldier and 20 living armor, Hyun-Jun took the opportunity to visit Tae-Min and asked a question.

"It's not much in a straight line, but… … According to observation reports, it seems that there are a large number of Demonic Beasts who have built defenses around the gate."

"How about somewhere else?"

Because he was the head of the guild who exercised the exclusive right, he had to keep checking the situation of other teams.

"Everyone is doing well. It's a situation where all of our aggros are bouncing around and the beasts are concentrating on us... … Defense seems to be relatively easy. There was one crisis, but the Ace put the 2nd team in a timely manner."

Taemin reported.

"I'm glad it's not as hell as here."

Hyunjun finished his speech and raised his sword. A group of demons appeared at the end of the road in front of me. The number is not exact, but it appears to have been at least 20 or more. It wasn't a large number, but as the distance between them got closer, Hyun-jun couldn't help but get nervous.

"There are more than 10 Class A Beast Dragonflys just looking at them now."

The deeper you went into the raid gate, the more powerful demons appeared one after the other, and the resistance grew stronger.

A slight fear seemed to flow from Taemin's voice. Hyunjun turned his head and looked around. Taemin was on the good side.

The other B-class hunters almost lost their fighting spirit.

A-class Beasts were different from those of B-class and below. They were the object of fear, and the reaction of the B-class hunters now was not incomprehensible, but it was necessary to calm them down.

A soldier who is trembling in fear does not fight well in war.

"Are you afraid?"

No answer was heard. But when he moved his gaze, he saw Sojin shaking her head with a soft smile.

"I am not afraid."

This time it was Taemin. Hyunjun smiled and nodded his head.

"Don't worry too much."

Auror dwelled in the raised sword and shield.

"Because I'm going to wipe it all out."

Hyunjun's eyes shone sharply.

"No one will die here today."

As he finished speaking, he raised his magical powers and called the Romanovs. As his memories revived, he realized a new use of protection.

It was a low, quiet voice, but it had power.

-Romanov's intense majesty overwhelms the surroundings. You promised victory in the name of the great emperor. Divine promises dispel fear.

As the blessing appeared, something irresistible flowed out of Hyun-jun's body. As a faint golden wave passed through the hunters' bodies, the feeling of fear melted away.


Hyeonjun ran out first with a cry, and the hunters followed. A fierce battle began with a group of demons, including dragon infantry.


The body of the dragon soldier who had been hit by the shield was futilely shattered, and bone fragments splattered everywhere.

Tight! hard!

Two dragon soldiers rushed from the left and right with the sound of bones clashing. Hyeon-jun quickly turned around and defended the attack of the dragon soldiers with his sword and shield.

Lightly dodging the blade stabbed by the Living Armor running from the front, he took two steps back and swung his sword.

The two dragon soldiers defended each other with a spear and a sword, but the Living Armor could not block the Auror Blade and was futilely cut in two.

However, the subsequent counterattack of the dragon infantry caused a deep wound to the leg.


While watching the other hunters, Sojin, who was especially watching Hyunjun, stretched out her hand and created a white light. The wounds healed rapidly with magical powers.

Hyun-jun, who regained his mobility, immediately counterattacked. The sword with the blue Auror blade was swung dozens of times in an instant.

It's incomplete, but nevertheless, it's a swordsmanship of swordsmanship. It was unreasonable for a dragon soldier who was nothing more than an A-class beast to completely defend.

"The guild leader has arranged all the dragon soldiers!"

When Taemin shouted in a loud voice, the other hunters also gathered strength and faced the Living Armors.

By the time Hyeon-jun regained his breath and raised his sword again to support them, the Living Armor had already been cleaned up.

"How long until the gate?"

"Not long left. Turn right at the crossroads in front of you and walk 100m to the gate."

"Go ahead."

"But the distance between the two teams has widened."

Taemin said cautiously. It was a situation in which the two main teams, which had been catching up from a distance until a while ago, were attacked by the aircraft and were pushed back.

Without their support, there was bound to be an element of anxiety in attacking the gate, but Hyun-jun had to make a decision now.

"We must destroy the gate before the next wave begins."

From the raid gate, a large number of demonic beasts pour out at a certain time, and this is called a 'wave'.

It's been quite some time since the Beasts were summoned in the previous wave, so the next wave will start soon. Before that, Hyun-jun thought that the gate had to be destroyed.

"But everyone is very tired."

At Taemin's words, Hyunjun turned his head to look at the hunters. They all looked close to their limits because they fought non-stop while coming here.

"there's nothing we can do. I will destroy the gate by myself. The executive director, along with the other hunters, wait for the main team."

"It cannot be. I will go with you."

"I will go too."

The other hunters had their limits, but Taemin and Sojin still had their energy.

Because Taemin was an expert with a lot of practical experience, he knew how to reduce the consumption of stamina during battle, and Sojin was an A-class hunter, so the limit had not yet been reached.

"good. Follow me."

Hyun-jun thought about it for a while, but he thought it would be crazy to go to destroy an A-class top-level raid gate by himself, so he decided to go with the two of them.

Sojin is a class A recovery system, but gained the power of a paladin through the secondary awakening, and Taemin is a class B hunter, but thanks to his combat experience, he had excellent combat power, so it would be helpful.


ran at full speed. Taemin and Sojin followed. After a while, I was able to get to where the raid gate was.

"It's a lot."

Taemin said. As he said, there were so many demonic beasts gathered around the gate that it could not be compared with before.

And in the center of them was a person who looked like a dragon. His face was full of scales, and he was holding a trident.

"The number of dragon infantry is small. It seems that the troops we just sent in were the last mobile forces."

"I'm glad I did."

Hyun-jun responded to Tae-min's words and turned his head to look at So-jin. Unexpectedly, she was calm.

"Executive chief. I will entrust you with an important task."

He raised his sword and shield.

"No matter what happens, protect Sojin noona."

"I will definitely protect it."

When Taemin answered with a strong voice, Hyunjun nodded his head with a satisfied expression.

Sojin was a precious person to him, but he was also an 'A-class recovery hunter' that he had to protect in a long-term battle.

Besides, she was able to receive the protection of Danzig just by being alive, so she was a person who should not be defeated in this battle.


-The righteous shield of Carthage protects you. As long as the great guardian is with you, nothing can threaten you.

Aurora nestled in the shield. Hyunjun continued to open his mouth to put the name of another past life.

"Withered Miller."

- Withered Miller's valiant sword is with you. The sword will not be broken unless righteous courage is broken.

Aura blades nestled in the sword again. Hyunjun's eyes also shone sharply. The air sank heavily.

The Living Armor slowly approached and aimed their swords and spears. In an instant situation, Hyun-jun kicked the ground and threw himself at the Living Armor.

The living armor fell helplessly at the swept sword.

However, he could not deal with all the beasts. Some ran to Taemin, avoiding Hyunjun's sword.


Taemin exclaimed excitedly and swung his dagger. Although it was a beast of the same class, the Living Armor could not dodge his dagger, which had extensive experience in combat, and the 'nuclear' was destroyed in one blow.

"Holy Spear!"

Sojin did not stand still. Although it lacked recovery ability, her weak fighting power was greatly strengthened during the secondary awakening.

A spear filled with white magic pierced the Living Armor one after another. It was the moment when Hyeon-jun broke through the dust of the Living Armor and reached the place where there were about 10 dragon soldiers.

Red magic was pouring down like rain from the sky.


For a moment, he raised the shield, wondering if it was an attack magic, but the red magic did no harm to Hyeonjun.

Instead, it nestled in the bodies of the dragon soldiers and a small number of Living Armors approaching Taemin.

- Whoa!

The Living Armor's body was twisted. There was no sign of casting from the dragon tribe behind, so I wondered if it was someone's magic support, but that thought had to be erased soon.

"It's reinforcement magic!"

Sojin exclaimed. Not only the dragon soldiers, but also the living armor, the magical power in their bodies increased explosively.

"Shit… … ."

profanity came out The dragon soldiers started passing, and Hyun-jun, who approached the gate, was pushed back little by little while defending the attack.


A scream erupted from behind. It was Taemin's voice. He had passed the five living armors that were strengthened by magic.

His stomach was pierced by a spear, and blood was gushing out like a fountain from a deep cut in his chest.

But he didn't fall. Rather, he grabbed the spear that pierced his abdomen and took the long sword of the other Living Armor and swung it.

"come! Before I die, I'm too young!"

In order to fulfill the guild leader Kang Hyeon-jun's order to protect Sojin, he had the momentum to fight until he died.

Although it is said that he is being healed of exhaustion, the pain must be considerable, but his mental strength is great.

'Who the hell uses the strengthening magic... … ?'

There were no magical beasts left to use magic around.


While thinking about something else for a moment, the dragon soldiers' swords and spears cut their thighs and pierced their abdomens. Although the two were defeated, there were still many dragon soldiers left, and the strengthening magic was strong.

'Is it almost twice as strong? whoever… … .'

He was decapitated, unable to stop the frantic swing of the blade. He barely escaped death, but it was fatal nonetheless.

Blood gushed out like a fountain, and my mind wandered.

- Be sure to protect it!

A bright light fell from the sky.

- The will of Danzig resides. As long as you have someone to protect, you won't fall.

mind became clearer. Hyunjun swung his sword again. But it didn't last long.

After the dragon soldiers exchanged weapons with spears, they stabbed him from all sides, and he was soon captured with his whole body pierced with spears.

"Hey, guild chief… … I must keep... … I will… … ."

Taemin also fell. The blood he shed was enough to make a huge puddle, but he did not lose consciousness.

Even in a collapsed state, he reached out to give the dropped dagger. But seeing it, Living Armor's spear stuck in the back of his hand.

"G… … turn on... … Guild Master... … command... … ."

Sojin resisted by swinging her sword, but it seemed that she would not be able to hold out for long against the Living Armor, which had been enchanted with enhancement magic.

"Can I help you?"

A sweet, seductive voice. But as soon as I heard it, an unpleasant feeling rose up in my head.

He couldn't raise his head, but Hyun-jun remembered the owner of this voice.

"Joo Hye-ri… … ."

Deputy guild leader of the Great Evil Guild.

"I beg you to save me now. I will help you."

As if it wasn't a lie, she could feel the presence of at least A-level hunters around her floating in the air.

"This magic… … I thought I was used to it... … Was it you?"

"Are you short?"

"I asked you… … ."

Hyun-joon gave his strength. Even if you don't answer, I'm already sure. Why?

Because these damned beasts weren't attacking that woman as if they were controlled by red magic.

"I know that? Sometimes, when you reach a certain level, special abilities are awakened."

I've heard of it. But Hyun-jun didn't answer.

"What about me?"

"Obviously… … ."

Hyunjoon shook his head hard. I saw Hyeri smiling with her teeth exposed.

"The domination of demons."

At that moment, all control over his anger was broken.


I took out the hidden card I had saved. The hidden card I received after judging Andersen's massacre!

"Hey hahaha! Are you really crazy now?"

"Hahaha! I guess so!"

"The Vice Guild Leader has won!"

When everyone is mocking.

-Durendal lends a helping hand to you. Would you like to

Durendal answered.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 56


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